Friday, October 31, 2014

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I've seen young actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in three filmed productions now: Woody Allen's Match Point, TV series The Tudors, and TV series Dracula.  He plays the same character in all three, whether as social-climber, monarch, or vampire.  The character is driven by desire and unconstrained by ethics, and thus wreaks havoc on the world around him.  The world he creates around himself is one of money, power, sex, and murder.  Because Meyers is consistently called on to play this character, an astrologer might expect to see it in his horoscope. 

This, of course, sounds like Pluto/Scorpio..  but Pluto alone does not explain the character.  Pluto after all, rules not only the ruthless power-monger but those who heal, work in constructive ways with sexual energies, and help us come to terms with change and death.  So in Meyers' chart we would not only be looking for strong Pluto, but also a strong Pluto-Pallas connection.  Such a connection would indicate the possibility of severely compromised ethics as well as a natural skill with Plutonian energies (again money, power, sex, murder...).  This combination is common in real-life politicians, of course.

Here's the chart (time unknown).  Strong Pluto courtesy of the North Node conjunction.  Pluto-Pallas parallel by declination, as well as a Pluto-Pallas-Mercury (ruling Pallas) midpoint complex.  A wonderful and exciting combination for a dramatic actor; a near-guarantee of authoritarianism when seen in the world of politics.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Marysville Pilchuck Shooting

Yesterday gave us another school shooting, albeit one that is thankfully relatively low in body count.  It happens right before a local vote on gun-control ordinances, making the conspiracy-minded wonder if it is actually an event staged by agents of the State in order to disarm the public. 

This chart is almost identical to that of the the Canadian Parliament Shooting from two days earlier.  The Moon has moved from a square to a sextile with Pluto.  Pallas is arguably out of orb of this week's quintile with Pluto, but the Sun has moved in to bridge the gap and temporarily re-fill the quintile.  As with the Canadian event, because the Sun is involved with Pallas, the death toll is lower than that of similar events.

The Bloodbath Formula on this chart:  

1.  Pallas quintile Pluto via Sun.  Held in check because Pallas is conjunct the Sun.  
2.  Venus trine Neptune.
3.  Pluto in the Second House.
4.  Pluto sextile Moon.
5.  Pluto quintile Sun.

I'm willing to bet the shooter as on FDA-approved and physician-prescribed psychiatric drugs.  Because, generally speaking, mass shooters generally are.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada Parliament Shooting

A "terrorist" shooting at the Canadian parliament on Wednesday.  It was very limited in scope, so we might look for a Bloodbath Formula for the event chart that is also limited in some way. 

1.  Pallas quintile Pluto.  Held in check because Pallas is conjunct the Sun.  
2.  Venus trine Neptune.
3.  Pluto in the Second House.
4.  Pluto square Moon.
5.  Pluto quintile Sun.
Without the Pallas-Sun conjunction I believe we would have seen a higher body count, and more than one violent public event.

We also get relevant aspects when we superimpose the shooting chart around Canada's chart:

The Uranus-Pluto square rides across Canada's ASC and MC, suggesting upheavals at the national level.  Transiting Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (ideologically-driven action) attacks the Moon (ruling the Fourth House of the "homeland") and Chiron (injury).  Transiting Mercury at the Descendant perhaps gives us information about "others" (in this case purported "jihadists"). 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Scandal and a Treaty?

In an earlier post, I mentioned discussing the previous eclipse with a group of astrologers at the beginning of the month.  For the previous eclipse, I had guessed "ebola outbreak".

We also discussed the next eclipse, for Washington DC.  My guess was "banking collapse", and I added that during this eclipse set we would be more likely to see a peace treaty than a new war.  Here are the chart, and some observations on it.

1.  Eclipse in Scorpio, in the Seventh House, conjunct Pallas and Venus.  This looks like a peace and/or economic agreement with a foreign power.  The Scorpio placement suggests that elements may be hidden.

2.  Pluto at the MC.   Looks like a power upheaval:  somebody at the top of the power pyramid losing his/her place?

3.  Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House sextile the eclipse.  At the anoretic "finalizing" 29th degree, no less.  This supports the foreign agreement theory.

4.  Venus (ruling the Second House) conjunct eclipse, trine and parallel with Neptune and widely conjunct North Node.  This suggests the dissolution of assets, perhaps with the possibility of the future accumulation of wealth.

5.  Jupiter in the Fifth House trine the South Node in the Twelfth.  This could relate to Pluto at the MC.  When we've looked at Jupiter with the South Node on this blog before, inconvenient secrets have come to light. 

Power upheaval, foreign treaty, spilled secrets, and/or financial action?  Perhaps two separate events:  the breaking of a public scandal and an under-the-radar economic pact? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bitcoin Versus Eclipse (Part 2)

While the lunar eclipse from two weeks ago corresponded with the bottom of the current long dip in the price of Bitcoin, the impending corresponding solar eclipse seems to suggest a different story. 

Instead of the generally negative astrology of the past eclipse, we have mixed signals, perhaps leaning towards the positive. 

1.  Eclipse or no, either the Sun or Venus forming an aspect to Bitcoin's Venus has tended to correspond with a temporary price spike.  Here we have both, in a wide conjunction with the North Node
2.  Said Sun-Venus conjunction is trine Bitcoin's progressed Moon
3.  Setting aside Bitcoin's chart, the Sun-Pallas conjunction is good for "libertarian-positive" news. 

1.  The transiting South Node, which could be re-triggered by the eclipse, is still on Bitcoin's MC.  I am leaning towards the idea that most of the action will occur on the closer to where the actual eclipse is on the chart, however. 
2.  Transiting Chiron is near-exactly sextile to Bitcoin's Sun.  Chiron has consistently been bad news for Bitcoin's price.  Then again, it's only a sextile. 
3.  Uranus is square Bitcoin's Sun:  this is not inherently positive or negative but certainly could be disruptive.  Uranus could be triggered by a quindecile from the eclipse. 

I offer no advice or guarantee, but I am expecting price activity on/around Thursday.  Probably, it'll be some kind of price peak or spike.  

Friday, October 17, 2014


An astrological discussion I attended two weeks ago came to the chart of the past October 8 2014 eclipse (then in the future), set for Washington DC.  The chart has an ominous placement of Pluto at the IC -- a portent of something serious for the nation and potentially deadly.  Participants predicted new events regarding terrorism or increased warfare.  I said:  "Ebola outbreak". 

Why?  First, the effects of the eclipse were apparently manifesting long before the peak.  Note the price of Bitcoin which was to hit bottom almost exactly during the eclipse itself:  the price had been failing for weeks before.  It seemed reasonable that whatever the manifestation for the US would be, there already would have been prior warning of the possibility. Ebola was already in the news. 

Second, Pluto at the IC does in fact suggest death... but I saw the Pallas/Sun/Mercury/North-Node stellium and ruled out mass violence.  Death, but no violence:  this suggests a natural disaster or other "act of God".

Third, Chiron and Neptune at the Sixth House cusp, suggesting problems and confusion regarding health and/or the general population.

Fourth, the Moon (representing perhaps "the people") in the Seventh House (of "others") conjunct Uranus ("the stranger") and the South Node (loss/disease and possibly also representing a foreign element).   The Moon here rules the Tenth House, suggesting that chaos and loss also affect the State.

Obviously, I should have blogged about it then.

Eclipses can be associated with confusion.  Note this sampling of articles from the mainstream and alt-media positing radically different ideas about the US outbreak, ranging from taking it at face value all the way to "it's another manufactured false flag event to create panic".  I don't claim to know:  certainly real epidemics occur, but our own state/media apparatus has made it a regular activity to incite panic about some new disease (remember swine flu, etc.?) which ends up selling lots of vaccine shots but not becoming a serious public hazard.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hong Kong Protests

While we in the West have been concerned with US-funded ISIL and the US-exacerbated ebola epidemic, Hong Kong has been erupting in massive political protests (background) which bear the hallmarks of (you guessed it) US-government provocation.  The astrology for the day of the start of the current wave of protests is interesting.

Against the chart for the "founding" of Hong Kong in 1841:

Transiting South Node conjunct HK Pluto:  an impending loss of power (to the Chinese?).

Transiting Chiron conjunct HK Moon (ruler of Third House):  pain/injury (Chiron) to the people (Moon) triggering vocal expression (Third House).  

Note that on the "natal" chart there's a powerful Sun/Mercury/Pallas/North-Node conjunction.  As long as this chart remains in effect, Hong Kong will resist all attempts to reduce its autonomy.

Here's the transit chart against the Hong Kong "handover" to China:

Transiting South Node conjunct handover Saturn (ruling the Tenth):  loss or weakening of authority.

Transiting Pluto opposite handover Sun:  an existential threat to China's control over Hong Kong?

At least from these two charts, I don't see a clear winner in the battle for control.