Friday, March 28, 2014

Leland Yee

California state senator Leland Yee has been a staple of San Francisco politics for over a decade, famous for being a rabid cheerleader for gun control (a.k.a. "victim disarmament").  No more, apparently:  the FBI has just arrested him for...  yes, weapons trafficking.  This is probably shocking to rank-and-file liberals, but libertarians and conservatives consider anti-gun politicians (every last one protected by armed government agents) to be inherently hypocritical.  Many of us can't help but smirk when one of our gun-grabbing overlords gets caught red-handed. 

Yee's natal chart (time unknown) is a fairly cut-and-dried authoritarian-Leftist pattern:

Positive/libertarian:  Mercury, ruler of Pallas, widely conjunct Sun. 
Negative/authoritarian:  Mercury, ruler of Pallas, square Pluto, semisquare Jupiter, and conjunct South Node.  Authoritarian, no question.

Venus conjunct Neptune, making for an economic Leftist.  It's possible that a time of birth might give us mitigating or reinforcing factors but it's hard to overrule a conjunction

Moon trine South Node and/or square Neptune depending on time of birth.  Culturally liberal tendencies exist, even if a time of birth might give us mitigating factors. 

Debilitated Pallas (see above) square Saturn:  a weak Pallas configured with Saturn tends to appear in the charts of gun-control proponents.  Saturn does not have this effect on Pallas if Pallas is strong (see Lew Rockwell's chart with Pallas conjunct Saturn for evidence). 

Here's the same chart with transits and progressions for the day of his arrest (time unknown). 

Progressed Pallas opposite Yee Sun; transiting Pallas square Yee Sun:  a strong focus on ethics (Pallas) and weapons (Pallas again).

Transiting Neptune opposite Yee Saturn:  the dissolution of authority.  

Transiting Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter T-square on progressed Venus in Capricorn and natal Neptune:  destruction (Pluto) and disruption (Uranus) of something valuable (Venus), in this case authority (Capricorn).  Jupiter adds insult to injury through publicity.  The triggering of his natal Neptune evokes the image of his life essentially dissolving away. 

Transiting Mars conjunct Yee Venus;  transiting Saturn semisextile Yee Venus:  attack on (Mars) and difficulty regarding (Saturn) that which is valued (Venus). 

Silly boy -- everyone knows you have to get to the federal level before you can get away with this sort of thing. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

This is a chart with transits and progressions against a chart for Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of the mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.  No time or location of birth is available:  here the location is set as Penang because he reportedly entered Penang Free School in 1974.  In any event, birth location is irrelevant for this consideration.  The chart shows that transiting Pluto would have formed aspects against both his natal Pallas (a quintile) and his progressed Pallas (sextile).  Pluto-to-Pallas transits trigger an ethical crisis: a period of time in which the native is likely to face a crisis of decision-making either in the form of an ethically challenging situation and/or temporarily poor impulse control.  While proving nothing, the chart suggests that during the flight the captain may have been capable of actions which are notable for ethics or lack thereof, and/or of behavior that is not consistent with his normal ethical structure. 

US President Barack Obama is under the same transits:  for him most likely relating to the recent fallout from his administration's meddling in Ukraine. 

While this is (probably) not a political event, it illustrates the importance of Pallas which is the central astrological element for this blog.  Pallas rules ethics in the horoscope and is the single astrological indicator for libertarian-to-authoritarian social philosophy.

Birth data for Zaharie Ahmad Shah is from Lynn Koiner via the NCGR newsletter. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein:  living proof that crime pays in the US Senate.  For years in public view, the US Senator from California has been shoveling millions of dollars directly from the pocketbooks of US taxpayers...  directly into the pockets of her investment banker husband, who profits directly from government contracts.  Many of these contracts are military and war-related, and passed by the Senate (a clear conflict of interest).  Usually her hypocrisy stays under the radar, but it surfaced recently when, upon realizing she was under drone surveillance, she spoke out against drone surveillance.  Of course, she is a strong proponent of forced citizen disarmament despite reserving the right to carry a concealed weapon for herself

Feinstein's voting record is essentially identical to that of a neo-conservative (i.e. war-mongering fascist) Republican.  Her party affiliation is not ideological but practical (she is, after all, from California).  Her astrological chart accordingly resembles that of a neoconservative and not an ideological Left-liberal.

Positive/Libertarian:  Pallas sesquiquadrate Mercury and widely conjunct the North Node and trine the Sun.  Co-ruled by Jupiter which is quindecile North Node. 
Negative/Authoritarian:  Pallas opposite Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Pluto, and co-ruled by Neptune which is conjunct the South Node.  The negatives win, even with the North Node conjunction (which is wide and does not compete with the negative-factor trifecta).  Gun-control nuts tend to have negative Pallas placements in combination with Pallas-Saturn configurations.  Feinstein's own Pallas placement is accompanied by Saturn quincunx Jupiter (co-ruler of Pallas). 

Capitalist:   Venus (ruling the Second House) sesquiquadrate the North Node.
Leftist:  Venus septile Neptune.
A mixed signature, which usually puts the native on the Right economically. 

Conservative:  Moon trine North Node.
Liberal:  Neptune semisquare Mercury, ruler of the Moon.
Again, a mixed signature.  Inconclusive by itself, but with the Venus placement suggests a Rightward lean.

Bloodbath Formula (Feinstein is, after all, a war profiteer). 
1.  compromised Pallas (see above)
2.  Venus septile Neptune.
3.  Pluto in Cancer in the Fourth House.
4.  Venus conjunct Pluto.
5.  Sun parallel Pluto.

Like I said:  a neoconservative dressed as a Left-Liberal.  And proof that the US political system does not work in the interests of those it claims to represent. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

American Libertarianism Rising

While the Sibley chart for the USA suggests a potential for a steady decline of American liberty, the rise of libertarian ideology in recent years is hard to miss.  For decades after the fall of Goldwater (not actually a libertarian, but close in certain respects) it seemed as if America were doomed to choose between the Scylla and Charybdis of the statist Left and the statist Right.  Government grew unbounded and no real resistance appeared (despite the promises of Ronald Reagan). 

Then, as the 2008 presidential election reared its bloated head, a ray of light.  Ron Paul's quixotic run for the office began, and gathered internet-powered steam far faster than anyone could have anticipated.  The libertarian remnant awoke from slumber.  Disaffected liberals (myself included) shed our Leftist allegiances and found new hope in the ideals of non-aggression and freedom.  Millions of American youngsters discovered an ideological alternative to death by socialism versus death by war.

Two Ron Paul campaigns later, we still have the largest, most militaristic and bloated state in the history of the world... but we also have hope (and not the false kind).  A libertarian-leaning wing of the Republicans (led by Rand Paul and sometimes Ted Cruz) has taken root and captured the popular imagination.  The American anti-war segment has, perhaps for the first time ever, stopped a war before it started.  Marijuana is legal in several states, and Americans are resisting surveillance and gun-control legislation en mass.  Bitcoin now offers an alternative to the economic horror of state/central banking which cannot be stopped with physical force. 

Astrologically, to explain such a movement, we would be looking for a very slow-moving factor such as progressions...  involving Pallas

This first chart is for transits and progressions against the USA chart on the day Ron Paul announced his 2008 run:  arguably the birth of the current libertarian resurgence.  Transiting Pallas and both the transiting and progressed Mercury are conjunct the USA Pallas for this chart -- both excellent albeit transient indicators for libertarianism.  The harbinger of a long-term movement is that the progressed Sun has just entered within eight degrees of the progressed Pallas.  Eight degrees is the standard (conservative) orb for a conjunction, and because the Sun progresses faster than Pallas, we are looking at the beginnings of a long-term libertarian emergence.

This second chart marks progressions and transits against the USA chart for the coming grand cardinal cross next month.  Note the progressed Sun-Pallas conjunction is much closer.  Between this chart and the previous one, the US has seen the rise of a true libertarian political bloc with its own media and even its own currency. 

This third chart shows  the peak of the Sun-Pallas progressed conjunction, five years from now.  While the Powers That Be will do their best to retain fascist-style control, they may find it increasingly hard to do so in America in this decade.  As the Sun-Pallas progressed conjunction tightens, the American libertarian movement will in all likelihood gain even more momentum. 

It is the task of all peace-and-freedom loving Americans to make the best of these energies while we have them.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Keynesian Environmentalist?

There is no shortage of exhibits to demonstrate that Neptune rules the political Left (and perhaps government as a whole, which is essentially a deified class of criminals), as well as the currently reigning astrological Age.  The planetary lord of dreams, deception, delusion, and undoing has so thoroughly informed and infused the creations of humankind that even most astrologers don't see it.  Once seen, however, it is impossible to miss.

Today's consideration is a pair of ideologies inseparable from the modern political Left:  Keynesian economics and environmentalism.  Upon a moment's examination, these two ideologies not only conflict but are diametrically opposed.  The modern citizen is so accustomed to the conflation of these two systems that it rarely if ever occurs to him to ask if they agree with one another.  This Orwellian ability for most of the modern world to hold two contradictory ideas as true... this is yet another symptom of Neptune.

Keynesian theory is the backdrop for nearly all economic thought in the political mainstream today.  It dominates the Left (and even most of the Right) wing of the predatory bird of the State.  When we hear terms in the media such as "stimulus" and "the paradox of thrift", or when we listen to any word from the mouth of Paul Krugman or Ben Bernanke, we can know that we are in the wonderland of (Fabian Socialist) John Maynard Keynes.  Behind all of the confusing language spoken by devious men in suits, the tenets are simple:  spending is good, saving is bad, and the wise all-knowing government must goose the economy for us all to survive.  Keynesians support "make-work" to create economic activity:  digging ditches only to fill them again, breaking windows so that they can be repaired, and even waging wars are all considered to be "good" for the economy.  The center of this Neptunian "economic" philosophy is that the more we consume, the more we have.  

Environmentalism, if we strip it to its (presumed) core, is based on the idea that natural resources are finite.  If we consume or destroy this resources faster than they regenerate, we will have less of these resources.  Therefore, if we do not wish to run out, we must conserve.  Environmentalism, when it is honest, encourages saving and discourages consumption.  The true environmentalist is a capitalist, carefully measuring supply, demand, and production in pursuit of having more wealth (natural wealth, in this case) at the end of the day.

One of these ideologies is necessarily false. The mainstream Left, by presumably adopting both, is at its core self-contradictory.  Of course, it has not actually adopted both ideologies.  Its "environmentalism" is inherently false because it relies on the State, the world's worst polluter, to "protect" the environment.  This is the equivalent of putting Adolf Hitler in charge of protecting Jews.  The mainstream Left is actually not environmentalist at all, but fully Keynesian.

Astrologically, Keynesian/Leftist economics always (in my experience of studying hundreds of charts) come with Venus and/or the Second House and/or the ruler(s) thereof in association with the South Node and/or Neptune.  This combination of symbols represents dissolution/confusion/deception (Neptune and/or the South Node) as applied to the perception of physical value (Venus and/or the Second House).  Conversely, strong free-market capitalists often have charts in which Venus and/or the Second House and/or the ruler(s) thereof are strengthened by the North Node. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ukraine Escalation

The US-Russia proxy war in Ukraine is escalating.  The US, determined not lose its five billion dollar investment in the overthrow of Ukraine, has sent a guided missile destroyer to the Black Sea and just now enacted anti-Russia sanctions.  Russia, protecting oil pipelines, military assets, and ethnic Russians in Crimea, is deploying anti-ship missile systems. 

We have ethical crises and conundrums on both sides (with the Russians facing severe economic and potentially humanitarian damage and the US facing a setback in its ceaseless expansion).  We can expect to find transiting Pluto aspecting the natal and/or progressed Pallas of the parties involved. 

Pluto sextile progressed Pallas

Pluto quintile Pallas and sextile progressed Pallas

Pluto quintile Pallas

For the Russian Pluto-Pallas transit, see this post which still applies. 

Of all of these Pluto-Pallas transits, Barack Obama's are the strongest:  of the parties surveyed here, he is the most likely, both natally and by transit, to behave destructively and unethically.  Transiting Pallas will exactly conjoin his natal North Node in a week, however.  One hopes that he will then experience one of his rare moments of good judgment, and take steps to allow for Crimean secession.  Secession (with or without Russian annexation) is probably the only peaceful solution now that US-funded anti-Russian fascists now control Western Ukraine. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Satoshi Nakamoto

Newsweek has just published a profile on a reclusive politically-libertarian physicist, Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, who may be the "Satoshi Nakamoto" who created Bitcoin

The article lists a place and month/year of birth, without a date.  Normally this is nowhere near enough information to tell us much about the native.  In this case, however, we have enough data to establish a libertarian "whistleblower" chart.  Nakamoto's Pallas would in any case be conjunct Pluto, establishing a willingness (at least in youth) towards the use of force which is consistent with a long career of government-affiliated work in classified research.  Also in any case, Pallas would be trine the North Node.  Even with the Pluto conjunction, the North Node sometimes affects Pallas disproportionately:  here we get the probable libertarian streak which generally starts weak early in life and increases over time. 

The Saturn-Uranus sextile suggests a potential capacity for harnessing and creating structure (Saturn) out of innovation/technology (Uranus). 

The Uranus-Pluto semisquare/parallel suggests a generational rebellious streak -- but Pallas is a better indicator of rebellion on ethical/moral grounds rather than acting out for its own sake.

Of course, all of these aspects will be present in the charts of anyone born in July of 1949.  Nakamoto just appears to have made unusually good and striking use of them (assuming he is the creator of Bitcoin).

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto publicly denies having created Bitcoin.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin:  de-facto "Czar" of Russia and in many ways the most impressive current head of state in the world.  Rising from being a suspected murderer and terrorist as an officer in the KGB, he has since been the very model of an effective-if-autocratic right-wing leader.  It was during his first premiership and presidency (1999-2008) that Russia's economy grew by nearly triple and her status as an energy superpower became clear.  He has since continued to demonstrate qualities including strategic restraint and masterful diplomacy which are lacking in other world leaders

Positive:  Pallas quincunx and widely parallel Mercury, and sesquiquadrate Venus which rules Mercury and the Sun.
Negative:  Pallas quincunx Pluto and ruled by Jupiter and Neptune which both aspect Pluto.  These factors subside over time because Pluto is conjunct the South Node.  A typical "whistleblower" configuration:  the chart leans to the authoritarian in youth but becomes less so over time.  This would be consistent with the suspected youthful terrorist who becomes the relatively reasonable elder. 

Capitalist:  Venus parallel North Node.
Economic-Leftist: Venus ruled by Pluto which is conjunct South Node and sextile Neptune, and by Mars which is trine South Node. 
Unclear:  Venus widely square the Nodes.  Second house ruler Jupiter square the Nodes. 
Wishy-washy or conflicted configurations often end up on the Right/capitalist end of the spectrum, and I suspect the Venus/NN parallel overcomes some of the other factors. 

Conservative:  North Node on the IC.  Pat Buchanan also has this, hence the feeling of kinship
Liberal:  Moon is ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Neptune.  Fourth House is ruled by Saturn (which is conjunct Neptune) and Uranus (which is square Neptune).
The North Node apparently overpowers the other factors, but again:  conflicted configurations usually end up on the Right.

Bloodbath Formula
1.  The anti-Pallas features are listed above. 
2.  Economic-Leftist features listed above.
3.  Pluto rules and is widely square Venus, trine Venus co-ruler Mars, and square Second House ruler Jupiter.
4.  Pluto widely square Moon and sextile her ruler Mercury.
5.  Pluto septile Sun (which is ruled by Venus:  see point 3).
Whether or not Putin was a mass-murderer/terrorist in his younger days, the chart suggests he could have been but is not likely to be one now.

Other Factors
  • Pluto at the MC:  power/authority.
  • Pluto trine Mars in the Second House:  great physical power "on display" (as Noel Tyl often describes Second House planets).
  • Pallas square Mars:  high dexterity and/or command of physical action.
  • Moon ruled by Mercury which is configured with Pallas:  fighter/martial-artist.
  • Pallas configured with both Moon and Pluto:  a "James Bond" type -- elite military or covert operative potential
  • Mercury/Venus at the Ascendant:  diplomacy.
  • Sun/Saturn/Neptune/Mercury stellium in the Twelfth:  perhaps a highly idealized public image of power/authority which may hide something a bit different.
  • Uranus in Cancer in the Ninth square Sun/Saturn:  populist elements in his domain publicly rebelling against his authority. 

I'm a libertarian (surprise) and don't believe in imposed authority.  But if you're going to have imposed authority, you could do far worse than Vladimir Putin.  I suspect he will continue to avoid all-out war as long as the West doesn't force him into it.  If he is allowed to peacefully hold the (strategically vital and ethnically Russian) region of Crimea against Western-funded national-socialist and other forces, I doubt he'll push his way into the rest of Ukraine

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kunming Bloodbath

At least 33 are dead and 130 injured after a gang of knife-wielding men attacked a train station full of travelers in Kunming, China.  Regular readers of this blog know that there is an astrological formula for mass murder, and will not be surprised to see that this event adheres to the formula.

1.  Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto:  ethics corrupted.
2.  Venus novile Neptune:  perception of value diluted.
3.  Pluto conjunct Venus and septile her ruler Saturn:  value destroyed. 
4.  Pluto at IC:  death plus (human) family / land.  
5.  Sun sextile Pluto:  death in the spotlight.

Jupiter in Cancer the MC provides a hint that the attack may have been racially/culturally motivated, as authorities claim.

Astrology is often not a very scientific discipline, and is often subject to the whims and biases of the astrologer.  The effect of Pallas-related configurations, however, seems to be quite measurable.  When Pallas or her sign ruler aspects Pluto, is blocked by a discordant aspect from Jupiter, or is drained by the South Node, we often see humankind at its worst.