Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nigerian Student Massacre

Pallas is the astrological representative of the libertarian non-aggression principle.  The planet of peace, the Spock within all of us, Pallas is the astrological force that keeps us all from running around killing and stealing at will like politicians or characters in a modern video game

When Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s) are corrupted by Pluto, blocked by a discordant aspect with Jupiter, and/or weakened by the South Node:  logic fails, governments reach for expanded powers, and blood runs in the streets.  While most of news-reading America has been occupied by the Obamacare/budget soap opera, violent Islamists have been murdering students.

We are looking at the chart of this morning's Nigerian student massacre, scanning for a bloodbath formula led by a compromised Pallas.  Here goes:

1.  Pluto quincunx Pallas and square her ruler the Sun. 
2.  Neptune quincunx Sun (ruler of the 2nd) and quindecile Mars (co-ruler of Venus).
3.  Venus in Scorpio, ruled by and tightly septile Pluto.
4.  Moon quindecile Pluto.  
5.  Pluto square the Sun.
6.  Mercury at the IC.  Optional, but an angular Mercury is common. 

The Pallas-Pluto quincunx is the tightest aspect here, and the primary trigger for this tragedy.  It remains within orb for a few days.  If the US Congress comes to any decisions within the next few days, they likely won't make libertarians happy. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Characters in popular fiction often remain long in the public consciousness because they accurately reflect archetypes that inform our everyday experience.  The leading trio of men from the original Star Trek series show us this phenomenon clearly.  Captain Kirk is a Mars/Aries personification:  brash, aggressive, and direct (Kirk actually is an Aries with Mars conjunct Sun).  Doctor McCoy is Saturnine:  dour, practical, and efficacious.

A typical astrologer might classify Spock as Mercurial and perhaps Saturnine:  cerebral and logical to the point of shutting out other modes of operation.  Certainly this is true, but it is far from the most accurate way of characterizing the most compelling character of the Star Trek universe.  Spock, through his alien Vulcan heritage, inherits a number of striking traits which we can't quite explain through standard astrology:

  • The commitment not to intelligence in general (Mercury), but specifically logic:  the ability to accept or reject premises solely on the basis of empirical consistency with known truths. 
  • The utter lack of superfluousness and "small talk":  everything a Vulcan says is significant to the situation at hand.  This is not a Mercurial trait -- yet Saturn doesn't entirely fit because Vulcans have zero difficulty communicating when appropriate. 
  • The suppression of emotion in everyday life, yet the creation of cultural mechanisms for allowing emotion to run free at specific times.  Not quite a Saturn thing because Saturn usually expresses himself as a constant unconditional pressure rather than an intelligent on/off switch. 
  • A total commitment to non-aggression and peace...  co-existing with superior physical fighting ability and technique (the "Vulcan nerve pinch").  Nothing in the standard astrological playbook explains this. 
  • The "Vulcan mind-meld", or the ability to completely and perfectly transfer information from one mind to another.  Neptune is certainly involved in this concept, but in Star Trek it generally happens without spiritual undertones:  a bit like copying a hard drive.  The portrayal of this ability seems to take it out of the realm of Neptunian mysticism into a type of science.  
  • Complete lack of ego and self-importance.  One might be tempted to look to Neptune for this, but we've all seen extremely Neptunian individuals who are also extremely egotistical.  Artists and politicians come to mind. 
  • Willingness to sacrifice one's own life, without hesitation, when it logically serves a greater end.  As we've explored before, not quite the Neptunian trait one would think.  
  • Vulcan:  Spock's race and home planet are named after a Greek/Roman deity who was an armorer, turning raw materials into tools and weapons. 
  • The 1960's:  the era in which Spock came to be boasted a mass public awakening in the consciousness of peace and civil rights. 

The standard planets don't offer a satisfactory explanation for these traits.  Pallas easily does.  Her astrological nature reflects all of these points, from the emphasis on logic and self-discipline to the insistence on non-aggression and the deprecation of one's personal importance.  The planet "Vulcan" suggests by its name the Palladian ability to "weaponize" raw materials.  Even the psychic "Vulcan mind-meld" reflects the mythical Pallas Athena's way of leaving a lasting mark on her world: not through children but through the passing of knowledge and wisdom.  If Kirk is Mars and McCoy is Saturn, Spock is not Mercury or Saturn, but Pallas.  Coincident with the rise of Palladian (also known as "libertarian") ideology in the world of the past few decades, Spock may well be the clearest avatar of Pallas yet in the world of fiction. 

Here is a birth chart for Leonard Nimoy, the actor whose life's work has been the portrayal of Spock.  Very few remember his other endeavors, including musical albums and a stint on "Mission: Impossible".  He not only performed the Spock character but originated a few of his signature traits including the "Vulcan nerve pinch". 

As we would expect from a man who brought a completely Palladian character to life for an audience of millions, Pallas is quite strong in the chart.  Pallas is conjunct Neptune (common in artists, religious leaders, and persons capable of generating a powerful personal mystique), quincunx the Sun, and sesquiquadrate and ruled by Mercury with the North Node.  Pallas is strong when in connection with the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node; here we have all three.

The "birth" or first broadcast chart for Star Trek itself fittingly boasts Pallas rising, contraparallel Sun.

The Star Trek Planetary Confederation itself would have to be some relatively benign (and probably impossible) form of fascism.  This is also on the chart, with the prominent Pallas weakened by a yod with the South Node and Pluto (suggesting a central authoritarian government, as in the background of the show).  The North Node is in the Second House: capitalism (perhaps obviated by "replicator" tech).  Jupiter is in the 4th House, perhaps suggesting openness to other races and cultures. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz got himself elected to the national stage in part by posing as fully libertarian and courting Ron Paul's large and loyal base of supporters.  He quickly then earned their ire by moving toward mainstream Republican positions on issues.  By virtue of his occasionally taking libertarian positions against the party leadership, he has risen quickly in the public eye and is now a top GOP presidential contender.

Astrologically, Cruz is a mixed bag on two of the three levels that we examine in this blog:  ethical and economic.  This makes him hard to pin down ideologically on a number of issues:  a great asset to an ambitious politician but perhaps not so trustworthy to those who care about specific principles.

Pallas/Ethics:   Pallas is sextile the Sun, septile Mercury, and widely conjunct the North Node.  There is a genuine libertarian impulse here.  However, Jupiter (co-ruler of Pallas) is square the Nodes, adding uncertainty;  Neptune (the other co-ruler) is sextile Pluto, moving him away from the pure libertarian ethic.  Neptune, which is widely conjunct Jupiter, is square Pallas: this indirect/wide square from Jupiter to Pallas may also have some authoritarian effect. 

Venus/2nd-House/Economics:  Venus is parallel the North Node, which is in the solar 2nd House:  there is some genuine fiscal conservative impulse here.  However, Pluto which co-rules Venus is sextile Neptune; Neptune is quindecile Saturn and semisquare Uranus, co-rulers of the solar 2nd House.  While Cruz may be more conservative than many on economics, he is not totally reliable here, either.

Moon/4th-House/Culture:  The Moon, regardless of birth time, is trine and parallel the North Node: genuine cultural-conservative leanings. 

Perhaps of interest is the prominent Saturn, for a number of reasons.  Saturn co-rules Aquarius, which has long been known as a common Sun sign for conservatives:  here Saturn rules the Sun at zero degrees Capricorn.  Saturn is sesquiquadrate Pluto in Cruz's chart:  Richard Tarnas associates hard Saturn/Pluto aspects with conservatism.  Finally, Saturn is quindecile Neptune and widely opposite Neptune's ruler Jupiter:  my own studies strongly associate Neptune with the political Left, so this placement is symbolically consistent with a personality that routinely frustrates the Left.

The low-hanging fruit in the chart may be the Mercury-Uranus square.  It arguably reflects Cruz's knack for sowing discord and division through speech.  It may also reflect inconsistency in his message. 

Cruz's Right-leaning Moon and mixed Pallas signature cement his place in the Republican party, even with the mixed Left/Right economic picture.  He will probably continue to appeal to many and may go far.  Hardcore libertarians have already learned to view him with caution, applauding him when he does the right thing by them.  Astrology counsels that they continue to do so.  

Two articles on Cruz by liberal astrologers:
Can Astrology Describe Senator Ted Cruz?
Ted Cruz - Our Future Fuhrer?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Islamic Ethical Crisis

The recent massacre and siege by Islamic militants at a shopping mall in Kenya does not quite fit the Bloodbath Formula which I use here to correlate with purposeless mass murders and murderers.  The astrology does not quite line up, and the killings, while tragic and extremely misguided, are not purposeless.  To understand the astrology behind the event, we must look elsewhere. 

In an earlier post, I provided quite a few examples of planetary transits involving Pallas which signal the experience of an ethical crisis.  Because this event is largely religiously motivated, we might look for Pallas patterns in the current astrological weather for the religion in question.  Pallas represents ethics and logic in general, and the libertarian non-aggression axiom in particular.  When ethics and aggression are involved, Pallas is always somewhere in the astrological picture. 

Here is the chart for Islam (the one favored by Caroline Casey), with transits, progressions, and solar arcs for the initial day of the massacre/siege.  Looking specifically for Pallas patterns, we have:

  • Solar arc Pallas opposing with natal Pluto and progressed Mercury
  • Transiting Jupiter square natal Pallas
  • Transiting Pluto sextile progressed Pallas
  • Transiting North Node conjunct progressed Pallas
  • Progressed Pallas square the natal Nodes
  • Transiting Pallas conjunct natal North Node
  • Transiting North Node conjunct natal Pallas
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct progressed Pallas
  • Transiting Mercury conjunct solar arc Pallas

This is a mix of elements some of which strengthen Pallas and others of which weaken her.  The sheer number of elements here in any event suggest that Islam, if treated as a singular entity, is undergoing a pronounced crisis of ethics, particularly regarding the use of force and violence.  With all the Nodal activity here, one might expect a renewed commitment to non-aggression to arise in the more moderate adherents to the religion.  The US might help by quitting its habit of aiding Islamic militants and allowing the more moderate elements to reassert the control they had before the US started its intervention program.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Obamacare Under Fire

Obamacare isn't having a good week.  The software is failing.  The House of Representatives has voted to defund the law.  Rising GOP superstar senator Ted Cruz is stoking his presidential ambitions by testing the waters for a filibuster of the budget vote.  Libertarians are joining conservatives in praying for the death of the job-destroying, medicine-rationing monster which bears the name of an unrepentant mass-murderer.   

This is a chart for the signing of Obamacare (inner wheel), juxtaposed with an approximate chart for the passage of the House vote to defund it.  It gives us a few clues as to the program's current difficulties.

Transiting Neptune trine Obamacare Moon:  Yes, it's a trine, and trines are supposed to be nice.  But we're talking about Neptune, the bane of clarity and decisiveness, working his blurry magic on the ruler of the Ascendant.  This aspect has been in effect almost since the law's passage, making progress and clarity difficult if not impossible.

Transiting Uranus conjunct Obamacare Mercury in the 10th:  An unexpected energy shift from the governing powers;  also, glitches in the technology.  Pluto is squaring the Mercury on this chart in a few weeks:  bring popcorn and watch the fireworks!

Transiting Chiron conjunct Obamacare Midheaven:   One of two different transits indicating that Obamacare's weaknesses and infirmities are currently taking center stage. 

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Obamacare South Node:  Jupiter transits usually bring happy expansion and sometimes publicity to whatever they touch...  but in this case expansion and publicity are coming to Obamacare's secrets, unresolved issues, and failings.  Happy for us; not so much for Obamacare.

Transiting South Node trine Obamacare Pluto:  A loss of destructive power.  This one won't peak for months, but is already close enough to have an effect.  Will this insurance-industry shark lose some teeth?

Transisting Mars quincunx Obamacare Jupiter:  An open, naked assault on the planet ruling the Midheaven, the authority under which Obamacare operates. 

Will America kill this thing before it starts killing Americans?  The planets give us some hope. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Bloodbath

The latest American massacre-in-a-gun-free-zone happened last night in Chicago.  Gun control failed to protect 13 from being killed in a drive-by shooting in Cornell Square Park.  Indeed, gun control is what guaranteed that any law abiding citizens would be unarmed and therefore easy targets.  This doesn't generally happen in "shall issue" concealed weapons carry jurisdictions, because there the targets can shoot back.  

There are no other incidents of mass violence in the headlines, and our overlords in DC haven't passed any sweeping new controls on the American tax-slaves.  So, as it was two days ago, we're looking for a Bloodbath Formula in the sky, but a weak one.

1.  Pallas (the libertarian non-aggression principle) is square the Nodes, as she will be for the next two weeks.  Ethics, particularly involving aggression/non-aggression, are in the spotlight.  Pallas' ruler the Sun is (weakly) mundane-square Pluto, and Pluto is stationing making him quite strong. 

2.  Venus is weakly trine Neptune, softening the natural respect for property rights.  One's property includes one's body -- the body is not something one is but something one possesses.  The North Node may partially mitigate this, but for the charts of transient events (and non persistent entities) I often can ignore the Nodes for this calculation.

3.  Venus ruled by and sextile Pluto.  Destruction of property, including bodies.

4.  The Moon is square Pluto. 

5.  The Sun, widely mundane-square stationing Pluto.

It can't be said enough times.  Gun-control zones provide killers with easy targets who can't shoot back.  Gun-control advocates are not your friends.  Quite to the contrary, they enable the killers, who always manage to obtain guns. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aaron Alexis

The astrological charts of criminals share features common to the charts of persons who support authoritarian political systems.  In addition, the charts of politicians who promote the initiation of war resemble the charts of mass-murderers.  This confirms through astrology what libertarians already know:  the willingness to subject one person to the control of another is immoral.  Corollary:  warmongers are mass-murderers with the sanction of the public. 

It is no surprise that Navy Yard shooting perpetrator Aaron Alexis' chart holds the Bloodbath Formula shared by fellow mass-murderer Barack Obama, among many others.  The essential difference between these two killers is that one is dead, and the other will use this incident to empower other killers (by enacting victim-disarmament laws so that future Aaron Alexises will have more defenseless targets to kill).  Alexis' killing career is over.  Obama's has three more years.

 Fulfilling the formula on Alexis' chart:

1.  Pallas is not entirely bad on this chart:  she is sextile Mercury, quindecile the North Node, and co-ruled by Saturn which is widely conjunct the North Node.  It's not enough, apparently:  Pluto is widely sesquiquadrate Pallas and semisquare her co-ruler Saturn.  Uranus, the other Pallas co-ruler, is trine the South Node.  

2.  Neptune is trine Venus (though Venus is parallel the North Node, oddly echoing the chart of the shooting).  

3.  Pluto is opposite Venus.  

4.  Pluto is conjunct the Moon.

5.  Pluto is quincunx the Sun. 

As noted before, transiting Pluto against natal or progressed Pallas triggers a crisis of ethics in the native.  If the native is already predisposed toward violence, we often get violence.  Yesterday's shooting is no exception, with transiting Pluto forming a septile against Alexis' Pallas, echoing the Sun-Pallas septile recently formed in the sky

Pallas rules the libertarian non-aggression principle.  When Pallas or her sign ruler are blocked by a hard aspect with Jupiter, modified by any aspect with Pluto, and/or weakened by the South Node, tyranny and violence often follow.

P.S.:  Most of today's mass-shooters are on FDA-approved psychiatric drugs when they rampage.  Alexis is apparently not an exception.  If the Powers-That-Be were truly interested in ending these events, they would enact not "gun control" but "medication control". 

Monday, September 16, 2013

DC Navy Shooting Rampage

Ethics directly correlate with political ideology.  Persons weak in ethics will tend towards ideologies that support central political authorities.  The astrological indicators for ethical weakness and political authoritarianism are one and the same.  To demonstrate this, I profile charts of personalities, entities, and events that are political... and those that are not, but are ethically notable.

This morning's Drudge headline story involves a multiple shooting in Washington DC.  It occurred, as usual, in a "gun free zone":  the best place for aspiring mass-murderers to go to find unarmed targets.  There are no other stories of mass violence (other than the stack of article links on Obamacare).  So we would expect the astrological configuration for today's shooting to fulfill the Bloodbath Formula, but somewhat weakly.  Here it is: 

1.  Pallas is ruled by and septile the Sun (ethically strong).  Pallas is also square the Nodes (a mixed indicator).  The Sun, ruler of Pallas, is sesquiquadrate the South Node (ethically weak). Mixed signals. 

2.  Venus is conjunct the North Node but trine Neptune.  More mixed signals.

3.  Venus is sextile Pluto.

4.  Jupiter at the IC, square Uranus and sextile Saturn (rulers of the Moon).  

5.  The Sun is ruled by Mercury, which is square Pluto.

The formula is complete, but not particularly strong.  If the formula were strong, we might see multiple events as per this example

Also notable:  today's Mercury-Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter T-square is angular for the reported time of the event (quick, unexpected public death?).  There is a tight triangle between Mercury, Uranus, and Mars (again, quick unexpected violence) and a Mars-Moon opposition (violence against persons?).  Mercury is rising, as it is on the chart for the 9-11 attack in 2001

Pallas rules the libertarian non-aggression principle.  When Pallas or her sign ruler are blocked by a hard aspect with Jupiter, modified by any aspect with Pluto, and/or weakened by the South Node, tyranny and violence often follow. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Syria Arms Pact

John Kerry made an unscripted reply to a reporter's question not long ago about how Syria could possibly escape American doom: by surrendering her chemical weapons stockpile.  Kerry, eager for war, made plain that he didn't believe it was a real option.  He did not account for master political-chess player Vladimir Putin, who expertly seized the comment and turned it into an actual arms-surrender agreement.  Between overwhelmingly negative public opinion, and Putin's gamesmanship, US warlord Barack Obama has found himself backed into a corner.  He has been politically forced to negotiate an arms-surrender deal, which is now becoming a reality

This is about peace, or at least reduced warfare.  Therefore, Pallas is involved.

Pallas-Mercury aspects, such as the one that recently kicked off the anti-Syrian-war movement in America, are incredibly strong.  Mercury is the partner with whom Pallas can most quickly and easily do her life-saving work.  Here we see transiting Pallas in a trine with Syria's Mercury.  I don't have a precise timeline for the arms agreement, but this chart for midnight of the morning of the news announcement gives us a general idea of what's happening. 

Syria isn't out of the woods yet.  She remains under assault by US-funded foreign mercenary "rebels", who are likely to stage another chemical weapon attack to give Obama the excuse he craves to launch another war.  Obama himself may not wait for such a convenient provocation: given his history, it's clear he will take any viable route to war that doesn't get him impeached. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tidbits of Good News

Libertarian news junkies may have noticed a small surge in what they would consider to be "good news" in the last day or so:
  • Barack Obama's jihad against Syria encountering more public and political setbacks.  
  • More revelations of extreme NSA wrongdoing.  
  • Colorado gun-control Democrats recalled by voters.  
  • Chicago moving towards allowing handgun ownership by non-criminals. 
  • The new Catholic Pope saying that atheists may go to Heaven. Not directly political, but we can certainly see it as the loosening of a type of authority.  
These are events that libertarians would consider to be moves toward peace and freedom.  Also notable is the distinct lack of major violent events (even in the face of gigantic competing demonstrations in DC yesterday), and the lack of major new government initiatives. 

So what happened?  Pallas, patroness of non-aggression and liberty, has ingressed into Leo (ruled by the Sun, who is a consistent ally) and is now within orb of a septile aspect with the Sun.  In addition, she and her current ruler the Sun are now currently out of orb of the three factors that inhibit her:  Pluto, Jupiter, and the South Node.

These configurations are very short-lived:  like the rest of life's fleeting joys, perhaps we should make the most of them when they happen. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

German State Steals Children

While most of the attention of the news media is on Barack Obama's quest to destroy Syria, dark things are afoot in Germany.  Two weeks ago, the German government forcibly kidnapped four children from their home over the unforgivable crime of...  homeschooling.  Last week, the modern SS took 40 children from their homes in a small religious community, presumably over allegations of abuse.  (I guess it could have been worse -- at least the children weren't murdered by their government, as occurred in Waco, Texas over a decade ago.).  These recent attacks are not new behavior for Germany.  The German tradition of compulsory state education has a long history and has spread across the world, as we may cover later. 

This is a chart for the German government raid on the Twelve Tribes children.  The time of the assault was reportedly between 5AM and 6AM, local time, so the chart here is for 5:30AM. 

Pallas:  We might expect the planetary ruler of ethics in the horoscope to be compromised for this chart.  Indeed, she is.  While the Sun is contraparallel Pallas (no doubt assisting in current efforts against a US-Syria war), Pallas is also quindecile Pluto and ruled by the Moon which is tightly trine Pluto. 

Pluto:  Pluto sits in the 5th House of children, bringing trauma. He opposes Jupiter in Cancer in the 11th (ruling the 4th house of family), perhaps representing the destruction of family and religious community.  He trines the South Node on the 9th House cusp, lending destructive power to loss sustained by the religious community. 

Neptune:  Neptune and Chiron are setting in this chart, perhaps representing (in a different way) loss and pain related to relationship.  Neptune is trine Saturn, ruling the 5th House of children, echoing their disappearance into the nebulous netherworld of the State. 

Moon:  The Sun and Moon are conjunct and rising on the chart, very much a focus of the chart, representing home and family.  Neptune-the-thief is opposite the pair, and Pluto-the-killer is trine with them.  Little is written about how to interpret Ceres, but here she is conjunct the Sun and Moon and is sadly appropriate.  In mythology, of course, Ceres is the grieving mother of Persephone who is stolen away from her by Pluto, lord of the underworld. 

Friday, September 6, 2013


This is a chart for the first plane crash of the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center attacks.  The event has given our overlords in Washington a blank check to wage wars, oppress Americans, and spend billions of dollars on "homeland security" measures of varying levels of dubiousness.  9-11 has been, for over a decade, the American State's best friend.

Plenty of well-known astrologers have already written about the planetary configuration for this historic date.  As a result of all the discussion, the Sibley chart for the USA is now the de facto standard chart that astrologers turn to when looking for "America's chart".  I'd simply like to point out that the 9-11 event matches the Bloodbath Formula which I write about on this site.  When the formula appears in the sky, mass-murders are likely to occur.  Mass-murdering individuals (including the current US President) tend to have the formula in their natal charts.

The qualifying factors for the 9-11 chart:
1.  Pallas conjunct and contraparallel Pluto.  Weakening Pallas' objection to violence.
2.  Venus sesquiquadrate the South Node and ruled by the Sun which is sesquiquadrate Neptune.  The liquefaction of the perception of value, including that of human bodies.
3.  Pluto trine Venus.  The destruction of value.
4.  Pluto quindecile Moon and sextile Moon's ruler Mercury.
5.  Pluto square Sun, which is ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto.  The infusion of the moment with destructive force. 

At this moment, we are just past the Jupiter return for 9-11, which just happens to coincide with a Pallas-Pluto opposition.  Many of the same themes have resurfaced:  race/culture (Jupiter in Cancer), violence, and aggressive government. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

John Kerry

not quite the peacenik he claimed to be

In 2004, presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry was the anti-war Left's great hope for peace.  Today, as US Secretary of State, he is one of the loudest voices for launching an aggressive war against Syria.  Astrology has a few things to show us about his political bent and his malleable sense of ethics.

Kerry's economic indicators are mixed but lean Leftward.  The South Node is in the Second House of finance.  Venus in Scorpio has two rulers:  Pluto, which is conjunct the North Node (moving him a bit to the Right) and Mars which is trine the South Node (pulling him back to the Left).   

Persons both Left and Right can have Left-wing economic indicators.  The tie-breaker is the cultural affiliation.  Here, we have an elevated Neptune (as does Barack Obama), tightly square Mercury, ruler of the Moon:  a cultural liberal.  The IC is trine the North Node, which by itself might make him more conservative, but when a cultural-liberal indicator is present, the effect of the North Node for this purpose is usually overwhelmed. 

Kerry's Pallas configuration, indicating ethics and placement on the libertarian-to-authoritarian scale, is complex.  The tight Pallas-Mercury square is a strong libertarian factor and accounts for Kerry's youthful anti-war activism.  From there, it gets murky.  The North Node trine Pallas is normally a strong libertarian factor, but here the North Node is tightly conjunct Pluto, a strong authoritarian factor.  Pluto is also sextile Mars, ruler of Pallas.  As Kerry grew older and his North Node expressed itself, his Pluto overwhelmed his Pallas and the peacenik became a supporter of war.  It's likely that even if he were elected President in 2004, he would have betrayed his anti-war base and sustained the wars he promised to end. This is exactly the outcome we have with Barack Obama, who has obliterated any claim the Democrats have to caring about peace. 

A decade ago, during the early stages of Iraq War II, a photo made the rounds of the internet showing Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.  It highlighted the hypocrisy of the Bush regime regarding its Iraq policy.  There is a more recent John Kerry version from 2009: John Kerry chumming with Bashar Assad.  Assad, unlike his father, is actually relatively benign as far as heads of state go -- this makes Kerry's duplicity somewhat more sinister.

John Kerry has recently spoken of "moral obscenity" on the part of the Assad regime.  It would seem that the "moral obscenity" is actually Kerry's.