Saturday, July 26, 2014


Modern Israel is perhaps the most aggressive, belligerent nation-state in the world per capita (in absolute terms the dubious distinction would go to the USA).  Created through a successful campaign of terrorism, the state has since waged a ceaseless campaign to expand its borders through violence.  Israel is a de-facto apartheid regime and exerts significant (some would say controlling) influence on US foreign policy through lobbies and allies embedded within the power structure of Washington DC.  A very significant faction of the Israeli people actually disapprove of their government's ongoing wars:  the state cares not.

As always, the astrology of the nation is descriptive.  

Libertarian:  Pallas semisquare Mercury
Authoritarian:  Pallas indirectly trine Pluto, ruled by Mars which is indirectly conjunct Pluto.  There is also a Pallas/Pluto "mundane trine" with Pallas on the Third House cusp when Pluto is on the Descendant.  None of these factors is compelling in itself:  the combination of them explains the strong authoritarian character of the regime.

Capitalist:   North Node in Taurus; Second House ruler Jupiter sesquiquadrate North Node; Moon, ruler of Venus, square the Nodes
Collectivist:  Venus square Neptune.
Overall a mix of economic tendencies, which generally means a capitalist or "Rightward" lean.

Conservative:  Moon on MC, square the Nodes, ruled by Sun which is conjunct North Node.
Liberal:  Neptune sesquiquadrate Sun (ruler of Moon).
The conservative tendencies are strong, as we would expect from a nation completely centered on racial/cultural/religious identity:  perhaps more so than any other extant nation.

Bloodbath Formula
We have to look for it, given Israel's ridiculously aggressive history.
1.  Pallas compromised (see above).
2.  Venus square Neptune (also above).
3.  Venus ruled by Moon which is conjunct Pluto, which in turn is sesquiquadrate Jupiter (ruler/resident of the Second House). 
4.  Moon conjunct Pluto which is also conjunct Saturn (Fourth House co-ruler). 
5.  Pluto in Leo, sesquiquadrate Fifth House ruler Jupiter.

Overall: aggressive Right-wing authoritarianism.  This helps explain the dynamic in America of unquestioning support of Israel by the American Right, and mixed feelings on the Left.  We libertarians denounce all aggression, period.

Paradoxically, this combination of factors (compromised Pallas, mixed Left/Right indicators in both economics and culture, Bloodbath Formula) also occurs in the chart of a man without whom modern Israel would not exist:  Adolf Hitler

Some other features of the chart:

Moon-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction:  land/race/culture as the battleground for intense and ceaseless power struggles.  Pluto with the Moon which also rules Venus suggests feminism:  Israel's women are required to serve in the military along with the men.  Feminism doesn't always benefit women...

Sun in Taurus square Leo Mars:  perhaps there's an impulse here to simply do one's work and enjoy one's life (Sun in Taurus), but this pattern suggests that the drive to express one's identity in physical and even violent ways (Mars in Leo) interferes. 

Neptune in the Twelfth, heavily aspected:  suggests both a strong religious/spiritual dimension to the chart, but also the potential for unseen and/or unconscious motivations.

North Node in Taurus in the Seventh House:  financial dependence, perhaps, on partners (USA)?

Here's the breakdown of the recent Gaza crisis by Storm Clouds Gathering

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Obamacare Setback?

Two judges on the DC circuit court have just ruled that Obamacare subsidies obtained through federal (rather than state) exchanges are not authorized by the original wording of the law.  This affects up to five million insured persons in the US, putting them, for the moment, in a legally precarious place.  Huffington Post is declaring the end of the world (or at least of Obamacare).  Drudge has relegated the story to the upper left-hand corner, suggesting that he may not think the setback to be a lasting one.  Whether a death-blow or a bump in the road for what is essentially the federal implementation of "Romneycare" (I lean toward the latter, as bad legislation is hard to kill), the astrology of the day gives us some clues.

Here's the Obamacare signing chart, with transits and progressions for noon today:

OK, the progressions don't tell us much, though it will be interesting to see what happens when the progressed Moon hits the IC in about three to four months. 

Transiting Retrograde Pluto square Obamacare Mercury:  the threat of death (Pluto) through language (Mercury)?  Perhaps we won't know until the final direct Pluto square in this series in November whether or not the threat is genuine.

Transiting Chiron conjunct Obamacare Jupiter in the Tenth House:   Broken-ness and weakness (Chiron) made public (Jupiter in the Tenth). 

Transiting Stationary Direct Saturn trine Obamacare South Node:  a development regarding structure/authority (Saturn) resulting in loss (South Node). 

Transiting Sun and Jupiter conjunct Obamacare Mars:  public (Jupiter) battle (Mars). 

Transiting Pallas sextile Obamacare Pallas:  Pallas represents non-aggression -- forced wealth distribution systems such as Obamacare are, from the point of view of Pallas, a type of aggression.  So when Pallas is strengthened by transit, authoritarian entities tend to weaken. 

The Pluto and Pallas transits are particularly close to exact today; the Saturn station is also of particular interest. 

Libertarians, of course, are all for making health care services available; they just don't believe in "robbing Peter to pay Paul" to do it.  Left-wing Obamacare supporters and Right-wing detractors generally try to ignore the law's origins in the American Right. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Passenger Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine

Yesterday, as-yet-unknown parties using Russian-made missiles shot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over Eastern Ukraine, killing all 295 aboard.  Finger-pointing immediately commenced. The US-backed Ukrainian junta blames Russia:  other sources pinpoint a spectacularly botched Ukrainian attempt to assassinate Putin.  Whomever is to blame in the end will suffer a major setback in world public relations.  Israel has, with frightening speed, used the resulting media firestorm to step up its military attacks on Gaza.  More on Israel in the near future. 

The chart for the event sports a Bloodbath Formula.  Due to the enormity of the event and the coincident Israeli military incursion, we might expect the formula to be fairly strong.

1.  Pallas weakly trine Pluto, which opposes Pallas' ruler Mercury.
2.  Venus trine Neptune.  
3.  Pluto on the Second House cusp, opposite Venus' ruler Mercury.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Moon which is square Pluto.

Note that the relevant aspects are all of the major Ptolemaic variety.  Also note Pallas, representing both ethics and weapons, at the MC.

A Sun-Jupiter conjunction, representing travel, sits in the Eighth House of death and receives an aggressive square from warlike Mars.

The tight Saturn-Uranus quincunx suggests a disruption (Uranus) of existing power structures (Saturn). 

I can't help but wonder if Vesta, conjunct Mars, imbues the planet of action with some kind of additional significance. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


The recent paucity of posts on this blog in past weeks is actually not an indication that I (the blogger) have lost interest in the niche topics discussed here.  I'd actually been traveling until yesterday with a troupe of friends (who have kindly subsidized my participation) to visit some places I've never previously been.


Milan:  the Duomo and the Sforza castle, and a generous helping of food.

The Alps:  Tre Cime.  Breathtakingly gorgeous (and cold).  Beware of government bridge trolls extorting tourists far more than the official rates to enter and leave.  Our normally very civilized group was temped to ram the barrier on the way out. 

Venice:  lunch on the way to Tuscany.  Extremely charming, and the tourist-infested area we went to doesn't actually smell bad.  Best of luck to the Venetians on their quest to secede from Italy:

Florence:  the tourist mecca that is the city center appears to have retained all its beautiful architecture from past centuries.  Of course we had to visit the venerable Uffizi museum and wander through the town's ancient cobblestone streets.  Highly recommended for food is "ZaZa" which despite its sprawling size and frighteningly large menu consistently delivers some of tastiest Italian food on the planet. 

Tuscany (outside Florence):  Siena and some smaller ancient-walled-cities-also-built-on-hills, and a winery or two.  The Duomo and the old town square in Siena are stunning.

Rome:  magnificent, regal, and at least a little bit horrifying.  This is the true "City of Thieves", the seat of the Roman Empire which sacked its corner of the globe in its day, to be followed by the Vatican (parasitically constructed with material from the once-grand edifices of the Roman Empire) which was also a military empire itself, to be followed by the regime which defined "Fascism".  This is a place which in recorded history has defined itself by taking the property and lives of others through force and fraud.  The tradition continues in less-deadly form through Rome's hordes of con-artists and pickpockets.  Visit, but in numbers and with the knowledge that you will be a target.

Fascinating to see history essentially frozen in place, and a land that once was the center of Western civilization transformed from political and cultural superpower to (at least partially) a living museum of past glories.  A warning, perhaps, to the declining empire that is America.

A Nordic nation in the extreme North latitudes, Iceland may have more natural beauty per square mile than any other place I've been.  We made a rough circuit of the island over a week, around fjords and mountains, crystalline lakes, otherworldly volcanic plains, natural geysers, waterfalls, and the edge of the permanent iceberg that occupies the Southeast of the country.  The main road, aside from offering hours of gorgeous views, also seems to run through endless acres of grazing land for sheep, cattle, and horses.  Unsurprisingly, the culinary expertise of Islanders seems to focus on fish and lamb. 

Quite to the contrary of Italy, in the city and towns of Iceland I saw zero poverty.   Even the hitchhikers (mostly 20-something kids) seem to be middle class and educated.  This seems to be common among smaller countries that enjoy geographic isolation, cold weather (winter is not survivable out-of-doors for long, no doubt discouraging voluntary joblessness), and a culturally homogenous population (does this stave off the influence of the State?).  Other examples:  Switzerland, Bhutan, and to a lesser degree some the other Nordic states.  There's certainly (and justifiably) a lot of tourism here, but unlike the places in Italy I've seen, Iceland probably doesn't rely on it to survive. 

On the road from the Kefavlik airport, a large and conspicuous sign displays the EU flag, a "plus" sign, and the Icelandic flag.  The caption in bold letters underneath reads "NEI TAKK": "No Thanks".  Iceland is reportedly also an epicenter of Bitcoin mining, thanks to plentiful and cheap geothermal power.  Were it not for the weather, I suspect Iceland would be a magnet for American expatriates, libertarian and otherwise. 

During my absence, I've been keeping an eye on my usual sources of news (Drudge, Infowars, etc.) and have been pleasantly surprised that other than a couple of weekends of higher-than-usual violence, the major US news seems to have been entirely about the ongoing immigration saga.

I expect to be back to the usual posting frequency once I've re-acclimated to America. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Another Violent Weekend

More violence at the start of the American "Fourth of July" weekend, this time in Chicago [chart] and France.  Just like last time and every other time, we're looking for the Bloodbath Formula in the chart for current planetary positions.  This chart is for midnight July 4th in Chicago, which is more or less the epicenter of the violence. 

1.  Pallas trine Pluto
2.  Venus square Neptune
3.  Venus contraparallel/quincunx Pluto
4.  Pluto "squine" Moon and quindecile her ruler Mercury.
5.  Pluto opposite Sun

Given the tight orbs of the Sun/Venus aspects with Pluto, I suspect this may be the the worst of the violence over the rest of the Pallas/Pluto trine which subsides over the next two weeks.  Here's hoping. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Violent Weekend

An uptick in violence this past weekend in the US, in three separate locations (NYC, Chicago [chart], and New Orleans).  Therefore, in the astrology we would expect to see peaceful Pallas compromised and the Bloodbath Formula in force.

This is a chart for Brooklyn at midnight Saturday night / Sunday morning, which is the location of the most reported violence at the "center" of the weekend.  Fulfilling the formula:

1.  Pallas trine Pluto.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Venus contraparallel Pluto.
4.  Moon quindecile Pluto.
5.  Sun opposite Pluto.

When the Pallas-Pluto trine subsides, we will in all likelihood see more peace on the streets and on the planet in general. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bloodbath Formula Addition

This Stefan Molyneux video on the life of young mass-murderer Elliot Rodger inspired me to revisit the Bloodbath Formula.  The formula is a set of astrological conditions which, it seems, always occurs in the charts of mass-murderers and senseless mass-murder events.  The conditions in the earlier version of the formula, in short:

1.  Compromised Pallas. 
2.  Venus-Neptune complex in some form.
3.  Pluto-Venus involvement in some form.
4.  Pluto-Sun involvement in some form.
5.  (optional) Mercury prominent.

In the video, Molyneux (we'll get to his chart eventually) goes in-depth into the the difficult childhood of the now-infamous killer.  Abandonment issues and perceived betrayals clearly mark Rodger's early life.  These suggest Moon-Pluto involvement, and Rodger's chart indeed has Pluto on the IC.  This spurred me to go back through my catalog of "bloodbath" charts to check for such a pattern in all of them.  I found one. 

The newly expanded formula:

1.  Compromised Pallas. 
2.  Venus-Neptune complex in some form.
3.  Pluto-Venus involvement in some form.
4.  Pluto-Moon involvement in some form.
5.  Pluto-Sun involvement in some form.
6.  (optional) Mercury prominent.

My own chart contains the formula, though like the vast majority of persons with the formula I have never killed or even physically harmed another.  In my own case, I am well past the age when I might have been capable of murder according to my own astrological observations. 

I've been going back through Bloodbath-Formula-related posts to retroactively add the new condition.  There may, of course, be other conditions as yet undiscovered.