Saturday, August 31, 2013

The War Machine Blinks

This is a first in recent American history -- maybe in all American history:  public opinion appears to have stayed the heavy hand of the American war machine.  The wheels were in motion both in the US government and in the lapdog corporate media for a strike on Syria this week.  But our Nobel Peace Prize-winning Fuhrer has flinched and will now seek Congressional approval before unleashing the missiles and drones of war.  Alternative media king Alex Jones is hailing this as a victory for the embattled peoples of earth against the Powers That Be, and perhaps he's right. 

I doubt these developments will keep Obama from his murderous mission for long, but it certainly is a beautiful moment.  It reminds us that our overlords are fundamentally wrong in their central conceit:  they are not all powerful, and they can be stopped (albeit probably briefly in this case).

Some of the relevant astrology behind Syria's stay of execution:

Here is the USA Sibley chart with current transits.  The two factors at play:

1.  Saturn sesquiquadrate the US Mars.  Action, restrained.  Obama is experiencing a similar transit, as his Mars squares the US Mars.  Unfortunately, this aspect has already peaked and is waning.  

2.  Pallas conjunct the US Mercury.  The planet of peace, in combination with Mercury, is probably the strongest libertarian and anti-war configuration there is.  Pallas moves relatively quickly, and she will move into a potentially deadly quindecile with Pluto very soon.  

At the least, this wondrous but fleeting configuration may buy the Syrian people some time to prepare for the arrival of "Hope and Change". 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama Versus Syria

Of course, the real rationale behind US President Barack Obama's sudden and very aggressive push towards starting a new war against Syria are not for us-the-people to know.  In the end, our "democratic" system of government always results in a dictatorial executive, wielding human and economic destruction, free from consequences for the destroyer.  Institutions that may wield limitless power without price attract the most power-hungry and irresponsible members of humanity.  Political systems based on coercion and force (in the case of democracy, the right of the majority to coerce the minority) always result in much more coercion and force than one bargained for.

Even though Obama does not share with us mere mortals the reasons why he does what he does, astrology can shed some light on our Supreme Master's murderous motivations.  We outlined the commander-in-chief's homicidal leanings in this discussion of his natal chart.  Today we look at his current astrological weather, and compare his chart to that of the soon-to-be-destroyed Syrian regime. 

First, a snapshot of Obama's current transits, progressions, and solar arc directions hints at why he might now be especially inclined towards killing.  This chart is largely arbitrary:  the purpose is to get the positions of the slower-moving bodies. 

Some of the factors in play:

Transiting Pluto semisquare natal Pallas:  makes killers more likely to kill.

Transiting North Node conjunct Solar Arc Mars in Scorpio:  amped-up aggression.  By the way, Obama's solar arc Mars is exactly conjunct Syria's progressed Mars and solar arc Pluto.

Transiting Uranus trine natal Sun:  amped-up impulsiveness.

Transiting Pallas conjunct solar arc Moon:  a fighter's aspect.

Transiting Mars conjoining natal Mercury:  violence is on his mind.

Here are some factors which might slow Obama's race to war:

Transiting Saturn conjoining Obama's 9th House Neptune:   The President's legendary ability to fool the public, impeded.

Transiting Neptune square Obama's Moon:  Obama's "family", the nation, alienated. 

Transiting Saturn semisquare Obama's Mars:  Action, impeded. 

So we know now that Barack Obama's in a very serious killing mood, albeit one impeded by an increasingly skeptical public.  But why Syria?  Here is the chart for the Syrian regime, with Obama's planets in the outer wheel: 

Obama's Uranus on Syria's MC:  Obama brings "Change".  Regime change.

Obama's Uranus square Syria's Sun and Jupiter:  Jupiter rules Syria's 2nd house, and the Sun rules Syria's MC.  So not only does Obama disrupt the Syrian government, but its economy as well.

Obama's Pluto square Syria's Mercury and Neptune:   Mercury rules Syria's 8th and 11th houses of death and society.  Neptune rules Syria's 5th house of self-image and self-expression.  Obama brings death, then, to the Syrian public and its self-expression.

Obama's Neptune conjunct Syria's Venus:  Liquefying Syria's wealth and resources.

Obama's Mars quindecile Syria's Chiron:  Bringing the hurt. 

Syria's Pluto opposite Obama's Pallas:  Syria just brings out the killer in Obama.  Not that it takes much. 

If all this weren't already enough, let's see Obama's chart relocated to Damascus, Syria:

Yes, that's right -- Pluto and Mars rising, with the Ascendant at their midpoint.  Make no mistake, peoples of Syria:  Barack Obama is not your friend. 

Syria is the Middle East's last secular regime.  If recent history is any indication, Syria too will soon be overrun by violent Islamic radicals if the US destroys its secular state.  This will exacerbate the disaster that is Middle East politics and provide yet more rationale for Western intervention into the region.  It may even start World War Three outright by pulling Syria's ally Russia into the fray.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria, Then and Now

Barack Obama and the nasty forces allied with him want to attack Syria.  Badly.  The US military complex under his command, cheered on by its lapdog mainstream media, has leapt into mobilization, only days after a very sketchy nerve gas attack that practically screams "false flag".  Never mind that the Assad regime would have known that any whiff of chemical warfare would have brought down the full destructive might of America on its head:  only the rebels stood to gain from the incident.  Nevertheless, the flimsy justification is enough for Obama to begin yet again what seems to his favorite activity:  harming and killing. 

This is a chart for the Assad regime based on data from Nicholas Campion's classic Book of World Horoscopes.  The chart is for the 1970 coup which put Hafez al-Assad (father of Syria's current president) in power and hence serves as a natal chart for the regime itself.  It does fulfill the Bloodbath Formula for mass-murderers and mass-murder events, but is nowhere near as dark as the chart for Barack Obama, who is hell-bent on ending the regime. The 1970 coup was, interestingly, bloodless.  Obama's impending military assault will be anything but. 

Fulfilling the Bloodbath Formula:
1.  Pluto quincunx Pallas, co-ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto
2.  Neptune indirectly/widely conjunct Venus, which is ruled by Mars (semisquare Neptune) and Pluto (sextile Neptune).
3.  Pluto semiquare Venus. 
4.  Pluto septile Sun. 

Pallas on this chart indicates authoritarian beginnings (Pluto quincunx Pallas, co-ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto), with a strong tendency to become more libertarian over time (North Node conjunct Pallas).

Neptune indirectly/widely conjunct Venus, which is ruled by Mars (semisquare Neptune) and Pluto (sextile Neptune):  economically Left-wing.

South Node on IC:  culturally Right-wing.  This with the Left-wing economics and the authoritarian tendencies explains the essentially Fascist nature of the regime.  The whole picture is that of a Fascist or Right-wing authoritarian regime which loosens over time. 

This is a chart including transits, progressions, and solar arc directions for Syria, generated at an arbitrary time this week.  It gives us a picture of the long-term patterns in play at the moment. 

North Node conjunct progressed Mars and solar arc Plutoamping-up of violent energies.

Transiting Uranus in Aries opposite natal Uranus, exactunexpected violent disruption.

Transiting Pluto conjunct progressed Mercury, ruler of 8 and 11activation of the house of death and the house of society with the energy of death.

Progressed South Node (probably) on the Midheavenloss of power and position.

Solar arc Chiron conjunct natal descendant and Saturndifficulties in relations with others resulting in wounding.

Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Chironexacerbation of difficulties requiring healing.  

Progressed Venus conjunct natal Sunthis whole episode may have something to do with money. Perhaps, say, the Syria-Iran-Iraq pipeline agreement or the newly discovered Leviathan oil field. 

Obviously, we libertarians and peaceniks condemn the childish and destructive course of action that the Obama administration is taking.  We hope and pray that the loss of life will be minimal, but harbor no illusions that it will be. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Public Notice Research and Education Fund has recently made news with a new venture called Spendopedia.  It's intended to be exactly what it sounds like:  a permanent, ever-growing, searchable, free online encyclopedia of questionable US government expenditures.  Modern government is a Neptunian phenomenon:  it relies on secrecy, propaganda, and deception in order to maintain and expand itself.  For the state-parasite to survive, it must fool its host into believing that it is wise and efficient.  Spendopedia promises to expose the lie and become another great assault on the dangerous idiocy of statism by the internet.  If successful, it may join the ranks of Wikileaks, Bitcoin, alternative news media such as Infowars and the Drudge Report, and the recent internet-fueled presidential campaigns by Ron Paul.

I generated this chart from the first event in the Spendopedia edit history:  there's no easily available data for the official launch.   A quick survey of some of the features of the chart show it to be appropriate for the enterprise:

Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo in the 11th:  an attention-grabbing smartass talking social issues. 
Jupiter (Cancer) - Uranus (Aries) - Pluto (Capricorn) T-square:  The populace (Jupiter in Cancer) battling the powers that be (Pluto in Capricorn) through technology (Uranus).  

Mercury (11) - Uranus (7) - Moon (3) grand trine:  mass public communication.  
Jupiter conjunct Pallas in the 10th:  proficiency in mass-communications. 
Nodes square Mercury:   a lot of emphasis on communication.   
Uranus square and contraparallel Pallas:  effective use of humor. 

Venus in Virgo rising:  a focus on the practicalities of money.  
Venus semisquare Mercury:  Venus/Mercury connections are common in the charts of economists.  
North Node in the 2nd:   fiscal conservatism. 
Saturn in the 2nd:  struggle/work regarding resources and money.
Chiron in the 6th:  repair/healing of damaged processes.  

Pallas opposite Pluto but trine North Node:  typical in "whistleblower" types. 

We could go on, but the picture seems clear.  Here's hoping Spendopedia has a long and fruitful future. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013


It is a common idea in some circles that if women ran the world, there would be no war.  This is an old ideaStudies and history have shown it to be utterly false -- we in our Neptunian Age of Pisces do love our myths.  Today's study is of the charts of the "three witches" who drove the US invasion of Libya in 2011.  As we would expect, the charts show authoritarian and even violent tendencies.  This study is apropos, given the propaganda drumbeat today for a new war against Syria. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a most bloodthirsty lady and probably the next US President, has a single libertarian chart feature:  Pallas trine Sun.  This is easily overwhelmed by all the authoritarian aspects:  Pallas is square Jupiter, quindecile Pluto, and co-ruled by Uranus which is parallel Pluto.  Putting her very solidly on the economic Left is the South Node conjunct both Venus and the Second House ruler Jupiter.  Putting her on the cultural Left is the South Node trine the Moon in Pisces. Completing the Bloodbath Formula for mass-murder charts is Pluto ruling and tightly mundane-square the Sun, quincunx Moon via conjunction with Saturn, and ruling and square Venus.  

UN ambassador Susan Rice, like Clinton, has a single libertarian chart feature (in this case Jupiter, ruler of Pallas, opposite Sun).  This same Jupiter is also trine Pluto, however, and Pallas herself is tightly conjunct the life-draining South Node.  This is consistent with a personality with a desire to wage war.  Interestingly, she as a North Node trine to Venus which suggests she might be comfortable in a Republican administration.  Depending on time of birth, she probably has the culturally-liberal South Node trine Moon. 

Samantha Power, war cheerleader and probable future UN ambassador, has a chart that is less authoritarian-looking than her sisters of the sword.  Her Sun is quincunx Pallas and trine Saturn, co-ruler of Pallas;  Pallas herself is conjunct the North Node.  Counterbalancing all of this is Pluto conjunct her Sun and sextile Neptune, co-ruler of the North Node.  Her Venus is co-ruled by Pluto, which in sextile to Neptune suggests a Leftward economic lean.  While her Pallas is not as compromised as those of her fellow queens of death, Power has Pluto in aspect to both Sun and Venus.  As per the Bloodbath Formula, these aspects seem to make one more likely to get one's hands dirty.

Interestingly, all three women have Mars in various states of conjunction with Pluto. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Syria Nerve Gas Attack

A nerve gas attack has reportedly killed up to 1300 outside of Damascus.  Initial reports are blaming the Syrian government:  libertarian types are skeptical because political elites have been looking to provoke increased US involvement in Syria.  It has not been above them to hype up and/or orchestrate events to promote new wars, and Barack Obama has generally been open to starting them.  Regardless of who the perpetrator turns out to be, we have a Bloodbath Formula in the sky for the event.

debilitated Pallas, rising

The factors on this chart fulfilling the formula:  
1.  Pluto opposite Pallas, waning but still in effect.
2.  Neptune quincunx Venus.
3.  Pluto square Venus.
4.  Pluto square Uranus, sextile Saturn, and opposite Jupiter:  possible rulers of the Moon.
5.  Pluto sesquiquadrate Mercury, which is conjunct Sun.

Pallas rules the libertarian non-aggression principle.  When Pallas or her sign ruler are blocked by a hard aspect with Jupiter, modified by any aspect with Pluto, and/or weakened by the South Node, tyranny and violence often follow.

Previous bloodbath examples:  0 1 2 3

Monday, August 19, 2013

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald had already proven his civil-libertarian credentials long before becoming the journalist to carry Edward Snowden's revelations of NSA spying against the American public.  While self-identifying with the political Left, he has waged a courageous and consistent defense of liberty and peace, and shown willingness to criticize authoritarianism on either side of the political fence.  This has earned him the respect of persons of conscience across the political spectrum... and the enmity of the Obama administration.

This astrological chart is something of an anomaly among libertarian-leaning charts -- perhaps a time of birth might help clear things up -- but fits the "left-libertarian" profile by a hair.  There is a fair number of authoritarian aspects here:  Jupiter square Pallas, and Mars (ruler of Pallas) conjunct the South Node and semisquare Pluto.  On the libertarian side, Pallas is novile with the Sun and widely conjunct the North Node.  I believe it's the wide North Node conjunction that does it:  Pallas tolerates wide orbs, and in many cases a North Node conjunction can overwhelm strong authoritarian factors.

Greenwald's Leftward lean is a little easier to explain.  Mars, ruler of Venus, is conjunct the South Node (economic Leftism); the Moon is ruled by Saturn which is trine Neptune, and very probably the Moon is sextile Neptune (cultural liberalism). 

Other factors of interest:  Sun conjunct Mercury, opposite Pluto and sesquiquadrate Mars:  fighting immense power using communication.  "Fighting" is underscored by a very probable Moon-Pallas square.  A more traditional astrologer might point out Mars conjunct the South Node, indirectly semisquare Uranus, as a gay-male indicator.  The late Jack Fertig pointed out that these sorts of indicators are less reliable now with public acceptance of homosexuality (taking sexual preference out of the "weird" universe of Uranus).  The Moon is traditionally strong in charts of writers:  regardless of birth time, the Moon will be opposite Jupiter in Cancer (ruled by the Moon).  We arguably have a grand cardinal cross between Pallas in Aries, Moon in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer:  lifelong battle regarding power, ethics, the public, and the press.

Looks like powers-that-be may have picked the wrong guy to piss off

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Violence in Egypt

Violence rears its head in Egypt this week as part of the fallout from the US-financed military coup from last month.  When we superimpose the (approximate) chart of the coup with this week's planetary positions, we see some apt symbolism.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer is tightly opposite both the Pluto position of the coup and the current Pluto position:  people/nation against power.  Transiting Mars is conjunct the Mercury position of the coup:  violence regarding communication (protest and government crackdown against protest).

Many have died in the carnage.  As we might expect, the Bloodbath Formula is in effect today, albeit weakly (the violence is restricted to Egypt):
1.  Pallas is (still) opposite Pluto. 
2.  Neptune opposite the midpoint of Venus and her ruler Mercury.
3.  Pluto quincunx Mercury, ruler of Venus.
4.  Pluto opposite Jupiter and quindecile Mars (possible rulers of the Moon)
5.  Pluto biquintile Sun. 

As libertarians, we support peaceful resolution of the conflict, and condemn the continuation of the US intervention that has cost so many lives in Egypt in recent weeks.

Previous bloodbath examples:  0 1 2 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neill Blomkamp / Matt Damon

In the last post, we discussed the new Leftist/Neptunian propaganda film "Elysium", created by sci-fi wunderkind Neill Blomkamp and starring Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon.  Today we look at the astrological charts for both men to see what astrology tells us about their political views. 

Given the content of "Elysium" (and also his previous film "District 9"), we would expect Blomkamp's natal chart to possess three separate indicators which together would indicate an authoritarian Leftist personality.  Those factors are Pallas (or her ruler) compromised by Pluto, Jupiter, or the South Node;  Venus and/or the Second House involved with Neptune and/or the South Node; and Moon and/or the Fourth House involved with Neptune and/or the South Node.  Here goes:

1.  Pallas is trine Pluto, which is parallel with the North Node.  Authoritarian tendencies/potential.  This may be slightly mitigated by Sun and Mercury loosely conjunct Venus, which is sesquiquadrate Pallas.

2.  Venus forms no slam-dunk connections with Neptune or the Nodes (though Neptune close to the Venus/South-Node midpoint is interesting).  Without a time of birth we can't determine what Neptune or the Nodes are doing with the Second House and its ruler.  If we had a birth time, we might see such a connection.  For several hundred examples of such correlations, see here.

3.  Moon,  depending on time of birth, is going to be either trine Neptune, quincunx the South Node, or both.  The Moon's ruler (the Sun) is square Neptune and quindecile the South Node either way.  "Elysium" tells us we're absolutely looking at a cultural liberal, and the chart agrees. 

Matt Damon has spent much of his career portraying troubled supermen (the disadvantaged genius of "Good Will Hunting", the mentally damaged super-soldier of the Jason Bourne movies, and now the mortally wounded and technologically augmented master thief in "Elysium").  Perhaps his Neptune-Saturn opposition along the MC-IC axis helps represent this.  Damon openly identifies with the political Left, but bravely and conscientiously speaks out against activities such as NSA spying and civilian drone-bombing, even when Democrats are committing these crimes.  Astrologically, we would expect similar patterns to Blomkamp above, but with a decidedly stronger Palladian/libertarian bent.  And so:

1.  Pallas.  Pluto is quincunx Pallas and trine/parallel her co-ruler Saturn... but as with many born in 1970 (like "Dark Knight" trilogy director Christopher Nolan), he has Pallas conjunct the North Node.  With regard to Pallas, the North Node can seriously strengthen a native's ethical consciousness, especially over time.

2.  Venus conjunct Neptune and opposite Saturn.  Leftist economic leanings, probably partially offset by the Pallas placement. 

3.  Moon, ruled by Saturn which is opposite Neptune.  Cultural liberalism.

No surprises here:  Damon is a modern progressive like director Blomkamp, but has a strong enough Pallas to put him in the more ethically consistent "principled progressive" camp that very often aligns with libertarians. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Neill Blomkamp's new film "Elysium" is as good as we would expect from the creator of his similar first effort "District 9".  This is saying something.  The film is exciting, visually intriguing, well-paced, and boasts a stellar cast.

"Elysium" is also a ridiculously over-the-top Left-wing propaganda machine.  Probably not since Justin Timberlake played a future Robin Hood in "In Time" has there been an action film quite so saturated with Neptunian political ideology.  Blomkamp openly espouses Left-wing views on economics, healthcare, and immigration as gospel truth.  This makes "Elysium" an excellent case study of the Leftist (Neptunian) view of the world. 

Marxism is the film's unspoken religion:  the Venus-Neptune dynamic is in full display.  Wealth (Venus) is something that only exists in another world (a Neptune effect), the satellite Elysium where "the rich" live a life of leisure alongside the ruling government.  The flip side of Venus-Neptune is also everywhere in that theft is presented as the primary means of attaining wealth.  The film implies that wealth is stolen from the poor by the rich, by depicting the working class as slaves and by asserting their moral right to "take back" the magical healthcare machines that only exist on Elysium.  The heroes of the film are also all thieves, from Matt Damon's retired car thief to the high-tech robbery ring he teams up with to overthrow the system:  that these heroes would have to have been stealing from their fellow earthbound proletarians never comes up.  Nowhere in this universe does one "get ahead" by honestly creating goods and services others want and voluntarily exchanging them for goods and services one values more.  

As we would expect from a Neptunian worldview, the world in "Elysium" is actually impossible.  Earth here is a giant overpopulated slum with no greenery in sight, like a global Rio de Janeiro.  Impossible:  large populations require a large agricultural apparatus to survive.  There would either have to be giant non-urban regions for farming, or the cities themselves would have to be giant greenhouses.  If the resources on Earth were sufficient to sustain the population, then the word "overpopulation" should actually read "uncomfortably crowded but not fatally so".  If not, the excess human population would quickly starve until the number of humans no longer stressed the food supply. 

In the real world, only agrarian, pre-industrial societies have burgeoning populations.  All post-industrial societies on today's planet are actually declining in population.  According to current trends, world population should grow for only few more decades, and then shrink thereafter.  Perhaps the world of "Elysium" actually has a giant government welfare system that rewards having babies:  with modern automation many of the traditional economic incentives for having children (more hands on the farm) are already moot. 

Second, keeping the magical healthcare machines for exclusive use on Elysium would be idiocy for any ruling class intelligent enough to retain their power.  As soon as the rabble became aware of the machines, the logical thing to do would be to make a number of machines available on Earth, for a price.  This would reduce the danger of incursions from Earth to Elysium by "the poor", and cause the rabble to fight/compete amongst themselves for access rather than attacking the elite.

Third: Matt Damon's boss forcing him into a high-radiation area of the robot factory to fix a malfunction, thus causing Damon the fatal illness which drives him to seek Elysium.  This is an emotionally affecting moment.  It is also pure idiocy:  we are in a robot factory.  An effective capitalist boss would have seen a choice between sending Damon and losing an economically effective worker, or sending a robot and losing nothing.  These kinds of decisions are more common in Communist systems where there is no profit motive and therefore no incentive to preserve resources (human or otherwise), than in capitalism.

Fourth: the high-tech thieves that Damon allies himself with aren't "poor" by any reasonable definition.  They have high-end computer systems rivaling those of Elysium, a seemingly endless supply of weapons, a state-of-the-art exoskeleton for Damon to wear, and enough space shuttles that they feel comfortable sending them to Elysium knowing full well that they will be destroyed.  This rather undermines the "rich Elysium elites versus poor Earth people" dichotomy.  The proletarian trappings these folks display is not so much economic limitation as it is fashion statement. 

Finally: Elysium itself does not make economic or logistical sense.  It could not possibly be self-sustaining if its inner ring is just a giant country club dotted with mansions and pools, as it is in the film.  This would require that food, manufactured goods (including those wonderful healthcare machines), and possibly even air and water all be regularly shipped from Earth into space.  Everything that makes it paradise could more cheaply, easily, and safely be replicated on Earth in a segregated community -- such as the Earth already has.  The entire premise of the film falls apart under scrutiny because the Earth-dwellers would have access to everything they need to create paradise without going into space.  In a plausible universe, the earthbound would either be choosing not to improve their own lot, or a Communist-style control system would be forcibly preventing it. The latter scenario is one we actually do see in real life -- in this case the problem is not rich people living away from the herd but Communist-style control.   

"Elysium" slaps the viewer in the face with the US/Mexico immigration issue by making most of the protagonists Spanish-speaking Latino and all of the villains white or Asian, and by making conspicuous use of terms like "undocumented", "citizen", and "legal" when referring to people.  Libertarians generally favor open immigration, as do I, but we see the abolition of the welfare state as a precondition for making open immigration economically viable.  Alex Jones frequently points out that Mexico actually possesses far greater natural resources than does the US.  Like the people of Earth in "Elysium", the people of Mexico might better serve themselves in the long term by emulating the systems that made America relatively more attractive than by bringing their problems with them across the border.  Immigration and racial issues often show up in astrology through the Moon and/or the Fourth House, in combination with Neptune and the Nodes. 

The dystopia of "Elysium", presented as an argument for Leftist/Neptunian policy, could only have been created by a Leftist/Neptunian thought process.  The film's proposed solution, the forcible appropriation of wealth from the "haves" to the "have nots", is actually the rationale under which real-life tyrannies of this sort rise to power.  This is typical of Neptunian thinking: misdiagnosing social problems or even inventing problems that don't exist, and "solving" them with solutions that actually create and perpetuate the problems.  Coming up:  the unsurprising astrological charts for writer/director Neill Blomkamp and star Matt Damon. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bloodbath of the Day

This morning brings several multiple-murders to the Drudge Report.  One: a US drone strike in Yemen.  Two: a multiple shooting in Pennsylvania.  Three: two children suffocated, presumably by an escaped python, in Canada.  Four:  a wave of car bombings in Iraq.  Five:  a car bombing in Syria. 

Jupiter forming an exact conjunction with Pallas, while both are opposite Pluto, is probably the trigger.  The other factors completing the bloodbath formula are much weaker and mostly on the wane.  The four factors on this chart:

1.  Pluto opposite Pallas, near-exact.
2.  South Node trine Venus, and Venus approaching a quindecile with Neptune. 
3.  Pluto widely trine Venus. 
4.  Pluto widely quincunx the Moon and/or quincunx her her ruler the Sun.
5.  Pluto widely quincunx the Sun. 

Pallas rules the libertarian non-aggression principle.  When Pallas or her sign ruler are blocked by a hard aspect with Jupiter, modified by any aspect with Pluto, and/or weakened by the South Node, tyranny and violence often follow. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Anthony Weiner

A couple of weeks back, as Anthony Weiner rose to the front page of the Drudge Report on a daily basis, I considered his story too soft to bother writing about.  I now find him to be a potent, if unwitting, monument to the merits of anarchy.  Weiner's story is a pointed example of the ridiculousness and utter phallaciousness of electoral politics and the dangerously irrational personalities that thrust themselves into it.  It reminds us that rule by majority, rather than organization by consent, arouses the wurst in humanity.  The nimrods who would rule us are almost always more interested, not in servicing "we the people", but in giving us the shaft. 

the missile that almost hit NYC

Libertarians know authoritarian and criminal/amoral tendencies to be one and the same.  Almost completely without fail, charts of these ethically-compromised personalities will indicate a compromised Pallas placement.  The Weiner chart does not disappoint in this regard:  it exhibits a nasty Jupiter-Pallas opposition (see this for examples, with dozens more here) and Pluto quincunx Pallas on top of that.  The latter may be mitigated by the Sun with Pluto -- slightly.  The Jupiter opposition is almost a guarantee of bad behavior when it shows up on the chart of a politician.

We might see more signs if we had a time of birth, but the South Node quincunx Venus is enough to put the Weiner chart on the economic Left.  Of course, Venus isn't just the perception of property and wealth:  she represents women.  With the South Node connection to Venus on top of the completely blocked Pallas, we get not only someone with a very weak conception of property rights, but also someone who can't recognize the boundaries of the women around him. (We'll consider Bill Clinton's Venus-Neptune conjunction in a future installment). 

Hard-authoritarianism (and/or criminality) plus Leftist economics isn't enough to give us a Democrat or an open Leftist.  We look to the Moon to complete the picture.  Were the Moon or her ruler, or the Fourth House or its ruler implicated with the North Node, we might have the chart of a neoconservative Republican.  Weiner, however, has the ruler of the Moon (the Sun) sextile Neptune regardless of time of birth.  On top of this, there is a high probability that the Moon herself is within orb for a trine with the South Node.  Not a conservative.

Not only do we have a leftist hard-authoritarian chart, but Pluto conjunct Sun (ruler of the Moon) and parallel Venus completes the bloodbath formula, present in the charts of mass-murderers both of the political and non-political variety.  The vast majority of persons with charts fulfilling the formula never kill anyone:  the vast majority of charts of mass-murderers in my studies do nevertheless carry the formula.  It is often the power of high political office that allows the evil potential of the pattern to come to expression. It is probably for the best that Weiner's charisma probably cannot overcome his penile peccadilloes in the public eye.  Were he to rise to high office, we might find his penchant for "sexting" to expand to much larger offenses.  

As for Weiner's compulsive exhibitionist tendencies, I don't think it's a stretch to point out the Sun-Uranus-Pluto conjunction, semisquare both Mars and Venus (with the ethical considerations removed by aforementioned factors against Pallas and Venus).  You may use your imagination here.  I, for one, will be trying to put it out of my mind. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ron and Rand Paul

Rand Paul's rise to prominence from freshman Senator to populist leader of the GOP is eerily reminiscent of the rapid rise of Barack Obama only a few years ago.  Paul, however, unlike Obama, has generally demonstrated a conscience and common sense lacking in virtually every other high-profile DC politician today.  This is no doubt the cause of his ascendancy in the public eye -- while his father's energized-if-small political base may have gained him the Senate seat, Rand Paul has proven, warts and all, that he is by far America's best senator from both the libertarian and the conservative perspectives.  On top of this, he appears to have some crossover appeal to the Left in the areas of foreign policy and civil rights issues.  If America's political system were not completely corrupted, Paul would almost certainly be the next US President (arguably like his father before him might have been). 

The younger Paul is different from his father Ron in a number of ways that perhaps allow him greater conservative appeal but also cause pure libertarians to raise an eyebrow or view him with suspicion.  In between his well-executed libertarian stunts, Rand will kowtow to the GOP establishment and make occasional statements which make die-hard supporters of his father flinch.  The ideological differences between father and son are mostly outweighed by the similarities but nevertheless appear on their astrological charts.

As seen before, a "perfect" libertarian chart for Ron Paul:  Pallas conjunct Sun with zero mitigating factors (hard aspects from Jupiter, aspects from Pluto or the South Node to Pallas or her ruler).  Sometimes, with such a chart a "left-libertarian" emerges, but the North Node trine to Venus eliminates that possibility.  

Rand's libertarian factors are likewise strong, with Pallas opposite the Sun and quincunx Saturn, ruler of both Sun and Mercury.  However, this is tempered by Pluto sextile to Pallas and the South Node quindecile to Pallas.  Nailing his conservative credentials is the North Node trine to Venus that he shares with his father.  Politically speaking, this is an echo if his father's chart with a little of the "libertarian" taken out:  exactly as we would expect from his very good but not "perfect" libertarian performance in the US Senate. 

Rand Paul's chart indicates an ethical basis much stronger than that of his recent detractor, "Pork King" Chris Christie.  Naturally, this means that the political establishment will do everything in its power to see that Christie comes out ahead of Paul.