Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald

The assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy a half-century ago remains a subject of endless debate and speculation to this day.  While there are still adherents to the "lone gunman" theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, many polls of Americans show that most are skeptical of this theory and suspect elements within the US government.  The "official story" makes Oswald into a pathetic and mentally imbalanced Marxist who murdered JFK in a desperate bid for attention.  One popular and well-supported line of speculation posits, however, that Oswald was an ardent anti-Communist employed by government intelligence services to infiltrate Left-wing groups, later used as a "patsy" for a professional hit squad which actually carried out the JFK assassination. 

Readers of this blog and its associated material know that astrology can be used, very accurately, to describe the likely political ideologies of politically active individuals.  By using astrology, we can gain insight into Oswald's personality and likely political beliefs, and thus determine with a high degree of confidence (assuming accurate birth data) if Oswald was a Left-wing malcontent or a anti-Leftist infiltrator. 

This chart immediately suggests the possibility of a career military person, possibly a special-forces or "James Bond" type.  The Moon-Pallas parallel and opposition give us a fighter, and probably an effective one.  The Pluto-Pallas conjunction gives us two things:  a capacity to utilize Plutonian energies (death, sex, deep psychology, secrecy, power, etc.) and a willingness to use them even in violation of ethical laws.  Pallas square the Nodes perhaps takes some of the potentially destructive edge from Pluto-Pallas, but we are still looking at someone who may be an extremely capable soldier or covert operative.  Oswald's short career in the US Marines is well known, but the chart suggests a personality that may have elected to serve longer and in a more covert capacity than he is reported to have done. 

Was Oswald honestly a Communist?  A slight tendency towards Left-wing economics might be seen in the weak novile between Venus and Neptune, and in the septile from Neptune to Pluto (co-ruler of Venus).  The indicators for capitalism, however, are quite strong:  Second House intercepted in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun which is conjunct the North Node.  This is already enough, but on top of that we have the North Node also conjunct Venus.  This is not merely the chart of a strongly capitalist personality but of someone who might potentially rival Ayn Rand in anti-Communist fervor.

The Oswald natal chart is not that of an ineffectual Communist misfit but of a Right-wing covert warrior.  His chart fits not the "official" narrative of the Kennedy assassination but the "conspiracy theories" that the Powers That Be continue to suppress. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Tempest of 2014

I was planning to post about this topic closer to the end of the year, but (very Left-wing blog) Starlight News beat me to it.  Nancy also mentions a point or two I may have missed were I to write the article entirely myself. 

In 2014, transiting Pluto will hang in the range between 11 and almost-14 degrees Capricorn.  Any person or entity with natal planets within those degrees in the signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, or Capricorn (forming a 30-degree-multiple aspect not a trine, sextile, or semisextile) will undergo some significant events. The Starlight blog post mentions the US chart and Barack Obama's chart, which I would have mentioned, as well as the US Congress chart which I probably would have overlooked.  It omits two affected charts of interest to libertarians and those interested in monetary policy:  the Federal Reserve and Bitcoin

We've suggested numerous times that Pluto conjoining the Bitcoin Sun (and first solar return Venus) will probably have a very noticeable effect on the BTC price.  Possibly related is that the configuration we're discussing has Uranus in a quincunx with the Federal Reserve Moon and Pluto quincunx the Fed's Saturn.  The Moon on that chart rules the Ascendant as well as Mars and Neptune; Saturn rules the Sun.  A possible and actually quite likely scenario is that the Fed makes moves toward massively expanded money-printing... in anticipation of which Bitcoin prices (yet again) raise the roof.  While all sorts of things might happen under next spring's configuration, a monetary crisis in the US would account for all the charts involved in one fell swoop. 

Libertarians generally consider such a crisis inevitable, albeit nearly impossible to predict the timing of.  The US dollar is controlled by highly secretive private interests (the Fed is, after all, a privately-owned corporation to which the US has illegally granted a monopoly on currency-creation).  This puts those secretive private interests entirely in the driver's seat.  If and when the crisis does occur, libertarians and many conservatives who have prepared for it will find themselves in far better position than those who have placed their faith in the false God that is the State

With regard to Bitcoin, I think the vicinity of January 11 2014 will bring dramatic events. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Iran Nuclear Deal

This is a chart for the nuclear deal just signed with Iran and six other nations this morning in Geneva.  It freezes parts of Iran's nuclear program in exchange for a partial lifting of sanctions.  It has Israel and the neoconservatives furious, because it moves the region away from the possibility of open warfare toward peace.  Iran, for all its numerous faults, is a fundamentally non-aggressive nation.  Libertarians and peaceniks who are paying attention know that the brouhaha over Iran as a "threat" is an Israeli/neoconservative tactic to pressure America into another quagmire of war. 

The chart is complex and somewhat conflicted.  It has a full trifecta of authoritarian/pro-war factors:  Pallas square Pluto, semisquare Jupiter, and trine the South Node.  However, the Sun is moving into a square with Pallas, and Mercury which rules Pallas is both conjunct and very tightly parallel with the North Node.  The peacenik/libertarian factor wins, but the victory is uneasy.  The fact that the governments of the world have not made major authoritarian moves lately also reflects this pattern. 

The North Node is dead-on the Second House cusp, which probably nullifies the tentative Bloodbath Formula that otherwise exists on the chart (Pallas with compromising aspects, Pluto connections to Sun and Venus, and Neptune semisquare Venus).  This bodes well in that it joins with the Pallas/Mercury/North-Node pattern to suggest that the deal will not somehow turn into another twisted justification for a new war. 

Jupiter in Cancer (perhaps reflecting public sentiment as well as the "benevolent" side of authority?) is prominent in the Tenth House of governmental authority, and is the focus of a weak sesquiquadrate-yod (or "Thor's Hammer") between the Sun and Neptune.  This is perhaps a hopeful configuration suggesting a manifestation of humanity's desire for peace -- but Neptune suggests not only hopes and dreams but unseen dealings and deception. 

Themes of communication are also prominent.  The elevated Jupiter rules the Third House of communication.  The North-Node/Mercury/Saturn triple-parallel-conjunction in the Second House suggests a hopeful (North Node) dialogue (Mercury) between authorities (Saturn) regarding tangible assets (the Second House). 

Jupiter also forms an opposition with Pluto and Venus which sit at the IC.  This is fairly literal:  Jupiter (the "royalty", as it were) in negotiation with opposing parties (the Fourth House) regarding nuclear power (Pluto) and economics (Venus).

Uranus on the Descendant trine the Moon in the Eleventh House gives us a picture of an unexpected shift in relations (Uranus on the Descendant) which is of benefit to the public (the Moon in the Eleventh).  

Chiron on the Sixth House cusp (trine the Sun) suggests repair or healing (Chiron) of processes and working structures (the Sixth House).  

This deal is uncharacteristic of the current administration, which until recently has chosen war and tyranny at every opportunity.  Perhaps it is a symptom of a need to placate the faction of its Left-liberal support base that actually desires peace, or a "bone" thrown to the public in the face of the spectacularly epic failure of Obamacare.  More such moves by this otherwise nasty administration are naturally welcomed, albeit suspiciously. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nicolas Maduro

Current Venezuelan Communist leader Nicolas Maduro has recently been hell-bent on killing any and all consensus-based economic activity in his nation. This will do what such action always does:  destroy the productive economy (or what remains of it) or drive it underground (a la Cuba). To those with any understanding of real-world economics, it is a mystery why anti-free-market ideologies continue to plague humanity.  Astrology can help up see the psychological dynamics behind the malaise.  It is particularly obvious in the case of Maduro.

Pallas/Ethics:  believe it or not, Venezuela could have it worse -- Maduro's chart is not completely authoritarian.  It has Pallas widely conjunct the North Node, which suggests some potential for being able to choose communication, logic, and cooperation over force, domination, and violence.  But as we would expect in the chart of a Communist dictator, this factor is strongly overruled.  Pluto is septile Pallas and novile her ruler the Moon.  Power blinds him against reason.  

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  we might be lulled into suspecting free-market leanings if we first looked at Mercury, ruling the Second House, trine the North Node.  A quick look at declination shows that the South Node parallel with Mercury obliterates any possibility of such leanings.  Then, of course, there is the coup de grace:  Neptune tightly conjunct Venus (goddess of value).  Like most of his fellow economic Leftists, Maduro has a Neptunian (that is to say, completely ungrounded) perception of wealth.

Moon/Culture:  An economic Leftist can still end up on the Right (as a Fascist or early Progressive) if the Moon and/or the Fourth House are configured with the North Node.  Maduro has the opposite here:  the Moon is ruled by Venus, liquefied by the Neptune conjunction.

A solid authoritarian Pallas placement, plus economic and cultural Leftist configurations gives us a strong Left-wing authoritarian.  The very strong Pluto (parallel with the North Node) hints at Communism, as does the weak Bloodbath Formula (completed by Pluto widely square the Sun, novile Moon, and sextile Venus in combination with the above factors).

It is in defiance of economic tyranny that the youthful technologists of today have created new methods of resistance such as Bitcoin.  If these upstarts succeed, the days of Maduro and Communism may soon be truly over. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bitcoin Spikes Again

I use BitcoinAverage excluding MtGox to determine the US dollar price of Bitcoin.  By this measurement, the Bitcoin price suddenly rocketed over a few days from the low 400's of last week to nearly double yesterday, before settling just shy of 600.  In terms of non-astrological news, this corresponds with yesterday's US Senate hearing on Bitcoin. 

Astrologically, we're looking at a fast-moving object for the trigger of this activity.  Venus is the obvious one, as she approaches a conjunction within the next 48 hours to the Bitcoin Sun.  But as the Venus-Sun transit hasn't quite peaked yet, we're at a loss using normal methods to explain why the peak was apparently yesterday.  Enter the first solar return chart against the transiting positions for yesterday.

Astrologer Dietrech Pessin uses the first solar return as an alternative natal chart against which transits, progressions, and solar arcs can apply.  Running the usual techniques against the first solar return chart often describes significant events that will not appear against the natal chart.  This is a chart for the latest Venus return against the first solar return -- note that it's for yesterday.  Using this technique, a fast-moving spike in value makes sense.  (Venus equals money/value, and the return suggests that this energy temporarily takes the spotlight) 

Venus is still heading for the Bitcoin Sun.  another spike (maybe smaller?) may occur in the next 48 hours.  In any event, due to the Pluto and North-Node-declination factors described in previous posts I still expect a strong upward trend until these factors peak in January. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Keep Your Health Plan... for a Year

President Barack Obama has broken hundreds of promises during his reign, but none have hit the American people quite as hard as the promise that "if you like your health plan you can keep it" under the health care law that unofficially bears his name.  The resulting furor has forced his hand, and he has unilaterally decreed a change to the law which will "un-break" this particular promise -- until 2015. 

This is, to a limited degree, an increase in freedom and a rollback of the heavy hand of the State.  When peace and freedom break out in any form, the astrological Pallas is involved.  This case is not an exception.

This is a chart for noon last Thursday, the day that Obama announced his changes to the health care law.  I don't have a time for the announcement, but the date alone gives us a wealth of descriptive data points:

Transiting Sun conjunct Obamacare Pallas and Transiting Pallas quincunx Obamacare Sun:  The Sun is (along with Mercury and the North Node) a primary activator for Pallas.  These aspects bring peace (we recently explored this in the Syria war crisis) and freedom in the realm of political astrology.

Transiting Mars semisquare Obamacare Mars:  Mars on the Obamacare chart rules both the Sixth House (health, and the general citizenry) and the Eleventh (society and the public).  The transiting Mars semisquare suggests an attack on the way Obamacare relates to both areas.

Transiting Mars trine Obamacare North Node:   This is ambiguous and intriguing, suggesting that the current change is somehow in line with the law's long-term destiny.  Is this a hint at repeal? 

Transiting retrograde Jupiter square Obamacare Venus:  Retrograde Jupiter in Cancer perhaps represents public sentiment against "forward" movement ("forward" does not always mean "good").  The square here against the Obamacare Venus suggests perhaps a temporary financial setback to the insurance companies that wrote the law in the first place. 

Transiting Mercury quincunx Obamacare Sun:  News/communication (Mercury) that involves an uneasy adjustment (the quincunx) to the core of Obamacare (the Sun).

Progressed Moon opposite Obamacare Neptune:  The Moon in the Obamacare chart rules the First House (essential being and action) and the Second House (resources/money) of the chart.  This progression represents an aspect of the "falling apart" or "dissolving" of Obamacare since its official launch in recent weeks. 

This is good news... for the time being.  Misguided economic policy is as deadly, or more so, than guns and bombs.  For example:  while the death toll from US-initiated wars in the past decade (probably in the low millions) is horrifying, the death toll from high grain prices due to ethanol subsidies was orders of magnitude higher.  Obamacare remains a threat which will result in the loss of medical care, severe financial hardship, and/or death for large numbers of Americans if it is not repealed.  Time will tell if the American people are smart enough to save themselves from this threat. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chris Christie 2016?

I find Chris Christie to be a formidable and entertaining individual -- I think he'd make a great anti-hero for a "House of Cards"-type television series.  He's charismatic, quick-witted, highly capable... and basically without an ethical compass.  This means, in today's climate in which the worst rise to the top, he is a very serious contender for the American throne.  So, as part of a series in which we examine various presidential contenders, we'll be looking at Christie's astrological weather for election day 2016.

This is Christie's chart (no birth time available as yet) with transits for immediately after what I assume will be election day (Nov 8 2016).  It generally bodes well for him.

Transiting North Node conjunct Christie Sun and Pluto:  expansion and/or aggrandizement (North Node) of self (Sun) and personal power (Pluto).

Transiting Pluto trine Christie Sun:  Power is most certainly on his side this year.  Not pictured:  his first solar return (a la Dietrech Pessin) has a progressed Pluto tightly conjunct Christie's Sun.  Again, an indicator of power and personal upheaval and possibly a great deal of it. 

Transiting Saturn square Christie Sun:  squares from Saturn are generally challenging, but this could also mean the assumption of new authority for Christie.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Christie Mercury:  Good (Jupiter) news (Mercury) around this time.  Because Mercury rules Christie's Sun, he's in a (metaphorical) period of expansion.  This bodes very well for him, but maybe not for his already gargantuan waistline.

There are some other conjunctions happening here which may or may not temper the very strong positive transits he has going here:  the transiting South Node and Neptune over his Jupiter may mute some of the energy here.  Overall, however, the picture for him on election day is decent.

Conclusion:  if Christie gets on the Republican presidential ticket for 2016, his chances of winning the general election are not bad at all. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Matt Drudge

Matt Drudge, without being a politician, is probably one of the most powerful political forces in America.  His Drudge Report has been a cornerstone of independent news media for over a decade.  It continues to grow in audience and influence at the expense of the government-lapdog "mainstream" media and is at least partly responsible for today's libertarian and paleo-conservative resurgence.  Astrology gives us some insight into the conservative media king.

Pallas/Ethics:  There are hints at openness to authoritarianism:  Pallas is quindecile Pluto and ruled by Mars which is widely conjunct Pluto.  These tendencies are most likely overridden by Pallas quincunx the Sun and novile to the North Node, which is also widely trine Pallas' ruler Mars.  This configuration explains his migration from a more-or-less mainstream conservative to more-or-less libertarian

Venus/Economics:  Venus is quindecile the North Node, which is trine both of Venus' rulers Mars and Pluto.  That Venus is also conjunct the Sun probably amplifies this factor.  Drudge is something of an anomaly in modern American political life:  a true fiscal conservative.

Moon/Culture:  Without a time of birth, we can't be completely certain which way the chart swings.  The Moon is possibly quincunx either Neptune or the South Node, for a possible culturally liberal vector.  In any case the Moon is (almost) definitely in Aries, ruled by Mars which is widely trine the North Node, providing a culturally conservative vector.  This may account for anti-abortion views. 

The overall picture from these three factors suggests a dedicated fiscal (and probably cultural) conservative who becomes more libertarian over time.  The extremely Leftward-biased mainstream-media coverage of this season's "government shutdown" is a timely reminder of why Drudge remains relevant, crucial, and growing more so. 

Some other points:

Neptune conjunct South Node and trine Saturn:  As Neptune is a primary indicator for Leftist leanings, it is appropriate that Neptune is restricted and weakened by these aspects.  The combination of these three factors often appears in the charts of outspoken atheists.

Saturn opposite Pluto:   An aspect that Richard Tarnas associates with rises in conservatism. 

Sun/Jupiter/Pallas triangle:  Pallas/Jupiter aspects often appear in the charts of skillful publicists and teachers.  That these two bodies are in close aspect to the Sun suggests that the related skills are part of Drudge's reason for being.

Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn grand trine (wide):  Communication (Mercury) regarding public life (Jupiter) and authority (Saturn). 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

French Tax Revolts

We in the United States have every right to complain about taxes (also known as "theft").  But the French have it worse.  So much so that the anti-tax protests in recent weeks have turned violent, and Socialist French President Francois Hollande may well be more hated in his land than Barack Obama is in ours.  I personally visited Paris twice last year:  once before and once after Hollande took power.  I saw more homeless Parisians and street-hustlers, and a meaner spirit to the city on the second trip.  This is anecdotal and not a scientific measurement of the effect of a Socialist regime, but it seems to match the news coming from France.

For background, a few relevant points about Liz Greene's chart for the Fifth Republic, considered to be the current "chart of France".  We might go into some other aspects of this chart in the future. 

Pallas/Ethics:  On the authoritarian side, Pluto is widely conjunct Pallas and novile her ruler Mercury.  On the libertarian side, Pallas is parallel her ruler Mercury, which in turn is conjunct both the North Node and the Sun.  So while there is an astrological impetus towards a strong central government, the country also has a significant and probably growing libertarian streak.

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  Venus happens to rule the Second House in this chart, so she is doubly strong as an indicator of economic leanings.  She is, within mere minutes of arc, in a semi-sextile with Neptune.  On the other side, she is semi-sextile Pluto, forming a strong midpoint picture.  Wealth, as represented by Venus, is colored by dissolution (Neptune) on one side and destruction (Pluto) on the other.  In addition, Neptune is conjunct the North Node.  Combined with a not entirely libertarian Pallas placement, this explains the nation's strong and increasing Socialist tendencies. 

These configurations reflect France's Socialist bent, and also some of the internal opposition to it.

The same chart, with current transits and progressions, describes the tax revolt situation.

Transiting Pluto conjunct France Midheaven:  revolutionary pressure to change or topple the regime.  This is just the beginning of interesting times for the government. 

Transiting Neptune opposite France Pluto:  dissolution and/or general disillusionment regarding the political/monetary power. 

Transiting Saturn entering France Eighth House:  years of struggle regarding the tax system lie ahead. 

Transiting Stationing Jupiter conjunct France Moon in the Fourth House:  a popular (Moon) movement (Jupiter) against (Fourth House, representing the opposition to the ruling party).  Jupiter is retrograde now but will be coming back for another run. 

Progressed Mercury Station conjunct Progressed Saturn:  Mercury, ruling the Sixth House of the workforce and general populace, stationed retrograde earlier this year.  It is now moving away from progressed Saturn (traditionally ruling authority).

France has historically been an inspiration to America and her political movements.  We might do well to keep an eye on our long-time European partner, to see what awaits us here. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Redefining Good and Evil

"Good" people, as we define them, vote for hard-authoritarians like Bush, Obama, and Hitler and support them even when they almost inevitably begin killing innocents in the millions.  "Good" people support government programs proven time and time again to cause harm, usually to those they intend to help.  They sign up for military service and obey orders to raze villages and bomb children into bloody ash.  They demonize others that publicly question the "goodness" of the things that "good" people do.

Leftist revolutionaries will turn their lands into slaughterhouses in the name of doing "good".  In the name of doing "good", liberals will engender the entitlement mentality in the groups they intend to uplift, this cementing their alienation from the majority who work for what they want.  Conservatives will wave their flags and cheer the bombing of alien cultures.  Environmentalists will support government agencies that turn around and rent the lands they claim to protect, for clear-cutting by corporations at a pittance.  Jihadists and crusaders massacre communities of competing religions, believing they are doing "good".  The eugenecists of the 20th century wiped out millions of members of minority groups in the name of the "good" of humanity. 

Contrast this to the advancements in humanity, mostly technological, which allow humankind to flourish rather than struggle to survive.  From the cotton gin to the automobile to the microprocessor: innovations which have allowed our species to rise from the dirt to ascend to the sky...  generally come from intelligent self-interest.  "Capitalist greed" is responsible for creating the system in which the greatest health problem for the poor in the developed world... is obesity.  As for the undeveloped world, it's those doing "good" -- the anti-sweatshop crusaders and the environmental holier-than-thous -- who are preventing development.  "Greed" is not only good for humans, but for nature:  Zimbabwe saved their elephants not through the standard governmental controls that "good" people support (which usually fail through government corruption), but through privatization. 

"Good and evil" as we know them today are largely Neptunian concepts, based on ideals that do not reflect reality.  Today we largely use these concepts to justify doing what we want to do without having to think for ourselves.  "Good" is a word that very often means the opposite of what it is supposed to intend.  "Evil" is a word we slap onto those who get in our way. 

On the flip side, cooperation, consensual organization, and non-aggression are purely and heartlessly logical.  Civility is utterly rational.  Helping another who would be truly grateful is an intelligent investment in a potential future resource -- no gushy and self-congratulatory "compassion" need be involved. 

"Smart and stupid", as represented by Pallas, goddess of logic and peace, seem to reflect the real working of human society much better than do "good and evil".  If we judge a virtue by its effects, then intelligence that can override emotion may well be the highest virtue.  We might paradoxically do ourselves and the world a lot of good by rejecting "good" altogether in favor of cold and thorough rationality. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pope Francis

Left-Liberal types and even some libertarians have been celebrating newly-elected Pope Francis, who has been proving himself to be highly "progressive" in the modern view.  He has suggested that non-Christians may not be eternally damned (this hints at libertarianism, being a surrender of the authority of the church), espoused strong Left-wing economic beliefs, and even shown tolerance of homosexuality.  His near-perfect Left-Libertarian astrological chart reflects his attitudes:

Pallas/Ethics:  There is a wide quincunx between Pallas and Pluto -- an authoritarian factor but quite weak.  This is overwhelmed by the libertarian factors.  Pallas is conjunct the North Node and the Sun, and ruled by Jupiter which is conjunct the North Node, the Sun, and Mercury (all three Pallas-positive factors are present). 

Venus/Economics:  Venus is in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn (which is opposite Neptune) and Uranus (which is sesquiquadrate Neptune).  Neptune alters both Venus' rulers and no capitalist factors are present, making for a clear economically Leftist chart. While Left-wing economics are lethal in the charts of politicians (who enact policies that quite literally kill people by wrecking their economies), they are absolutely appropriate in the charts of spiritual leaders. 

Moon/Fourth-House/Culture:  The Moon here is affected by the exact same Neptune factors as is Venus.  In addition, the South Node is in the Fourth House:  Francis is the opposite of a cultural conservative.  This is a fascinating shift for an institution known for adhering to arguably outdated dogma. 

The Vatican's College of Cardinals probably couldn't have a elected a more appropriate figurehead for today's times.  Pope Francis may help the Church to remain relevant in an age of State-worship, and remind us all that right and wrong do not come from the barrel of the government guns, but from a higher authority.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bitcoin Price Spike

The price of Bitcoin has jumped to a new all-time high this week, beating the then-ludicrous peak of April this year.  I can find no commonly-used astrological transit or progression to account for it.  As discussed in previous posts, the approach of Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun (and first solar return Venus), echoing this spring, appears to be a driver of price growth for the next few months and perhaps beyond.  My suspicion is that today's Jupiter retrograde station is not the trigger, but we'll probably know for certain by the end of the week.  There is a non-obvious transit that I think gives us the answer to the price leap.

transiting declination graph

The Saturn - North Node conjunction of this season peaked a while ago...  in longitude, the dimension all astrologers look at.  In oft-ignored declination, however, the peak of the conjunction was this week.  This transiting parallel happens to be parallel with the Bitcoin Venus.  The North Node with Saturn suggests growth of the type that isn't easily undone, and Venus of course is value.  What's more, the North Node parallel to Venus is still growing in strength from now through most of January. 

So unless my guess is wrong and Jupiter is actually the trigger, we'll probably continue to see a climb through the January peak.  Around the peak, I'm guessing at vertical price movement:  probably up, but because Pluto is one of the drivers here I'm not betting the farm.  Maybe half the farm, though... 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rand Paul Plagiarism Allegations

Politicians who go along with increasing the predatory activities of the State Leviathan can get away with murder.  They can use the State to enrich themselves despite blatant conflict of interest, tell hundreds of lies to the public, and engage in other crimes that would result in imprisonment if committed by mere mortals.  The corporate press and (of course) the State turn a blind eye to the minions of the monster.  On the other hand, politicians who seek to make the State less lethal find themselves subject to attack at every turn.

This is the predicament of freshman senator Rand Paul, who has much more often than not tried to do the right thing and pry the claws of the State off the throat of the American public.  Establishment Republicans spurn him and the press attacks him at every turn.  The latest attack, which has actually forced Paul to take significant defensive measures, involves allegations of plagiarism.

This is a chart for noon yesterday.  Note that unlike recent transits for Obamacare and the NSA under which unpleasant and inconvenient truths came to light, there are no transiting connections between Jupiter (publicity) and the South Node (hidden history).  Here is what we do have:

Transiting Chiron conjunct natal Jupiter:  wounding which requires healing and adjustment (Chiron), applied in the areas of publishing and public relations (Jupiter).

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune:  challenges and difficulties (Saturn) with image (Neptune).

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Pluto:  external attack (Mars) upon one's power (Pluto).

Libertarians who are paying attention know this event to be an attack by the powers that be and not a career-killing revelation of wrongdoing.  Astrology reinforces this view.

The "big one" for Rand Paul is probably in 2016 when transiting Pluto conjoins his natal Sun.  This has implications for a presidential run, which we may discuss in a future post. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

More Feminist Charts

This is a selection of charts of women who are (arguably) feminist but not (openly) Communist as per a previous post.  Unlike my collection of political charts, it is nowhere near large enough to confidently draw conclusions from.  This post is also somewhat tangential to the "libertarian" mission of the blog, but nevertheless strongly hints at patterns of sociopolitical interest that are worthy of further research.  Pallas in the chart may have nothing to do with feminism, but I have yet to locate a "fully libertarian" Pallas configuration in a feminist's chart.  With the exception of Gloria Steinem, these charts generally have the standard "left-wing" chart configurations involving Neptune and/or the South Node detailed elsewhere.  The factors highlighted here (Pluto configured with both the Moon and Venus) appear to be the most obvious factor that separate the charts of feminists from others. 

Gloria Steinem.  Feminist leader and CIA operative.  Elevated Pluto in Cancer (very) widely conjunct Moon and quincunx Venus. 

Helen Gurley Brown.  The "fun, fearless, female" herself.  Pluto in Cancer sesquiquadrate Moon in Scorpio (mutual reception) and trine Venus. 

Madonna.  Ageless pop goddess.  Pluto conjunct Mercury (ruler of Moon) and Sun (ruler of Venus). 

Naomi Wolf.  "Third Wave" feminist author of "The Beauty Myth".  Pluto sextile Mercury (ruler of Moon) and ruler of Venus in Scorpio. 

Mary Wollstonecraft.  Mother to feminism and Frankenstein. Pluto sextile Moon and quincunx Venus.

We can probably interpret the Pluto-with-Moon-and-Venus configurations that seem so common in the charts of feminists in different ways.  One one hand, there is an obvious connection between Pluto and death:  these configurations may represent in some way the killing (and reinventing) of feminine energies.  One could also interpret these patterns as the infusion of feminine energies with revolutionary and/or destructive power.  Both interpretations (and others) are likely valid. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

TSA Shooting Rampage

This morning, an as-yet unidentified man entered Los Angeles LAX airport and opened fire, killing one TSA agent and injuring approximately 13 others.  Initial reports suggest he may have been targeting TSA agents.  I warned of the possibility of a mass-murder event four days ago, based on the astrological weather.  Pallas, protector of libertarian non-aggression, is still within the orb of the same aspect with Pluto I reported on then -- her ability to maintain peace is compromised when Pluto is in orb.

As always with these events, we look for the Bloodbath Formula.

1.  Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto.  Ethics compromised by power.

2.  Saturn (Second House ruler) widely square Neptune; Jupiter (ruler of Venus) quintile South Node.  Property rights, including possession of one's own body, compromised.

3.  Pluto conjunct the Second House cusp, widely conjunct Venus, and widely opposite Venus' ruler Jupiter.  Property destruction, again including human bodies.

4.  Pluto square Moon.  Death of family (fellow humans). 

5.  Pluto sextile Sun and trine Mars (co-ruler of Sun).  The day brings death.

6.  (optional) Prominent Mercury, conjunct the Sun.  I can't explain this one:  it just appears very often.

The formula is fully present, and so a mass-murder event on this day is no surprise to any astrologer who has learned the formula.  This formula, and the Pallas-Pluto aspect in particular, were how I was able to suggest in a previous post that there could be another mass-murder this week.  Anyone with the patience to learn can use these techniques. 

Pallas rules, among other things, non-aggression.  She is the ruling planet of libertarianism.  When she is compromised, violence and tyranny are empowered.