Friday, February 28, 2014

Russian Troops in Crimea

The story thus far:
1.  The EU offers terms to Ukraine for an economic deal.
2.  Russia offers better terms:  Ukraine takes the Russian deal over the EU.  
3.  US-government-funded protesters destabilize Ukraine.

...but today...

4.  Russia sends troops to defend their strategic interests.

If US power-players didn't see this coming, they should be fired for incompetence.  If they did, they should be fired for recklessly risking the stability of the entire world.  This is a weird reverse echo of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and no less dangerous. Ukraine acts as a buffer zone between Russia and the increasingly hostile forces of the West.  By acting to remove this buffer, the Western axis may as well have declared war on Russia. 

We've recently looked at the tumultuous transits for Ukraine.  Here are today's transits for Russia:

Transiting Pluto novile Russia Pallas and semisextile progressed PallasEthical Crisis:  a transit that forces us to make a decision with potentially very serious ramifications.

Transiting Pluto conjunct Russia Uranus (ruling the Seventh House):  This one is very literal, representing a powerful upheaval (Pluto) involving a rebellion (Uranus) supported by foreigners (Seventh House). 

Transiting Saturn conjunct Russia Pluto in the Fourth House:  power struggles (Saturn/Pluto) over land (Fourth House).

Transiting Pallas conjunct Russia Moon:  a focus on the military and/or preparations for fighting.

Well, at least Vladimir Putin seems like a somewhat rational fellow (i.e. not entirely a homicidal maniac).  I can't say the same for the current trigger-happy arbiters of US foreign policy. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The MtGox exchange has been both a blessing and a bane for Bitcoin since it switched from a being a trading-card business ("Magic The Gathering Online eXchange") to becoming the world's first Bitcoin exchange.  In the early days, it was the only way for many around the world to buy Bitcoins.  As Bitcoin grew, MtGox became more of a headache, plagued with technical problems and mismanagement, and less-than-forthcoming to the public about its various misadventures.  By the middle of 2013, many Bitcoin players had migrated to newer and more reliable exchanges (such as BTCE, BitStamp, CampBX, etc.).  Nevertheless, until this week MtGox retained a significant market share of Bitcoin traffic:  problems at MtGox would pummel the Bitcoin price for everyone. 

This is a chart for the day MtGox came online (time not available). 

Pallas/Ethics:  Pallas is parallel the Sun, but trine South Node and sextile Pluto which is conjunct the North Node.  This suggests probably solid ethics in infancy, but increasingly more corrupt with time. 

Venus/Economics:  A mixed picture with Venus trine the North Node (positive/capitalist) but widely opposite Neptune and ruled by Mercury which is quindecile Neptune.  The Neptune/Venus connections along with the debilitated Pallas suggest the potential for theft. 

This aforementioned quindecile between Neptune and Mercury, the aforementioned debilitated Pallas, and Neptune quincunx the Sun suggest a capacity for shadiness and deception.  Again, not so much in the early days of the entity but increasingly with time. 

Here is the same chart, with transits for the most recent outage (which many consider to be the death-rattle for the exchange). 

Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square directly across the MtGox nodal axis.  Bad publicity (Jupiter on the SN), disruption (Uranus), and death (Pluto on the NN) in a way that has permanent karmic repercussions (the nodal axis in general). 

Transiting South Node is quincunx MtGox Saturn:  a loss of authority/structure.  

Transiting Pallas is quincunx MtGox Jupiter (ethics made public) and trine the MtGox Pluto (some ethical considerations regarding power/money/death?). 

Transiting Mercury is quincunx MtGox Vesta (news regarding investments?).  Mercury is now conjunct the Bitcoin Chiron (a point which always seems to indicate a price drop). 

Transiting Moon is conjunct MtGox Ceres.  Ceres is still a mysterious body, but we've seen another chart involving a sudden shocking loss in which the Moon and Ceres are together. 

Should MtGox die or fade into obscurity, many will mourn an institution which helped Bitcoin into the limelight, but the Bitcoin ecosystem itself will benefit from the jettisoning of a non-functioning component. 

Bits of Good News

What's this?  A sudden influx of news stories, mostly late last week, that libertarians would consider positive?  Anti-regime protests in communist Venezuela?  Pallas must be hooking up with the Sun and/or Mercury again, one might think. 

Why, yes.  Pallas is opposite the Sun and Neptune (ruling the Sun) and quindecile Mercury. 

It's too bad for us that these transiting configurations are very short-lived.  What's not so short-lived are progressions, one of which gives us some hope for America over the next decade.  This is a topic for a future post.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Venezuela Protests

While the American media has its eye on Ukraine and the US-Russia proxy-war occurring there, significant events are unfolding closer to home in Venezuela.  The population, economically crushed by years of deprivation under a Communist regime now led by Nicolas Maduro, has been taking to the streets in increasingly desperate protest

This is a chart for Venezuela's independence:  it suggests a journey through Left-wing authoritarianism slowly (perhaps very slowly) making its way towards a society with a high degree of personal freedom. 

Authoritarian:  Mercury, ruler of Pallas, square Pluto
Libertarian (over time):  Pallas conjunct North Node and Mercury (ruler of Pallas) square the Nodes and Pallas.

Leftist:  Neptune is opposite Venus and quindecile her ruler Mercury (who also rules the Second House).
Capitalist (over time):  North Node in the Second. Nodes are square Mercury (rules the Second House and Venus).

Liberal:  Neptune in the Fourth House trine Uranus (Fourth House co-ruler).  The Fourth House is ruled by Mars (trine South Node) and Pluto (conjunct South Node).

This chart depicts transits and progressions for the beginning of the bloody Caracazo riots which arguably marked the start of the country's current cycle of political turmoil and oppression.  One could say a great deal about this chart, but one long-term factor stands out.  Pallas has just progressed into Sagittarius.  This sign is ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto and the Nodes on the Venezuela independence chart.  It suggests the start of a long period, lasting over a century, of initially losing and (hopefully) finding one's way on the Palladian scale between force and consent.

This chart of transits, progressions, and solar arcs for the date of the article linked at the the top of this post.  A few relevant features:

Transiting Pluto opposite Venezuela Sun and transiting Uranus square Venezuela Sun:  revolution (again)?

Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Venezuela Sun:  in Cancer in the Eleventh House suggesting struggles regarding the public and society. 

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Venezuela Sun:  in Cancer in the Eleventh House suggesting rejuvenation of the public and society

Transiting Saturn at the IC:  struggles on the home front, and the solidification of opposition to the party in power.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ukraine Unrest

Ukraine is currently in play in the world political soap opera.  Like Syria and the nations involved in the "Arab Spring" movements, the story involves a not-completely-horrible government under fire from violent rebel forces which are at least partially puppets of the USA (and its Thief-in-Chief).  The prize, at least in the short term, involves competing economic deals from the European Union and Russia.  The Ukrainian state sided with Russia:  shortly thereafter, the US-financed opposition erupted. 

First, a look at the Ukraine independence chart:

Pallas/Ethics:  On the libertarian side, Pallas is parallel Sun and her ruler Venus is conjunct the Sun.  On the authoritarian side, Pallas is semisquare Jupiter and one degree from a decile with Pluto.  The libertarian factors are strong but somewhat counteracted by Jupiter/Pluto.  Overall, the picture is not terrible.  Accusations of systemic oppression on the part of this regime may be exaggerated.

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  A conflicted picture here, echoing the history of the nation.  Moving the chart to the economic Left:  Venus is novile with the South Node and ruled by the Sun which is sesquiquadate Neptune.  An odd but probably capitalist factor is that Neptune, which is conjunct the North node, co-rules the Second House.  Ukraine's independence has been marked by the extreme economic turmoil and currency problems we might expect from the Venus/Neptune/South-Node factors. 

Moon/Fourth-House/Culture/People:  Moon co-ruler Uranus conjunct Neptune, Fourth House ruler Venus in aspect to both South Node and Neptune, and South Node in Cancer.  This is a strong culturally Left-wing signature, which appears to be manifesting in the form of significant factors moving the country away from its ties with Russia and towards the crumbling cosmopolitan EU.

The Moon, representing the people, is under assault in this chart by nearly every other planet.  The Moon receives an opposition from the Sun (Ukraine's own leadership?) as well as Venus/Mercury/Jupiter in Leo all in the Seventh House, possibly representing outside (Seventh House) imperialist (Leo) forces including money (Venus) and media (Mercury/Jupiter).  Pluto in Scorpio in the Ninth House also squares the Moon:  attack from power (Pluto) associated with public institutions (Ninth House) including the more-sinister-than-it-sounds Endowment for Democracy.  There's even a semisquare from Uranus (disruptive forces) in the Twelfth House (invisible factors).

On top of this, the nodal axis is telling:  the South Node in Cancer in the Sixth opposite the North Node in Capricorn in the Twelfth conjunct Neptune.  It tells a story of power being drained from the population (Sixth House, Moon) and culture (Moon), to the benefit of hidden (Neptune, Twelfth House) authorities (Capricorn).

This has been a busy news day for the turmoil in Ukraine, with Obama licking his chops over the chance to invade yet another country during his reign.  Today's transits, progressions, and solar arcs paint us a picture:

Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Ukraine Saturn:  Disruption (Uranus) of authority (Saturn).

Progressed Sun approaching Ukraine Mars:   increasing anger/conflict. 

Progressed Moon trine Ukraine Mercury:  people (progressed Moon in the Eleventh) speaking out (Mercury).

Progressed Moon square Ukraine Mars:  people in conflict (Mars). 

Transiting Pluto conjunct Ukraine Uranus and Neptune:   supercharged (Pluto) disruption (Uranus) and possibly deception (Neptune).

Transiting Uranus square Ukraine Uranus:   rebellion. 

Transiting Saturn conjunct Ukraine MC:  struggle (Saturn) with authority/government (MC).  

Transiting Jupiter opposite Ukraine Uranus:  popular (Jupiter in Cancer in the Sixth) revolt (Uranus). 

Transiting South Node trine Ukraine Venus:  Venus rules not only money but the Ukraine Fourth House.  The season's events may lead to a loss not only financial but of cultural/national identity if they lead to EU integration or foreign intervention. 

Transiting Venus conjunct Ukraine North Node:  this is in the Twelfth House of secrets.  It's no great secret that the US and other western powers are bankrolling the increasingly violent protesters.  This transit may suggest this and other hidden financial dealings relating to the current struggles. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Abraham Lincoln

Hero President?  Or Monster?

This a chart for Abraham Lincoln, probably the most-celebrated President in United States history.  Americans, especially liberals, love Lincoln for ostensibly ending slavery in America and for representing the ideals of a modern, free, democratic society.  Being that we know that a person's political ideology and ethical structure are apparent on the astrological chart, it would seem that Lincoln's chart should shine brightly with the light of the astrological Pallas Athena.

Indeed, Lincoln's chart sport a prominent Sun-Pallas conjunction on the Ascendant.  Pallas is also widely conjunct Mercury by 12 degrees, and the Sun is parallel with the expansive North Node.  This bodes very well, but we would be remiss if we stopped here.  Some disquieting factors draw our attention.  Pallas and the Sun are in Aquarius, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.  Uranus is conjunct the North Node -- good for Pallas, but US Presidents with this conjunction have had a tendency to kill extremely large numbers of persons (think Obama, Bush II, and Clinton).  Saturn, the other co-ruler, is quincunx the energy-draining South Node.  Uranus is trine Pluto and Saturn is square and parallel Pluto.  On top of all of this, the Sun is also quintile the South Node.  What appears to be at first a highly libertarian chart turns out to be quite authoritarian-leaning.

The Neptune-Venus trine suggests a leaning towards something other than capitalist economics.  The North Node trine Mercury, ruler of the Fourth House, suggests a cultural conservatism -- but this type of aspect combined with a debilitated Pallas often comes with deep racism.  Can this be right for the chart of a Great Emancipator?  In fact, the entire chart picture is not that of a great champion of freedom, but is more typical of a modern Neoconservative, a 20th century Fascist, or an early American Progressive:  authoritarian, racist, and economically controlling.

On top of this, Pluto's aspects to the co-rulers of the Sun, conjunction with Mercury (Fourth House ruler), and sesquiquadrate with Mars, ruler of Venus, completes the Bloodbath Formula.  This is the chart of not only a horrible political personality but a potential killer. 

Either my astrology is wrong, the birth data is wrong, or the mainstream history of Lincoln is wrong

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Violence

Multiple stories of violent events appeared in the edges of the press yesterday:  a mosque bombing in Syria, bombings against police in Bahrain, and a particularly vicious "knockout" attack in Cleveland.  Only the first appears to have been fatal, and it occurred in a region already torn by violence.  So we're looking for a weaker version of the Bloodbath Formula.

time unknown

1.  Pluto trine Pallas.  A bit weak, but present.
2.  South Node on the final degree of its journey through Taurus.  Venus near the midpoint of both her ruler Saturn, and Neptune.  Also a bit weak.
3.  Venus conjunct Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Sun which is configured with Pluto (see below). 
5.  Pluto at the midpoint of the Sun and its ruler Saturn, and novile with both.  Also Pluto square Uranus, the other co-ruler of the Sun.
6.  Mercury conjunct Sun.

The last two points seem to be the trigger.  Note that we are seeing less violence (physical and political) as Pallas moves away from the aspect with Pluto.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bitcoin Slump

The average USD Bitcoin price has dropped from 800-ish in December and January to around 650 this week, and previously tracked factors do not completely explain it.  Certainly, we've had recent transits which could drop the price:  transiting Sun conjunct Bitcoin Chiron, and the Mercury station triggering transiting Neptune (last month we proposed all aspects to transiting Neptune as a negative factor), perhaps even the peak of Neptune semisextile the Bitcoin Moon.  But if these factors were it, we should have seen some rebound by now.  Instead, we're at a relative new low today.

Recent news certainly gives plenty non-astrological reason for the drop:  MtGox problems with withdrawals, Charlie Shrem's arrest, and Russia's government declaring Bitcoin unwelcome.  None of these problems seem fatal. 

As for an astrological reason, we would have to guess, and look for a transit peaking today.  Here's a transit chart:

I see two transits peaking today.  One is the transiting Moon conjunct Bitcoin's South Node: one might expect a price drop, albeit one only lasting a few hours.  The second is a slower transit, and a bit more mysterious:  the transiting South Node conjunct Bitcoin's Vesta.

There isn't a lot written about Vesta (much in the way there was not much about Pallas until very recently), but there are tidbits that give us clues.  Astrologers that pay any attention to Vesta at all sometimes associate her with investments.  These include SF-local and always-solid business astrologer Georgia Stathis.  "Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort incidentally has Vesta conjunct Sun.  Today's transit chart and sagging BTC price give us reason to keep an eye on Vesta in the future, particularly if the price recovers a bit after today.

Pluto, meanwhile, is nearing its exact conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun in late March, stationing in April, and then hitting the Sun again at April's end.  I expect some very big Bitcoin news in that period. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alex Jones

Radio host, documentary filmmaker, conspiracy king, and political activist Alex Jones may well be one of the most important men in modern politics.  The self-appointed "tip of the spear" of the contemporary freedom movement, he has gone largely unacknowledged as a crucial element in many of the trends that shape today's political landscape:  the ascendancy of Ron and Rand Paul and libertarianism in general, the Tea Party, the "mainstreaming" of government conspiracies, and the Oath Keepers movement... among many others.  No corner of today's politics has escaped his influence. 

Abrasive, fearless, and armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the nooks and crannies of history, Jones is the bullhorn-prophet of the government-skeptic and the patron saint of whistleblowers.  Astrology helps us to understand his ideology and what drives him to change his world.

time unknown

Pallas/Ethics:  Pallas is parallel Mercury and at the midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune (rulers of Mercury).  While these factors are hidden to standard basic techniques, the libertarian quotient here is very strong.  The South Node, however, is conjunct Pallas' ruler Saturn.  While this is an anti-libertarian factor, it is not necessarily fatal to libertarianism.  In this case it may account for Jones' belief that government in some form is necessary and desirable.  It also explains his often emotional delivery, because strong Palladian natives are often emotionally flat when they speak.

Without a time of birth, it is hard to account for Jones' cultural conservatism.  Regardless of time of birth, his Moon is trine the South Node, which generally drives cultural values to the Left.  A birth time of a few hours after sunset might put the North Node in the Fourth, possibly solving the puzzle.  This might also put his Saturn (co-ruler of the Sun) on the MC which along with Sun conjunct Jupiter in the proposed Fifth House could explain his prominence as a political pundit.

The South Node quincunx to Venus and and conjunct her ruler Saturn, and Neptune semisquare Venus, drives economics to the Left:  this is at least partially ameliorated by the strong Pallas.  Jones does seem to believe the State has a legitimate role in financial regulation. 

The grand trine between Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius with Saturn and Uranus (rulers of Aquarius) give Jones a hyper-Aquarian character:  highly socially aware, idealistic in terms of society at large, and attuned to politics.  Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius generally suggests a larger-than-life personality, very often involved in teaching or some other public field.   The Sun-Mars square (helping to account for his temper) is sesquiquadrate Pluto (forming a "Thor's Hammer" or sesqui-yod):  fighting power in a literal sense.  Saturn conjunct the South Node among aforementioned effects may also suggest a desire to disempower authority. The Pallas-Venus conjunction may be a hint at entrepreneurial skill.  

A Happy Birthday to Mr. Jones:  long may he rant. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


It would have been unthinkable during the Reagan years, but is becoming painfully obvious today:  America and Russia have traded places on the world stage.  Even with the Sochi Olympics promising to be a debacle, Russia is in a number of ways looking better than the US:

  •  America recently condemned Chelsea/Bradley Manning to a life in prison, after years of extrajudicial confinement and torture, for the crime of releasing embarrassing information to the public.  Russia is shielding American NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from similar persecution.  
  •  American mainstream media are now essentially a propaganda arm for the State.  Russian-funded news outlet RT regularly covers crucial stories censored by American mainstream media.  
  •  America is in a long economic decline, and continues to enact policies guaranteed to accelerate that decline.  Moscow now appears in recent films such as Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Branded, and the last Die Hard installment as a burgeoning capitalist metropolis. *
  •  America tolerates Barack Obama, a psychopathic con-man who has shown duplicity, destructiveness, greed, and incompetence at nearly every turn.  Russia toasts Vladimir Putin, the James Bond of world leaders, a formidable tactician respected by his enemies who compares very favorably against recent US Presidents in political wisdom, skill, and sometimes even something resembling humanity.  
  •  America is now the evil empire feared by the world, raining death and destruction on every weaker power she does not control.  Russia is now the voice of reason in matters of war and peace.

Russia is far from a libertarian utopia, and I harbor no plans to move there.  Nevertheless, these recent trends are significant and merit examination.  

The time and date of birth for modern Russia is disputed.  This chart is one of two proposed charts for the first raising of the new Russian flag over the Kremlin.  It seems to be fairly descriptive of the regime.

Pallas:  On the authoritarian end of the spectrum, Pallas is widely conjunct Pluto.  This moves the needle at least a bit towards authoritarianism.  On the libertarian side, however, there's quite a bit:  Pallas is also conjunct Mercury, more closely than to Pluto.  Jupiter, ruler of Pallas, is trine the North Node and square Mercury.  Compared to most sizeable regimes, Russia appears to be relatively benign with a tendency to continue in that direction over time.

Venus:  Moving Russia to the economic Left is a number of factors.  Venus sesquiquadrate the South Node.  Mars, co-ruler of Venus, is at the midpoint of Venus and Neptune.  Mercury, ruler of the 2nd House, is quincunx the South Node.  Because of the relatively decent Pallas placement, however, extreme economic controls are astrologically unlikely.  Russia seems to allow her market to function somewhat, and boasts of low unemployment.

Moon:  The Moon is in the 1st House on this chart, and forms aspects to much of the rest of the chart.  This suggests that race and culture are very much in the forefront of the national psyche.  The Moon herself is widely trine the North Node, indicating something of a culturally conservative element.  The South Node, however, is in Cancer and forms a quincunx with Mercury, ruler of the Moon.  Neptune forms a sesquiquadrate aspect with the Moon.  The persecution of homosexuality in Russia, recently in the news, is probably a symptom of the cultural clashes indicated here.  In the long run, the liberals appear to have an overwhelming advantage on this chart:  should the regime live long enough, it may come to resemble the US in terms of cultural liberalism. 

The Bowl:  All the major planets on this chart reside in the lower hemisphere.  In contrast to the aggressive Soviet Union, modern Russia seems content to defend her own turf, support her allies, and stay out of the limelight for the most part. 

The overall picture for this chart:  light-Fascist, perhaps, to begin with, moving towards a not very heavy-handed Leftism over time.  Again, not exactly a libertarian paradise, but Russia compares favorably in the long term to the USA.  It's interesting, then, that Vladimir Putin is currently in charge.  His chart, which we may view in the near future, leans quite a bit to the Right.

By the way, the South Node is transiting over the MC of this chart, Jupiter is transiting over the South Node of this chart, Pluto is transiting over Uranus of this chart (ruling the Seventh), and Saturn is transiting over Pluto of this chart (ruling the Fourth).  This suggests: bad publicity, more bad publicity, power struggles with other nations, and significant land/infrastructure challenges.  Clearly the regime should have hired an astrologer before planning to host the Olympics for this year.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pallas and the Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Pallas is not only the non-aggression principle and ethics in the horoscope but also an integral part of our processes for making significant decisions.  When Pluto aspects natal or progressed Pallas on a person's chart, the person may find his/her decision-making process under pressure or compromised

So when we learn that brilliant actor Philip Seymour Hoffman apparently made the decision to take a dangerous amount of heroin this weekend, resulting in his death... we might be moved to look for such a transit against his natal or progressed Pallas.  It is easily found:  transiting Pluto is opposite his natal Pallas and quincunx his progressed Pallas.  The latter is conjunct his natal Jupiter:  his fateful decision has been very public. (time of day for birth and death are unknown at the moment, but not important for this consideration)

Other writers have already commented on other facets of Hoffman's astrology for this unfortunate event.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pakistan Theater Bombing

Today's Bloodbath Formula example is a grenade attack at a cinema in Pakistan this weekend.  The main driver is the long-lived Pallas-Pluto trine which has brought us numerous such events in recent months.  The trine is waning for the moment due to Pallas retrograde:  it will be back in the summer and give us two passing semisquares on the way.

As always, Pallas is the libertarian non-aggression principle, which is weakened by aspect to Pluto.  The other points of the Bloodbath Formula are shorter-term configurations which bring out the potential violence of Pallas-Pluto connections.

actual time unknown

1.  Pallas trine Pluto. 
2.  Venus septile Neptune. 
3.  Venus conjunct Pluto.
4.  Pluto in the Fourth House.
5.  Pluto square Uranus, ruler of the Sun.

This blog has basically tracked every mass killing reported on either or since May 2013, and compared the event charts with the Bloodbath Formula.  Sadly, there is no shortage of examples that the formula works. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jordan Belfort

This is a chart (time unknown) for Jordan Belfort, the real-life inspiration for the outlandish stock market con-man portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.  I've mentioned at least a few times that the charts of criminals resemble the charts of (non-libertarian) politicians, and that the charts of thieves resemble the charts of Left-wing politicians in particular.  Belfort gives us an example of this phenomenon.

Rather than put the Sun on the First House cusp as I usually do for noon charts, I've left this chart in my default house system.  Neptune in the Second House of money for the noon chart corresponds well to Belfort's financial deceptions.  Saturn and the South Node in the Fifth House for this chart corresponds well to his extreme ego-insecurity and to his migration from a (Fifth House) investment mogul to an (Eleventh House?) sales trainer.  Putting the Sun in the Tenth would reflect his public visibility his leadership roles, and his orientation towards achievement.  The Moon in the First House may reflect how he "nurtured" his compatriots-in-crime, and Jupiter-Chiron in the Sixth House opposite Pluto in the Twelfth House may reflect his energetic workplace (Jupiter in the Sixth), his bizarre diet habits (Chiron in the Sixth), and his eventual betrayal of his employees (the Pluto opposition from the Twelfth House).  Without an official time of birth, noon works very well.

Pallas/Ethics: Pallas is widely square Pluto, and her ruler Venus is widely/indirectly conjunct Pluto and sextile Mercury.  There's a hint of ethics here, but Pluto arguably overwhelms it.

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  Neptune is quintile Venus, trine Sun (ruler of Venus) and, in the case of a noon-ish birth, in the Second House.  This moves Belfort's economics solidly to the Left/Neptunian paradigm.  Combined with a compromised Pallas this opens the door to theft (known as "taxation" in the charts of politicians).

Sun, Jupiter-Chiron, Neptune Grand Trine:  suggesting a salesman/prophet (Jupiter) of dreams (Neptune) to wounded personalities (Chiron).

Venus-Uranus conjunction:  suggesting financial (Venus) innovation (Uranus) and perhaps his frenetic (Uranus) womanizing (Venus).

South Node conjunct Saturn and quincunx Pluto: loss (South Node) of power (Pluto) and/or authority (Saturn). 

Were Belfort in politics rather than the private sector, he'd probably still be in office.