Monday, December 29, 2014

"Mission Accompished" in Afghanistan

The US officially ended its war in Afghanistan yesterday.  This is in all likelihood a sad joke.  Troops will remain for an unspecified amount of time.  Meanwhile, the US war in Iraq has "officially ended" twice now, but this hasn't stopped Herr Obama from quietly sending in more troops in recent weeks.  Even Jude at Stars Over Washington (who is firmly on the Left) is skeptical

The chart (time unknown) is pretty much the same chart as yesterday's airline disappearance:  the outcome of both situations is unknown but the reasonable guess is that (a lot of) people will end up dead. 

The chart's Bloodbath Formula:
1.  Pallas semisquare Pluto, square Jupiter, and sesquiquadrate South Node.
2.  Neptune in Second House.
3.  Pluto conjunct Venus.
4.  Pluto quintile Moon and square IC.
5.  Pluto conjunct Sun.

A highly compromised Pallas on a "peace" chart?  Sorry, no.  This is a mass-murder chart.  Obama's war will continue.  I pray I'm wrong.  I will happily give props to Der Führer should he surprise me and do something uncharacteristically good.  I have before

Sunday, December 28, 2014

AirAsia Flight Vanishes

An AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore carrying 162 people has vanished.  (Does this seem to be happening more frequently in recent years?).  There are no theories other than "bad weather" regarding its disappearance.

The approximate chart for the disappearance has features similar to that of kidnapping charts:
1.  Ceres square Moon.
2.  Ceres parallel Sun.
3.  Pallas semisquare Pluto.
4.  Neptune in Second House.
5.  Neptune square ruler of Ascendant.

While there is yet no evidence of foul play, there is also an overlapping Bloodbath Formula:
1.  Pallas semisquare Pluto, square Jupiter, and sesquiquadrate South Node.
2.  Neptune in Second House.
3.  Pluto conjunct Venus.
4.  Pluto quintile Moon and square IC.
5.  Pluto conjunct Sun

We also have Jupiter (travel) as the "handle" of the chart's "bucket" formation in the Eighth House (death) and Mercury (short-distance travel) conjunct Pluto (death again). Uranus and the South Node at the IC might suggest instability (Uranus) and mysterious forces (South Node) at play with mother Earth (IC). 

We hope, of course, for the best possible outcome. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money

Here is a link to an hour-long lecture in which Austrian scholar Jörg Guido Hülsmann logically explains why modern fiat-money systems create a culture of war and materialism, and make upward economic mobility difficult for the poor.  Dry delivery; devastating content.  It provides an insightful overview into the decidedly Neptunian effects of Age-of-Pisces monetary systems which promise stability and deliver dissolution and corruption. 

The Cultural Consequences of Fiat Money

Here's his chart (no birth time publicly available) and a short analysis accounting for his sociopolitical and economic views. 

LibertarianPallas ruled by Mars which is conjunct Sun, North Node, and Mercury.
AuthoritarianPallas square Jupiter.
A square from Jupiter to Pallas is usually enough to knock a chart off the libertarian position, but we have the full trifecta of Pallas-supporting factors conjunct the ruler of Pallas.  The chart is, despite Jupiter, extremely libertarian.

CapitalistVenus ruled by Mars which is conjunct the North Node
Collectivist:  Mars, ruling Venus, is opposite Neptune.  But Neptune is conjunct the South Node, draining his power.
Overall, we have a chart that tends very strongly towards capitalism, especially over time. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Russian Currency Collapse

The Russian ruble has been collapsing, gradually at first but very rapidly of late.  Many commentators in the mainstream blame the shrinking price of oil, upon which much of the Russian economy depends.  The Economic Collapse blog reports that the more immediate symptoms are a result of a Russian government bailout of Rosneft, a Russian oil company that cannot refinance its loans with western banks due to economic sanctions.  This involved the printing of a great sum of money... which, contrary to Paul Krugman and the Keynesian faithful, always harms the people because it reduces their buying power. 

Transits and tertiary progressions for the day the bailout against the chart for Russia tell an interesting story.  Usually I go for normal secondary progressions, but in this case the tertiary progressions seem to be more interesting. 

Transiting Jupiter at the Ascendant conjunct tertiary progressed Chiron square Russia Venus:  an expansive open wound to the money supply.

Transiting Nodes square Russia Neptune, ruler of Eighth House: a turning point involving dissolution and debt/banking. 

Tertiary progressed Mars trine Russia Pluto/Venus:  the activation of destructive financial measures. 

Transiting Pallas conjunct Russia Venus: an ethical consideration regarding money. 

Transiting Venus conjunct tertiary progressed Pallas and Russia Sun:  a strategic/ethical financial event which affects the nation. 

Libertarians generally oppose bailouts because they reward failures and punish success.  They also oppose sanctions and economic controls because they eventually harm all parties involved.  I don't know what to make of a bailout used to defend against sanctions, but it seems clear that much pain will be involved all around.

Russia's Vladimir Putin is possibly the most capable major head of state in the world today, but he has not shown himself to be immune to the seductive lure of bailouts, embargoes, and economic controls.  It will be interesting to see how he decides to steer Russia through the ongoing storm of attacks from the USA and her puppets. 

Mainstream hard-Leftist astro-political blog Starlight News has a different take on this event using a different chart for Russia:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

US to Restore Relations with Cuba

In a surprise announcement, it appears that the US will be normalizing relations with Cuba after decades of non-communication.  This may be, from the libertarian standpoint, President Obama's single constructive act in a reign marked with wanton destruction and death. 

The current Uranus-Pluto square, approaching exact now, probably has some relevance to this event.  There will also no doubt be some interesting action against the composite charts between Cuba and the US and also transits which activate both charts which will be picked up by mainstream astrologers at some point.  Readers of this blog know that the astrological driver for peace is Pallas and that the planetary goddess of wisdom and protector of civilization will be prominent in the relevant charts.  At this moment the Sun is exactly semisextile Pallas and semisquare her co-ruler Mars, providing for a day or so of sunshine in a period marred by anti-peace transits. 

Without much ceremony, here are some transit charts:

Transiting Pallas at Obama's MC and trine his Pallas.  Transiting Sun square his Pallas

Transiting Pallas square the US Pallas.  Transiting Sun sextile US Pallas.  Transiting Mercury quintile US progressed Pallas.  

Against the Cuba independence chart, progressed Pallas is septile natal Pallas, transiting Pallas is quincunx progressed Pallas, and transiting Sun and Mercury are opposite progressed Pallas.

Against the chart for Communist Cuba, transiting Pallas is semisextile natal Pallas and the Sun is sextile natal Pallas

For lovers of peace and freedom, Pallas is the most benefic of all the planets. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pakistan School Massacre

Taliban militants have reportedly laid siege to a school in Pakistan, killing more than 130 children.  This is an horrific event, but one which is suspiciously convenient for the Obama administration because it diverts public attention from the uproar over recent killings of Americans by police and gruesome CIA torture revelations, and provides justification for continued US military activities there.  Indeed, the American Caesar was quick to comment on this event though he often ignores similar events of equal weight. 

The Bloodbath Formula in the chart for the start of the massacre:
1.  Pallas square Jupiter and semisquare Pluto
2.  Venus sextile Neptune; South Node in the Second House; Saturn, ruling Venus, square Neptune; Mars, ruling the Second House, in the Twelfth House
3.  Venus conjunct Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun in wide stellium with Pluto and at the Pluto-MC midpoint. 

Some of these aspects are getting stronger.  I think there's a high likelihood of more violence this week.  The Uranus-Pluto square becoming exact probably doesn't help things either. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sony Hacking Scandal

The headlines on Drudge these days seem to be largely about the recent publishing of confidential emails at Sony's motion picture division by hackers.  They reveal racial insensitivity and possible sexism among Sony execs and well as other embarrassing bits regarding high-profile Hollywood figures.  Some of the current slow-moving transits that may reflect this: 

Transiting Pallas conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter:  struggle (Saturn) with ethics (Pallas) in the limelight (Jupiter). 

Transiting Nodes square Pluto:  karma (the Nodes) acting on those in power (Pluto). 

Transiting South Node conjunct Uranus:  things hidden (South Node), let loose by technology (Uranus). 

Transiting Saturn square Neptune:  troubles (Saturn) in the motion picture industry (Neptune). 

Transiting Uranus square Pluto (exact this week):  shakeups (Uranus) in the dynamics of power (Pluto).  This one may bring us some more serious geopolitical news in the coming days. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sandy Hook Massacre 2012

In the approach to the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a group of "conspiracy theorist" types called Independent Media Solidarity released a full-length documentary detailing their deconstruction of the official government/mainstream narrative of the event.  The documentary completely obliterates the official story from every conceivable angle and instead posits a completely fabricated event designed to create a raison d'etre for gun control, school reform, psychiatric medication, and the raising of millions of dollars for the families of the reported victims (many of them government and/or pharma-connected in suspicious ways).  The case laid out in the documentary (entitled "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook") is truly shocking.  It it also being "swept under the rug" rather than directly addressed by the powers-that-be, suggesting that some of its revelations may be "inconvenient truths" for them.

We will look at two horoscopes using the theories around which this blog is written.  Both more or less support the official narrative but do not prove it. 

This transit chart for reported shooter Adam Lanza on the day of the shooting (posted previously) is absolutely consistent with the transit chart of a killer of at the time of a killing.  Transiting Pluto aspecting a spree killer's natal and/or progressed Pallas is a signature which in my experience is always present at the time of the killing.  It is, however, not proof.  Lanza does not appear to have the Bloodbath Formula on his natal chart, but we would need a time of birth to be sure. 

The chart for the event does indeed carry a Bloodbath Formula:
1.  Pluto quincunx Jupiter, ruler of Pallas, and indirectly quintile Pallas herself.
2.  Neptune on the Second House cusp square Venus.
3.  Pluto rules Venus and is quincunx Jupiter (ruling Pisces intercepted in the Second House).
4.  Pluto conjunct Moon.
5.  Pluto quincunx Jupiter, ruler of Sun

This is also not proof of the official narrative.  As we astrologers know, astrology does not reliably trigger specific types of events but rather awakens archetypes in our consciousness:  an apparent mass-murder could well carry the same chart as an actual one.  Note also the Twelfth House Mars in this chart: the action is hidden from view. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Racial Unrest / Murder by Cop

This post on hard Left-wing astro-blog Starlight News nails a good part of what's going on in America today.  The current transiting Saturn square to the US Moon is reflective of the current rash of protests nationwide against the killing of black men Michael Brown and Eric Garner by perceived police over-reach.  From what I can tell, the Eric Garner case is clearly an act of police aggression; the Brown case is murky.

As I've documented before, the Moon and the sign of Cancer seem to come up when race is a primary issue.  So it's consistent with the Saturn-to-US-Moon square that the current protests are ethno-centric despite the undeniable fact that US police officers seem to feel free to kill anyone regardless on race.

But of course, the issue is not merely race but police and violence.  Pallas, conjunct the US Moon, represents both ethics and armaments.  Pallas conjunct the Moon in a natal chart very much represents the "warrior" aspect of Pallas made physically manifest.  It's not just the US Moon that is experiencing the Saturn transit, but the US Moon-Pallas conjunction.  This is why the current unease is not about race alone but about race and the ethics of violent force.  To those unfamiliar with this blog, Pallas is the subject of most of the posts here -- I am not guessing or making stuff up but reporting what I've gleaned over the study of over a thousand charts on the subject of Pallas.

The US progressed Pallas is at 13 Pisces right now, receiving a sextile from Pluto.  I've posted a fair amount about Pluto-to-Pallas transits.  They represent an "ethical crisis" in which our sense of right and wrong and our ability to refrain from acting before due consideration are put to the test.  These transits are also the "smoking gun" behind virtually all the killing/suicide events I've studied.  I don't expect mainstream America to be thinking clearly over the next month or so. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The recent storm of Bill Cosby rape allegations has inspired a new research project of mine into a dark corner of astrology:  the horoscopes of rapists. 

In the same way that the Bloodbath Formula always seems to appear in the charts of multiple-murderers (including serial killers, spree killers, and warmongering politicians) and multiple-murder events, there appears to be a different set of chart patterns that consistently appears in the charts of rapists (excluding perpetrators of incest) who leave their victims alive (rapists who kill their prey fall under the Bloodbath Formula).  There is overlap between the "Rapist Formula" and the Bloodbath Formula, but also strong divergence.  This suggests that the malaise afflicting killer-rapists is somewhat different from that of non-killer rapists. 

The Rapist Formula thus far in my research seems to be:

1.  Pallas or ruler compromised by aspect to Pluto, discordant aspect from Jupiter, and/or influence of the South Node.  Pallas is the non-aggression principle or "stop sign" which keeps us from initiating force against others.  This feature appears in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes and in the charts of persons or entities with any anti-libertarian tendencies.  After studying many hundreds of charts, I have never seen the chart of a violent criminal with a perfect "libertarian" Pallas placement. 

2.  Venus-Neptune complex:  Venus (or Second House or rulers thereof) configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  Venus and the Second House reflect, among other things, the distinction between "mine" and "yours" and property rights in general.  When these factors are made unclear by Neptune and/or the South Node, and Pallas is also compromised, the chart native tends to have a less distinct view of property boundaries (including the bodies of others) it is acceptable to cross.  This feature also tends to appear in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes.

3.  Mars-Moon complex:   Mars in aspect to Moon (or equivalent).  Suggesting aggression involving women. 

4.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter complex:  all three "fire planets" connected by at least two "triangle legs" (can include declination).  This is somewhat intuitive:  it suggests an over-abundance of aggressive, traditionally-male energy.  Mars in Aries, Scorpio, or Sagittarius also seems common but not ubiquitous.

5.  Jupiter-Neptune complex:  Jupiter configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  This one is new to me.  It suggests a desire to "explore" that which is "foreign" or "hidden" and lends new meaning to the slang term "strange". 

Points 1 and 2 suggest weak ethics and boundaries.  Points 4 and 5 suggest an abundance of exuberant aggressiveness and a desire, perhaps, to direct it where one generally should not.  These last two points open an uncomfortable possibility:  that Jupiter partially rules the act of rape. 

My nascent collection of rapist charts lives here below my collection of murderer charts on my Criminal Astrology page.  The page may eventually include other types of crimes such as non-lethal assault, fraud, and robbery. 

Astrology has much to offer to psychology and behavioral science.  By dismissing it as superstition, we deny ourselves a powerful tool for self-understanding. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Riot II

The grand jury deliberating Michael Brown's death decided yesterday not to press charges against police officer Darren Wilson.  While, given the evidence that has been released to the public, this is a reasonable conclusion, hell immediately broke loose in Ferguson. 

The obvious transits (to most astrologers):

Transiting Mars and transiting Jupiter forming challenging aspects with Ferguson's Mars:  action riled-up and exacerbated. 

Transiting Jupiter probably conjunct Ferguson's Moon in Leo:  racial identity of the population, blown up.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Ferguson's Pluto:  destructive energies unleashed.

The non-obvious transit: 

Transiting Pluto sextile Ferguson's Pallas:  the temporary removal or weakening of ethical barriers against violence. 

Similar transits apply to the USA chart, reflecting nationwide protests and riots. 

Black men are murdered fairly regularly by police overstepping their authority.  In those cases, which are clearly unwarranted killings, the mainstream press is silent.  Instead, they choose to incite race-war by hyping up cases like this one and the Trayvon Martin case in which there is clearly a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the shooter.  This is not just irresponsible:  it's destructively criminal.  It's also driving Americans in droves to the likes of Infowars, RT, and Drudge.  I am one of these. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Afghan Suicide Bombing

exact location may be incorrect

A suicide bombing at a volleyball game in Afghanistan has killed about 50 today.  Here's the Bloodbath Formula in the event chart: 

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Pluto undecile Venus, indirectly quincunx her ruler Jupiter, and septile Mercury (ruler of Second House).
4.  Pluto novile Sun (ruler of Fourth House) and indirectly quincunx Moon's ruler Jupiter. 
5.  Pluto novile Sun

Yes, it's a bit weak... which is probably why Drudge hasn't reported other violence this morning. 

We are still in the waning Pallas-Pluto sextile:  violence and oppression are to be expected as long as Pallas remains in the area of Pluto's effect. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Two reportedly Palestinian cousins started a killing spree in a Jerusalem synagogue during worship this morning.  They killed three Americans and one Briton before being slain by police.  This is a convenient excuse for the bloodthirsty Israeli government to start up the war machine again:  I have no doubt that the likes of Alex Jones will be noting this and looking for evidence of a false flag attack.  It would not surprise me if he found it.  We are still in the waning Pallas-Pluto sextile:  violence and oppression are to be expected as long as the orb holds. 

time unknown: reported as "morning"

As usual for this type of event, we have a Bloodbath Formula, in this instance triggered by the Moon and Venus simultaneously moving to complete the formula:

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto which is conjunct Pallas co-ruler Mars.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Venus novile Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto

I believe that the Mercury-Pallas conjunction is reducing the violence we would normally see under this configuration. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bill Cosby, Rapist?

Women have been accusing family-friendly comedian Bill Cosby of rape for decades now, but recently the spate of allegation has been front page news.  Here's a transit chart for Cosby for two days ago, when the stories were attaining escape velocity: 

Transiting Pluto is conjunct Cosby's MC:  the destruction of one's public image.

Transiting Neptune is square his Venus, ruling his Second and Seventh Houses:  the dissolving one one's resources and relationships.

Transiting Jupiter is square his Eighth-House Scorpio Mars:  the publishing of one's sexual activities.  Alleged, in this case.

Jupiter is also quincunx his Pallas:  the publishing of one's ethics. 

Transiting South Node conjunct his Descendant:  relationships dissolving, again. 

All of this nastiness has inspired me to look for a "Rapist Formula" on the charts of rapists who don't kill, in the same vein as my Bloodbath Formula for multiple murderers.  Obviously, it'll take me a while to process enough charts to be sure, but I've checked a half-dozen already and clear patterns are already emerging. 

1.  Compromised Pallas, representing a willingness to violate the rights of others.
2.  Venus + Neptune (or some variant thereof): difficulty distinguishing "mine" from "yours".
3.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle.  All three, connected by at least two "legs". 

The Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is a new one for me, but it makes sense for the charts of non-lethal rapists.  Jupiter hypes up the aggression and sexual energy of Mars, and the addition of the Sun indicates a personal identification with this.  The triangle does not appear in the charts I've checked for killer-rapists:  apparently this is an entirely different pathology.

Yes, Bill Cosby has all of these chart features.  His Pallas is opposite Pluto, his Venus conjunct his South Node, and the Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is fairly obvious.  This is not proof of guilt, but it's certainly disturbing. 

11/29/2014:  I am slowly building a collection of rapist charts here where I've got my multiple-murderers.  My updated astrological "Rapist Formula" is here

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Late Capitalism"?

My friend the conservative blogger Promethean Antagonist, with whom I share not all but certainly many political views, recently broke his silence to comment on the the Neo-Marxist term "late capitalism".  I had to look up the term because I'd never heard it before.  I find it interesting that Left-wing lingo often requires special education or indoctrination to understand, after which the Leftist faithful then look down their nose at those barbarians not in the know.  These terms include "social contract", "privilege", and "social justice" as well as "late capitalism".  They require belief in their underlying doctrines (remember, religious Neptune rules the Left) as a condition of their intended use. 

The complex shades of meaning that these terms encapsulate often contain falsehoods or unproven assumptions.  Nobody actually signs a "social contract" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau certainly proved that he did not feel himself bound to any sort of social responsibility).  "Privilege" is a term of attack these days, very often levied at persons who have done no wrong.  "Social justice" generally means using the guns of the State to unjustly steal from one group to give to another.  Finally, "late capitalism" implies the Marxist eschatology in which capitalism folds and gives way to socialism and finally communism.  But as Mr. Antagonist notes, it's actually the reverse:  socialism and communism inevitably fail and capitalism arises in its place. 

Capitalism, of course, is merely the extension of the natural urge of many life forms to claim resources needed for their survival and to respect the similar claims of other members of the same species.  Dogs, bears, and birds claim territory and/or build homes -- and defend these against others of their own species.  Rodents claim stockpiles of food.  Plants claim root space.  Marx, who himself took great pride in the upper-bourgeois trappings paid for by Friedrich Engels' factory, would have us believe that this behavior isn't natural. 

Astrologically, there are indicators for capitalism (Venus/Second-House without Neptune or South Node, often with North Node; and/or strong Pallas).  This automatically implies that the metaphysical root of capitalism is as old as, and will last as long as, our solar system.  For the neo-Marxists to realize their dream of moving humanity beyond capitalism, they would have to prevent enough human births of astrologically "capitalist" babies to insure a solid Neptunian majority.  After this, human civilization would perish.  As Ludwig von Mises proved through logical deduction and as history demonstrates, the degree of capitalism in a society is directly proportional to its ability to persist and thrive. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pallas Sextile Pluto

One can tell what sort of astrological aspects Pallas is forming in the sky simply by reading the news.  This morning two of the breaking news stories involved a suicide bombing in Nigeria and a possible new initiative from the American Emperor to bring the internet under government control.  While these acts seem unrelated, both are types of aggression.  When aggression runs free in the world, we can be fairly sure that Pallas is weakened by transit, usually because she is forming an aspect with Pluto

In this case we have a sextile between Pallas and Pluto, exacerbated by Pluto's conjunction with Mars because Mars is a co-ruler of Pallas in Scorpio.  When the sign ruler of Pallas receives aspects that would weaken Pallas, Pallas experiences some weakening effect. 

This chart is for the time of the DC news story.  No time has yet been reported for the Nigeria bombing, but even without the time we have a Bloodbath Formula:

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto and co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto.
2.  Venus quincunx South Node.
3.  Moon opposite Pluto.
4.  Venus co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto; Venus conjunct Sun which is under Pluto's influence.
5.  Sun septile Pluto and co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto. 

I believe that the proximity of Mercury and the Sun to Pallas is helping to mitigate the damage. But we may see yet more damage before Pallas is clear of Pluto. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

California Proposition 47 Passes

California voters just decided to drop the War on Drugs.  Proposition 47, which releases drug-war prisoners and downgrades drug possession to a misdemeanor, passed in this week's election.  This is a significant reduction in state aggression for California.  In my experience, reduction of aggression always corresponds astrologically with the strengthening of Pallas (by the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node) by transit and/or progression.  This blog reports on many similar events and corresponding transits.

Here's California's chart with transits and progressions for around the time the polls closed.

The transiting North Node is quincunx California's progressed Pallas.  Transiting Mercury is trine California's natal Pallas.  The Sun is trine California's progressed Pallas.

This interesting development also makes sense given the California election day transits. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yesterday's Election

By the end of yesterday's US election, liberals were tearing out their hair and conservatives were doing the happy dance at the GOP victory.  In my mind, the Republicans as a whole are every bit as much welfare-warfare statists as the Democrats, but certainly the current round of "throwing the bums out" and replacing them with fresh bums is a reflection on American dissatisfaction with the past two years of rulership.

Accordingly against the Sibley chart:
  • Transiting Jupiter is trine the US Chiron (pain made public).  
  • Transiting Chiron is conjunct the progressed US Sun and Pallas (an attempt to adjust/heal both the nation and the state of its ethics).  
  • Transiting Saturn trine US Mercury: the US voice made solid. 
  • Transiting Uranus tightly square US Sun:  a significant shakeup. 
  • Transiting Neptune trine US Venus, ruling the Tenth House:  the dissolving of structure. 
  • Transiting Pluto continues its long opposition to the US Sun, suggestive of continuing shifts in power. 

 Sweet, sweet gridlock, come quickly!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Japan Devalues Currency

In contrast to the recent Federal Reserve announcements that US Dollar interest rates would not be falling, the government of Japan has announced a new round of "stimulus".  Japan will devalue its currency through inflation to prop up its markets.  This news has helped cause a rally in worldwide stock markets.

It has been my assertion for years that Keynesian "spending = wealth" economics are purely a Neptunian phenomenon and a symptom of the Age of Pisces.  I see the thought processes driving this ideology as religion and not science or logic.  I believe, accordingly, that government actions driven by the Keynesian religion will inevitably fail. 

Note transiting Jupiter conjunct Japan's Pluto in the Eighth House:  powerful debt expansion.

Transiting Mercury and North Node are at Japan's MC conjunct Japan's Neptune:  an announcement (Mercury) of the beginnings (North Node) of a great dissolving (Neptune).

Similarly, the transiting South Node is conjunct Japan's Venus at the IC:  the deprecation (South Node) of value (Venus) at home (IC). 

Transiting Pluto has been opposite Japan's Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius which is intercepted in Japan's Second House:  the destruction (Pluto) of wealth (Second House). 

Finally, transiting Venus is conjunct Japan's Mars:  the combination of action (Mars) and value (Venus).  This by itself might even be a very short-lived positive financial indicator, but transiting Venus is no match for Neptune, Pluto, and the South Node

The Neptunian faithful who run our governments continue to worship their watery god by sacrificing the physical well-being of their people to him.  Astrology reveals the true dynamics of what is happening.

Good luck to the long-suffering people of Japan.  Perhaps when Neptune finally leaves Japan's Second House in the next year they may see more stable times. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hungary Suspends Internet Tax

The Hungarian government was going to institute a tax on internet traffic.  In response to gigantic public demonstrations against the proposed tax, the government has backed down.  In my experience, the repeal of restrictive laws always corresponds with a strengthening of Pallas by transit.  Pallas (ruling the libertarian non-aggression principle) is stronger when she and/or her sign ruler(s) are connected to the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node

So here we have the chart for post-Soviet Hungary and the transits for the day of the announcement.  Transiting Sun is conjunct transiting Pallas and both are conjunct Hungary's Sun.  Transiting Mercury and North Node are conjunct Hungary's Mars, ruler of Hungary's Pallas.  Transiting Pallas is quincunx Hungary's Pallas as well. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I've seen young actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in three filmed productions now: Woody Allen's Match Point, TV series The Tudors, and TV series Dracula.  He plays the same character in all three, whether as social-climber, monarch, or vampire.  The character is driven by desire and unconstrained by ethics, and thus wreaks havoc on the world around him.  The world he creates around himself is one of money, power, sex, and murder.  Because Meyers is consistently called on to play this character, an astrologer might expect to see it in his horoscope. 

This, of course, sounds like Pluto/Scorpio..  but Pluto alone does not explain the character.  Pluto after all, rules not only the ruthless power-monger but those who heal, work in constructive ways with sexual energies, and help us come to terms with change and death.  So in Meyers' chart we would not only be looking for strong Pluto, but also a strong Pluto-Pallas connection.  Such a connection would indicate the possibility of severely compromised ethics as well as a natural skill with Plutonian energies (again money, power, sex, murder...).  This combination is common in real-life politicians, of course.

Here's the chart (time unknown).  Strong Pluto courtesy of the North Node conjunction.  Pluto-Pallas parallel by declination, as well as a Pluto-Pallas-Mercury (ruling Pallas) midpoint complex.  A wonderful and exciting combination for a dramatic actor; a near-guarantee of authoritarianism when seen in the world of politics.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Marysville Pilchuck Shooting

Yesterday gave us another school shooting, albeit one that is thankfully relatively low in body count.  It happens right before a local vote on gun-control ordinances, making the conspiracy-minded wonder if it is actually an event staged by agents of the State in order to disarm the public. 

This chart is almost identical to that of the the Canadian Parliament Shooting from two days earlier.  The Moon has moved from a square to a sextile with Pluto.  Pallas is arguably out of orb of this week's quintile with Pluto, but the Sun has moved in to bridge the gap and temporarily re-fill the quintile.  As with the Canadian event, because the Sun is involved with Pallas, the death toll is lower than that of similar events.

The Bloodbath Formula on this chart:  

1.  Pallas quintile Pluto via Sun.  Held in check because Pallas is conjunct the Sun.  
2.  Venus trine Neptune.
3.  Pluto in the Second House.
4.  Pluto sextile Moon.
5.  Pluto quintile Sun.

I'm willing to bet the shooter as on FDA-approved and physician-prescribed psychiatric drugs.  Because, generally speaking, mass shooters generally are.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada Parliament Shooting

A "terrorist" shooting at the Canadian parliament on Wednesday.  It was very limited in scope, so we might look for a Bloodbath Formula for the event chart that is also limited in some way. 

1.  Pallas quintile Pluto.  Held in check because Pallas is conjunct the Sun.  
2.  Venus trine Neptune.
3.  Pluto in the Second House.
4.  Pluto square Moon.
5.  Pluto quintile Sun.
Without the Pallas-Sun conjunction I believe we would have seen a higher body count, and more than one violent public event.

We also get relevant aspects when we superimpose the shooting chart around Canada's chart:

The Uranus-Pluto square rides across Canada's ASC and MC, suggesting upheavals at the national level.  Transiting Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (ideologically-driven action) attacks the Moon (ruling the Fourth House of the "homeland") and Chiron (injury).  Transiting Mercury at the Descendant perhaps gives us information about "others" (in this case purported "jihadists"). 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Scandal and a Treaty?

In an earlier post, I mentioned discussing the previous eclipse with a group of astrologers at the beginning of the month.  For the previous eclipse, I had guessed "ebola outbreak".

We also discussed the next eclipse, for Washington DC.  My guess was "banking collapse", and I added that during this eclipse set we would be more likely to see a peace treaty than a new war.  Here are the chart, and some observations on it.

1.  Eclipse in Scorpio, in the Seventh House, conjunct Pallas and Venus.  This looks like a peace and/or economic agreement with a foreign power.  The Scorpio placement suggests that elements may be hidden.

2.  Pluto at the MC.   Looks like a power upheaval:  somebody at the top of the power pyramid losing his/her place?

3.  Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House sextile the eclipse.  At the anoretic "finalizing" 29th degree, no less.  This supports the foreign agreement theory.

4.  Venus (ruling the Second House) conjunct eclipse, trine and parallel with Neptune and widely conjunct North Node.  This suggests the dissolution of assets, perhaps with the possibility of the future accumulation of wealth.

5.  Jupiter in the Fifth House trine the South Node in the Twelfth.  This could relate to Pluto at the MC.  When we've looked at Jupiter with the South Node on this blog before, inconvenient secrets have come to light. 

Power upheaval, foreign treaty, spilled secrets, and/or financial action?  Perhaps two separate events:  the breaking of a public scandal and an under-the-radar economic pact? 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bitcoin Versus Eclipse (Part 2)

While the lunar eclipse from two weeks ago corresponded with the bottom of the current long dip in the price of Bitcoin, the impending corresponding solar eclipse seems to suggest a different story. 

Instead of the generally negative astrology of the past eclipse, we have mixed signals, perhaps leaning towards the positive. 

1.  Eclipse or no, either the Sun or Venus forming an aspect to Bitcoin's Venus has tended to correspond with a temporary price spike.  Here we have both, in a wide conjunction with the North Node
2.  Said Sun-Venus conjunction is trine Bitcoin's progressed Moon
3.  Setting aside Bitcoin's chart, the Sun-Pallas conjunction is good for "libertarian-positive" news. 

1.  The transiting South Node, which could be re-triggered by the eclipse, is still on Bitcoin's MC.  I am leaning towards the idea that most of the action will occur on the closer to where the actual eclipse is on the chart, however. 
2.  Transiting Chiron is near-exactly sextile to Bitcoin's Sun.  Chiron has consistently been bad news for Bitcoin's price.  Then again, it's only a sextile. 
3.  Uranus is square Bitcoin's Sun:  this is not inherently positive or negative but certainly could be disruptive.  Uranus could be triggered by a quindecile from the eclipse. 

I offer no advice or guarantee, but I am expecting price activity on/around Thursday.  Probably, it'll be some kind of price peak or spike.  

Friday, October 17, 2014


An astrological discussion I attended two weeks ago came to the chart of the past October 8 2014 eclipse (then in the future), set for Washington DC.  The chart has an ominous placement of Pluto at the IC -- a portent of something serious for the nation and potentially deadly.  Participants predicted new events regarding terrorism or increased warfare.  I said:  "Ebola outbreak". 

Why?  First, the effects of the eclipse were apparently manifesting long before the peak.  Note the price of Bitcoin which was to hit bottom almost exactly during the eclipse itself:  the price had been failing for weeks before.  It seemed reasonable that whatever the manifestation for the US would be, there already would have been prior warning of the possibility. Ebola was already in the news. 

Second, Pluto at the IC does in fact suggest death... but I saw the Pallas/Sun/Mercury/North-Node stellium and ruled out mass violence.  Death, but no violence:  this suggests a natural disaster or other "act of God".

Third, Chiron and Neptune at the Sixth House cusp, suggesting problems and confusion regarding health and/or the general population.

Fourth, the Moon (representing perhaps "the people") in the Seventh House (of "others") conjunct Uranus ("the stranger") and the South Node (loss/disease and possibly also representing a foreign element).   The Moon here rules the Tenth House, suggesting that chaos and loss also affect the State.

Obviously, I should have blogged about it then.

Eclipses can be associated with confusion.  Note this sampling of articles from the mainstream and alt-media positing radically different ideas about the US outbreak, ranging from taking it at face value all the way to "it's another manufactured false flag event to create panic".  I don't claim to know:  certainly real epidemics occur, but our own state/media apparatus has made it a regular activity to incite panic about some new disease (remember swine flu, etc.?) which ends up selling lots of vaccine shots but not becoming a serious public hazard.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hong Kong Protests

While we in the West have been concerned with US-funded ISIL and the US-exacerbated ebola epidemic, Hong Kong has been erupting in massive political protests (background) which bear the hallmarks of (you guessed it) US-government provocation.  The astrology for the day of the start of the current wave of protests is interesting.

Against the chart for the "founding" of Hong Kong in 1841:

Transiting South Node conjunct HK Pluto:  an impending loss of power (to the Chinese?).

Transiting Chiron conjunct HK Moon (ruler of Third House):  pain/injury (Chiron) to the people (Moon) triggering vocal expression (Third House).  

Note that on the "natal" chart there's a powerful Sun/Mercury/Pallas/North-Node conjunction.  As long as this chart remains in effect, Hong Kong will resist all attempts to reduce its autonomy.

Here's the transit chart against the Hong Kong "handover" to China:

Transiting South Node conjunct handover Saturn (ruling the Tenth):  loss or weakening of authority.

Transiting Pluto opposite handover Sun:  an existential threat to China's control over Hong Kong?

At least from these two charts, I don't see a clear winner in the battle for control. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bitcoin Versus Eclipse

The price of Bitcoin is cratering, having dropped nearly 40% in the past month alone.  There are no obvious explanations in the news (except that relatively small economy Russia is threatening to ban the cryptocurrency).  There are also no obvious slow-moving-planet transits (Pluto is approaching Venus on Bitcoin's first solar return, but when it did this in January we saw little price activity).

My best guess is that the culprit is the upcoming lunar eclipse, the effect of which is "leaking" before its peak.  I work part-time for company which held its IPO on an eclipse:  for the next year the company did very well but the stock price went down or sideways.  Eclipses are literally and metaphorically a "blocking of light" and their effects are not easily predictable, perhaps because they obscure our sight.  This eclipse happens across Bitcoin's MC axis, squaring the Bitcoin Sun, with the Moon and South Node at the MC, corresponding with a loss in prominence. 

If the eclipse is the culprit, we could be looking at effects lasting a few months (perhaps subsiding in time for January's Pluto transit against Bitcoin's Sun?).  I would see this as a buying opportunity (if you're bullish).  It's the three remaining Pluto transits for Bitcoin's Sun that will indicate Bitcoin's long-term fate. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

I Am Giving a Talk on Pallas

At the request of a number interested local astrologers, I will be giving a two-hour talk entitled "Interpreting Pallas: Ethics, Logic, and Skill in the Horoscope" on Thursday November 13 2014 for the San Francisco NCGR.  It will include some research I haven't published yet, and is organized in a way that makes it easier to understand for the beginner than my web postings.  Unlike this blog, this talk is geared to an audience that is not necessarily politically libertarian. 

I have already tested the presentation in front of accomplished astrologers (Linea Van Horn and Elizabeth A. Barton were generous with their time) and one non-astrologer (my friend the brilliant avant-garde songwriter Emily Bezar also has a scientific background).  My test audiences gave the presentation high marks.  A prominent local astrologer has actually compared my research methodology to that of Bernadatte Brady and a number of high-profile astrologers have already characterized my work on Pallas as "important".  

I consider this talk to be a "sequel" to a talk by Jamie Kahl a few years ago called "Pallas Athena:  Ball-Buster or Daddy's Little Girl?" which was a very in-depth overview into the mythology of Pallas Athena including stories and insights generally not known to most astrologers.  Where Kahl's talk was entirely on myth and archetype, mine will be entirely on practical example and application. My talk is very dense, employing over a hundred example charts from my collection in rapid succession over its two hour length. 

This talk will probably be the most comprehensive introduction to the practical interpretation of Pallas in existence.  It will be, to my knowledge, the closest thing to a manual for astrologers on the interpretation of Pallas to date.  It and my other research may eventually form the basis for a book in the future.  In the meantime, recordings will be available sometime after I give the talk for those unable to come to San Francisco on November 13. 

This is the text of the official blurb from NCGR:

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Alan L. Lin: Interpreting Pallas: Ethics, Logic, and Skill in the Horoscope
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, Building C, Room C210
Learn what Pallas tells us about our ethics, our socio-political convictions, our special talents, areas of insight, and our capacity for peace or violence. Astrological research on the asteroid Pallas has been sparse, vague, and not particularly compelling... until now. Using years of research painstakingly distilled from nearly a thousand horoscopes, Alan L Lin shares his findings.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Moorefield Storey

Moorfield Storey was a forerunner to Ron Paul:  anti-war, pro-gold, and a strong proponent of civil liberties.  He was the inaugural president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (originally started by socially-conscious whites).  He makes a good example of how strong but "hidden" Pallas can be the most powerful factor on the chart. 

time unknown

LibertarianPallas septile Mercury and Sun and ruled by Uranus (which is conjunct Mercury and Sun) and by Saturn (which is novile Mercury).
Authoritarian:  very wide indirect conjunction between Uranus (co-ruler of Pallas) and Pluto
This is arguably a "perfect" libertarian chart because the Pluto influence is questionable, and Storey's record speaks for itself. 

For political charts, we normally look at economic and social factors, but in this case the lack of the birth time makes looking at these factors difficult.  Frankly, Pallas is so over-the-top powerful in this case that she is likely to overwhelm any other political factors.  Both Storey's career and his astrological chart leave no question as to his libertarian leanings. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Neptune and the Left

This article originally appeared here.  

Astrologers have long noted a connection between Neptune to the political and cultural Left, but almost always briefly and in passing. Neptune has managed to avoid the spotlight with regard to political astrology and full extent of his effect on politics is invisible to the bulk of astrologers.

This research has shown a clear correlation between Neptune (or the South Node) to the political Left. The correlation is starkly visible in the realm of economics: Neptune (or South Node) in combination with Venus (or the Second House, or the rulers thereof) is present in virtually all of the hundreds of charts of economic leftists in my research. The pattern is particularly strong in the charts of persons who passionately support economic redistribution (e.g. Marx, Keynes, or Krugman) rather than merely cooperate with the party line. The astrological symbolism behind this correlation is obvious: Neptune (the dissolution of distinctions and boundaries) and Venus (money, material goods). The fact that this connection is not common knowledge in the astrological mainstream is a testament to the power of Neptune to act unseen. (Donna Cunningham noted in a lecture at the 2012 UAC conference that persons with an 8th House concentration were more likely to be dependent upon others for financial support, often through welfare programs. This is consistent with my observation here that economic leftism sometimes shows up as the South Node in the 2nd House and the North Node in the 8th House.)

The connection of Neptune (or South Node) to the political Left is interwoven into the fabric of modern culture, in addition to being prominent in astrological charts. For instance, it is a common stereotype that leftists will tend to merge (Neptune) their social and economic lives (Venus) and homes (Moon) together in large coastal cities (Neptune again, ruling water) while conservatives prefer more clearly defined boundaries regarding their property and social structures, more easily available in areas with lower population density. In Europe as well as America it is states bordering the water that tend to institute large state-welfare systems and collectivized medicine -- coincident with economies that periodically "dissolve" as per the Neptunian paradigm.

The Left is more egalitarian and fluid (Neptunian) with regard to socially acceptable roles of gender (Venus). On the Right it seems culturally more acceptable to treat the sexes as inherently different (with both positive and negative consequences). Conservative pundits often observe that female political personalities on the Right are more attractive (i.e. Venusian) than those on the Left. There is a similar observation about male political personalities on the Left being more beautiful than those on the Right. These are arguably Neptunian effects.

Neptune's affiliation with all things foreign expresses itself in policies popular on the Left: avoidance of aggression against foreign nations (while aggressively taxing and regulating small businesses at home), opening borders to foreign immigration, and making education and other government programs more amenable to speakers of foreign languages. Mainstream right-wingers display a somewhat opposite behavior, demanding increased freedoms for native citizens but happily supporting government-sanctioned murder outside the border (carried out, paradoxically, by a socialized military). Both sides view aggression as acceptable in one arena but not in another: Neptune helps to indicate where that aggression occurs.

Neptune's effect on art also expresses itself in the Left/Right cultural divide. Popular music favored by the cultural Right (such as Country music or "Classic Rock") leans to the more stylistically conventional and displays more craftsmanship than innovation. Music on the cultural Left may be more transcendant or imaginative, often at the expense of discipline or refinement. It is also "hidden in plain sight" that that most artists and musicians displaying a very high degree of (Neptunian) creativity lean politically to the Left and that Hollywood (ruled by Neptune) also leans leftward. Neptune's rulership of the world of fashion is also easy to see: one can take it for granted that the hipster and the fashion mogul are both going to live on the political Left.

Neptune's victim-savior dynamic is very much visible on the vanguard of leftist social discourse, particularly at schools. Modern education since the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School has continually taught of the victims of Western civilization and the White Man. These victims (Blacks, women, gays, etc.) must be "saved" from the White Man, usually by the State (never mind that White Man generally runs the State). This education tends to overlook the fact that groups who elude the arms of the compassionate nurturing State (e.g. American Jews, Asian Americans, despite well-documented oppression) tend to thrive far ahead of the "saved". As often stated by (Black) economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, the state of Black America has imploded since the institution of the Great Society programs that claim to help them. Countless other such examples of the destructive effects of the State-as-Savior abound in the literature outside of the Neptunian political bubble. Neptune is far more interested in the perpetuation of the dynamic than in fostering self-sufficiency in those he helps.

While Neptune has much to recommend him in the realms of culture, art, and spirituality, his rulership over left-wing economics brings into serious question the integrity of redistributive economic systems as a whole, aside from the fact that such systems assume an incorruptible central authority capable of instantaneously ascertaining the needs of an entire population as they arise. Neptune brings to the forefront genuine social and economic concerns, but then proposes cures which make the disease worse. Witness in the 2010's the inevitable collapse of the Neptunian "social democracies" of Europe, which in the end will see a die-off of the dependents of well-intentioned but unstable social welfare systems. The bodies have already been piling up in Greece. Neptune is not known for reliability and clarity: should we trust him with our material well-being? Neptune has ways to keep us from asking, or even thinking of, this question.

Neptune rules the mode of consciousness of young children, inhabiting a world run by forces beyond control and understanding. In the mysterious Neptunian world of the child, needs are not met by working and trading one's hard-earned resources with others for mutual advantage: needs are magically fulfilled by the powers-that-be, godlike parents, when the child demands they be met. This magical view of how needed goods reach the public (they are provided by the powerful when the childlike people demand them -- work to actually create the goods is not needed) is ubiquitous in far-Leftist social discourse. Socialist flyers pasted to lampposts in liberal American urban centers quite seriously declare that the proletariat need only demand its "rights" and the need to work at all will miraculously vanish. This childlike view of economics is an appropriate and necessary phase of human development for the very young. As a mode of perception in the adult world, it spells economic turmoil, war, and death as people stop producing the goods they require to survive and adopt predation over production.

In the political realm, the very concept of "the collective" as a tangible entity is arguably a Neptunian dream with no physical reality. The human collective, the "social" on which "the social contract" rests, is merely an idea which generally does not reside in all the minds of those it claims to include. It is a convenient abstraction, the definition of which moves fluidly to meet the whims of its promoters. In fact, it is very often the promoters of the idea of the collective who most flagrantly violate the idea by exempting themselves from the fictional responsibilities of the collective. One need only examine the exuberantly wasteful and consumptive lifestyles of Al Gore or any Communist leader to see that "the collective" is not only a romantic notion but very often a lie used to justify a lust for power. More social good is done in the world by those who recognize the inherent right of all individuals to to act freely as long as such actions do not harm other individuals.

The rulership of the lord of dreams and delusion over the political Left extends into the Left's view of itself and its history. True to the Neptunian archetype, the Left's history of itself is highly romanticized, exaggerating elements of its heroism and compassion, and brushing off inconvenient truths which do not agree with the fairy tale. Some examples: Mao Tse Tung, the greatest mass murderer in human history, whose crimes are often brushed over or forgotten on the Left; Che Guevara, a homicidal maniac who enjoyed personally executing anyone who disagreed with him, still adorns T-shirts of Neptune's children; Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose policy of willfully destroying the American food supply during the Dust Bowl demolishes any claim to a humanitarian legacy; Al Gore, whose deep ties to Ken Lay and Enron remain unknown to the public and whose ethanol subsidies resulted in the deaths of 10 million of the world's most impoverished per year; the minimum wage, which was originally instituted as a way of keeping blacks out of the American work force; Social Security, which, when it was implemented, was set beyond the life expectancy of the average black male, essentially making it a tax on being black; the deep eugenecist roots of the Progressive movement; the complete failure of both Keynsian and Friedmanite economists to predict any of the major economic disasters of the 20th century; the consistent correlation of the welfare state with increased unemployment and povery...

The deceptiveness of Neptune's children regarding their own history extends far beyond merely a desire to view one's history in a more favorable light than fact provides. In the deeper leftist circles, far above and beyond the sight of the well-meaning rank-and-file, the deceptions are very deliberate. The official crest of the socialist Fabian Society is, quite literally, a wolf in sheep's clothing; this reflects the organization's mission of injecting socialist ideology and policy under other guises. Original members of Greenpeace have long since left the organization and their movement, complaining that their original vision of conservation and environmental awareness has been co-opted by "watermelons" (green outside and Red inside). The presumably conservative National Review and the neo-conservative movement were both from inception populated by hard-left Trotskyites. Deception, both willful and otherwise, is also one of Neptune's gifts to humanity.

The end of Neptune's Age of Pisces will be a great loss to humanity in the form of artistic and spiritual depth and creative imagination. It may also, however, herald an age in which hyper-idealism and delusion do not rule humanity's poltical and economic processes as much as do boring intelligence and cold logic. The poor and downtrodden of the world may have a better chance at surviving and improving their lot in life under a social structure not so heavily under the influence of the god of pipe-dreams and self-undoing.

A strong libertarian "Defensive Pallas" placement will often nullify Neptune's effects on economic views. In myth, Athena (Pallas) and Neptune were sibling deities who once undertook a contest to see which one the mortal humans appreciated more. Athena won by a single vote, and Neptune in his anger flooded an entire region. To this day, Neptune's most dedicated acolytes on the political Left passionately hate Palladian libertarians.

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is an outstanding if exaggerated depiction of the social, political, and economic effects of Neptune upon a population. Neptune is the nameless force of irrationality and destruction against which Rand's protagonists struggle in the novel. The author's personal experiences in Soviet Russia lend her a firsthand understanding of Neptunian energies lacking in most American-born authors.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bitcoin Versus Jupiter

The current Bitcoin slump has hit an even deeper dip in the road in the past day.  We've gone over some of the astrological features of the slump in a previous post.  So what's with the additional 10% dive today?  I think it's Jupiter.

Standard astrological thinking tells us that Jupiter can only do good, but I've found no shortage of counter-examples (such as here).  For the current Bitcoin price dip, I can only find one "smoking gun":  transiting Jupiter quincunx the Bitcoin Sun. 

There seems to be no obvious news driving the price dip.  Just Jupiter (perhaps representing some aspect of the public zeitgeist) in an awkward quincunx angle with the Bitcoin Sun.

My buying strategy has been this:
1.  wait for a price dip.
2.  check the astrology for a cause.
3.  buy if the cause looks like it's a short-term factor.

I do the opposite during sudden price spikes, aiming to slowly accrue bitcoins while occasionally taking profits by spending them.  So far, it's worked out pretty well. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rob Ford

I was going to ignore the brouhaha over the antics of soon-to-step-down Toronto mayor Rob Ford.  Politicians, after all, are generally a venal, amoral, childish, and destructive lot.  Ridiculous behavior is to be expected among the species and is generally under-reported when specimens serve the moneyed interests that use the State to their own ends.  An old blog post at LRC, however, points out what probably should have been obvious to me:  Ford has been attacked by the press not for infantile behavior (for virtually all politicians behave badly upon close inspection) but because he has redeeming qualities that his rivals lack.  Ford, for all his faults, sees himself as truly a "public servant" and has actually lowered government waste and made himself available to his citizenry.  These are rare and admirable traits in a politician -- and they put a target on one's back.

LibertarianPallas at the MC quincunx Sun and Mercury.
Authoritarianno discernible factors, unless we count the "squine" from Jupiter to Pallas, but even in this case Jupiter is conjunct the energy-draining South Node. 

Capitalist:  no factors here, but Pallas is very strong.
CollectivistVenus at the Ascendant opposite the midpoint of Neptune and the South Node.  This is a powerful-looking configuration but again, Pallas is so strong on this chart that Ford might be pulled towards capitalism anyway.  The configuration might account for his drug problem, however. 

Conservative:  no discernible factors (maybe a weak Moon/North-Node quincunx). 
LiberalMoon at the Descendant conjunct the midpoint of Neptune and the South Node

Astrologically speaking, Ford isn't a "conservative" but a libertarian.  Many libertarians side and/or identify with the political Right (Clint Eastwood comes to mind).  If Pallas were weaker on this chart, Ford would be an open leftist, because his astro-psychology certainly lives on the Left (as does mine).  He even has an aspect-triangle between Pluto, Venus, and the Moon:  suggestive of feminist leanings.

Best of luck to Ford, with whatever he chooses to do after his term.  And to Toronto, which will  likely see a more typical "big spender" politician at the helm after Ford leaves. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama's War Speech

America's current Fuhrer gave a speech last night outlining his plans for a new American onslaught of war and death.  So while the Mercury-Pallas conjunction is fueling peace initiatives (Ukrainian ceasefire, EU's refusal to extend sanctions against Russia), the Pallas-Pluto trine still has an effect which will eventually lead to many deaths.  The chart for Obama's speech, fittingly, fulfills the Bloodbath Formula

1.  Pallas square Pluto and ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto. 
2.  Venus opposite/contraparallel Neptune
3.  Venus trine Pluto
4.  Moon square Pluto.  Moon rules the Fourth House
5.  Sun widely trine Pluto (which is also trine Venus, ruler of the Sun). 

The Moon/Uranus/South-Node triple conjunction is especially striking, possibly representing extreme disruption and draining of people/home/land. 

The Pallas/North-Node conjunction suggests that this new offensive might not last as long as our bloodthirsty overlords might want.