Friday, February 27, 2015

Tyrone, Missouri Shootings

Bloodbath Formula:
1.  Pallas ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto and trine South Node.
2.  Venus conjunct South Node.
3.  Venus square Pluto.
4.  Fourth House ruler Uranus square Pluto.
5.  Sun ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto.

Not very strong (especially the Moon / Fourth House connection).  Hence not much concurrent violence.

Libertarianism, the focus of this astrology blog, is based on the ethic of non-aggression.  Pallas is the planetary ruler of this ethic, and is the focal point of this astrologer's voluminous, chart-intensive research.  When Pallas or her sign ruler is weakened (by Pluto, the South Node, and/or discordant aspect from Jupiter), the non-aggression principle is weakened.  Then, reflecting other factors in the sky, varying types of aggression tend to manifest in the world. 

Note that most of this chart is practically identical to the chart of yesterday's largely secret "Net Neutrality" ruling. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Net Neutrality"

"Net Neutrality" has won the day in a ground-breaking vote by the Federal Communications Commission.  Liberals are claiming a great victory for free speech.  Conservatives and libertarians are worried that government control of broadband providers will lead to exactly the opposite. 

The astrology for the ruling is very striking and a bit unsettling.  I used the 1pm time of the HuffPo article linked above:  the actual ruling was probably shortly before that.

LibertarianPallas contraparallel Sun and ruled by Jupiter which is opposite Mercury.
Authoritarian:  Jupiter, ruler of Pallas, quincunx Pluto and trine South Node
This is a very mixed signature, suggesting the potential for wrongdoing but also the possibility that not everything that comes out of the ruling will be destructive.

CollectivistVenus conjunct South Node; Sun (possible Second House ruler) conjunct Neptune.
The ruling is by definition a "softening" of the private property rights of the broadband providers.  It tells the providers that "your tubes" (to use Ted Stevens' analogy for the internet) are now "everyone's tubes" or "the government's tubes". 


South Node conjunct Uranus, Venus, and Mars in Aries:  the loss of technological innovation, financial value, and autonomy?  This is truly frightening.

Sun conjunct Neptune, square Saturn:  deception, delusion, back-room deals involving the government?  The dissolution and restriction of self-expression? 

Jupiter in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn:  public expression under threat of death by authority?

Moon quindecile Saturn:  an authoritarian clampdown on the public? 

Moon opposite Pallas:  a call to arms?  For whom?

Moon parallel Jupiter, contraparallel Mercury:  public sentiment leading to pressure against free communication? 

Mercury in Aquarius trine North Node:  a lone indicator of increased free-flowing information?  

The transits against the US chart are also noteworthy.  Maybe we'll get to those. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rajendra Pachauri

Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has stepped down in response to allegations of sexual harassment.  During his career, he has endured public scrutiny for alleged crimes of a different nature:  conflict of interest regarding his investments in companies depending upon the success of the IPCC policy agenda. 

I have yet to come up with an astrological formula for environmentalism, but in my experience persons who push for governmental regulation on the environment tend to have an "authoritarian Left" signature.  This is disturbing in itself, because the "authoritarian" part suggests a willingness to violate human rights and the "Left" part involves what I'm starting to call a "Venus-Neptune complex".  The latter (consisting of Venus and/or the Second House coming under the influence of Neptune and/or the South Node) suggests the addition of imagination and/or delusion into one's faculty for perceiving value, aesthetics, social relations, and property associations.  It is one of a number of markers I nearly always find in the charts of artists and criminals.  In its most extreme forms, it marks an inability to accurately gauge value and/or respect property rights: not a trait I would want in someone with a hand in world economic policy. 

Pachauri has a chart (time unknown) that is strongly authoritarian and (almost definitely) Left:

AuthoritarianPallas ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, and trine the South Node.   This is the full trifecta of potential evil, with no mitigating indicator of ethical consciousness. 

AmbiguousVenus square the Nodes.
Collectivist/LeftistVenus quintile Neptune, ruled by Moon which is opposite Neptune (regardless of birth time).
In this area, the best guess is "economic Leftist", possibly to an extreme degree.  Combined with the extremely compromised Pallas, we have the recipe for potentially extreme damage.

LiberalMoon ruled by and opposite Neptune, regardless of birth time. 
Add this to the above factors and we get a (very probable) hard authoritarian Leftist. 

The sexual harassment allegations steered me toward looking for a Rapist Formula, which I did find a potential expression of (dependent on birth time):

1.  Pallas ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, and trine the South Node.   
2.  Venus quintile Neptune, ruled by Moon which is opposite Neptune (regardless of birth time). 
3.  Mars "squine" Jupiter (co-ruler of Moon) and possibly quincunx Moon herself.
4.  Sun conjunct Mars and semisquare Venus, ruler of JupiterMars "squine" Jupiter.
5.  Jupiter trine Neptune and ruled by Venus which is quintile Neptune

This is no guarantee of guilt, of course.

Also:  Pallas conjunct Neptune:  often found in the charts of religious leaders and visual artists.

Transits, progressions, and solar arcs for Pachauri on the day he announced he would step down from the IPCC tell quite a story:

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Venus, transiting Uranus square natal Venus:  relationships and resources destroyed or transformed in a sudden or unexpected manner.

Solar arc Venus conjunct natal Neptune:  relationships and resources dissolved.  

Transiting Saturn conjunct solar arc Pallas; transiting Pallas square natal Pallas and sextile progressed Pallas:  ethics very much in the spotlight.  This is a neutral or positive configuration for persons who don't behave unethically.  For evildoers (by Pallas' definition), however, it can mean one's "chickens coming home to roost". 

Lunar Nodal Return:  karma, highly accentuated.  Payback's a bitch, eh Pachauri?  

Regardless of whether or not "the science is settled" on Global Warming, it is not contestable that the US government (and particular its military) has, by far, a larger environmental impact than does the private sector.  Any "warmist" who isn't calling for immediate and drastic cutbacks in US military activity overseas, above and prior to all other policy measures, is skirting the real issues.  Regardless of the climate science, these persons have no credibility.  They harm Earth's environment by diverting attention from the worst environmental offenders. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jon Stewart

Daily Show anchorman and god-of-pundits Jon Stewart has announced that he is leaving his post after 15 years, citing "restlessness".  He has been an immensely powerful force in American politics, effectively using humor to pound his points home to the general public where polemics alone often fail.  From a libertarian perspective, he has been a mixed blessing.  On one hand, he has displayed a genuine concern for human rights and peace and has even treated recurring guest Ron Paul with respect and deference.  On the other, he also has tended to support mainstream-Left viewpoints which, upon close inspection, require the violation of human rights and weaken the possibility of peace:  aside from the Left-anarchist fringe, Leftism relies upon an all powerful government.  Government, by definition, exists only through the violation of human rights (particularly property rights) and relies on war to maintain its power.

Stewart's slightly-more-libertarian-than-average brand of Leftism appears strongly in his chart, even though his time of birth is not known to the public:

LibertarianPallas sesquiquadrate Sun and Mercury and widely conjunct North Node.
AuthoritarianPallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter and ruled by Moon which is parallel South Node.
There are strong factors including the nodes going in both directions here.  When this happens and involves the nodes, the eventual tendency is the veer away from hard authoritarianism. 

Collectivist:   Venus conjunct Neptune.
Unless the unknown time of birth reveals other factors, this is a very solidly collective-property (as opposed to individual property) sort of chart.

Liberal:   Moon parallel South Node, regardless of time of birth. 
Unless the unknown time of birth reveals other factors, this is a culturally liberal chart.

Moon probably contraparallel Pluto, and Venus sextile Pluto.

Other chart features:

Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius ("I am the voice of my ideology"), at the center of a T-Square between Pluto (against power) and a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction (publicizing of injury).

South Node conjunct Saturn:  possibly, the deprecation of authority.  

Pallas semisquare Uranus and sesquiquadrate Mercury, ruler of Uranus:  Pallas-Uranus connections are common (though not ubiquitous) in the charts of comedians.

The current Uranus-Pluto square is aspecting Stewart's Pluto, probably accounting for his impulse to move on.

Stewart is a bit of an ass-kissing (pun intended) disappointment now that Democrats control the throne, but he was a welcome voice of dissent when the Republicans were in power in the last decade.  I hope he returns to television when the Republicans get their next turn behind the wheel of the American death machine. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Obamnesty Halted

Barack Obama's unilateral action on amnesty for illegal immigrants has been blocked by a federal judge.  I have no position on this issue, but the transits and progressions (time approximate) against the US chart are interesting nonetheless.

Transiting Sun conjunct US Pallas, transiting North Node quincunx progressed Pallas, and transiting Mercury novile progressed Pallas:  when Pallas is this strong, aggression and authority tend to be withheld or rolled back. The planets seem to be telling us that this event is strongly more "good" than not from a libertarian (i.e. Palladian) perspective.  The blockage of Obama's unilateral authority seems to far outweigh the fact that a "closed" immigration policy requires force to enact, as far as the planets are concerned.  Or, perhaps, Obama's edict on immigration contained authoritarian elements which have not been well-publicized?  Very curious. 

Transiting Sun conjunct US Moon:  a very temporary bolstering of American people/race/culture. 

Transiting Saturn in the Twelfth House quincunx Venus/Jupiter in the Seventh:  the blockage or restraint of a "gift" to foreigners? 

Progressed Moon about to enter the Twelfth House:  perhaps the population will be strongly subject to foreign elements in the near future anyway. 

As per Hans Hermann Hoppe's comments on immigration, open immigration is inevitable in democratic societies because politicians can always garner more votes by promising benefits to immigrants, to the detriment of natives. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapel Hill / Copenhagen Shootings

Three multiple-shootings made the news in the past week, two in Copenhagen ostensibly by Muslims inspired by the Charlie Hebdo attack and one in Chapel Hill, SC, by a white American male who shot three Muslims.  The latter attack may not have been motivated by ideology and the instigator in fact appears to have been an ardent Left-winger.  I would personally not rule out Israeli false-flag attacks for the Copenhagen and Paris events. 

Multiple events, days apart, of relatively low severity:  this suggests a weak Bloodbath Formula triggered by slower-moving planets.

1.  Pallas ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto and trine South Node.
2.  Venus in Pisces, ruled by Neptune.
3.  Venus co-ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Pluto (Chapel Hill) or by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto (Copenhagen).
5.  Sun ruled by Uranus (squared by Pluto) and Saturn (novile Pluto).  

I track such evil events on this blog in part because the primary concern of libertarianism is the presence or absence of aggression, and in order to demonstrate that my admittedly radical astrological theories actually work. 

Yesterday's Bitcoin Spike

Yesterday was the apparent peak of a short, sharp spike in the Bitcoin price starting the day before.  The price went from around $220 to around $265 and is currently hanging at $242.  This may correspond with news that the impending "BitLicense" laws in New York state may not be as harsh as previously anticipated. 

Astrologically, we'd be looking for a trigger that's slower than the Sun, Mercury, and Venus because those planets tend to only affect the price for a day.  Mars is not forming any clear aspects to the Bitcoin chart, and would probably have a negative effect in most cases.  An outer planet (Jupiter and beyond) might bring an event of significantly longer duration.  My guess:  transiting Vesta, which is currently forming a conjunction with the Bitcoin North Node at nine degrees Aquarius.