Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bitcoin Versus Jupiter

The current Bitcoin slump has hit an even deeper dip in the road in the past day.  We've gone over some of the astrological features of the slump in a previous post.  So what's with the additional 10% dive today?  I think it's Jupiter.

Standard astrological thinking tells us that Jupiter can only do good, but I've found no shortage of counter-examples (such as here).  For the current Bitcoin price dip, I can only find one "smoking gun":  transiting Jupiter quincunx the Bitcoin Sun. 

There seems to be no obvious news driving the price dip.  Just Jupiter (perhaps representing some aspect of the public zeitgeist) in an awkward quincunx angle with the Bitcoin Sun.

My buying strategy has been this:
1.  wait for a price dip.
2.  check the astrology for a cause.
3.  buy if the cause looks like it's a short-term factor.

I do the opposite during sudden price spikes, aiming to slowly accrue bitcoins while occasionally taking profits by spending them.  So far, it's worked out pretty well. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rob Ford

I was going to ignore the brouhaha over the antics of soon-to-step-down Toronto mayor Rob Ford.  Politicians, after all, are generally a venal, amoral, childish, and destructive lot.  Ridiculous behavior is to be expected among the species and is generally under-reported when specimens serve the moneyed interests that use the State to their own ends.  An old blog post at LRC, however, points out what probably should have been obvious to me:  Ford has been attacked by the press not for infantile behavior (for virtually all politicians behave badly upon close inspection) but because he has redeeming qualities that his rivals lack.  Ford, for all his faults, sees himself as truly a "public servant" and has actually lowered government waste and made himself available to his citizenry.  These are rare and admirable traits in a politician -- and they put a target on one's back.

LibertarianPallas at the MC quincunx Sun and Mercury.
Authoritarianno discernible factors, unless we count the "squine" from Jupiter to Pallas, but even in this case Jupiter is conjunct the energy-draining South Node. 

Capitalist:  no factors here, but Pallas is very strong.
CollectivistVenus at the Ascendant opposite the midpoint of Neptune and the South Node.  This is a powerful-looking configuration but again, Pallas is so strong on this chart that Ford might be pulled towards capitalism anyway.  The configuration might account for his drug problem, however. 

Conservative:  no discernible factors (maybe a weak Moon/North-Node quincunx). 
LiberalMoon at the Descendant conjunct the midpoint of Neptune and the South Node

Astrologically speaking, Ford isn't a "conservative" but a libertarian.  Many libertarians side and/or identify with the political Right (Clint Eastwood comes to mind).  If Pallas were weaker on this chart, Ford would be an open leftist, because his astro-psychology certainly lives on the Left (as does mine).  He even has an aspect-triangle between Pluto, Venus, and the Moon:  suggestive of feminist leanings.

Best of luck to Ford, with whatever he chooses to do after his term.  And to Toronto, which will  likely see a more typical "big spender" politician at the helm after Ford leaves. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's War Speech

America's current Fuhrer gave a speech last night outlining his plans for a new American onslaught of war and death.  So while the Mercury-Pallas conjunction is fueling peace initiatives (Ukrainian ceasefire, EU's refusal to extend sanctions against Russia), the Pallas-Pluto trine still has an effect which will eventually lead to many deaths.  The chart for Obama's speech, fittingly, fulfills the Bloodbath Formula

1.  Pallas square Pluto and ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto. 
2.  Venus opposite/contraparallel Neptune
3.  Venus trine Pluto
4.  Moon square Pluto.  Moon rules the Fourth House
5.  Sun widely trine Pluto (which is also trine Venus, ruler of the Sun). 

The Moon/Uranus/South-Node triple conjunction is especially striking, possibly representing extreme disruption and draining of people/home/land. 

The Pallas/North-Node conjunction suggests that this new offensive might not last as long as our bloodthirsty overlords might want. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Independent Scotland?

Independent Scotland?  By reader request, here are transits and progressions for Great Britain for the day of the impending Scottish independence vote. 

Progressed Sun/Pallas/Mercury/North-Node almost-stellium:  certainly indicative of a growing interest in independence by persons in Great Britain, but it's not as strong now as it will be in 2016.

Progressed Venus ruling Ninth House conjunct Great Britain Neptune:  dissolution, either of material resources, social ties, and/or things of a legal/philosophical nature.  Note that the peak was months ago. 

Transiting Pluto trine Great Britain Mercury:  Pluto is death and Mercury is communication (the people communicate by voting), but the trine suggests more of a "brush with death" than actual death.  In a couple of years, Pluto will be at the Ascendant, opposite Great Britain's Mars: this configuration looks more powerful than the one for the impending Scottish vote.  

Transiting Saturn trine Great Britain Mars, ruler of Third House and Tenth House.  Like the Pluto transit, this is a trine, suggesting difficulty and struggle but also reinforcement and added strength.

Transiting Mars opposite Great Britain Saturn, ruler of Ascendant and Second House:  an attack on the existing ruling structure.  But this transit actually peaks about three days after the election. 

Transiting Mercury/Pallas/North-Node triple conjunction:  certainly something "libertarian" wants to happen in the world such as a peace treaty, a secession, or the repeal of a law.  But the first peak is over and the second yet to occur. 

Transiting Moon conjunct Great Britain Mars, ruler of Third House and Tenth House:  The people (Moon) speak (Third House), as it were.  To reinforce the existing structure (conjunct Mars, ruling the Tenth)?

My guess:  Scotland stays in the kingdom, for now.  But if they try again in 2016...  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Michael Brown / Trayvon Martin

A (more or less) Caucasian man shoots an unarmed but physically intimidating black teenager to death.  The Caucasian has no record of prior violence; the teenager may or may not have one.  The Caucasian claims self-defense, and, in the presence of reasonable doubt, is acquitted by the legal system.  Furor, protests, and riots ensue.  Loudly-voiced opinions abound, but it may never be completely certain what happened to cause the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown Jr.. 

When someone who isn't a killer by trade kills another (or him/herself), it's basically a given that transiting Pluto is affecting natal or progressed Pallas on that person's chart.  This transit corresponds with an ethical crisis in the life of the chart native in which the native faces a fateful ethical choice and/or a period of challenged or impaired judgment.  This is the case with both the charts of George Zimmerman (killer of Trayvon Martin) and Darren Wilson (killer of Michael Brown). 

time of birth unknown

place/time of birth unknown

This is nothing new for readers of this blog.  Here's the part that's still a mystery to me:  the transits for the deceased.  

time of birth unknown

time of birth unknown

Both Martin and Brown were undergoing a North Node transit to a natal Node/Pallas conjunction.  These transits suggest some kind of activation of Pallas (ethics, aggression vs. non-aggression) that may be karmic in nature (the Nodes).  They also hint that Pallas may not only be crucial for the initiators of lethal force but for their recipients as well.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for letting me know that some Wilson/Brown birth data were recently made available. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

California Drought

Murray Rothbard nailed it in 1977.  California's periodic water shortages, of which the current one seems particularly harsh, are a government creation.  When the State controls a resource -- any resource -- shortages and gluts occur.  This is because there is no market price system to signal directly to consumers how scarce the resource is versus how in-demand it is.  The current shortage is no exception, and is actually due in large part to a government ruling in May 2007 intended to protect a species of fish.

The date of the ruling isn't readily available, but California's transits and progressions for the middle of that month are interesting.

That's Uranus, ruler of Aquarius (the "water-bearer") in Pisces (a "water sign") at the IC (home/land).  Uranus is considered to be a "dry" planet, and here is tightly square Jupiter (both as an indicator of judges and also as an "effect multiplier" to Uranus).  Hard Uranus-Jupiter aspects in the recent past have tended to correspond with mysterious die-offs of fish and birds around the world: perhaps due to outsized (Jupiter) freak electrical activity (Uranus)? 

While the North Node is conjunct Pallas (hinting that something may have been born around this time which may eventually have a strong libertarian character), Jupiter is square Pallas representing  victory of ideology over ethics. 

A more "democratic" solution might have had farmers and environmentalists bidding against each other for use of the water.  Living species have been coming in and out of being long before humans had the ability to drastically change the environment --  Mother Nature cares less about some of her children than we do in this regard.  In the cases where the survival of a species seems to be entirely a human decision, one to be weighed against human well-being, perhaps the market should decide instead of a handful of invisible bureaucrats. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Texas Abortion Law Blocked

During last year's Texas abortion battles, it was Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto that seemed to be the astrological trigger.  For yesterday's ruling, Jupiter was long out of the sign of family and motherhood.  Taking Jupiter's place in the "hot seat" in Cancer opposite Pluto is...  Juno?  What the heck does Juno do?  (It took me years and hundreds of charts to figure out something about how Pallas works.  I don't perceive that anyone's done that level of homework on the other asteroids). 

time approximate

The Nodes have an ambivalent relationship to the Moon on this one.  The North Node is conjunct the Moon... but the South Node is on the IC.  Is the ruling pro-woman or anti-woman?  According to this charts, it's both. 

Pallas, goddess of the non-initiation of force, is also ambivalent.  She's square Pluto (which weakens her) but parallel the Sun (which strengthens her).  This latter aspect coincides with the latest Israel-Palestine cease-fire, which isn't making headlines because the overlords of the news have all determined that we're tired of hearing about Israel and Palestine for now.  Maybe they're right. 

Pluto, god of death, is arguably the star of the show in his First House perch.  He's square the nodes, suggesting that his domain of death is a subject of current contention.  Pluto currently rules the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, evoking images of struggle (Saturn) over action (Mars) in the real of life-versus-death (Scorpio). 

I have no position on abortion.  Libertarians similarly are split.  My suspicion is that Pallas doesn't like laws restricting abortion (I need much more data to be sure) but I have no idea how she views abortion itself.