Saturday, April 14, 2018

US Bombs Syria

Trump has been better than any recent US President at keeping his campaign promises, but with this recent military escalation, he's breaking his most important promise:  to pursue peace. 

Transiting Jupiter (expansion, public policy) at 21 Scorpio and transiting Pluto (death) at 21 Capricorn are still forming a yod against the US Mars (aggression) at 21 Gemini and Donald Trump's Sun at 22 Gemini. 

Transiting Saturn (struggle) at 9 Capricorn is conjunct Trump's Pallas (ethics/intelligence) at 11 Capricorn, suggesting that he faces ethical challenges but not necessarily a total crisis (as might be suggested by a Pluto transit). 

Syria's solar arc Pluto (death) at 17 Scorpio is now conjunct Syria's Jupiter at 17 Scorpio and Ascendant at 18 Scorpio -- this regime will not go unchanged over the next few years.  But in the short term, transiting retrograde Jupiter will conjoin both the Syria Sun at 20 Scorpio and later the Syria Jupiter and solar arc Pluto.  The former may be a respite from current pressure, but the latter could be either positive and/or disastrous. 

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  1. He was more or less forced into this by the deep state and he did warn the Russians and Syrians before hand so they had time to prepare. Most of the missiles were shot down and the ones that hit did not do much harm to Syria or Assad.