Friday, October 6, 2017

Weinstein Scandal

Movie king Harvey Weinstein today stands publicly accused of decades of sexual harassment.

If you're a regular visitor here, you know what to look for:  transiting Jupiter (publicity) in aspect to natal or progressed Pallas (ethics).

Weinstein's progressed Pallas is at 29 Pisces.  Transiting Jupiter is quincunx, at 29 Libra. 


  1. Haha Hollywood is hemorrhaging and losing ratings now and one of its prominent kike slobs is being kicked to the curb. I love it.

    1. I do not view Judaism as being particularly problematic, but I always enjoy watching hypocrites fall.

  2. Most of the Hollywood elite are Jewish. Zionist/Qabbalist is probably a more fitting term though. I hope there is more exposing while this transit lasts and there are more like it soon.