Friday, May 31, 2013

June 2013 Forecast

June 1:  Mercury semisextile Pallas.  Minor good news possible.

June 3-9:  (peak on 7th) Mercury, ruler of Pallas, square Pluto.
                     Coincides with a Venus-Neptune trine.  Bad news, maybe financial legislation?*
                     Minor risk of violent event on the 6th. 

June 10-14:  (peak on 12th) Mercury, ruler of Pallas, trine North Node.
                     (peak on 13th) Mercury, ruler of Pallas, parallel Sun.
                     Probably a mix of good and bad news, mostly good on the 12th and 13th. 

June 15-23:  (peak on 17th) Pallas quincunx Pluto.   
                     Probably a nasty news period. 
                     Around the 20th, Pluto opposes the Sun-Venus midpoint.  
                     Minor risk of violence on the 17th, 20th, 21st, and 23rd

June 24-30:  (peak on 26th) Pallas quincunx North Node
                     Sun in Cancer.  Moon which rules the Sun aspects Pallas almost daily.
                     Probably relatively peaceful, with good political news dribbling in. 

I consider last month's forecast to be more or less successful.  I missed a few aspects, but the theory seems to hold.  I will comments as news comes in during the month.

The methodology for these predictions is the same one I use for determining the political/ethical bent of a natal chart here.  For predicting violent events (here defined as the high-profile murder of non-government innocents) I look for the traits that are present in mass murderers found here

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Peace Planet

Peace is the absence of violence, a bit like spiritual enlightenment is the absence of clinging to concepts including the personal ego.  Both require a certain ability to not act when prompted by the mind, a Taoist sort of ability to let the world flow in its own way without interference or judgment.  Both require a kind of humility that acknowledges that "maybe I don't know best" and "maybe the contents of my mind are not the last word on what is good for the world". 

In the astrological universe, peace and freedom are not independent, self-contained energies.  Uranus, often associated with freedom, is just as often oppressor as liberator (a topic I may address in the future).  The exuberance of Jupiter is equally as energetic for the inhumane warmonger as for the champion of peace, if not more so.  Peace and freedom are dependent energies.  They are effects of the ability to refrain from action when action is inappropriate.  They require an understanding of, and commitment to, the ethics of non-aggression.  This ethical comprehension is the domain of the astrological Pallas.

Like the other planets in astrology, Pallas wields an influence that is ever-present and invisible.  When soldiers on both sides of WW1 spontaneously stopped fighting during the Christmas Truce of 1914, Pallas was semisquare Mercury, novile Sun, and in a stellium with the North Node.  When JFK acted to end the Cuban Missile Crisis in favor of peace, Pallas was there forming aspects to half the planets and all the angles on his chart.  Every hour that a classroom full of children or cinema full of moviegoers isn't gunned down by some teenager hopped-up on prescription psychiatric drugs; every unpoliced street corner in the world, which doesn't devolve into a Maoist orgy of bloodletting and robbery; every time a consensual agreement or exchange occurs without the use of threats or violence; every time you experience anger or upset and choose dialogue over force:  Pallas is there. 

Another astrologer whose writing I cannot locate has observed a correlation between Pallas and the manufacture of weapons.  In my own research I have found a correlation between martial artistry (turning one's body into a weapon) and Moon-Pallas connections.  The association with Pallas and Athena with weaponry is not a contradiction.  Defensive capability is a deterrent to violence.  A homeowner with a gun is less likely to be victim of a home invasion.  A woman or man with a gun is less likely to be be raped.  It is no accident that peace activists and civil libertarians such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandhi, Ron Paul, Charlton Heston, and the Dalai Lama have all expressed strong support for the right of the people to bear arms. 

If you value anything in the world (like economic or social equality, "social justice", etc.) more than you value peace, you may eventually get that thing, but not peace.  Peace, and Pallas, require a type of full commitment and surrender.  They require the wisdom to understand that your opponent, however odious you find him or his philosophy, has all the same rights that you do.  They require you to set aside your desires and your utopian dreams if those desires and dreams lead you to do evil.  They require you to understand that believing that "the end justifies the means" only makes the world a meaner place.  They ask you to have your sword nearby, but never to strike first. 

Neptune's devotees on the Left (and even some on the Right) would have us believe that the path to peace involves surrendering our weapons and our trust to the godlike State.  History (recently through gun-grabbers Stalin, Hitler, and Mao) tell us that the State is not to be trusted, especially when it tries to disarm the people.  It is Neptunian deception and not Athenian wisdom which recommends this path.  A population disarmed is an easy target for State bullies -- disarmament of the people is an invitation to violence. 

Pallas Athena is both a formidable warrior and the horoscope's peacemaker.  These aspects of the goddess of wisdom are not contradictory, but necessarily intertwined. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hope? Change? Obama's Middle Finger!

I fooled you, suckers!!

This is the astrological chart of Barack H Obama, quite possibly the most-analyzed chart of the past five years by Western astrologers.  Astrologers, who for the most part are a left-wing cult, have gushed over how the Chosen One's elevated Neptune gives us all hope and spiritual inspiration, of how His Sixth House Sun makes him an ideal servant of the people, how His Saturn-Jupiter conjunction makes him the true arbiter of progress for the world, et cetera ad nauseum. 

The truth, of course, is that Mr. Obama started drone-bombing Pakistani children, hacking away at what was left of American civil liberties, and shoveling billions of working-taxpayer dollars to his billionaire corporate sponsors from his first week in office.  His primary achievement is quite the opposite of the "Change" he promised during his brilliant campaign:  it is in getting the Left to shut up and even applaud as it eats larger doses of the excrement it rightfully complained about during the reign of George W Bush. By the end of his second term, Obama's body count will be higher than Bush's, his destruction of the American economy will be greater than Bush's, and his complete disregard for human rights will have made Bush look attractive.  *

All of the evil of the Obama administration could have been foreseen by anyone studying Obama's record as a United States Senator (Obama actually boasted of supporting virtually all of GW Bush's policies).  It is also foreshadowed in his astrological chart.  Like the earlier-profiled Bob Avakian, Obama also has Pallas in Pisces, co-ruled by Jupiter which is tightly parallel Pluto.  Obama, however, lacks the Sun-Pallas conjunction which brings one's ethics, however mangled, to the forefront.  Pallas is also considerably more compromised on Obama's chart than in Avakian's.  Said Jupiter is not only parallel Pluto, but also biquintile Pluto.  Pallas' other ruler, Neptune, is square Jupiter, sextile Pluto, and parallel with the South Node.  While Avakian's ethics might be severely twisted, Obama's are...  and his record as President proves this...  nonexistent.

Along with Avakian's, Obama's chart has other features also common to mass-murderers: Pluto is connected to the Sun, the Moon, and Venus.  Pluto is tightly parallel Mercury which rules the Sun, and square the Moon which rules Venus.  Avakian has probably not murdered anyone.  Obama will have murdered approximately a million human beings by the time he leaves office.  

The Left-wing indicators on Obama's chart are very strong.  Suggesting cultural liberalism, Neptune is trine Venus, ruler of the Fourth House. His economics may be reflected in the chart by Venus trine Neptune and South Node, and Second House co-ruled by Jupiter which is square Neptune.  Were Obama the leader of a less conservative regime than America, we might expect extreme Leftist tendencies to be even more apparent than they are now.

A few more features stand out.  The elevated Neptune square his Sun describes Obama's ability to dazzle the mass consciousness, employ his persona as a blank slate onto which people project their hopes and dreams, and deceive vast numbers of people about his true nature.  The North Node conjunct Uranus is something he shares with his two predecessors to the throne:  perhaps this shows a willingness to act without regard to consequences.  The North Node is also in the Seventh House, and conjunct Pluto, hinting that he may be controlled by unseen corporate/banking powers.  The South Node conjunct Chiron in the First House suggests that healing may once have been part of his agenda, but likely is no more.  Pluto is square the Moon which rules Venus:  Pluto connected with both goddesses is ubiquitous in the charts of those with feminist leanings.  Conservatives would probably agree with that diagnosis in this case. 

Of course, not all of the thousands of persons with extremely similar astrological charts are going to be the sort of menace that Obama has proven to be.  Many will have grown up under more positive circumstances and had better role models.  Most will not have the opportunity to wreak quite as much destruction, as they will not ascend to the throne of the Empire.  They will be good, productive citizens by virtue of the fact that outside of the plague of politics (which rewards greed, stupidity, and deception), goodness and productivity are the best way to get ahead in any market economy and peaceful society.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mea Culpa

Until a few years ago, when Pluto squared my Uranus, Uranus opposed my Pluto, the North Node conjoined my Pallas, Saturn opposed my Pallas, and my progressed Pallas made a station, I supported an inhumane, hypocritical, and destructive political ideology.

I was a liberal.

I dutifully screamed and protested when Bush hacked up the Bill of Rights and started two wars in the Middle East, but I looked the other way when Clinton massacred a peaceful community in Texas and murdered a half-million Iraqi children through sanctions.

I supported Democratic politicians who talk up peace and civil liberties when running for office and then trample both when in power.  

I supported a corrupt social welfare system which incentivizes Americans to stay out of the workforce and have children out of wedlock: a system which by any measure has increased poverty in America. 

I supported a "Social Security" system which began by stealing money from black Americans (of lower life expectancy) to give to white Americans (of higher life expectancy) and now steals money from the besieged working classes of today to give to the Baby Boomers, the wealthiest generation in American history.

I supported labor unions, which enrich their members by denying jobs to those more in need of work than union members.  

I supported "anti-discrimination" laws which frighten employers away from hiring women and minorities out of fear of lawsuits.   I supported "affirmative action" which promotes lesser-qualified candidates into jobs based on ethnicity. 

I supported the "Environmental Protection" Agency which leases land to corporations for clear-cutting and destruction at drastically lower cost than those corporations would have paid private parties, thereby subsidizing environmental destruction through tax money. 

I supported health care "reform", written by the insurance industry, which raises the cost and paperwork involved with care, reduces available services, and discourages new doctors from entering the industry.

I supported the indoctrination system of "public education" which stifles thought, trains children to obey authority without question, punishes "politically incorrect" opinion, reduces literacy, and makes learning unpleasant.  

I supported religious intolerance, joining my fellow liberals in jeering Christians as ignorant backwater fools while worshiping the State as my "scientific" Messiah.

I engaged in the wholesale stereotyping and dismissal of other cultures and ideologies, dismissing anyone not on the Left as automatically wrong without examining their ideas.  

I made heroes out of evil men and women:
  • Warren Buffett, who receives taxpayer bailouts for the failed companies he invests in, and then demands higher taxes for the working and sues for lower taxes for himself. 
  • Al Gore, whose deals with Ken Lay of Enron earned him billions which he hypocritically spends on beachfront real estate, whose ethanol subsidies killed ten million humans every year they were in force by raising grain prices, whose carbon sequestration enterprises profit by forcing African farmers off their land, and who easily shrugs off sexual assault charges by virtue of being... Al Gore.  
  • Joe Biden, who by giving us mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, has singlehandedly put ten percent of adult black males in America behind bars.  
  • Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood primarily not to empower women with options, but to rid America of black people.  
  • Rachel Carson, whose questionable research succeeded in a ban of DDT and the resultant deaths of tens of millions of Africans from malaria.  
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who ordered the destruction of food and farmland during a famine that killed millions of Americans, who like Hitler rounded up and imprisoned citizens based on ethnicity and confiscated their property, whose "New Deal" programs prolonged the Depression and benefited large corporations and his own re-election campaigns, and who brought America into a destructive war in order to defend the regime of mega-murderer Josef Stalin. 

I was a liberal.  And I am deeply sorry.

the chart of a guilty ex-liberal

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Three Wise Men

The connection between libertarianism and the asteroid Pallas in astrology is not hard to detect.  One might suspect the connection by simply glancing at the charts of three men who arguably started the libertarian resurgence of recent years.

Ron Paul:  Sun conjunct Pallas and no mitigating factors.  The de facto "grey champion" of the modern libertarian movement. 

Lew Rockwell:  Sun conjunct Pallas (with Mercury) and no mitigating factors. Founder and head of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and, the most important and uncompromising institutions supporting the intellectual libertarian movement. 

G. Edward Griffin:  Sun conjunct Pallas and no mitigating factors.  The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, a book which has educated countless readers on the nature and history of the American monetary system.

The charts of most libertarians aren't quite so obvious as these three, but I find that Pallas is implicated in all of the hundreds of libertarian charts I've examined.  No birth time is available for any of the three charts:  the time of birth in all three cases may also yield useful information. 

A Sun-Pallas conjunction by itself is no guarantee that the native of the chart will be a libertarian.  Factors like Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node can skew a chart away from libertarianism.  Even with no such mitigating factors, if the native is not interested in politics or exposed to libertarian thought, he or she may not fully "wake up" to the philosophy.  In these cases the native tends to loosely adhere to the political philosophy of those around him/her, but will tend to be more ethical and conscientious than most.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Superstition, Politics, and Astrology

Life as we know it is impossible without faith.  We take hundreds of things for granted, on faith, in order to go about our daily lives.  We assume that the Sun will rise tomorrow as it has every other day, as opposed to suddenly going nova and wiping out the solar system.  We assume that the jobs and relationships we have today will also be with us tomorrow.  In addition to having a largely unspoken faith that the universe as we know it will persist, we also have faith in things that are difficult or impossible for most of us to prove.  Most of us, as modern human beings, believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun and that we are comprised of cells which are composed of molecules and atoms.  A majority of modern humans believes in a God (or multiple Gods).  As creatures of intellect, we experience life largely through the categories and assumptions that our minds have chosen to accept.  We live in and through faith.

Both kinds of faith, faith based on experience and faith based on conditioning or education, generally serve us well as we live our lives.  The complexities of modern life (and probably pre-modern life as well) do not allow all of us the time to question all of our assumptions and all of what society teaches us.  Most of us must believe what we see, and believe what we are told without question.  For most of us, most of the time, this is a rational, sensible strategy that yields acceptable results.  Following the herd is generally good for us, except in those occasional cases when it is exceptionally bad for us. 

While faith based on conditioning or education is often beneficial, it is often found later to be wrong.  Medical practices believed efficacious in the past (leeches, bloodletting, etc.) we now see as barbaric and useless.  Most of the polytheistic religions that were the basis for culture in ancient times we now see as primitive and quaint.  Even the "scientific" crazes generally regarded as true by the masses in relatively recent times (the brutal eugenics of the early Progressive movement, the global cooling feared in the 1970's) we now sheepishly sweep under the rug of politically-correct history.  Contrary to that advertising slogan of past decades, millions of people can be wrong.  In the case of the millions of believers in the murderous totalitarian regimes of the 20th century, faith can be lethal. 

Modern libertarians (the brilliant Stefan Molyneux among them) often make the case that popular support for the modern State is based on misplaced faith.  They expand Carl Jung's observation that faith in the State has slowly been supplanting faith in God.  To the faithful, the modern State, like the anthropomorphic Judeo-Christian God, is creator of and provider for humanity -- humanity cannot provide for itself.  To the faithful, the word of God and the law of the State are beyond question.  Both God and the State are subject to looser ethical rules than we mere humans:  both are beneficent and worthy of praise when they do us good; both are mysterious and not to be questioned when they do us ill. 

Faith in a heavenly creator-God and faith in the State do possess crucial differences from one another.  The atheist may show us that God has some rather dubious literature and that His existence cannot be conclusively proven in any purely rational sense, but he cannot disprove the existence of some superior invisible intelligence altogether.  It is possible, however, to show beyond reasonable doubt that the State is anything but the benevolent father-figure that his worshipers make him out to be.  To an individual of sufficient intelligence, morality, and logical reasoning ability, sufficient study makes the case for the abolition of the State impossible to dismiss. 

Because of the obvious similarities between faith in God and belief in the State, a vocal subset of the libertarian movement (Molyneux and Adam Kokesh for example), maintain that the rejection of both the State and any belief in the "supernatural" are the inevitable conclusion of rational thought and libertarianism (both gentlemen have Neptune afflicted by both Saturn and the South Node -- they can hardly be blamed).  To them, belief in supernatural entities and astrology are just as illogical and harmful as faith in the State.  Naturally, I disagree with them here. 

Astrology, a most Neptunian discipline, is certainly riddled with dubious claims, misguided conclusions, and deluded souls.  The low signal-to-noise ratio in astrology, however, is not a sufficient case for dismissing the discipline entirely.  The statistical studies of the Gauquelins, the brilliant work of astrological historian Richard Tarnas, and even my own low-key research attest that planetary events strongly correlate with human events.  A fully rational mind does not dismiss repeatedly demonstrated correlations, no matter how they may violate one's faith in one's world view.  It is interesting that the astrological charts of both Molyneux and Kokesh, for all their intelligence and contributions to the cause of liberty, show not only a blocked Neptune, but partially non-libertarian Pallas placements -- the latter consistent with potential gaps in logical reasoning ability.  Both charts are up on my site

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Politics of the Planets

My somewhat extensive research tells me that many planets have political opinions.  When they are strongly placed on the horoscope, their natural inclinations shine through the wearer of the horoscope.  The wearer can be a moment, a person, a corporation, a law, or a nation.  The natural opinions of these planets can be magnified, subverted, modified, and/or reversed by aspects from other bodies.  Each of these planets reacts differently to different factors.

THE MOON (and Fourth House, and the rulers of both)
protection of culture, land, race, tradition

In charts where the Moon (and/or Fourth House, and/or ruler of either) is amplified by the North Node, we see a desire to protect culture, land, race, and tradition.  This can range from the "my country right or wrong" of the cultural conservatives of any culture, to the religious conservatism of inland rural cultures, to the extreme racial-superiority credo of eugenicists and their ilk.

When the Moon (and/or surrogates) is touched by Neptune and/or the South Node (often even if the North Node is also affecting her), we see an openness and even a desire to dissolve or change the culture, open the borders of the land, and disregard race or promote the foreigner.  This is the mark of the "cultural liberal".

A strong Pallas can reduce or obviate the effects of both these manifestations.

VENUS (and Second House, and the rulers of both)
value, property, ownership, capitalism

Venus is one of two planets representing capitalism.  She is a private-property capitalist by nature, only partaking in exchange when it is consensual and to mutual benefit.  When she (and/or surrogates) is with the North Node, the preference for capitalism is especially strong. 

When Venus (and/or surrogates) is with the South Node and/or Neptune, her desire for strict private property distinctions weakens or dissolves.  Manifestations can range from the liberal supporter of the welfare state, to the conservative supporter of trade protectionism (which must violate private property ownership to operate), to the utopian Marxist. 

A strong Pallas can move the native significantly or completely to the capitalist end of the spectrum. 

PALLAS (and her sign rulers)
non-aggression, defensive capability, peace, libertarianism, capitalism

Pallas has a Black Belt in jiu-jitsu and carries a gun, but she will never attack first and will defend her peaceful neighbors if she can.  When Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s) are with Mercury, the Sun, or the North Node; or when Pallas is with the signs ruler(s) of Mercury or the Sun, she is strong in the chart.  She is a private-property capitalist by default, unless Venus is heavily influenced by Neptune or the South Node:  often even those do not sway her.  Pallas rules the peacemakers, the voice of reason in the maelstrom of politics, and the struggle to obtain, and share, freedom. 

When Pallas is moved away from her natural self by Pluto, the South Node, and/or by hard aspects from Jupiter, she is force and violence personified, bringing wanton destruction, blind or indifferent to the effects of her actions:  evil.  Most astrological charts, and people, have at least a little of Athena's darker sibling. 

dissolution, change, liquidity, delusion, idealism

Neptune and the South Node rule both the economic and cultural Left, for both good and ill.  Change, openness, spirituality, dreams, and fluidity are necessary components of life.  In excess, they destroy life.  In the political chart, they operate not under their own power but by changing the expression of the Moon and Venus.  I have written at some length about Neptune's politics here


Sun and Mercury:  these fellows don't seem to care about politics unless with Pallas.

Mars:  apparently unconcerned with politics. 

Jupiter:  both the Left and Right want to claim him as their own, but I discern no effect other than to shift Pallas to the authoritarian side when in a hard aspect with her or her ruler(s).

Saturn:  both the Left and Right want to claim him as being on the other side.  With Venus, he seems to shift the chart economically a little to the Left. 

Uranus:  when with the North Node, he seems to make authoritarian types more dangerous. He does not appear to be a true libertarian factor.  Thanks to Dale O'Brien for pointing out a few things to me on this planet. 

Pluto:  an authoritarian factor when in any relationship to Pallas or her ruler(s).  Richard Tarnas dedicates a chapter of Cosmos and Psyche to linking Saturn-Pluto alignments with rises in conservative political power.  This suggests that Pluto may be a co-ruler, along with Neptune, of the Left.  The symbolic implications of this are rich. 

For examples, hundreds of them, please see my research.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Monster in Bob Avakian's Chart

This is the chart of one Bob Avakian, chairman and guru of the Revolutionary Communist Party, considered to be the foremost Maoist revolutionary in America.  As I wrote in the previous post, I encountered his acolytes and some of his writing recently.  The latter suggested to me that Avakian possesses a deeply compromised ethical system.  Being the Plutonian sort of fellow I am, I found myself inspired to research his chart to trace the cause of his moral malaise. 

On first glance, this looks like the chart of a "left-libertarian", a person of strongly integrated ethics and an equally strong preference for a shared, rather than individual, concept of physical property. Pallas is closely conjunct that Pisces Sun, and appears to form no aspect with Pluto, no hard aspect with Jupiter, and no aspect with the South Node.  The sign rulers of Pallas in Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, likewise appear to have no connection to Pluto or the South Node;  finally, Neptune is not in a hard aspect with Jupiter.  At first glance, we are looking at what appears to be a strongly ethical individual who will have a natural and very strong disinclination to the initiation of violence.

The "left" part of our initial "left-libertarian" diagnosis is easy to parse:  Neptune is going to be opposite the Moon regardless of birth time (giving us a cultural liberal), and Venus is both widely opposite Neptune and ruled by Mars which is trine Neptune (giving us an someone with a very high likelihood of living on the economic Left, if not the far Left). 

We already know that Mr. Avakian is anything but a libertarian, however.  The "trick" in this chart is in the declination:  Jupiter, co-ruler of Pallas in Pisces, is tightly parallel Pluto.  Parallels in declination are fairly uncommon: so much so that it's usually possible to do this analysis without looking at declination at all.  When it happens, however, it's a very significant factor.  Avakian's ethical structure may well be, with Pallas on the Sun, radiating through his entire being... but that structure itself is essentially corrupted by power, as represented by Pluto.  This likely is the chart of someone for whom "might makes right", on a conscious or unconscious level. 

The monster in Bob Avakian's chart is somewhat bigger than just that of a left-authoritarian political bent, however.  As a side project to my political classification system, I have also examined the charts of about half of the serial murderers on AstroDatabank.  Every single case contains the signature for a "left-authoritarian" type, with three added features:  Pluto in aspect to the Sun or its ruler, Pluto in aspect to Venus (or Second House) or her ruler, and Pluto in aspect to the Moon (or Fourth House) or her ruler.  Bob likely has all three:  the Sun co-ruled by Jupiter which is parallel Pluto, Venus ruled by Mars which is opposite Pluto, and Moon trine Pluto.  The Mars-Pluto opposition probably doesn't help either, suggesting a great capacity for destructive action.  

So while Mr. Avakian is (probably) not a serial murderer or a murderer at all, his chart, like his writing, suggests someone who very well could be one.  And so the chart is entirely appropriate, in my view, for a would-be Communist revolutionary.  That his followers are impotent and few is a blessing to the world.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013

RevCom and Me

I must admit to a morbid fascination with Communism.  As libertarians know, murder by one's own government was the leading cause of unnatural death for humans in the 20th century, far overshadowing non-governmental crimes and even war.  The death toll for democide, murder by the State, from 1900 to 1999, exceeds 260 MILLION souls, with over half (even using conservative numbers) of the slaughter committed by Communist states.  There is no credible refutation of these horrible statistics, and yet between these and the collapse or de-socialization of the major Communist powers in recent times, the faithful of the church of Marx live on.  Communism is a parasite that destroys its host, and yet never seems to run out of new hosts willing to open their bowels to the worm.  I am mesmerized by Communism in the way that one might be by a shark or a nuclear weapon.  (Astrological analyses of the birth charts of quite a few Communists live here.) 

My first exposure to Bob Avakian's neo-Marxist Revolutionary Communist Party was at a recent street fair in Oakland.  The Avakianites were in force, and hard to miss, with a large booth sporting an array of edgy-looking red-and-black literature, as well as scruffy volunteers working the crowd with leaflets.

I approached the booth and started questioning the baby-boomer-aged lady there, in a sort of horrified fascination, about her specific ideology:  "Are you Marxist?  Frankfurt School?  Something I haven't heard about?".  The lady, while clearly not an imbecile, had an odd habit inserting the declaration "we must have REVOLUTION" into the conversation every few moments.  It was difficult, even after a few minutes, to discern her actual ideology other than "capitalism is bad" and "we must have REVOLUTION", but it was clear that whatever the ideology was, it was centered around one mysterious and exalted Bob Avakian.  Feeling that the conversation was not going to inform me, I took a densely-worded flyer for reading later and left. 

I dutifully did my reading when I arrived home:  the flyer, written by Bob Avakian himself, lionizes slave-rebellion leader Nat Turner and demonizes Thomas Jefferson.  To an anarcho-capitalist libertarian, Jefferson is a problematic figure:  I take no issue with those who criticize him for hypocrisy.  But while the flyer, like the lady at the booth, is somewhat enigmatic about the ideology it represents, there is a very telling section which I quote verbatim:

"During the rebellion, Turner's forces killed all the the slave owners they encountered -- not only the adults but also their children.  But the Nat Turner Rebellion -- and other slave rebellions -- must be firmly upheld because, in its principal character and in essence, it was a just struggle of the oppressed rising up against their oppression." 

This statement speaks volumes.  It says that of all the historical anecdotes available of slaves resisting or escaping their masters, Avakian specifically chose one to "uphold" in which the uprisers deliberately murdered innocents.  On top of that, he makes it a point to draw attention to the crime rather than brush it under the rug:  they murdered innocents and they are heroes to be "upheld".  This is a step beyond the evil of "the end justifies the means".  This is a declaration that as long as you are "rising up against oppression", you are entitled to and even praised (by the likes of Avakian) for murdering any children you find along the way.  If Mr. Avakian had any influence beyond Oakland street fairs and an off-campus bookstore in Berkeley, one could make a moral case for murdering him.  To save our children against his oppression, you see. 

Whatever else this Bob Avakian fellow may be, he is apparently a monster. 

Up next:  the monster in Bob Avakian's astrological chart. 

A case for murdering children, by Bob Avakian

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Dark Side of Pallas

Most astrologers who acknowledge the asteroid Pallas automatically assume the name refers to Pallas Athena, classical goddess of wisdom, defensive battle, intelligent self-restraint, etc..  Athena is the most important archetype to associate with Pallas, but there is another Pallas worthy of consideration by astrologers who wish to understand the asteroid:  Pallas the Titan. 

Pallas the Titan (Titans were the predecessors of the classical Gods) was an embodiment of war.  His son was Kratos, an embodiment of power, whose name is the root word for words describing political entities:  "demoCRATic", "autoCRATic", "bureauCRATic".  This is interesting because libertarians hold that "war is the health of the state" and that government and war are kin.  In some myths, Athena fought and slew Pallas the Titan:  a symbolic victory of reason over force, of peace over war. 

In astrological practice, it is aspects to Pallas which indicate to what degree each of the two mythical Pallases is active.  The Sun, Mercury, and the North Node bring out the protective, logical, and peaceful Pallas Athena.  Her energy is strong in the charts of peacemakers and libertarians such as MLK, John Lennon, and Ron Paul.  Pluto, the South Node, and hard aspects from Jupiter bring out the powerful brute Pallas the Titan.  His energy is strong in the charts of warmongers, authoritarians, and criminals such as Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, and Barack Obama.  In this way, each of us represents a different view of the struggle between reason and force.  What view each of us represents is readily visible on the astrological birth chart to the astrologer who knows how to look for it.

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013 AstroLibertarian Forecast

This forecast (and any to follow) is an experiment to see if I can use my political classification theory to forecast political events.  For example, the recent Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent police lockdown of the city coincided with Pallas conjunct the South Node, trine Pluto, and ruled by Venus which on that day was in a hard aspect against Jupiter.  Using my method (including other aspects not listed), I would interpret the chart of that day as astrologically "authoritarian" and potentially violent. 

May 1-9:  Pallas continues to be within an eight degree conjunction with the South Node until May 18.  The Pallas-Pluto trine is subsiding.  The State may attempt to continue to push its recent spurt of expansion attempts in the first two weeks of the month but may not do so well. 

May 9 to May 11: a tight triple conjunction between Pallas, the Sun, and Mercury forms.  Likelihood of good news on the liberty front for these few days, and possibly a couple of days before and after.  Sun remains conjunct Pallas within eight degrees through the 29th, but Mercury is gone by the 16th. 

May 14-15: Mercury and the Sun form sesquiquadrate aspects to Pluto while still in conjunction with Pallas.  Some not-so-great news to follow the good news. 

May 18: Venus, ruler of Pallas, quincunx Pluto.
May 18-26: Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto, peaking on the 22nd.  Some kind of victory here for the forces of evil, perhaps starting on the 18th and culminating around the 22nd?  On the 18th, Venus (quincunx Pluto) rules Pallas and the Sun, and is widely square Neptune which in turn is square Venus' ruler Mercury.  This fits the astrological profile for a possible mass-murder or other violent event which would then become a tool for those with political agendas (gun control, expanded police powers military action, etc.) -- this type of event has been occurring a few times a year recently.  Luckily the South Node is getting out of range and the Sun is still around, so hopefully it won't be earth-shattering.  Better yet, I'll be completely wrong.  

May 24: Mercury conjunct Venus, ruler of Pallas. Some good news. 

May 28: Pallas crosses into Gemini, transferring rulership to Mercury, which is quindecile Pluto.  Possible bad news, hopefully minor. 

This is my first attempt at an astrological liberty forecast -- we'll just have to see how it works.  I plan to add comments below as my various forecasts succeed or fail. 


I intend this blog is to discuss the intersection of astrology and politics from a libertarian point of view (the view that the initiation of force is not valid or productive for human society).  Many astrologers write regularly on politics:  virtually all of them do so from the perspective of what is currently known as the political Left (there are reasons for this which I may discuss later).  While I know of libertarians and right-wingers who are astrologers, some of them very accomplished, it appears that none of them publish astrological commentary on politics regularly. 

Most political astrology writing I've encountered could be described as "astro-political-poetry":  it uses the astrological charts of political events and persons to describe the psychological dynamics and archetypal resemblances between the charts and the events/persons they describe.  They succeed in conveying a "feeling" for the their subject matter but generally gloss over or ignore the psycho-astrological roots of what motivates them.  Most political astrologers can brilliantly point out symbolic connections between astrological patterns and, say, acts of war or bad behavior by right-wing politicians.  They do not, however, address the astrological roots of ethics which allow for war, and what makes persons right (or left) -wing.  In my opinion, they miss the core of astrology's potential to help us understand politics. 

Informing the content here will be a theory I have formulated which maps astrological patterns to different political ideologies.  Central to the theory is what I consider to be an undeniable correlation between the condition of the asteroid Pallas on the horoscope, and the horoscope native's acceptance or rejection of the initiation of violence.  I posit that astrologically, Pallas IS the non-aggression axiom, which comprises libertarianism and is the seat of ethics in the horoscope.  I support this assertion, and the political-mapping theory built around it, with nearly 500 examples on my site

This blog will host comment on astrological correlations with current and historical events using my astrological methods, expound on those methods and their development, host analyses of natal charts of possible interest to libertarians (my site has hundreds of these in brief form), and illustrate the destructive nature of the State through astrology.