Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bitcoin: Price Factors

This is a graph of transits against the Bitcoin genesis block chart for the next three months.  I marked the transits I believe will affect the price.  The markings are mostly based on experience from watching price movements for the past year in relation to astrological transits.

Blue:  probably positive, moving the price up.  Generally these involve Venus, the Sun, and Nepune (ruler of Venus on the chart).

Grey:  This is the upcoming Pluto conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun.  I suspect it will be positive and perhaps very much so, but with Pluto we would be amiss to dismiss the possibility of a complete disaster.

Red:  probably negative, moving the price down.  Saturn is in a long square involving a station with the Bitcoin Neptune, which rules Venus.  I am guessing this is probably suppressing price movement in general for this entire period.  The other factors are ones which we have discussed in previous posts (Neptune, Chiron, etc.).

Yes, it is a fuzzy picture with overlapping positive and negative factors, which may result in a wash in the near future.  It is a most certain there are other factors at play as yet undiscovered.  While Bitcoin may eventually turn out to be an important player in the world economy, one plays at one's own risk. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Maryland Mall Shooting

The long-lived Pallas-Pluto trine/parallel has bought us yet more violence.  Here's how the Bloodbath Formula appears in the start this weekend's mall shooting in Maryland.  It's very similar to the configuration for the recent violence in Africa. 

1.  Pallas trine/parallel Pluto:  power overcomes ethics.

2.  Venus septile Neptune:  value liquefied.

3.  Venus conjunct Pluto:  value destroyed.

4.  Moon ruled by Pluto:  

5.  Pluto septile Saturn (ruler of Sun and Venus):  destruction again. 

6.  (optional) Mercury conjunct Part of Fortune in the Tenth House.  Prominent Mercury.

The Venus station this month is very close to Pluto, and Venus will be in orb of Neptune for much of that time.  We may see even more incidents while these factors are in play and Pallas is still in range of Pluto.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ted Cruz 2016?

Conservative lightning-rod Ted Cruz often comes up in the speculative short-list of potential 2016 GOP candidates for the US presidency.  Ethically, he occupies a sort of middle ground between the transparent power-machinations of Chris Christie and the genuine if sometimes awkward activism of Rand Paul.

Like Christie (likely to do well in 2016 if he survives this year), Cruz also has a promising set of transits for just after election day that year:

Transiting Pluto trine Cruz Saturn:  Pluto lends power to Cruz's authority (Saturn).  Saturn also rules his Sun.   Cruz becomes more powerful this year in all likelihood, election or no.

Progressed Venus conjunct Cruz Sun:  probably a sweet year for the senator in general, and likely a lucrative one.  Does some of this lucre come from a presidential or vice-presidential bid?

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Cruz Uranus:  this may suggest popular appeal, and Uranus rules Cruz's North Node, suggesting, perhaps, a destined positive development? 

Transiting Sun conjunct Cruz Venus:  a sweet day, in what we have established will be a sweet year. 

Transiting Mercury conjunct Cruz Jupiter:  almost certainly some good news this day.

Looks like Cruz will do well, assuming he's on a ballot that day.  Theoretically, were he to share a ticket with Christie (assuming Christie doesn't disqualify himself), you'd have two astrological winners together.  But Hillary's transits also look good that day.  So it seems logical to guess that one or more of these three (Cruz, Christie, Clinton) will not be on the presidential ballot for the November 2016 election and instead win a lesser election or some other victory.  In the unlikely event that Rand Paul represents the GOP for this election against Clinton, Clinton almost certainly wins. 

For libertarians and anti-war folks, of course, Paul would be the best ideological match, followed by Cruz.  Clinton and Christie are both essentially hard-authoritarians who would not do much to undo the freedom and peace-killing trajectory of our recent presidents. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bloodbath: Central African Republic

As predicted, the long Pallas-Pluto trine has bought us more violence.  Here's how the Bloodbath Formula appears in the start of a sectarian murder spree in the Central African Republic (time not available): 

1.  Pallas trine Pluto:  ethics compromised by power.

2.  Venus semisquare Neptune:  property rights liquefied.  Property includes one's own body.

3.  Venus conjunct Pluto:  the destruction of property.

4.  Pluto quincunx Moon:  death of (human) family.  

5.  Pluto septile Saturn (ruler of Sun and Venus):  destruction infuses the day. 

6.  (optional) Mercury conjunct Sun

The Pluto-Sun connection is relatively weak and probably accounts for why we didn't see much more violence.

On the most recent Capricorn Ingress chart (of the Sun), Mars, Pluto, and Uranus are all angular for the Central African Republic.  I don't see a similar pattern for recently-bombed Sochi, however. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bitcoin Update

Over the a number of previous posts, I made a few speculations about where Bitcoin was headed in the second half of 2013, and in January 2014.  We revisit them now:

1.  Strong upward price movement through mid January:  what we actually got was a dramatic overall price increase in this period, but peaking over a month ago.  I did go over the Chiron-related transits which likely correspond to the December drop, but nevertheless expected more of a recovery than actually occurred. 

2.  Dramatic events and price movement in January, probably around January 11.  What we actually got was an arguably game-changing event on January 10 (the acceptance of Bitcoin payments by, the first mega-retailer to take Bitcoin)...  but the price barely budged.

3.  Transits to the transiting position of Neptune in the sky would gradually evoke diminishing effects on the Bitcoin price when they occur in 2014 and beyond

I believe I was wrong about the third point, which probably accounts for the way things have gone regarding the first and second.  While transiting Neptune is indeed moving away from the Bitcoin chart Venus and therefore logically less of a price factor, Neptune is moving toward the progressed Bitcoin Venus and this is now having an effect.  In fact, Neptune and the progressed Bitcoin Venus will be more or less moving in parallel for next year.

My revised model is that most or all transits to the transiting position of Neptune by a faster-moving planet over the next year (and the end of 2015) can result in a lower price and/or less price reactivity to events than there would otherwise be.  This includes the current Mars sesquiquadrate to Neptune which I believe is responsible for the current lower-than-peak price.  It also seems logical to guess that the exact peaks of transiting Neptune conjoining progressed Venus will also be price slumps (there's one in March).  We will probably still have dramatic price activity going forward, but also similar transitory limiting factors to what we've had before.  This may actually work to Bitcoin's advantage in the long run by helping to suppress some of the wild price swings that will likely occur in the near future, giving the impression of less instability.

The grand cardinal cross of April 2014 hits a number of charts prominent in world events, including the Bitcoin Sun.  That month may be another potential epicenter for Bitcoin activity, one which might not be so diluted by Neptune.  This corresponds well with (non-astrological) predictions by Clif of, who has been driving much traffic to this blog of late.  More on the April transits later. 

slanted line is progressed Venus

Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama's Anti-War Streak?

For most of his reign thus far, warlord-in-chief Barack Obama has generally not encountered a civilian drone bombing he didn't want to authorize or a new war he didn't want to start.  This past fall, however, he allowed himself to be pressured out of attacking Syria.  This January, he actually appears to be actively opposing US aggression against Iran.  This is truly a puzzle given his past behavior.

The true motivations of the power elite are inherently unknowable to us mere mortals.  They are driven by a web of personal, political, and corporate impulses which interact unseen to us.  We may sometimes correctly guess what vector is pulling the strings of a particular policy, but we can nevertheless only guess.  Astrology, however, suggests that among other factors a streak of ethical awareness may be temporarily affecting our normally bloodthirsty leader.

Regular readers know there is one consistently attributable cause to movements toward peace:  Pallas.  Obama's progressed Pallas has recently passed an exact quincunx with his natal Sun.  Leaning even more strength is transiting Pallas, opposite this progressed Pallas.  This chart is for a couple of days ago at no particular time, to show us Obama's general weather for mid-January. 

Peaceniks and libertarians should enjoy it while it lasts... which won't be long at all.  And bear in mind that this in no way makes Obama a champion of freedom:  despite this and a number of token measures against the NSA, he's still going full-bore to push through the secret job-killing Trans-Pacific Parternership. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christie Bridge Scandal

The news media are reporting that high-level officials in the administration of New Jersey governor Chris Christie deliberately blocked traffic at a major thoroughfare for political reasons.  By slowing down emergency service vehicles, this has resulted in a human death.  Christie's presidential hopes may be in peril.  A previous post explains why Christie's chart predisposes him to unethical behavior.  His astrological transits this week are very interesting.

This is a chart for midnight this morning.  I didn't notice the story anywhere yesterday.

Pallas is the primary astrological significator for ethics.  No surprise, then, that Pallas is extremely prominent in a scandal centered on unethical behavior.  Pallas is stronger when in aspect with the Sun.  Today transiting Pallas is conjunct Christie's Sun and septile his progressed Sun.  The transiting North Node, a strengthening factor, is conjunct his progressed Sun and septile transiting Pallas.  On top of this, transiting Jupiter is conjunct Christie's progressed Pallas, bringing (literally) publicity to his ethics (or lack thereof).

Uranus is currently forming a quincunx with Christie's natal Pluto and square with his Mars:  a disruption in his power. 

Chiron, currently opposite Pallas in the sky, is just past Christie's natal Chiron, (he's just had his Chiron return), now opposite his Pluto, and about to oppose his Sun.  Christie will probably have to "heal" and other wounds to his power and public image for much of 2014. 

Mercury on Christie's natal and progressed chart are under a transiting conjunction from Mars and and transiting square from Jupiter:  attack (Mars), through words (Mercury), in the press (Jupiter).

Time will tell if our outsized authoritarian will salvage his image in time to enjoy his positive transits on election day 2016.  I suspect he may:  he's quite smart, and unscrupulous politicians that avoid major sex scandals tend to rise to the top.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hillary Clinton 2016?

It is nearly officialHillary Clinton is almost certainly running for the US presidency in 2016.  So we'll take a look at her chart at the conclusion election day that year:

Progressed Chiron conjunct Clinton Mercury (Tenth House ruler):  long-term injury of some sort, related to her career.  This doesn't peak until 2017 -- it may not affect the election.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Clinton Neptune:  the tail end of a week or so of probably great publicity.  But Neptune here rules the Fourth House, which typically in mundane astrology is an indicator of the opposition to the party in power...  

Transiting Sun conjunct Clinton Venus:  the day will bring something pleasant.

Transiting Mercury conjunct Clinton South Node:  news (Mercury) of a loss (South Node).

Transiting Saturn conjunct Clinton Jupiter:   this could in fact be an indicator of either new-found authority, or difficulty (maybe with publicity) or both.  Jupiter here rules the Second House and the Fourth House, so there could be impacts to Clinton's finances and/or home situation.  Real estate?  Moving house (a white one?)? 

Transiting North Node approaching Clinton Mars and MC:  very good for Clinton's power and authority in general, especially in December and January.  This bodes well for her. 

Prognosis?  Pretty good, for Clinton -- if she's on the Democratic ticket, and assuming she's not running against Chris Christie or some other Republican with great election-day transits (in which case we may have an astrological toss-up).  Whether a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for the nation is another issue entirely.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence

For libertarians today, The Hunger Games is proving to be this decade's version of The Matrix -- a wildly popular pop-culture phenomenon that reflects the ongoing libertarian battle against repression and tyranny.  A crucial element in the success of the Hunger Games films is the acting ability of wunderkind superstar and recent Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, who is the center of the films.  While Lawrence does not seem to be openly political (one of her many refreshing qualities), her astrological chart nevertheless sheds light on her suitability for portraying an essentially libertarian heroine (among other roles), as well as her personal traits and considerable talents. 

Katniss Everdeen?

Pallas is sextile Mercury, closely semi-sextile the Sun, and quindecile the North Node:  Pallas here is in aspect to all three factors that strengthen her libertarian/ethical aspect.  The wide trine from Pluto is probably no match for these factors.  Should Lawrence ever become seriously interested in political ideology, we'll see her in all likelihood on the side of peace and personal freedom rather than central authority and state control.  This placement is an excellent reflection of the Katniss character she portrays in film, and helps account for the "tomboy" factor in this and other Lawrence characters (trans-gender expression is a common Pallas side-effect).  It also may reflect Lawrence's acute awareness of the potential social consequences of her decisions as a top-rank star and role-model for the young.  Her strong Pallas, representing strategic thinking, might also help keep her out of the sorts of excesses and troubles typical of Hollywood denizens. 

Pallas in Cancer, sextile Mercury which rules the Moon:  Pallas-Moon is a fighter's signature.  Lawrence does play quite a few "warrior"-type characters, as well as displaying a playful sort of pugnacity off-screen.  Again, a good match for Katniss, Mystique, and her characters in Winter's Bone and The Burning Plain... all of whom show proficiency with fighting and/or weapons. 

Pallas-Venus conjunction:  in women, often correlated with compelling beauty and/or charisma.  This may also bode well for the financial success of possible future entrepreneurial ventures. 

Pallas-Chiron conjunction (very close) in Cancer opposite Ascendant co-ruler Saturn and sextile Mercury:  By all accounts, Lawrence's family life is healthy and functional -- and I see no serious family problems in the chart.  Onscreen, however, she compellingly portrays emotionally wounded characters from broken homes.  In "real life", she displays a knack for strategically using (Pallas) her foibles and idiosyncrasies (Chiron) to charm the public.  I suspect Pallas-Chiron in these aspects has something to do with all of this.  Incidentally, Lawrence has stated that she once considered a career in medicine.

Pallas quindecile Uranus and opposite Saturn (ruler of Uranus):   Pallas-Uranus, according to my research, is a possible comedian's aspect.  See her in "American Hustle" or in a candid YouTube video for evidence.  The Pallas-Saturn aspect seems to show up in the charts of architects and persons with a genius for structure.  This opposition triggers, by conjunction, an artistic Pallas-Neptune connection.  Should Lawrence follow through on her desire to be a film director, we might see a career resembling that of (fellow Palladian personality and actor/director) Clint Eastwood. 

Venus on this chart is conjunct the South Node, a very typical Leftist economic indicator.  Venus with Neptune and/or the South Node is also ubiquitous, if not required, for creative artists -- it's no accident that most artistic types tend towards Left-wing economics.  On this chart, however, the Pallas placement is possibly strong enough (and the Venus/South-Node conjunction possibly weak enough) to allow the creative aesthetic sense to come through without the economic effects.  Nevertheless, this aspect seems to have manifested in a number of films so far, in which she portrays economically impoverished characters (Winter's Bone, X-Men: First Class, the Hunger Games).

Sun and Venus in Leo, in the Seventh and Sixth HousesNoel Tyl associates the Seventh House with public involvement -- in this light the Sun in Leo in this house is perfect for a film star.  Venus in Leo also suggests a high capacity for creative self-expression:  in the Sixth it also suggests a real work ethic. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter:  another indicator (with Venus-Pallas) of outsized (Jupiter) charm (Venus).  This also helps account for her exaggerated (Jupiter) financial success (Venus).  The Sixth House placement echoes the fact that said success is directly related to her work ethic.  

The Moon in Gemini and her ruler Mercury are square and both sesquiquadrate the North Node.  The heavy Moon-Mercury involvement reflects her proven ability to clearly communicate emotion.  The North Node involvement suggests both a deepening of this ability over time as well as increasing interest in the Moon-ruled issues of home, family, and culture.  In the charts of politically active persons this would also translate into a tendency toward cultural conservatism -- like the Venus placement in this chart this tendency might be somewhat obviated by strong Pallas signature.  It's interesting and apropos that she has played many characters for whom family/tribe are central, and who often care (Moon) for their siblings (Mercury).  

Sun-Mars square, both sesquiquadrate Uranus, co-ruler of the Ascendant:  hyperactivity, unpredictable/unusual behavior, and tendency towards accidents -- plenty of these in Lawrence's "real life" off the screen.  

Pluto-Sun-Mars T-Square:  the aspect from Pluto to the tight Sun-Mars square is weak, and so probably not crucial.  Lawrence's on-screen characters often display bursts of destructive anger, but these tend to be incidental rather than central to those characters.  Also, Pluto might sometimes behave as an unaspected planet here.  In the Ninth House of publicity this might express in the form of Plutonian screen roles (involving death, sexual energy, betrayal, etc.).

Mercury-Saturn-Mars Grand Trine:   forceful (Mars) and authoritative (Saturn) communication ability (Mercury).  This is obscured a bit by the Uranian unpredictability and humor, but comes out onscreen and perhaps in her slightly gritty vocal timbre. 

Mercury contraparallel Pluto:   willingness to discuss taboo subjects, and a bit of a "potty-mouth". Possibly power-struggles with siblings -- in this case, she's probably winning right now. 

Neptune conjunct and at the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, both co-rulers of the Ascendant:  Many great artists have a prominent Neptune which both imparts to them great creative energies but also wreaks havoc in their personal lives.  Lawrence's configuration may suggest an ability to "project" Neptune's magic and glamour through action (the Ascendant) but remain personally aloof from Neptune's more deleterious effects (Neptune doesn't affect much else on the chart).  The Ascendant in Aquarius (along with aforementioned aspects) probably corresponds with social consciousness as well as her ability to deliver surprising and intriguing performances.

Sagittarius MC:  Astro-guru Frank Clifford associates the MC sign of an actor with the type of character than actor most often portrays.  Sagittarius might be consistent with Lawrence's "political activist" characters including Katniss and Mystique. 

While examining the chart of a not-overtly-political actor is somewhat tangential to this blog, Lawrence is an unusually good example of different manifestations of Pallas -- the planet which forms most of the basis for the blog.  That, and I'm a fan.