Monday, February 13, 2017

California Flooding

Against the "natal chart" for California (Sep 9 1850 12pm Washington DC), solar arc Jupiter (excess) in Pisces (water) is currently conjunct the IC (land/earth). 


  1. Why would you use Washington DC as the place.
    September 9, 1850, 9:32 AM
    In: San Jose (CA) (United States)
    Sun: 16°39' Virgo AS: 3°37' Scorpio
    Moon: 3°33' Scorpio MC: 8°52' Leo
    Scorpio rising fits this state, we got all your perverts from around the world moving here, starting with Hollywood. Gold rush AC/Moon Scorpio with Virgo Sun.
    Note exact Uranus/Pluto conjunction as mass movements are launched from here for that reason.
    Also Neptune was in Pisces for founding as it is now, Feb 27th eclipse 8* Pisces on fixed star SKAT which is water flow from the jar.
    Oroville dam is going to fail and flood Sacramento.
    Take a look at Gov Jerry Browns horrific chart. Sun conjunct Uranus now square to Pluto in Cap.
    Oroville Dam opened May 4, 1968
    Uranus conj Pluto in Virgo the seeding time for collectivism agenda. Jerry Brown along with all the other liberals in this state want all the dams destroyed and re-wild the wet lands. They want people off the land, big supporters of UN Agenda 21.
    see that chart, it has a fixed T-Square Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune.
    Brown wants the dam to fail, he needs a body count to scare others off the land. 2 million people are in the path of that water.
    Jerry the king of droughts, he coined the term climate change in the 70s. He is also gay, everyone in SAC knew that back in the 70s. He is riding the wave of the Uranus/Pluto 60s conjunction in Virgo.

    1. Thanks for your insights. I use DC because Cali was legally created in DC. Probably both charts work.