Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Harry Reid

Harry Reid:  Senate Majority Leader, multimillionaire, shady dealer, and possible prime instigator of the Bundy Ranch War.  Yet another exhibit showing that in our current political system, the worst rise to power.  Astrology shows us a bit about what makes him tick. 

Libertarian:  Pallas trine Mercury and square Nodes.
Authoritarian:  Pallas conjunct Pluto.
This chart is actually a toss-up, with powerful forces on both sides of the libertarian/authoritarian spectrum.  Many "whistleblower" types have similar configurations.  With the Pallas square to the Nodes, however, there are no guarantees and there may be more "free will" involved with these cases than usual.  Reid appears to have definitively chosen force over reason.
This configuration combined with Saturn sesquiquadrate Sun (ruler of Pallas) conforms with Reid's strong gun-control stance (for citizens -- not for government enforcers).  Saturn-Pallas involvement plus an authoritarian Pallas placement appears in the chart of every gun-control proponent I've checked so far. 

Leftist:  Venus trine South Node, ruled by Saturn which is conjunct South Node and quincunx Neptune.  We're looking at someone who, bearing in mind the questionable Pallas placement, very likely has zero respect for the property rights of others.

Liberal:  Moon trine South Node, regardless of time of birth.

Bloodbath Formula
1.  Compromised Pallas (see above)
2.  Left-wing Venus (see above)
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto
4.  Sun trine Pluto
This is consistent with support for war and disregard for human life, though not a guarantee of such.

If this chart analysis looks nearly identical to those of other left-wing authoritarians, that's because it is.  The entire human soap opera of warring social/political/economic ideologies is just people acting out their planets.  Libertarianism is, of course, the framework that allows for the peaceful coexistence of multiple planetary patterns, by allowing those of like mind to freely associate with one another and form their own societies as long as they allow other societies to do the same. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

1802: Pallas Discovered

Astrologers who know history are aware that when a "new" planet is discovered, prominent events around the time of discovery reflect the astrological energies of that new planet.  The discovery of Uranus coincided with political revolutions including the American Revolution.  The discovery of Neptune coincided with the invention of photography and the rise of spiritualism and hypnotism.  The discovery of Pluto coincided with the advent of nuclear power.

Here, then, are some events occurring around the discovery of Pallas in 1802:

Mar 16th - US Military Academy established
Mar 25th - France, Netherlands, Spain & Great Britain sign Peace of Amiens
Mar 27th - Treaty of Amiens-French Revolutionary War ends
Mar 28th - Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovers 2 Pallas.
Apr 8th - French Protestant church becomes state-supported/controlled
May 3rd - Washington, D.C. is incorporated as a city
May 19th - French Order of Legion d'Honneur forms
Jun 4th - King Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia abdicates his throne.
Jun 9th - US Academy at West Point founded
Jul 4th - US Military Academy officially opens (West Point, NY)
Aug 2nd - Napoleon declared "Counsel for Life"

The theme of all these events?  War, peace, and political power -- issues that my research shows are inextricably intertwined with the astrological function of Pallas. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Michael C Ruppert

Michael C Ruppert was a whistle-blower on US government drug-running before becoming one of the most prominent figures in American fringe politics.  He has since been on the leading edge in the movements for "9-11 Truth" and Peak Oil as well as other controversial public issues.  He (apparently/likely) committed suicide on April 13.  In his astrological chart, a time of birth would clear up a few things, but even without it we can observe some interesting correspondences with his life. 

Libertarian:  Pallas conjunct Mercury and ruled by Saturn which is sesquiquadrate Sun.
Authoritarian:  Pallas quincunx Pluto and trine/parallel South Node.
The configuration in full suggests a very high degree of ethical awareness, but one which is subject to potential lapses.  This is sort of a "reverse whistle-blower" configuration:  whistle-blowers usually have Pallas configured with the North Node rather than the South.  The Nodes are very powerful, but often inconsistent in effect. 

Capitalist:  Venus ruled by Jupiter which is conjunct North Node and by Neptune which is quincunx North Node.
Communitarian/Leftist:  Venus quindecile South Node and sesquiquadrate Neptune.
A mixed signature.

Mars conjunct Jupiter, trine Uranus:   vigorous public activity on social issues?

Saturn square Uranus:  struggles against authority.  Rebellion. 

Mercury square Neptune, quincunx Pluto, and quindecile Uranus:  Speaking on secret/taboo/controversial topics;  unorthodox views particularly regarding powerful entities and conspiracies. 

Moon (probably) conjunct Pallas:  consistent with a "fighter" and former police officer.
Moon (probably) square Saturn:  consistent with emotional depression. 

Sun opposite Pluto:  a lifelong battle against deadly power?

Neptune heavily aspected:   emphasis on spirituality? 

Aquarius Sun + Capricorn Moon:  this combination is held by Matt Savinar to be correlated with leaders in large-scale social movements. 

Here is a chart for the approximate time of his death.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Ruppert's Neptune and transiting Neptune is conjunct Ruppert's Mars.  This evokes a picture, perhaps, of action leading into the unknown.

And of course:  stationing Pluto is conjunct Ruppert's Pallas and transiting Jupiter is opposite.  Ethical crisis, life/death decisions, and compromised impulse control. The transiting Jupiter opposition often appears specifically during suicides. 

Watch RT's Abby Martin's personal tribute to Ruppert. 

P.S.:   9/27/2015 not shown is Ruppert's Ceres which at 3 Aquarius is quintile his progressed Sun and probably square his progressed Moon.   Ceres/Sun/Moon patterns tend to appear when people "go away". 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Calgary Stabbings

Five died of stab wounds at a university-related party in Calgary yesterday.  As always, the charts of senseless mass-murder events carry the Bloodbath Formula.  Here are the chart and the list of qualifying traits.

1.  Pallas ruled by Sun which is widely square Pluto and conjunct South Node.
2.  Venus conjunct Neptune.
3.  Venus sextile Pluto.
4.  Pluto widely square Moon, square Mars (ruler of the Fourth House), and sextile Venus (ruler of the Moon). 
5.  Sun trine Pluto.
6.  (optional) Mercury angular at the IC. 

I also suspect these aspects (at least the first four) for the Chicago murder sprees and Kansas Jewish community killings of the past few days.  When libertarian non-aggression represented by Pallas is compromised, we see humanity behaving badly.  When the rest of the Bloodbath Formula is also present, the misbehavior turns murderous for a small minority. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cliven Bundy's Victory

time unknown
The story in short:
1.  The Bundy family raises cattle on their land for over a century.
2.  The US federal government claims the land for questionable "environmental protection".
3.  The Bundy family disregards the US government claim.
4.  The US government starts to confiscate Bundy cattle and right-wing/libertarian types start gathering in the region to side with the Bundys.  Violence seems imminent. 
5.  Infowars publishes a story revealing that the land is involved in a federal under-the-table deal with China not for environmental protection, but for Chinese-owned wind farms (which are known to destroy wildlife and cause regional warming in addition to being an inefficient means of generating power). 
6.  The US Bureau of Land management backs off and the Bundy family declare victory.

When a mundane event is notable for its ethics (from the point of view of the libertarian non-aggression principle), its peaceful character, and/or its respect for human life, limb, and private property:  Pallas is involved without fail.  In the charts of such events, Pallas (and/or the ruler/rulers of Pallas) are always configured with the Sun and/or Mercury.  In this chart for the day the Feds backed off, Pallas is ruled by and trine the Sun, and sesquiquadrate Mercury

Like the public defeat of the planned US invasion of Syria last fall, this event is both ground-breaking and under-reported by the government-aligned corporate media.  It reflects, perhaps, a growing trend of victories by the "little people" against the Neptunian paper tiger of the State. 

This event is an early manifestation of the upcoming peak of the "grand cardinal cross" between Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars.  While the technical peak in a week's time is much-written-about, the four planetary players are already within orb of effect.  In the chart for this event, Pluto in Capricorn may represent the State; Uranus in Aries may represent rebellion; Jupiter in Cancer (as documented quite a few times in the past year) may stand for ideals around land and tradition; and Mars in Libra may reflect social action. 

Some other notable factors:
Sun in Aries conjunct South Node:  weakness in a normally aggressive power. 
Venus conjunct Neptune:  confusion and/or deception regarding property. 
Sun in yod between Saturn and Moon:  struggle/tension involving authority (Saturn) and farmers (Moon in Virgo. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sheila Jackson Lee

time unknown

By reader request, today's astro-political microscope features outspoken Texas Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.  Lee is a hard-authoritarian Leftist that Right-wingers and libertarians love to hate.  She has made a name for herself by spouting extreme partisanship, outrageous political correctness, disrespect for freedom and privacy, and comical ignorance of the history of the land and people she nevertheless feels competent to govern. 

Libertarian:  Sun quintile Pallas.  Pallas quincunx North Node and co-ruled by Pluto which is trine the North Node.
Authoritarian:  Pallas square Jupiter, square and co-ruled by Pluto, co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct the South Node. The authoritarian factors are stronger.

Capitalist:  No discernible factors. 
Anti-capitalist:  Venus trine Neptune and South Node, and co-ruled by Saturn which is contraparallel Neptune.  Venus quincunx Saturn is also a (slight) anti-capitalist factor. 

Conservative:  Inconclusive due to unknown time.  The possible Moon quincunx with the North Node might lend a conservative bent... but in combination with an authoritarian Pallas might suggest deep-seated racism.  
Liberal:  Regardless of birth time, the Moon is ruled by Mars (which is conjunct South Node and Neptune) and by Pluto (which is tightly sextile Neptune).  This combination of factors is pretty hard to override.

Some other factors: 

Saturn septile Pallas:  Saturn/Pallas plus an authoritarian Pallas seems to be the "gun control" signature.

Pluto co-rules Moon and is opposite Venus:  Pluto with both the Moon and Venus is a common feminist signature. 

Moon conjunct Pallas:  pugnacity.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter:  big (Jupiter) mouth (Mercury). 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Leopold II, King of Belgium

The bloody history of Leopold II, King of Belgium, has been whitewashed in recent times.  A century ago, he was possibly the most hated man in the world.  His brutal and nearly genocidal exploitation of the Congo horrified Europe when it was revealed by hero-journalist Edmund Dean Morel.  Leopold's reign of terror in Africa was the inspiration for novelist Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and by extension Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.  His chart is an exemplar of the Bloodbath Formula which appears in the charts of mass-murderers.  The features of his chart fulfilling the formula:

1.  Pallas quindecile Jupiter, trine Pluto (via Sun), and conjunct South Node.  The South Node conjunction appears weak on the natal chart, but progressed Pallas was retrograde for virtually Leopold's entire life and the distance closed by progression as he aged.  The older he became, the weaker the ethical anti-violence effect of Pallas on his chart became. 
2.  Venus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). 
3.  Venus parallel Pluto
4.  Moon trine Pluto.  
5.  Sun conjunct Pluto

Bloodbath Formula natives in most cases are perfectly peaceful and productive citizens...  when far from the corruptive power of the State.  When given the power of life and death over their fellow humans through the unnatural edifice of modern government, they often become monsters. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fort Hood Shooting (2014)

A mass shooting today, at Fort Hood.  This was previously the site of another similar shooting years ago.  The government entity that boasts of "keeping us safe" apparently can't even keep its own hapless minions safe, nor learn from past experience. 

Regulars to this blog know the drill by now:  there is a reliable astrological formula for these events, involving Pallas (significator of ethics and libertarian non-aggression, or the lack thereof) and other factors.  So here's the chart and the list of aspects fulfilling the formula.

1.  Pallas ruled by the Sun which is square Pluto.
2.  Neptune conjunct Venus
3.  Venus semisquare Pluto.
4.  Pluto opposite Jupiter (ruler of the Fourth House).  
5.  Sun square Pluto.
6.  (optional) Mercury in an angular house. 

Why do military bases and schools make such great targets for homicidal mass-shootings?  Because they're "gun-free zones" in which potential victims are not allowed to be armed.  Yes: military bases, in the infinite wisdom of our overlords, do not allow most soldiers to walk around with guns. 

And, of course:  http://www.infowars.com/army-admits-fort-hood-shooter-was-on-psychiatric-drugs/

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bitcoin and Pluto (Part One of Five)

In the past week or so, Pluto has just completed its first exact conjunction with the Sun on the Bitcoin astrological chart.  This is the first of five exact Pluto hits that Bitcoin will experience in the 2014-2015 time frame.  Each hit will represent the collision of Pluto's crisis/death/rebirth energies with the "heart" of Bitcoin.  Each is likely to correspond with terrestrial events which significantly impact Bitcoin, for good, ill, or both.  

This recent conjunction seems to fit the bill.  In the past week as the conjunction formed, the US government declared Bitcoin to be not a "currency" but a "property" which is subject to capital gains taxes.  Immediately after that, unsettling if unclear developments in China came to light.  The Bitcoin price has taken a significant hit though at this writing appears to be recovering.

Because Pluto stations retrograde so soon (on April 15), Pluto remains close to the Bitcoin Sun position for a number of weeks.  We could see similar "aftershock" effects near the station, or when Pluto is activated by other transiting planets such as during the April 23 grand cross.  On May 1, Pluto traveling retrograde conjoins the Bitcoin Sun again for the second of the five Pluto hits.  During this entire period and especially near these astrological events, we could see significant Bitcoin action.  Whether up or down in terms of price I have no way of knowing.  The Pluto station of April 2013 near the Bitcoin Sun brought an extreme price spike with it, bit the current conjunction is bringing a moderate price drop (20% or so is "moderate" for Bitcoin). 

I've shied away from making Bitcoin-price-related posts in the past two months because the astrological picture contains more conflicting factors than I've found a way to make sense of.  That said, fast-moving factors like Venus and the Sun, the effects of which I've written about in previous posts, continue to be relevant and useful for short-term trading.