Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is, by her own choice, a very polarizing figure.  To the dying breed of true fiscal conservatives, she is a goddess.  To the left-wing faithful, she is evil incarnate.  To the libertarian, her voice is both heroic and problematic.

Rand was deeply paradoxical in ways that undermined her obvious brilliance.  She championed absolute reason but brooked no debate of her ideas from her acolytes.  She was her century's most ardent and articulate champion of capitalism, yet was also a supporter of the national military (an institution entirely Communist in structure).  She formed an entire philosophy centered on individual expression and aggrandizement, yet would not tolerate that anyone would outshine herself.  Escaping from Soviet Russia in her youth, she dedicated her life to combating the totalitarian system she left, only to create around herself another society in which she ruled as the sole, unquestioned authority.

As usual, astrology gives us some insight into this most fascinating and important personality.

There can be only one.

The disposition of Venus and the Second House and their rulers in political astrology tell us about the placement of the native on the scale of economic ideology, from free-market capitalism to complete communal ownership.  Neptune and the South Node on these factors move the chart to the economic Left.  When the North Node is involved, there is a pull towards capitalism.  This is true even in hard-authoritarian charts (William Kristol and Deng Xiaoping, both authoritarians, could not help but push free-market reforms).  Some element of Rand's psyche may have been drawn towards non-capitalist perception of value:  she had Neptune widely square Venus.  This is strongly overridden, however, by the North Node in the Second House, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, co-ruler of Venus.  Venus, at the anoretic degree of Pisces, is at the top of the chart, higher than everything else.  Rand was nothing if not a capitalist-- religiously so. 

Rand was not an astrologer, but we can be sure by reading Atlas Shrugged and her other writings that she deeply hated Neptune.  She despised mysticism in all forms, hated the Left with a passion, railed against any compromise of the egoic personality, and dedicated her life to a battle against all vagueness of expression.  Anti-mystics (usually militant atheists) often have both the South Node and Saturn in relationship to Neptune:  Rand has Saturn sesquiquadrate Neptune and the South Node trine Neptune.  In addition, Uranus the other co-ruler of Rand's Aquarius Sun, is opposite Neptune.  That her entire writing career could be seen as an obsessive war against the planetary lord of the deep might appear as Rand's Mercury quindecile with Neptune.

Pallas is a crucial factor in the politics of any astrological chart.  In Rand's chart, the astrological goddess of libertarianism and ethics is central.  Rand's Pallas is tightly conjunct Mercury, which is the single most powerful libertarian factor that can appear on a chart.  This aspect immediately explains Rand's libertarian-esque leanings, her creation of a system of ethics, and her debating skill.  Almost equally strong, however, are Jupiter square Pallas, Pluto quincunx Pallas, and Pluto trine Saturn (ruler of Pallas).  Without Mercury in the mix, Rand's becomes an extreme hard-authoritarian chart.  The entire, self-conflicted gestalt explains why Rand was simultaneously a great champion of libertarianism and its sworn enemy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brooklyn Stabbing Rampage

A man stabbed a Brooklyn mother and her four children to death in a rampage last night.  It should go without saying that if the victim family had access to a firearm, they may have been able to stop the killer before he completed his bloody business.  When the astrological Bloodbath Formula appears in the sky above a gun-controlled city, innocents often die.

actual time unknown - reported as "late"

Fulfilling the formula:

1.  Pallas sesquiduadrate Pluto.  Pallas represents the libertarian non-aggression axiom.  When Pallas (or ruler) is weakened by any aspect with Pluto or any discordant aspect with Jupiter, normal ethical constraint against violence is compromised.

2.  Venus quintile Neptune.  Neptune weakens or dissolves the normal Venusian respect for property rights, including the right to control one's own body.

3.  Pluto opposite Jupiter, ruler of Venus.  Venus here represents the owned resource that is one's own body, here colored by the planet of death.

4.  Mars on IC square Pluto; IC probably ruled by Mercury which is septile Pluto.  

5.  Sun co-ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars which is trine Pluto.  The day, represented by the Sun, becomes a carrier for violent energies.

These factors will be present in some form for a few days.  The Venus-Neptune connection will weaken but the Mars-Sun-Pluto connection will strengthen.  We hope for the best, but there may be more bad news coming. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Janet Yellen

Austrian economic gadfly Peter Schiff once pointed out that of all the names in contention for the position of Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen was clearly the worst.  This, in his opinion, made it inevitable that Barack Obama would appoint her to the position.  Schiff was right, as he usually is.  Here is the rectified chart from AstroDatabank (not much different from the solar chart with the Sun on the Ascendant).  It gives us reason to be concerned.

Pallas/Ethics:  Pallas is conjunct the energy-draining South Node.  Pluto (ever the corrupting influence where Pallas is concerned), is sesquiquadrate Pallas and quintile her ruler Jupiter.  This chart is extremely comfortable with authoritarianism  The only mitigating factors are a weak eight-degree trine between Pallas and the Sun and a sextile between the Sun and Pallas' ruler Jupiter.  The "greater good" is very low on the agenda here.

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  This is the big one, and it should scare the crap out of any straight-thinking astrologer viewing this chart.  Venus (and the Second House) rule money and the perception of value.  They are the primary consideration in the chart of any economically-centered entity, especially if that entity is going to be holding the reins of the reserve currency for the entire planet.  Venus here is tightly conjunct Neptune, lord of magical thinking and self-undoing -- Neptune is wonderful for spirit but deadly to solid matter.  Both in this rectified chart and in the solar chart, this lethal conjunction resides in the Second House of finances.  A strong Pallas can override this configuration, but Yellen has an extremely compromised Pallas.

To sum it up:  almost no ethical/logical capability, absolutely no grasp of economics, and control of the most important currency on the planet.  And, yes, there's a Bloodbath Formula here if we notice that Pluto is conjunct the Sun and semisquare Venus.  Bad economic policy is deadly, as anyone keeping an eye on the undeveloped world can tell you.  On top of this mandala of potential evil is Yellen's North-Node conjunction to Uranus:  a predisposition to action without regard to consequences.  She shares this conjunction with US Presidents Lincoln, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama:  all responsible for approximately a million deaths each.  

Be afraid.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bitcoin Price Movement

Bitcoin is volatile.  It's a hot new speculative vehicle with lots of press but low market capitalization.  Until it achieves much higher investment, the price is at the mercy of individual large investors (like the Winklevii) who have the ability to pump-and-dump repeatedly at will.  In the past few days, the price has seen a massive jump from the $130 range to above $200 (price depends on exchange).  This morning the price has settled around $170.

Because of the approach of Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun and first-solar-return Venus, I'm expecting a general upward trend until the transit peaks in January.  At the peak, I suspect the price will go vertical -- probably upwards but maybe down.  In the meantime, we'll probably see the kind of jerky movements of recent days.

I attribute the recent upward movement to the tightening Pluto conjunction, an underlying factor which increases over the next few months.  For the sudden partial price drop, I suspect these factors:
  • Transiting Chiron quincunx the Bitcoin South Node:  Chiron is wounding/healing/adjustment and the South Node is (often) loss.  
  • Transiting Sun trine transiting Neptune, the latter of which is conjunct the Bitcoin Venus.  Translated literally:  this day (Sun) brings dissolution (Neptune) of value (Venus).  Neptune continues a retrograde approach to the Bitcoin Venus but stations direct (as does Chiron) next month.  
  • Transiting Venus (representing Money) square Bitcoin's Uranus (representing unpredictable movement, and also technology).  This one peaks in the next 24 hours but in any event is a very transient factor. 
If these Neptune/Chiron factors continue to afflict the price, one might expect the affliction to lift in November after both planets station direct and start moving away from the points they affect on the Bitcoin chart.

I am not a financial astrologer, so while I have been able to correctly guess some of the major movements this year, I reserve the right to be dead wrong.

Chiron and Neptune in the Eighth House

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Prince Bandar bin Sultan

Saudi Arabia has just severed diplomatic ties with the US over the failure of the American war machine to follow through on an intended attack on Syria.  This is not an isolated incident, but part of a long history of manipulation of US foreign policy by Middle Eastern power players.

One of the most powerful and mysterious of these players is Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan.  Bandar is known to the politically savvy as a member of the "BBB" axis driving the recent unrest in the region.  "BBB" stands for Barack Obama, Bibi Netanyahu, and Bandar bin Sultan.  Bandar's influence stretches back a bit further in recent history:  he was known to be so close to America's Bush political dynasty that political commentators jokingly referred to him as "Bandar Bush".  Some believe him to be the architect of many or all of the region's recent political upsets.

Pallas/Ethics:  Bandar is not completely without an ethical awareness:  Pallas is trine Mercury and square the Sun.  The good news ends there:  Pallas is the crux of a sesquiquadrate-yod between Jupiter and the South Node (two of the three astrological factors which block her).  Pallas' ruler Mercury is opposite Pluto (the third negative factor) and on top of this, Mercury is trine the South Node.  Put a person with this configuration in a position of power, and bad things will probably happen to the powerless.

Venus/Economics:  Bandar's chart suggests that he has almost no respect for the concept of private property.  Neptune is sesquiquadrate Venus here.  Venus' co-ruler Uranus is trine the South Node and co-ruler Saturn is semisquare Neptune.  This is only slightly mitigated by Saturn widely trine the North Node.  Even the Saturn-Venus opposition moves him slightly more to the economic Left.  With the debilitated Pallas, we now get someone with no objection to using force or fraud to steal wealth from others.

Moon/Culture:  Even without a time of birth, we can guess that the Moon is opposite Neptune in all likelihood.  On top of this, the Moon's ruler Mars is tightly quincunx Neptune.  So we probably have a cultural Leftist, or someone with no desire to preserve culture. 

Bloodbath Formula:  For natives who are responsible for large numbers of pointless deaths, we will almost always see Left-authoritarian chart features (delineated above) along with connections from Pluto to both Venus and the Sun.  Completing the Bloodbath Formula, we have Pluto quincunx the Sun, quincunx Mars (ruler of the Moon), and quindecile Venus.

Mars yod with Neptune and Pluto:  Activity/war regarding power and oil (oil is considered to be ruled by Neptune, but political astrologer Jessica Murray considers Pluto the ruler of oil). 

Neptune on everything:  Neptune aspects everything on this chart but the Nodes and Chiron (there's a wide square with Jupiter).  Since Bandar probably isn't a mystic or an artist, we might guess that his very prominent Neptune manifests itself as deviousness and connection to oil.

Hey-- if we're no longer officially friends with the Saudis, can we stop lending them our military? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here be monsters... or, actually, extreme leftists, openly corrupt politicians, powerful labor unions, gangsters and "gangstas", gun-control-fueled crime, and moral decay so extreme that the Drudge Report has created a special "Chicagoland" category for it.  The political birthplace of Barack Obama, this Midwestern city is probably how many libertarians and conservatives envision Hell.  The astrological chart sheds a ray of light into the cesspool.

Pallas: Ethics.  The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo trine Pallas is a nice surprise.  By itself it would probably make for a very libertarian, low-crime town... but the half-degree conjunction from the South Node to the Sun (ruling Mercury) sucks the connection away.  Jupiter is widely square Pallas;  Pluto is quincunx Jupiter which rules Pallas.  The South Node, a discordant aspect with Jupiter, and attention from Pluto:  the full trinity of evil where Pallas is concerned.  This makes for heavy authoritarianism, corruption, and crime.

Venus and the Second House: Economics.  Venus is in Leo, ruled by the Sun which is tightly conjunct the South Node.  As if that were not enough, the Sun is also square Neptune.  Hardcore Left-wing economics.  No surprise here.

The Moon and the Fourth House: Culture.  The South Node is conjunct the Moon and her ruler the Sun.  The Fourth House cusp is in Pisces, co-ruled Jupiter and Neptune which are semisquare each other.  While Neptune is square the Nodes (adding a little uncertainty), the overall picture is very culturally liberal. 

The overall picture from these three factors is no surprise to us.  Chicago is a very Left-wing, very corrupt/authoritarian town.  Pluto quincunx Venus, opposite the Moon, and indirectly opposite the Sun complete the Bloodbath Formula, helping to explain the extreme violent crime rate. 

Saturn is widely square Pallas and indirectly conjunct her ruler Jupiter.  Saturn/Pallas connections plus an authoritarian chart pattern seems to be present in charts associated with gun control.  This and the Bloodbath Formula make for a deadly combination:  senseless violent crime and a defenseless populace. 

Saturn at the MC:  a more traditional indicator of the heavy hand of authority.

Pluto at the point of a Yod, and the handle of the chart's overall "bucket" pattern:  power, corruption, money, etc...  

Neptune square the Nodes:  we did mention this was a very Left-wing city...

This all said, I've been to Chicago numerous times as a musician on tour, and enjoyed my visits.  Go figure. 

Monday, October 21, 2013


The recent declaration of bankruptcy by the city of Detroit has captured the imagination of political junkies from across the spectrum.  Progressives cry and gnash their teeth over the failure of yet another Leftist state-god;  conservatives are saying "I told you so";  anarcho-capitalists and entrepreneurs cheer the new-found opportunities and freedom of a less-regulated environment (though the bankrupt city is trying to do its best to kill the underground economic resurgence).

Detroit's unbelievably Left-wing chart

Here is a chart for the charter of Detroit's current city government (no time available).  The "Left-wingedness" of this chart practically leaps off the page and stabs the astrologer in the eye.  Extreme-left economics appear as Neptune opposite Venus and quincunx her ruler Mercury (which is also tightly conjunct Saturn, a mildly left-wing factor).  Without a strong Pallas, this configuration guarantees bad financial management on the chart of a government.  Regardless of time of birth, the Moon is conjunct Neptune:  culturally extremely liberal.

Pallas is not strong enough to save Venus.  Yes, she's quincunx the Sun and Mercury, but she's also trine Pluto.  On top of that, her co-ruler Saturn is square Pluto and parallel the South Node.  Her other co-ruler Uranus is trine the South Node.  A middle-of-the-road government to begin with in terms of authoritarianism, trending with time toward hardcore, self-immolating corruption.  The damaged Pallas on top of the extremely liquefied Venus sealed the fate of this government from the get-go. 

Here's the same chart, with transits, progressions, and solar arc superimposed for the day of the bankruptcy declaration.  Some notable features:

Transiting Pluto opposite Detroit Sun:  a type of death.

Transiting Uranus square Detroit Sun:  unexpected disruption.

Progressed Saturn, solar-arc Venus, and transiting Mercury conjunct Detroit Sun:   a difficult, life-altering decision regarding finances.

As libertarians, we hope that the government of Detroit will be smart enough to allow the current anarchist resurgence to revitalize the area, but don't realistically expect that to happen. The survivors and entrepreneurs of Detroit will have to what lovers of peace and liberty always have to do:  fight the State to survive. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adam Kokesh

Alpha Male Plus.  City and time of birth unknown.

Hardcore libertarians are no stranger to ex- US Marine and Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh.  A powerful anti-war voice during the recent Ron Paul presidential campaigns, he soon became a leader in the libertarian movement, hosting political talk show Adam vs the Man and leading numerous high-profile demonstrations designed to provoke government agencies and police while drawing attention to libertarian causes.  His most recent stunt (filming himself loading a shotgun in a "gun-free" zone) provoked a violent raid by combined federal and local police, and a trip to jail where he currently sits.

At first glance at this astrological chart, we might be looking at an authoritarian Leftist: perhaps even a Communist.  Pallas is conjunct Pluto:  usually a guarantee of a non-libertarian.  Venus is conjunct the South Node, and rules the Moon (regardless of time of birth):  economic and cultural Leftist tendencies, probably extremely strong.  On top of this, Pluto is square Venus and conjunct/parallel Saturn which co-rules the Sun.  Kokesh is a Bloodbath Formula candidate.  His decision to enlist in the US Marine Corps is no surprise given these traits. 

There is one factor that overturns all of these features (for the most part):  Pallas is square the Nodes.  Individuals with this placement find themselves re-examining their ethical premises in adulthood.  They usually, as has Kokesh, arrive at libertarian non-aggression as a conclusion to their inquiry.  Pluto probably still has an effect:  while Kokesh is now an anarcho-capitalist libertarian (Pallas often overrides the Left-wing economics of Venus with the South Node or Neptune), his way of expressing the message is more extreme and confrontational than those (like Ron Paul) with "perfect" libertarian charts.  Hence, the often illegal and polarizing protest stunts such as the one that has landed him in jail.  Stefan Molyneux has a similar Pallas configuration and a similar (if less illegal) confrontational style. 

This type of authoritarian-to-libertarian Pallas pattern involving the Nodes is common in the charts of whistle-blowers.  They enlist in government/military service during their authoritarian years; when the Nodes activate Pallas, they experience a crisis of ethics and turn against the government.  Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, and Smedley Butler all have variations of this theme in their charts.  Interestingly, Pluto is often the trigger for the crisis of ethics which makes them blow the whistle. 

Some other notable features of his chart:  The Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction probably has something to do with Kokesh's hyper-machismo (from his military career and action-hero physique to his death-defying political protests).  Pallas is square Venus, ruler of his Moon (regardless of birth time):  Pallas-Moon connections are ubiquitous in martial artists and fighters.  Jupiter square his Sun/Mercury conjunction may describe how his public activism may interfere with his own well-being.

In a truly free society, Kokesh would not be behind bars.  After leaving the military, he has publicly harmed nothing except for the credibility of the State. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Total Republican Surrender

As per their usual modus operandus, the Republicans have completely caved in to the demands of the Democratic Party over the partial "Government Shutdown".  The Democrats will get everything they have demanded, and more.  Even Ted Cruz, testing the winds, has embraced Obamacare.  American conservatives are weeping and gnashing their teeth, and the cynics (myself included) are pointing out that all the sound and fury were destined to signify nothing.  Democrats are no doubt celebrating:  their tears will come later when Obamacare's true cost becomes impossible to deny.

Here is the USA Sibley chart, with transits/solar-arcs/progressions for today at noon (I can't locate the exact time of the deal).  A few things stick out:

Transiting Mars ingressing from Leo to Virgo:  the action principle moving from self-aggrandizement to practical work.  Of course, libertarians would rather the talking heads in DC go back to non-productive self-aggrandizement and leave us be. 

Transiting Sun just past the US solar arc Moon/Pallas conjunction:  the "fight" has peaked and is on the wane. 

Transiting Venus over the US Ascendant:  money is at the forefront.

Transiting Jupiter crossing into the US Eighth House:  the beginnings of massive debt expansion. Libertarians and many conservatives know that a government default is inevitable.  Liberals will soon learn that what you don't know (or choose not to know) can hurt you. 

Note that the current Uranus-Pluto square will be moving to hit the USA Sun next year.  The farce of the past few weeks is only a mild foreshadowing of the challenges to come.  We ain't seen nothin' yet. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Christopher Columbus

Please read this comic first.  Otherwise, this post won't make much sense to most people, because the reigning myth about Christopher Columbus is largely false.

Done?  OK.  Now we know that Columbus was essentially a prototypical Communist dictator, we can look at his astrological chart in the proper context.

Pallas/Ethics:  Pallas is square Jupiter which is hyped-up by a conjunction with the North Node.  We know that Pallas in discordant aspect to Jupiter with no mitigating factors basically erases the native's ethics

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  Neptune is in the Second House and is widely conjunct Venus.  The Second House ruler Mercury is tightly trine the South Node.  Columbus basically had no respect for private property rights.  Combine this with the "no ethics" of his Pallas placement, and we have a potential for extreme criminality.

Bloodbath Formula:  The above two factors fulfill part of the formula.  The Sun, square and ruled by Pluto, fulfills a third requirement.  Pluto is also semisquare with the Moon.  Pluto, widely square Mercury (ruler of the Second House) completes the formula by a hair.  Perhaps Pluto's extreme declination extends his power.  Mercury is angular, fulfilling the optional sixth requirement.  So Columbus' chart also reflects the fact that he was a mass-murderer, on top of being a thief. 

Most persons with similar placements don't rise to positions of power and influence and so are not tempted to evil.  Columbus had a great deal of power in his sphere of influence, and did a great deal of evil.

No birth data is available for Bartolome de las Casas. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

John Boehner

I see House Speaker John Boehner as a classic "politician for the sake of being a politician", one who "goes along to get along".  Unlike Rand Paul or even Ted Cruz on the Right, and the majority of the Left, Boehner has no discernible ideology.  He does what brings him and keeps him in power.  On the occasion that the Republicans grow a spine on a particular issue, Boehner will generally be among the first to cave to the opposition and rally the corps to surrender with him.  This strategy has worked very well for him, as it does for his fellow RINOs (Republican In Name Only):  Republicans are afraid to attack him for fear of weakening the party, and left-liberals leave him be because he serves their interests.  Astrology shows us what makes him tick.

Pallas/Ethics:  Making for a very weak ethical structure, Pallas is tightly conjunct the South Node, sextile Pluto, and widely square Jupiter.  The South Node is the strongest authoritarian factor here, but usually creates ethical "fuzziness" rather than hard authoritarianism.  Venus, ruler of Pallas, is square the Nodes (with Venus ruling the South Node).  Very fuzzy indeed.

Venus/Economics:  This is also fuzzy, but may lean Leftward.  The "fuzzy" part comes from Venus square the Nodes.  The "Leftward" comes from Neptune squaring Venus.  The chart, like Boehner's record, does not give us fiscal conservatism.

Moon/Culture:  More Left-leaning fuzziness.  The Moon is conjunct Neptune, regardless of birth time.  Venus, subject to the unclear factors described above, rules the Moon. 

As with Ted Cruz, modern US politicians whose charts don't put them solidly on the Left or the Right tend to go with the Republicans, who reward limp conviction with great power. 

Boehner has Saturn (representing restriction) conjunct Mars (representing action), with Mars co-ruling the Sun and Mercury.  This poetically evokes Boehner's function as a "cock-blocker" for the Republican Party. 

There is no time of birth available:  my suspicion is that he was not born anywhere near noon (so, either early morning or late night.  This is because a birth time of around noon would place the Moon in a very close conjunction with Pallas:  the configuration of a fighter.  A fighter Boehner is not.  I personally have friends with Mars-Saturn conjunctions and Moon-Pallas aspects who are world-class martial artists.  Unlike Boehner, they have chosen to use Mars-Saturn to discipline their action rather than impede action altogether. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is a chart for the day President Truman signed the law creating the National Security Agency.  It's as close as I can get to a "birth chart" for the New Stasi of Amerika.  Even without a time of birth, the chart gives us some interesting insight into the mysterious entity that apparently knows everything about us.

Surprisingly, the chart is not entirely authoritarian.  Pallas is trine Mercury.  Her co-ruler Jupiter is opposite Mercury and her other co-ruler Neptune is widely conjunct the Sun and trine the North Node.   On the authoritarian side of spectrum, Pallas co-ruler Jupiter is parallel with the South Node, co-ruler Neptune is sextile Pluto, and Pallas herself is quincunx Pluto.  The Pluto factors should weaken over time:  Pluto is with the South Node.

I have a suspicion that authoritarian entities created by governments may self-destruct if their charts aren't "authoritarian" enough.  I cite the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 which has Pallas conjunct the North Node:  the law was found unconstitutional after three years.  The massive public leakage of NSA programs and the current snafu with the Utah data center may be symptoms of this syndrome.  Even the Pluto/South-Node conjunction by itself (with Pluto ruling the Sun and Mercury) does not bode well for an agency tasked with secrets and power.

Some other chart features:

Saturn conjunct Neptune, widely conjunct Sun, quincunx Pallas:  the purpose of the entity is the fortification of secrets, something which it has done very well until very recently. 

Mercury square the Nodes and Pluto:  very pronounced focus on information and communication, particularly of the hidden kind involving political power. 

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio:  secrets and power are the raison d'etre of the agency.  Those, and perhaps betrayal.  

Mercury trine Uranus:  information through technology. 

Mercury opposite Jupiter:  spying on the public without its consent?  May also reflect how the public mission of the agency ("national security") is diametrically opposed to what it actually does with its brainpower.

This is the NSA chart with transits and progressions for the June 6 2013 press leakage of public spying programs.  The slower planets have not moved much since then.

Transiting Pluto is conjunct the NSA's Mars, and transiting Uranus is squaring it.  Because Mars co-rules the Sun and Mercury, this is a bit catastrophic.  The agency's ability to exist and do it's job is under attack.  This transit probably reflects both the press leak and the data center troubles.

Transiting Neptune square NSA Venus:  liquefaction of resources.  This may reflect the Utah data center, as well as secrets in general (Venus rules the NSA Neptune). 

Transiting South Node conjunct NSA Jupiter:  bad PR. 

Progressed Sun conjoining NSA Chiron:  over the next few years, a lot of repair will need to happen. 

Saturn conjunct NSA Sun:  a challenging time altogether. 

This brings me joy. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's hard to think of Somalia without envisioning vicious pirates and murderous chaos, African-style, at its worst.  Since the collapse of its government in 1991 and the subsequent failure of any government to take hold of the land, every single piece of corporate media that reaches us in the West about Somalia reinforces this image.  Somalia has no government:  the horror of it all! 

This non-stop media onslaught against what is probably the modern world's largest contiguous anarchic region serves a purpose.  The giant multinational corporations which control that media (and most industries in general) require constant government interference with the free market, in order to save them from competition from lean, efficient young upstarts.  The State is their lifeline against the hyper-democracy of pure capitalism, in which survival in business depends not on controlling a few regulators, but in pleasing the market (us).  The mega-corporations must continually remind the people that they need the State in order to survive.  If we were ever to figure out en-masse that we don't need our parasitic rulers, the corporate gravy-train would end.

So it's no surprise that the true story in Somalia is not actually proof that anarchy doesn't work.  On the contrary, the truth is that Somalia is proof that anarchy does work.  Somalia under anarchy is by the vast majority of measures far superior to Somalia under State.  Naturally, the astrological charts of both Somalias reflect this.

Communist Somalia

The chart for the day of the founding of Communist Somalia is clearly authoritarian:  extremely so.  Pallas' ruler Saturn receives a sesquiquadrate from the South Node and a quindecile from Jupiter.  Venus, which is quincunx Saturn, is conjunct Pluto.  Jupiter is also contraparallel Pallas.  We have all three factors (Jupiter, Pluto, and the South Node) which can block the Palladian non-aggression principle.  The wide opposition from the Sun to Saturn is not much help here.

Even without an exact time of "birth", Left-wing economics are evident:  Neptune is dead-on the cusp of the solar Second House.  This fully befits a Communist regime, centered on the liquefaction of personal wealth.  Completing the Bloodbath Formula is Pluto conjunct Venus, which also rules the Sun. 

Anarchist Somalia

Here is a chart for the day of the overthrow of Somalia's brutal Communist regime, after which no other regime has been able to assert dominance.  On the not-so-great side, Pallas is semisquare Jupiter and her ruler Mercury is quindecile with the South Node.  These negatives are likely obliterated by the trine from Pallas to the North Node.

This chart agrees with the alt-media reporting from Somalia:  while it's no paradise, the people of the land are measurably better off without government.  If allowed by the US to continue as a stateless society (not likely, but one can dream), it may show us a thing or two. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atlas Shrugged

The Christian Bible is the most influential book in America today.  This is fairly obvious and, being that we are in the Age of Pisces, appropriate.  During an epoch ruled by Neptune, one would expect that a tome of faith and mysteries is the most widely read of all writing.

Even what Christians might consider the most anti-Christian of works:  openly Satanic texts, the most offensive sections of the Talmud, certain interpretations of Masonic writings...  are based on the same faith in what cannot be physically seen.  They are, like Christianity, Neptunian in essence.  From the planetary perspective, these writings are essentially the same energy as that which they purport to oppose.  In addition, even the vilest of Satanic writing is generally no match for the more horrific parts of the "Good Book".  All of it, Christian and anti-Christian alike, is Neptune in forms both transcendent and senselessly murderous.

The second most influential book in the nation is less well-known, and there are parties in power today which like it to remain relatively obscure.  It is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.  To an astrologer, this is entirely appropriate to our day and age.  Every energy and archetype has its opposition: its negation.  Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction.  To an astrologer, the Bible is a doorway to Neptune.  Atlas Shrugged is the Bible of the anti-Neptunian.  In terms of astrological symbolism, it is the anti-Bible. 

Atlas Shrugged is a complete rejection of Neptune's energies.  The book rejects Neptunian faith, vagueness, sentimentality, and deception in favor of Palladian logic, clarity, cold rationality, and brutal honesty.  It rejects Neptunian socialism and collectivism in favor of Venusian capitalism and wealth.  It rejects altruism and self-abnegation in favor of Solar/Uranian egoism and individual accomplishment.  Every page of the book contains some indictment or parody of the Neptunian archetype.  Even this book does not always escape Neptune's influence, but it is probably the clearest depiction of the archetypal struggle of the age from the point of view of those fighting Neptune's effects.  That Atlas Shrugged resonates so deeply with (anti-Neptunian) conservatives and elicits such venom from the (Neptunian) Left is no accident. 

The astrological chart of author Ayn Rand is extremely informative on many levels.  We look at it here

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013 Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin's high profile and low market capitalization make its price per coin extremely volatile.  Until it reaches a capitalization high enough to withstand the whims of individual large investors, it will continue to be a roller-coaster ride for speculators.  The most dramatic fluctuations in price tend to correspond to astrological transits against the chart for the Bitcoin genesis block.  We review some examples here from this year, and speculate on what the future might bring.

First, today's dramatic sell-off and partial recovery, related to the federal raid of Silk Road (clearly the busting of nonviolent drug offenders is not affected by the "shutdown").  There has not been a fundamental compromise of the Bitcoin technology, and eventually the government seizure of the coins held there may cause the remaining bitcoins to go up in value.  Accordingly, today's transits against the Bitcoin astrological chart reflect temporary conditions.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer the 12th quincunx Bitcoin Chiron:  wounding through the incarceration of a benevolent family member.  Yet more evidence that Jupiter isn't always nice

Transiting Mercury in the 4th square Bitcoin Mercury (ruler of 2nd): Financial challenge triggered by difficult news from family/tribe.

For the spike-and-crash of this April and the slump during the summer, we turn to a transit graph against the first solar return of the Bitcoin chart.  I picked up this technique from a recording I purchased of a lecture at UAC 2012, by Dietrech Pessin.  She uses the first solar return as an alternate birth chart, against which transits and progressions apply.  I now use this technique with my clients, as I find it picks up events invisible to the natal chart.

For this April's events, we have Pluto stationing within a few minutes of arc before a conjunction with the first solar return Venus.  One might interpret this as a powerful infusion of energy into value, which then withdraws.  The sell-off started two days before the exact peak of the station, in response to other transits happening at the time.  I actually sold part of my holdings in anticipation of this event.

I attribute the price slump of this summer to the South Node forming a trine with the Bitcoin Sun: a symbolic loss of vitality.

This coming January, Pluto approaches the first solar return Venus (and the Bitcoin Sun) again, but does not turn back before hitting the exact position.  Bets are off as far as I'm concerned:  the price could suddenly explode, crash, or both.  I'll be holding some coin at that point, but am prepared for the price to go to zero. 

As for the future of crypto-currency in general, I am extremely bullish. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FedGov "Shutdown"

A Senate deadline has passed without a budget deal due to the current impasse on Obamacare.  The US federal government is officially "shut down", though this will not send either American troops or the White House chefs home.  Obamacare itself has sputtered into effect.  There have been 17 such shutdowns in US history.  It's a pain for international travel and national parks, but the long-term effects of these events is basically zero in the big picture for anyone not employed by Leviathan.

The Republicans furiously want to compromise (as usual -- the only things they don't compromise on are issues not in question).  The Democrats will not allow a single alteration to Obamacare that they didn't think of first.  The "shutdown" is a hissy fit with no teeth.  As a libertarian I actually feel safer while DC is on vacation. 

Here is the US Sibley chart with the transits for the approximate time of the "shutdown". 

Transiting North Node and Saturn quincunx US Uranus on the Descendant (ruler of 3rd):  Struggles with communication with adversaries, who are impulsively asserting their will.  Obama recently lost a public match against Syria and Putin.  This is him, petulantly reasserting his manhood.  It's really all very childish, especially with Obamacare's infrastructure continuing to fray in public view.  With his obliterated natal Pallas, Obama really has no clue about how to pick his battles.

Transiting Sun trine US Uranus:  Impulsiveness, again.

Transiting Neptune and Mercury trine US Venus:  Confused communication regarding finances and debt. 

Transiting Pallas conjunct US North Node:  Authoritarian tendencies temporarily curtailed.

Transiting Mars trine US Chiron in the 4th:   Wounded opposition party, lashing out.  Could apply to both parties, but the Democrats seem more wounded of late. 

Venus quincunx Mars in the 7th (ruling 5th and 12th):  Opposition regarding money (some of which is hidden from view).  A nice little vacation and/or payoff for some. 

In the long term, none of this is a very big deal, unless the Republicans actually win concessions on Obamacare.  The Republicans usually fold and give in to the Left, but they seem to have a fair amount of public support for this battle.  Holding one's breath is not advised, but maybe they'll surprise us this time.