Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Dangerous Chris Christie

Let us begin by stating what should be obvious.  Libertarianism is the ideological thread which differentiates the rare peacenik Leftist from the bloodthirsty Maoist revolutionary, and the consistent conservative from the power-hungry fascist.  Libertarian thinking, represented on the astrological chart solely by Pallas, is what keeps our troubled political world from devolving into more violence and oppression than we already have.  It is our inner "non-aggression axiom" that allows any kind of peace to exist between us all. 

So when New Jersey governor and probable presidential hopeful Chris Christie denounces libertarianism as "dangerous", we know that something is dangerously wrong with him.  Astrology can tell us what it is. 

big bad news

We don't have a time of birth for this overgrown adversary of freedom and common sense, but we can guess why he's a Republican.  The Moon is very likely trine the North Node, and her ruler Jupiter is quincunx the North Node.  When the North Node hypes up the Moon in this way, we're fairly certain to get a cultural conservative.  Jupiter is also trine Neptune, which by itself would move him Leftward, but this is not a match for two nodal connections. 

From his seeking of federal disaster aid in recent years, we know he's not a fiscal conservative.  Accordingly, Neptune is widely conjunct Venus.

Christie's Pallas is strongly compromised.  He does have Mercury, ruler of Pallas, contraparallel Sun; but Mercury is trine the energy-draining South Node.  Pallas herself is quintile Pluto.  Put this together with the previous factors, and we have a pretty awful right-wing authoritarian.  We might label him a fascist these days: a century ago, he would have been a lockstep Progressive.

This is not all.  With the compromised Pallas and the Leftist Venus, we have half the components of the bloodbath formula.  In the case of a man at risk of gaining the American throne, we might check for the other factors.  They are readily apparent.  Pluto is conjunct Sun: identification with the destructive power -- Pluto is square Moon and opposite her ruler Jupiter -- and Pluto is septile Venus:  destruction applied to that which we value.  Christie has the formula.  If we let him have the US military industrial complex, he probably will use it to the same bloody effect as Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, who also have the bloodbath formula.

We would be wise to deny Christie the throne.  Better yet:  abolish the throne. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Bloodbath Formula

I've mentioned this before:  a specific combination of planetary aspects tends to coincide with incidents of mass-murder.  This combination also seems to be ubiquitous in the natal charts of serial murderers

For review, here is the pattern (the first five factors must be present):

1.  Pallas compromised.  Pallas and/or her ruler(s) in any aspect with Pluto, discordant aspect with Jupiter, or aspect with the South Node stronger than with the North Node.  The Pluto combination is common.  This removes the Palladian objection to initiating aggression. 

2.  Venus liquefied.  Venus and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Neptune and/or the South Node.  The Second House and it's ruler with Neptune or the South Node can work for this, especially on the natal chart of a person.  This softens the concept of property rights, including the right for other persons to control their own bodies. 

3.  Pluto/Venus.  Venus and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto.  This may symbolize the destruction of property, including human bodies.

4.  Pluto/Moon.   Moon and/or her ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto (the Fourth House also counts).  

5.  Pluto/Sun.  Sun and/or his ruler(s) in aspect to Pluto.  This may indicate that the person or moment indicated by the chart may actually identify with the destructive principle.

6. (optional).  Angular/prominent Mercury.  This one tends to appear in the charts of mass-murder events rather than in charts of persons.  I currently have no theory on this one. 

When all four factors are present, we have an increased likelihood of mass murder.  This pattern appears in the natal charts of serial-murderers and in moments when mass murders occur.  After somewhere around a hundred case studies, I find that exceptions are unusual.  Mass-murderer Barack Obama has the pattern, as does power-behind the throne Dick Cheney and failed revolutionary Bob Avakian.  If we omit the Pluto aspects from the pattern, we get a pattern that usually indicates left-wing authoritarians (or right-wingers with left-wing economic views, also known as "fascists").  If we remove the requirement for Pluto/Sun with, we get a pattern that matches quite a few first wave feminists

Please note that the vast majority of persons with the pattern on their natal charts do not commit murder.  I assume that most are perfectly decent individuals.  While the formula consistently appears in the charts of mass-murderers, its appearance is not sufficient to judge the character of a person. 

Sadly, the news today brings us yet another example of the pattern.  Yesterday, seven died in a mass-shooting in Miami, and probably a hundred died in rioting in Egypt.

This chart of the beginning of the Miami incident may correspond with both incidents.

1.  Pallas opposite Pluto. This one is just getting started:  probably more violence coming.
2.  Neptune opposite Venus.
3.  Pluto trine Venus.
4.  Pluto opposite Mars and Jupiter, both possible rulers of Moon
5.  Pluto contraparallel Sun.
6.  Mercury on the Descendant.

The Mars-Pluto opposition on the angles of the Miami chart is very interesting, but we don't know if it applies to Egypt. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Red Feminism

As libertarians, we reject the initiation of force and oppression against any person, regardless of  gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc..  We support complete equality of rights for all persons (with the understanding that this means we cannot guarantee equality of outcomes).  On the face of things, it seems libertarians should absolutely support a movement intended to secure equal rights for women.

It is an unequivocally positive development that women now may rise to the top of the worlds of business and politics.  It is wonderful that a woman may now choose career over the traditional role of family caretaker with no stigma.  It is less than wonderful, however, that the entry of women in the workforce has allowed states to raise taxes to the point where women not only have the option to work, but now must do so out of financial necessity.  Women in the middle class are now generally denied the choice to raise children full time (it is also denied to men).  The State has successfully used feminism as a tool to take options away from its serfs -- us.   

The feminist movements of the past century have had other problematic effects, including skyrocketing divorce rates, the dissolution of the nuclear family and coincident increase in juvenile criminality, and increasingly unfair treatment of men.  Modern "first world" cultures that have adopted feminist ideals now generally have birth rates lower than necessary to replace themselves:  as its host cultures slowly die off, feminism may eventually become a casualty of itself.  On top of this, there is evidence that feminist movements have wittingly and otherwise provided cover for a theft of power away from both women and men by the world's elite ruling class.  It is an open secret that many of the past century's most influential feminists worked on behalf of Communist organizations (themselves often funded by major banks).  The astrological charts of some of these "Red Feminists" provide some startling insight.  We will review a few here.

Betty Friedan, Communist

Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique and co-founder of the National Organization for Women, did not want it known that she was active in Communist circles.  This is absolutely the chart of a person susceptible to authoritarian ideology, with Pallas conjunct the South Node and ruled by Mars which is opposite Jupiter.  There are no detectable libertarian factors.  Suggesting left-wing economics is the Sun in the Second House opposite Neptune, which is novile Saturn, co-ruler of the Second House.  Suggesting cultural leftism is the Moon trine the South Node.  This is a textbook-case left-wing authoritarian chart.  Intriguing and troubling on top of this is the Moon opposite Pluto in Cancer, and Pluto square Venus:  what does this say about Friedan's perception of woman?

Susan B Anthony, Communist

Susan B Anthony needs no introduction, but most accounts overlook that she was a Communist.  Murray Rothbard writes that the women's suffrage movement was largely intended to enable Progressives to outvote Catholics (whose women were largely apolitical).  We have no time of birth, but it is very likely that the Moon, ruler of Pallas, is conjunct Pluto, making for a solidly authoritarian-type chart.  Leftist economics appear as Venus square Neptune, perhaps partially offset by Venus widely conjunct the North Node.  As for culture, the Moon is co-ruled by Neptune which is sextile the Moon's other co-ruler Jupiter:  leftist as well.  Communism is no surprise, given this chart.  Anthony also shares with Friedan a (very probable) Moon-Pluto hard aspect and adds to it a very tight Venus-Pluto conjunction.  As with Friedan, this is both fascinating and disturbing. 

Betty Millard, Communist

Betty Millard was openly Communist, but her chart is slightly less clear about it.  Her peregrine Pluto is widely quintile Venus (ruler of Pallas) and semisextile Pallas herself, hinting at authoritarian tendencies.  Venus, which rules the Moon, is septile Neptune, suggesting left-wing attitudes both on economics and culture.  The aforementioned Pluto-Venus (ruler of the Moon) quintile puts also gives her more things in common with Friedan and Anthony above.

Eleanor Flexner, Communist

Eleanor Flexner, women's studies pioneer, hid her Communist affiliation until later in life.  The Pallas placement is not surprising:  Pallas in Scorpio, trine Pluto which is square Pallas' co-ruler Mars.  Pallas is conjunct Mercury, a strong libertarian factor which in this case is probably not strong enough to overcome Pluto.  That the North Node is conjunct Pluto and also trine Pallas may or may not also temper the strong authoritarian pattern.  Left-wing economics:  Venus novile Neptune.  Without a time of birth, we cannot tell about the lunar indications for cultural politics.  Like her feminist comrades above, she also has a Venus-Pluto aspect (a sextile) and probably a Moon-Pluto quincunx as well. 

Eve Merriam, Communist

Eve Merriam, writer, is our last example.  She has Pallas semisquare Jupiter, suggesting openness to authoritarianism.  Venus is ruled by the Moon which will be trine the South Node regardless of birth time: this puts her very probably on the Left for both economics and culture.  Communist affiliation is, again, no surprise.  As in the four cases above, Pluto is involved with both Venus and the Moon, by conjunction and trine respectively.

Obviously, by no means are all feminists Communist or even authoritarian (we may discuss CIA-operative Gloria Steinem in the future).  Nevertheless, that most anti-human and freedom-killing of all political philosophies figures prominently in the history of the feminist movement.  For this reason alone, it makes sense to assess the various facets of feminism individually and accept or reject them based on their merits, rather than accepting the entire package wholesale. 

The astrology of these five very important feminist pioneers also raises important questions.  Given these clearly authoritarian charts, can we be certain that the movement these women helped create is about women's "liberation" at all?  Each of these five women has her internal feminine archetypes (Moon and Venus) subject to the dissolving influence of Neptune and/or the South Node.  Each, in addition, also has Pluto, astrological lord of Death, in aspect to these feminine archetypes.  These charts are reminiscent of the chart for Islam, but with deadly Pluto standing in for combative Mars and disruptive Uranus.  What does the astrology of these founding feminists say about the relationship of feminism to the archetypal female?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Queer Astrology Conference

This weekend, I attended both days of the first Queer Astrology Conference at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco.  Organized by Ian Waisler and co-sponsored by the San Francisco Astrological Society, the conference was a much welcome and long overdue event for the astrological world.

Both astrology and non-hetero/cisgender sexuality have recorded histories stretching back thousands of years.  Both realms may in fact be as old as humanity itself.  Astrology claims to be, among other things, a deep study of human experience.  The fact that astrology has until recently almost completely ignored, marginalized, and/or misrepresented numerous dimensions of sexual experience is a travesty and flies in the face of what astrology is supposed to be.  Mr. Waisler and his helpers have done us all, as astrological truth-seekers and queer persons looking for more from astrology, a great service by creating the conference. 

Some very high-quality speakers and presentations made the conference very worthwhile from the astrological side of things.  Christopher Renstrom gave a deeply insightful and emotionally resonant reading of the birth chart (actually the "naming" chart) and recent history of AIDS.  Jessica Lanyadoo and Barry Perlman presented useful practical tips for astrologers reading for queer clientele.  Chani Nicholas shared a fascinating overview of the mythology of Lilith.  CIIS' own Rod O'Neal gave us an intriguing if abbreviated take on history and Uranus-Pluto alignments from a gay perspective. 

True libertarians, followers of the astrological Pallas, defend the right to all consensual activity and decry all forms of coercion.  The queer struggle for rights in modern society is essentially the libertarian fight:  the fight for the right to act as we choose and form the associations we choose, free from forceful intervention and violence.  Tolerance and diversity are part and parcel of this struggle.  It saddened me, therefore, to see the left-wing political correctness brigade asserting their dominance over the weekend, broadcasting the message that its ideology represented the views of everyone present.

To be fair, mainstream organized religion and the religious/cultural wing of the political Right are inherently against queer expression.  However, libertarianism (the idea that the initiation of force against others is inherently undesirable) and capitalism (the idea that you own what you make, beginning with but not limited to your own body) are not.  The idea that government should be limited in scope is inherently more pro-queer than anti-queer.  Had government never encroached on the institution of marriage (a social institution, not a legal one, to begin with), the entire debate on legalizing "gay marriage" would be moot.

From the starting discussion, conference participants and staff loudly denounced capitalism, upheld the liberal meme that the recent Zimmerman trial verdict was about race and nothing else, sung the praises of politically-correct mass-murderer Barack Obama, and brandished Marxist language as if it were shared by all.  The phrase "power and privilege" came up multiple times -- I still don't understand what Marxists mean by those words because online articles explaining their usage are themselves saturated with insider jargon.  A quick survey of the queer scene in America tells us that not all members of the community share left-wing views.  Were any of these dissenters in attendance, they apparently remained in the political closet for the duration, as did I.   

My own complaints notwithstanding, I consider the conference an overwhelming success.  I think most of its participants would concur.  I look forward to attending the next one, albeit with reservations. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Politically Incorrect Astrology

Modern political life owes much to the Communists, the dearest of Neptune's political children.  This goes far beyond the splashy comic-book hues and socialist slogans of Obama campaign posters.  Over a century ago, Marx and Engels took the concept of forced communal ownership out of the realm of the Diggers and other Christian radicals and made it into a religion unto itself.  They gave mystical ideas a "scientific" veneer and the political world has been buying them ever since.  Even in America, the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto are, in whole or in large part, the law of the land.  The Communists have also given us the modern idea of political correctness

The right-wing astrologer Glenn Perry observed, long before me, that Neptune is the astrological root of political correctness (yet even he avoids revealing his political bent on his site).  Political correctness is an entirely Neptunian phenomenon.  It posits that the Neptunian hopes and dreams of the herd (or those who claim to speak for it) constitute a reality even more valid than that which can be empirically observed and logically concluded.  It tells us that the woman who takes months of paid maternity leave is economically identical to the man (or woman) who doesn't.  It tells us that racism is automatically the culprit if an individual belonging to a "disadvantaged minority" under-performs, without looking at the individual case.  It is, as are many of Neptune's creations, deceptive and untrue at its core. 

In writing about the astrological Pallas beyond the usual vague platitudes about "wisdom" and "insight", one faces a funny conundrum.  Astrology itself lives in the blurry dreamworld of Neptune.  Neptune is usually the opposite of clarity and logic.  In political discourse, he prefers "Hope and Change" and "Forward!" to the stricter language of "bombing civilians is immoral, even for  Democrats" and "if you spend money you don't have, it won't end well".  Neptune and his children will look the other way when the view is unpleasant.  Pallas won't let you look anywhere else if the house is on fire. 

When writing about Pallas in astrology, there is a strong pull towards softening her edge and dulling her clarity in order to reach the Neptunian audience.  Pallas does not care for whim of the herd: she cares for what is right.  She will state in her clear, still voice that two plus two equals four, but unlike Winston Smith in Orwell's 1984, she will not buckle under even the most forceful attempt to tell her otherwise.  In the world of politics, which is in large part her domain, she is unabashedly libertarian and capitalist.  To miss this is to miss Pallas.  Period.

She is, as defender of what is true and correct, the goddess of the politically incorrect

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who Benefits from the Zimmerman Verdict?

It remains to be seen if the acquittal of George Zimmerman will be good for Zimmerman himself.  Hated by millions of Americans, he might be facing the end of his life sooner than if he were behind bars and presumably protected by the State.  There nevertheless are persons who profit enormously from the verdict. 

Barack Obama, Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces and the executioner of hundreds of children via predator-drone strikes, has murdered more young men of color than a thousand George Zimmermans ever could.  The trial verdict has given Obama what he needs most during the storm of scandals that have rocked his administration this summer:  a distraction for the public.  Note Jupiter and Mars conjunct Obama's Venus, bringing energy and gifts. Venus transiting into his Seventh House of relationship sweetens his relationships, including his relationship with his vassals (us).  Neptune conjoining his Chiron in the First House conceals his wounds.  Trayvon Martin is dead, George Zimmerman is (nominally) free, and Barack Obama is probably thanking his dark gods for it.

Al Sharpton, who is largely responsible for bringing Zimmerman to trial after an initial police investigation cleared him of wrongdoing, benefits greatly from the verdict.  Jupiter in Cancer is crossing his Ascendant, breathing new life into his race-baiting gospel.  Pluto is conjunct his North Node in the Seventh, super-charging his publicity efforts.   Chiron is crossing his Midheaven into the Tenth House, repairing a career that has been out of the spotlight.

Jesse Jackson, less prominent now than his brethen hatemongers, also sees benefit.  The North Node is at his Midheaven and traveling into his Ninth House of publicity.  Hallelujah? 

Let us not forget the Fast-and-Furious One himself, Eric Holder.  He has yet to account for his complicity in running guns to Mexican drug cartels:  with the Zimmerman furor it is possible Holder's often lethal criminality may continue to slide under the radar.  Venus conjoins his Pluto:  oh, how sweet the taste of power!  Jupiter conjoins his Uranus, amplifying his power to make more mischief.  Finally, Pluto approaches his Pallas:  if Holder remains in power, what he does next may make the Fast and Furious scandal pale in comparison.

If the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy had never occurred, these four men would have had to invent it.  Then again, when one examines the actual evidence of the case, one wonders if they actually did. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Planet of Blood

Noel Tyl recently gave a talk on his methods of medical astrology at the San Francisco Astrological Society.  Tyl is an astrologer of high intelligence and experience, who boasts of having performed approximately 23,000 astrological client readings.  So while I've encountered many well-studied astrologers who dismiss Tyl's work, I find it highly improbable for him to have risen to his station in the astrological pantheon without having figured a few things out.

The rulerships Tyl uses, of planets over various body parts, differs in places from what astrologers traditionally use.  One of these rulerships in particular specifically struck me: 

Neptune rules blood

Not Jupiter, not Mars -- Neptune.  This explains a bit about some of the wars and senseless mass-killings that have taken place during the Age of Pisces.  The Judeo-Christian religions of the past two millenia, the modern nation-state (and its offspring, the business corporation), Communism and its various offshoots:  these Neptunian movements share more than a basis in human faith and irrationality.  They also share a deep and abiding blood-lust, an inexplicable and perhaps unconscious desire to kill not for gain but for the sake of killing.

The very Left-wing Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, notes a correlation between Saturn-Pluto aspects and mass killing.  He pins these events, usually accurately, on Right-wing movements and regimes.  He misses, however, the bigger picture formed when one scrutinizes Neptune, planetary lord of the political Left.  The otherwise sublime music of the book misses a beat for it.

I've noted elsewhere that long-term periods in history in which economic failure followed by bloody wars are strongly correlated with periods in which Neptune transits through Virgo and his home sign Pisces, and with other outer planet transits through Pisces.  Here's the short version:

1461-1482: Crisis: War of the Roses -- Neptune: Virgo 1466-1479
1566-1587: Crisis: Armada Crisis -- Pluto in Pisces followed by Uranus 1552-1591
1674-1700: Crisis: King Philip's War -- Neptune: Pisces 1684-1696
1767-1791: Crisis: American Revolution -- Neptune: Virgo 1766-1779
1843-1859: Crisis: American Civil War -- Neptune: Pisces 1847-1860
1925-1945: Crisis: Great Depression/World War II -- Neptune: Virgo 1930-1943

Other astrologers have noted correlations between these periods and aspects between Uranus and Pluto, sometimes with Saturn.  These no doubt also apply, but I find Neptune a more compelling culprit.  The tide of violence and mindless fury of that is the history of this age may be because Neptune, ruler of the current astrological Age, rules blood.

The current Trayvon Martin riots are occurring under a Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine.   Neptune may account for much of the irrational public mania.  Jupiter (with Mars) in Cancer may represent overblown race issues; their opposition to Pluto may represent perceived "fighting the power".  Sophisticated observers will note that it's "the power" in the form of political figures and corporate media that turned the Martin tragedy into a race war.  Young black men certainly are under fire, but generally not from neighborhood-watching Latinos with guns.  Jupiter may be exalted when he's in Cancer: apparently "exaltation" is not the best word for those currently under Jupiter's influence. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh, SNAP...

Conservatives won a small, largely unsung victory in the US House of Representatives today.  Thanks to them, the House passed a version of the Farm Bill with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program -- food stamps -- removed.  From a libertarian viewpoint, the the idea of the government manipulating the food market at all is highly negative... but in these times even an illusory and temporary victory is a notable event.  

time of Republican victory is approximate

Following not too far from the minor conservative abortion win in Texas, the event carries an astrological configuration not too different from the last.  There is no doubt the Democrats will eventually get their way on SNAP -- the Republicans these days always capitulate.  Nevertheless, the chart for this event is of some interest.

This is an authoritarian chart.  The advancement of any legislation extending the influence of authority, even if that authority is temporarily and partially muted, is inherently anti-libertarian.  So it comes to no surprise that Pluto is quindecile Pallas and opposite Mercury, ruler of Pallas.

The battle over finances is prominent.  Though the time is approximate, we can more or less assume that Venus, ruling money, is at the top of the chart.  She is, as in the previous chart, square the Nodes, signifying a battle over direction.  Her ruler the Sun is sesquiquadrate Neptune (the Left) and trine the North Node (the Right, when affecting Venus). The victory is Pyrrhic, the real winner unclear after the costs are counted... but we all know that our rulers in DC were never good at counting.  

Saturn is rising, perhaps symbolizing a slowdown or blockage of "business as usual".  The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Cancer, symbolizing women's issues in the eighth house in the previous chart, can be seen to stand for food and agriculture (Cancer) in the public sphere (the Ninth House) in this chart.  Uranus in aspect to most of the chart signals unpredictability and upset.

Finally, the two rulers of the political Right, the Moon and Venus, both shine in the Tenth House of politics.  They are compromised by Neptune, and their moment in the spotlight together will be brief, but being that they are in Leo at the moment, one can easily imagine Republicans on the Hill gloating and back-slapping over expensive drinks tonight.  They will give in to the welfare state, as they always do eventually, but perhaps not before winning some minor concessions for their districts from the temporarily defeated Democrats. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Texas House Abortion Vote

Yesterday, in the continuing Texas abortion law saga, the Texas House approved the abortion-restriction bill previously blocked by state senator Wendy Davis.  It reportedly requires another vote before passing to the Senate, and facing the formidable Davis once more.

I don't yet have an astrological profile for the sides of the abortion debate, but I have some suspicions as to who the planetary players are.  My current candidate for the planetary champion of feminism (and by extension, probably abortion as well) is Pluto (when in connection to Moon and Venus).  Anything I write about these topics for the time being is largely speculative.  It does not yet carry the weight of hundreds of case studies, as does the political ideology project

The article linked above puts the approval vote after a "full day" of debate but does not specify a time.  The chart here is for rough guess of 5pm.

The Pallas signature here is largely authoritarian, with Pallas quindecile Pluto.  Mercury, ruler of Pallas, is opposite Pluto but also conjunct the Sun, a mitigating factor here.

Neptune is quincunx the Moon, a factor we normally associate with the cultural Left -- but Saturn aspects both parties here.  Saturn himself is in a wide but tightening conjunction with the North Node, lending him power.  Neptune is at the IC, underscoring this picture.  The message:  the Left, strong but restricted on this particular issue?  The Moon in Leo is ruled by the Sun which is trine the North Node.  This factor by itself is a cultural Right wing indicator.  The political direction of the Moon is under heavy contention.

Of course, there is the obvious Sun-Mercury conjunction in Cancer, giving us dialogue about women's issues.  On top of this is the Sun-Moon mutual reception, if we didn't get the picture already.  The Sun-Mercury conjunction itself is opposite Pluto.  This is very provocative and politically-incorrect imagery if we allow that Pluto may represent feminism and abortion (future posts will present evidence for the Pluto-feminist case).  This gives us the voice of the family (Sun and Mercury conjunct in Cancer) making a brief stand in Pluto's house against Pluto and what he represents.  Uranus in the center, forming a T-square, gives us the elements of public interest and unpredictability.

Venus in Leo is tightly square the Nodes:  a battle between polarities of feminine expression. The South Node in the Sixth House gives us some potentially bad health consequences, but the chart for the final bill passage (if it happens) will be more instructive.  The tightening trine with Pluto suggests that the month might not look so good for Pluto.  Another potential factor is Jupiter's waxing opposition with Pluto:  Jupiter opposite Pallas strongly interferes with the ideological side of Pallas.  Does Jupiter have a similar effect to any ideological side of Pluto?  If so, we may see anti-abortion forces in other states see victories in the near future. 

If this debate makes it to July 14, we might see an upset in favor of the pro-choice forces.  Mars enters Cancer and the Moon moves into position for a loose grand cardinal cross with Moon, Mars-Jupiter-Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Weekend of Mayhem

Note to self:  a planet opposite a stellium is opposite all the planets in the stellium, even the ones that are officially out of orb.  I thought Pallas was out of Pluto's reach for the time being, but I hadn't counted on the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter bridging the gap and carrying Pluto's malevolence to the peace of Pallas.  Had I looked for this possibility, I might not have missed the carnage this past weekend. 

Most of us in America probably had a fine weekend.  In Nigeria early Saturday morning, however, persons presumed to be political terrorists massacred children at a boarding school.  The next day, followers of deposed Egyptian president Morsi fell victim to a massacre.  Gun-controlled Chicago saw a record 72 shootings over the weekend, a high number even for that most violent city. 

We also had not one but two plane crashes.  The first was on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport.  The second was a smaller plane in an Alaska airport.  Most of us in the US probably enjoyed a nice, warm holiday weekend, but certainly something malevolent was in the air... or in the skies.

the time on this chart is probably wrong
trouble.  actual time unknown.

Here is a chart of the morning of Saturday July 6, 2013.  Note the aforementioned stellium, opposite Pluto (even if it's not a "proper" stellium, Mars is quindecile Pluto).  That Pallas is conjunct the ruler of the Sun is a nice mitigating factor, but this ruler is the Moon:  Pallas-Moon suggests warriors or persons prepared to fight. We know already that Pallas in any connection with Pluto can be an enabler of violence.  Neptune is widely (five degrees) quincunx Venus and widely trine Venus' ruler the Sun:  nice for creative energies but dangerous in combination with other factors.  Those other, final factors are present here:  Pluto is opposite the Sun, quincunx Venus, and opposite Mercury which rules the Moon.  All of these factors together comprise an astrological blueprint generally present in the natal charts of mass-murderers.  When the entire formula assembles in the sky, we see an increased likelihood of bloodshed.

This configuration helps explain Nigeria, Egypt, and Chicago.  It may not necessarily jibe with the two plane crashes, which were ostensibly accidents.  I haven't researched plane crashes, but more mainstream astrological thinking gives us some clues:  the lingering Sun-Pluto-Uranus T-square brings unexpected destruction.  The proximity of Jupiter to the mix suggests travel, and the nearness of Mars to Jupiter suggests possible contention with travel.  A few years ago when Jupiter conjoined Uranus, we saw strange surges in electricity happening in nature, killing schools of fish and flocks of birds.  Jupiter is now approaching a square with Uranus, possibly bringing the phenomenon back to us, and dangerous currents back to the skies. 

Back to Pallas and Pluto:  with various planets bridging the gap in the opposition, the two bodies are effectively connected from now through most of August.  When Venus and the Sun line up in any number of configurations with Neptune and Pluto on top of this, we might see more violence.  It is no great leap to suspect that significant violence might erupt after the Trayvon Martin trial if the jury fails to convict George Zimmerman.  Being a committed Palladian, I hope very much to be wrong. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snowden versus Zimmerman

Edward Snowden and George Zimmerman are two Americans who have been at the top of the news in recent days.  Here's an astrological riddle:  what astrological transit were both these men experiencing as they committed the acts that made them famous?  Take a look:

Snowden approaches the press


Zimmerman fires his gun

This is not a fluke.  Pluto activating natal or progressed Pallas triggers an ethical crisis.  The transit tests our sense of what is ethical and logical, sometimes to extremely dramatic effect.  We find ourselves pulling the trigger, metaphorically or even literally, on actions that would have been unthinkable before.  Most of us get some form of this a few times in our lives.  We usually don't display the selfless grace of an Edward Snowden, but we also usually don't find ourselves in George Zimmerman's shoes, or go to the violent extremes of these fellows below: 

Adam Lanza starts a killing spree

James Holmes walks into a cinema.  Progressed Pallas, not shown, is at 10 Cap.

Columbine massacre, part one

Columbine massacre, part two
2009 Binghamton shootings
Unruh's "Walk of Death"

2011 Norway attacks

for those that believe 9-11 was an "inside job"

An important aspect of Pallas and her ethics is the respect for boundaries.  One can see in each of these cases, good or ill, how boundaries are broken. 

The astrological Pallas is not the least bit trivial.  She can be very much a life-and-death matter. 

Oh, wait.  There's also this:

Bradley Manning, around the first Wikileak attributed to him

Friday, July 5, 2013

Egypt and Morsi

This is a short entry.  I know little of Egyptian politics, but the charts involved are interesting.


Deposed Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi's natal chart (no time available) has Pallas parallel with the Sun.  By itself, this is a strong libertarian factor.  Jupiter, however, is square Uranus and quindecile Saturn, thereby blocking both of Pallas' sign rulers.  So much for the parallel:  this man is probably a pretty heavy authoritarian, and the Sun-Pluto conjunction can't help.  The chart looks solidly Left-wing as far as we can tell without a time of birth:  the South Node is conjunct Venus and Neptune is conjunct the Moon.  Without knowing much about Morsi's regime, we can see from the chart that heavy-handedness and bad economic policy are likely.  Good riddance, one might think. 


This is a chart for the day of the official ousting of Morsi.  The Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-square says "revolution" like nothing else.  The closeness of the Sun to Jupiter and hence the Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine is a nice touch:  there's some positive energy here, even if the US government, which funds the Egyptian military that executed the coup, may have actually started things behind the scenes.  I've left my political analysis theory out of this one because we would need to know the actual "seed" of the coup to know its intent.  One hopes that the new regime will be more amenable to Egypt than the last.  And that the overlords in Washington will stop funding foreign armies and coups with US taxpayer dollars. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The USA Chart

Intermittently the Land of the Free

This is the "Sibley" chart for the United States of America, made popular after the September 11 2001 airplane strike on the World Trade Center.  Plenty has been written about this chart and the other various charts astrologers use for America:  the focus here will be on items of libertarian interest, using methods derived from my own extensive research

The sesquiquadrate yod with Sun and Saturn as the wings, centering on a Moon-Pallas conjunction, is striking.  The Sun in Cancer in the Seventh House suggests a potentially conservative, home-centered national persona, but one in which international relations figure prominently.  This Sun is square with Saturn in Libra in the Tenth House -- we might interpret that as a powerful authority structure, ostensibly formed around a Libran awareness of fairness, but one which might be fundamentally distrusted by the Cancer Sun.

Both wings are sesquiquadrate a Moon-Pallas conjunction in Aquarius.  We would, of course, suspect an emotional need for equality and some amount of freedom in society.  Pallas with the Moon, however, tells us that this is the chart of a fighter.  This conjunction, especially trine with Mars in the Seventh House, is very descriptive of the extremely powerful US military complex and its penchant for picking fights as much as it possibly can.  This military complex is, as per the sesqui-yod, deeply ingrained in both the government authority structure and the national psyche itself.  The movements of the military are largely obscured by deceptive reporting and outright omission by the national media.  Neptune in the Ninth House square Mars describes this dynamic well. 

That the nation started out as a bastion of freedom and limited government is no surprise.  Pallas is extremely prominent, being sesquiquadrate the Sun, quincunx Mercury, and conjunct the ruler of both.  She is (aside from a semisextile with Pluto) out of the direct path of the three factors which cloud her judgment.  The problem here is that her co-ruler Uranus is trine the South Node, and so is her other co-ruler Saturn if we use a wide orb.  There is a tendency to lose her libertarian nature over time.  This is, of course, exactly what has been happening over the history of the nation. 

Thanks to Pallas, this nation started as strongly free-enterprise capitalist.  It was apparently never destined to remain that way.  The South Node resides in the Second House of finances, and forms a quincunx aspect with Venus.  America's destiny lies in the economic Left:  indeed, she has not seen a fiscally conservative regime in over half a century.  Even the American Right has completely adopted a fascist or light-socialist economic model. 

Conservatism on the cultural side is likewise also doomed.  Not only is the Neptune widely quincunx the Moon, but also square Mars, the Fourth House ruler.  The South Node is trine one or both the Moon's rulers depending on the orb we use.  America has always been on the bleeding edge of cultural innovations, for good and ill.  Cultural conservatives may occasionally win victories when certain planets line up (Richard Tarnas points out Saturn with Pluto), but the general trend is toward a Neptunian dissolution of cultural norms.  Hinting at America's rich feminist history is Pluto tightly semisextile the Moon, which is also the ruler of Venus.

America's increasing police state, economic decay, and rapidly mutating culture, are thus all in the Sibley chart -- arguably inevitable. Pluto is rapidly approaching an opposition with the American Sun, and not far off from the natal Pluto position.  Actual or metaphorical death for America is coming.  This astrologer is hoping for a peaceful breakup of the regime, and the return of freedom for those who want it.  This land is big enough for all its inhabitants to peacefully form the sorts of societies -- plural -- that they want to live in. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Pluto is good for your health?

This is a chart for the signing of the "Affordable Care Act" more commonly known as "Obamacare".  Libertarians and conservatives know it to be an economy-wrecking giveaway of taxpayer dollars to the entrenched powers in the healthcare industry.   Liberals, Neptunian to the end, are generally in denial.  The legislation has already started a hemorrhage of jobs in the country due to employers making preparations to comply.  This is probably why the Overlord himself has just postponed the employer-mandate portions of the bill until after mid-term elections (another explanation is that the government is nowhere near completing the infrastructure to handle the law).

Even without going into my own methods for parsing political charts, this chart is frightening.  The Sun-Moon-Saturn-Pluto grand cardinal cross is impossible to miss.  The Sun and the Moon are long-accepted traditional indicators of health.  Astrologers generally see Saturn and Pluto as the great malefics of the horoscope.  Saturn hardens, constrains, and blocks those energies with which it interacts.  Pluto causes them to undergo fundamental, often violent changes or even death.  By this configuration alone, we might suspect an effective political revolutionary (especially with Uranus on the Sun) -- but we would be truly insane to trust this chart with our physical health.

Chiron conjunct Neptune in the Ninth House of publicity gives us a beautiful dream of national healing.  Their semisquare with Mercury tells us a deception may be afoot. 

The Moon in Cancer on the Ascendant presents a caring, nurturing face.  Opposite the Moon on the Descendant, deadly and secretive Pluto brings death to the chart's partners (us) and hints at the hidden corporate forces that will reap massive rewards from this legislation.

The Nodes compound this story.  The South Node in the First House in Cancer opposite the North Node in the Seventh House in Capricorn suggest that power will leech from personal health and well-being to the corporate partners that the bill is actually intended to benefit.

Jupiter, ruler of most of the Sixth house of health (and the general public in mundane astrology), is visible at the Midheaven and dreamy in Pisces but peregrine with no Ptolemaic aspects:  high and dry.  That is, unless we count the irritating and combative sesquiquadrate from Mars, in the Second House of finance. 

Mercury in the Tenth House rules the Fourth House, (which in mundane astrology represents the opposition to the party in power) and much of the Twelfth House (of secrets, etc.).  This reflects the "open secret" that Obamacare was originally invented, promoted, and implemented by Republicans in blatant violation of conservative ideals. 

My own political-analysis methods help complete the picture.  Pallas carries corruption via a semisquare with Pluto.  Pallas' co-ruler Mars is sesquiquadrate Jupiter, an ethics-blocking effect.  That Mars is also trine the Sun may mitigate the damage, but this is still a solidly authoritarian chart.  A Left-wing affiliation shows up as the Moon (ruler of the Second House and arbiter of culture) widely conjunct the South Node and widely trine Neptune.  Pluto, again, opposes the Moon and widely quincunxes Mars, ruler of Venus.  Pluto with both the Moon and Venus is a feature which very often appears in feminist charts (more on this in the future).  The original bill, before later amendments, was friendly to abortion. 

Apocalypse Delayed

This is the same chart including transits and progressions for July 2, 2013, when the White House announced a one-year "stay of execution" regarding the law's employer mandates.  Transiting Uranus is conjunct Mercury:  a sudden surprise announcement.  Transiting Jupiter is crossing the the Ascendant, breathing new life to the monster.  Transiting retrograde Saturn trines the Ascendant and Moon:  a pullback which will help keep the law from imploding too quickly.  Transiting retrograde Chiron is conjunct the natal Tenth House Jupiter:  repairs or adjustments regarding publicity.  Pallas, ever important for anything involving ethical or strategic considerations, receives a square from the progressed Moon, a trine from transiting Mercury, and a quincunx from transiting Mars.  Mercury with Pallas is a libertarian factor, in this case a temporary loosening of the force of the bill. 

In this day and age of massive and unsustainable government expansion, any good news like this, however temporary, is welcome. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Trayvon Martin Case

Young persons die every day by accident, disease, or murder.  Both the current US President and the last have personally sent thousands of young persons to their senseless deaths overseas, without so much as a peep from the voices trumpeting the importance of the Martin case today.  Every young death is a tragedy, of course, but there seems nothing inherent in the Trayvon Martin killing to merit national attention.

What makes the case notable is not the unfortunate event itself, but the media-fueled social firestorm it has raised in the American psyche.  As soon as the media began its campaign to publicize and sensationalize the killing, the politically passionate of America immediately took sides and drew battle lines.  Liberals, which include most astrologers, automatically assumed a racially-motivated murder.  Conservatives and libertarians, for the most part, saw a tragically avoidable death.  I lean toward the latter verdict, but I recognize that I am not qualified to pass judgment on this case.  So, unlike millions of Americans who have already weighed-in on the case based on a slippery and ever-changing narrative from the press, I leave it to the jury to decide.  If we already knew the whole truth, we wouldn't need a trial now, would we?

The astrology of the incident and the men involved, however rich in symbolism, is insufficient to judge the case.  George Zimmerman could have the chart of a near-saint, but even near-saints can make severe errors in judgment and experience moments of destabilizing emotion.  He could conversely have the chart of a potential mass-murderer, and yet still be involved in a legitimate case of self-defense.  For the record, the charts of both men are a mixed bag when it comes to Pallas, planetary ruler of ethics.  And yes, transiting Pluto was conjunct Zimmerman's Pallas last year, possibly altering his ethics and judgment for the worse.  This is a transit during which persons do commit murders (I've researched this)... but the vast majority of persons experiencing the transit don't go around killing people.  The astrology, suspicious as it is, is not enough. 

I hold that the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman is a matter not for any astrologer, media talking head, or political opportunist, but for the jury charged with rendering the verdict.  Either way, the man's life will probably be a nightmare until its end (which given the murderous public sentiment might be very soon).  The rest of us have a choice between giving into mass hysteria and emotion (Neptune is strong in the sky this month, in a grand trine with Saturn and Jupiter), or keeping our heads and moving on to matters of actual relevance to our own lives.  Choices have consequences. We owe it to ourselves and each other to choose wisely. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013 Speculation

In the absence of larger astrological events, using Pallas to forecast political events seems to be valid so far.  I learned from last month's events that Pallas will not always be the biggest player on the board.  Neptune's retrograde station probably corresponds to Edward Snowden's blowing the whistle on the massive NSA spying program on US citizens.  The start of a Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine in the last days of June probably corresponds to many pieces of news welcomed by the political Left, both libertarian and authoritarian in character.

This Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine has only gotten started.  We got a brief taste of it when the Sun foreshadowed the approach of Jupiter and the US Supreme Court overturned DOMA at the same time liberals in the Texas legislature defeated an anti-abortion bill, among many lesser-reported events.  Jupiter hasn't even reached the peak of the trine, as it will on July 17.  After the 17th, the grand trine is nowhere near done:  the configuration remains within orb through the rest of the month.  At month's end, this grand trine is joined by a second grand trine to form a six-pointed "grand sextile".  The winner this month is going to be Neptune.  His politically Progressive children are probably going to feel at home... but given Neptune's penchant for regularly drowning his followers, "at home" may not always mean "happy".  Neptune, after all, rules delusion and disillusionment as well as hopes and dreams. 

On July 18, Uranus makes a retrograde station.  It's not a stretch to guess that something will bring our attention to sociopolitical matters and the balance between individual volition and collective movement. 

Pallas herself makes no direct major aspects to planets that either help or hinder her.  She is ruled by Mercury until the 21st and by the Moon thereafter.  Mercury is trine with the North Node most of the month, peaking after the 15th.  Around this peak, however, Mercury is going to be contraparallel Pluto -- the same mixed messages of liberation and authority we got in the last week of June. Around the 21st looks like a little bit of a "hotspot" with both Pluto and the North Node affecting the ruler of Pallas. 

My guess is for not much earth-shattering political news this month except for (maybe) around the 18th through the 21st, with the majority of news being lefty-friendly.