Monday, June 30, 2014

A Violent Weekend

An uptick in violence this past weekend in the US, in three separate locations (NYC, Chicago [chart], and New Orleans).  Therefore, in the astrology we would expect to see peaceful Pallas compromised and the Bloodbath Formula in force.

This is a chart for Brooklyn at midnight Saturday night / Sunday morning, which is the location of the most reported violence at the "center" of the weekend.  Fulfilling the formula:

1.  Pallas trine Pluto.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Venus contraparallel Pluto.
4.  Moon quindecile Pluto.
5.  Sun opposite Pluto.

When the Pallas-Pluto trine subsides, we will in all likelihood see more peace on the streets and on the planet in general. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bloodbath Formula Addition

This Stefan Molyneux video on the life of young mass-murderer Elliot Rodger inspired me to revisit the Bloodbath Formula.  The formula is a set of astrological conditions which, it seems, always occurs in the charts of mass-murderers and senseless mass-murder events.  The conditions in the earlier version of the formula, in short:

1.  Compromised Pallas. 
2.  Venus-Neptune complex in some form.
3.  Pluto-Venus involvement in some form.
4.  Pluto-Sun involvement in some form.
5.  (optional) Mercury prominent.

In the video, Molyneux (we'll get to his chart eventually) goes in-depth into the the difficult childhood of the now-infamous killer.  Abandonment issues and perceived betrayals clearly mark Rodger's early life.  These suggest Moon-Pluto involvement, and Rodger's chart indeed has Pluto on the IC.  This spurred me to go back through my catalog of "bloodbath" charts to check for such a pattern in all of them.  I found one. 

The newly expanded formula:

1.  Compromised Pallas. 
2.  Venus-Neptune complex in some form.
3.  Pluto-Venus involvement in some form.
4.  Pluto-Moon involvement in some form.
5.  Pluto-Sun involvement in some form.
6.  (optional) Mercury prominent.

My own chart contains the formula, though like the vast majority of persons with the formula I have never killed or even physically harmed another.  In my own case, I am well past the age when I might have been capable of murder according to my own astrological observations. 

I've been going back through Bloodbath-Formula-related posts to retroactively add the new condition.  There may, of course, be other conditions as yet undiscovered. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Rampage

Pallas is back in a trine with Pluto, helping account for the massive violence in Iraq this past week.  The Pallas-Pluto aspect also brings violence on a personal level, with a Virginia man killing his family and himself on Father's Day.  Because there haven't been other reports of mass violence this weekend outside Iraq, we're looking at the event chart for the Virginia killing to hold a weak version of the Bloodbath Formula

1.  Pallas trine Pluto.
2.  Neptune in the Second House.
3.  Pluto square Uranus, co-ruler of the Second House.  
4.  Pluto square Uranus, co-ruler of the Moon.
5.  Mercury, ruler of Sun, weakly quindecile Pluto
6.  (optional) Mercury conjunct Sun. 

The Pallas-Pluto trine lasts for about another month.  We will probably see a higher incidence of violence worldwide during this period (especially when the Bloodbath Formula forms), as well as authoritarian measures by governments. 

Pallas is the planetary ruler of the libertarian non-aggression axiom.  When she is compromised by aspect, evil is afoot

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iraq Implodes

The Second US-Iraq War started by Bush/Cheney and continued by Obama now shows itself to have been a complete waste of innocent lives, American and allied soldiers, and trillions of US taxpayer dollars.  What was once a stable if autocratic regime under former US-puppet Saddam Hussein is now a breeding ground for the selfsame Islamic militant types that the US government claims to oppose.  Purposeless death and destruction are the ultimate fruit of the concentration of power that is the State. The State is, to the logical mind, the greatest threat to humanity that has ever existed. 

This is the first chart that comes up on a Google search for the nativity of the Iraq War (2003).  We would expect a Bloodbath Formula on the chart:

1.  Pallas (though conjunct Sun) is square Pluto and co-ruled by Neptune which is opposite Jupiter
2.  Venus is widely conjunct Neptune.  Neptune co-rules the Second House and opposes its other co-ruler Jupiter. 
3.  Pluto is septile Venus and opposite her co-ruler Saturn.
4.  Pluto is widely square the Sun
5.  (optional) Mercury in the First House. 

Some other features:

Mars conjunct Pluto:  action plus death.

Moon conjunct Uranus:  severe disruption of home/land and population (Moon rules the Sixth).  

North Node at IC:  echoes the "conservative" roots of the war.

Neptune rising opposite Jupiter:  reflects false (Neptune) publicity (Jupiter) about WMD, etc.. 

Vesta in the Eighth trine Neptune and quincunx Sun:  motivated by hidden investments?

Saturn opposite Mars:  a long, hard slog. 

Mars declination out-of-bounds:  an exaggerated, rogue quality to the action. 

This is the same chart, with transits and progressions for the date of the news story linked above.

Progressed Venus conjunct progressed Neptune:  that which is of value, dissolved.

Progressed Moon opposite Iraq War Chiron: injury to land/people/culture? 

Transiting stationary Neptune conjunct Iraq War Sun:  the "heart" of the enterprise weakens or dissolves. 

Transiting Uranus square Iraq War Chiron:  an unexpected, sharp injury? 

Transiting Jupiter trine progressed Sun:  publicity on the war's "progress".

Transiting Sun conjunct Iraq War Saturn:  a spotlight on the current difficulties. 

Transiting Mars conjunct Iraq War Vesta:  investments under attack? 

The true winners of the war?  Perhaps American oil interests, definitely war contractors like Halliburton and Blackwater/Academi, the politicians they bribed for their insanely lucrative contracts, and the "globalist"conspirators and their Al-Qaeda pawns.  We mere mortals always lose when we succumb to the schemes of the State. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Immigration 2014

This post written three weeks ago:  I forgot to publish.  Since then there have been reports of unilateral loosening of immigration rules by the White House. 

The noise from Washington regarding immigration reform has been clamorous of late.  In the legislature, Republican leader "Caveman" John Boehner is preparing to cave in to the Democrats on "amnesty" as per his usual behavior.  President Obama is pulling the trigger on plans to declare a new national park on the border with Mexico.  This effectively opens the US border to all comers including drug traffickers.  Perhaps the latter is precisely the point:  we know from the work of Michael Ruppert and others that various branches of the federal government profit hugely from the illicit drug trade.  This trade has been harmed recently by a rash of local marijuana legalization initiatives:  Washington can't have that. 

As for "amnesty", perhaps the strongest proponents (as far as I can see) are a mixture of far-Left ideologues (for whom anything of value must be given indiscriminately to all), business interests (for cheap labor), and perhaps even high-level globalist conspirators (seeking to dilute "American culture" and create a "North American Union").  Why the labor unions aren't screaming bloody murder over the "amnesty" push is a mystery to me:  Cesar Chavez himself was anti-immigration because he well understood that unionization solely relies on making labor scarce.

My own position echoes that of Ron Paul:  let everybody in but get rid of welfare and the minimum wage laws.  Removing the minimum wage will maximize employment.  Removing welfare restores what we had before welfare came along:  fewer freeloaders and more private charities to assist the truly needy.  Cultural conservatives looking to preserve the cultural/ethnic identity of America have already lost -- their best bet is to concentrate geographically and perhaps create a "conservative" version of the Free State Project

This is the USA Sibley Chart with transits for the day Obama announced his impending approval of the national park plan.  It gives us an overall flavor for the energies of the time, and also a hint about the plan itself.

Solar Arc Neptune approaching USA Vesta:  Investment (Vesta) in the US labor force (Sixth House) involving foreigners (Neptune)?

Solar Arc North Node at IC:   A long-term strengthening of cultural conservatism? 

Transiting Pluto opposite USA Sun:  An existential threat (Pluto) to national identity (Sun)?

Transiting Neptune approaching USA progressed Sun:  The Neptune retrograde station in early June will most certainly have some effect.  Will it be regarding identity (Sun), short-distance travel (Third House), and law and/or long-distance travel (Ninth House)?

Transiting Uranus in USA Fourth House:  Shakeups (Uranus) regarding home/land/race/culture (Fourth House)?

Transiting Saturn entering USA Twelfth House (in the fall):  Struggle/solidification/achievement (Saturn) regarding that which is foreign (Twelfth House)? 

Transiting South Node into USA Fourth House:  A shift to the cultural Left for a couple of years?  A loss or dilution of cultural identity (possibly related to immigration)? 

Transiting Mercury conjunct USA Mars:  News (Mercury) of action (Mars) regarding "others" (Mars in the Seventh) and land (Mars rules the Fourth). 

Bitcoin Price Drop

The price of Bitcoin is down maybe five percent from the recent peak.  I predicted the possibility of a Bitcoin price drop this week here, as well as the possibility that Barack Obama might suffer a blow (in this case a "Bowe") to his image. 

This astrology stuff is far from an exact science, but it works often enough to be worthwhile. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl

The political news around the Neptune station last summer centered around the revelations of NSA spying on US citizens, given to us by the very Neptunian Edward Snowden.  For this summer's Neptune station, the poster boy is the mysterious Bowe Bergdahl.  Bergdahl is either a military prisoner of war recently traded by the Taliban to the US in exchange for five high-profile Guantanamo prisoners, or a conscientious objector who abandoned his military post and a deserter at the time the Taliban scooped him up years ago -- after which point he joined their cause.  The Obama administration plays up the former angle; the flag-waving conservative crowd the latter.  Libertarian opinion varies from cheering him for objecting to the US military mission to siding with the other factions.  The confusion is an integral part of the picture.

In Bergdahl's astrological chart, we should expect to see some features similar to Snowden's:  Pallas involvement with the Nodes (suggesting an individual whose ethical outlook changes over time) and a prominent Neptune.  Neptune should be stronger on Bergdahl's chart than on Snowden's.  Not only is Bergdahl a mysterious figure whose actions seem shrouded in fog, but he was apparently a prisoner (Neptune) who by some accounts "went native" and adopted a foreign culture and religion (Neptune again).  We might also expect to see Pallas involvement with Pluto and the Moon (the combination of these factors is consistent with though far from a guarantee of a military career). 

Authoritarian:  Pallas trine Pluto, ruled by Moon which is probably conjunct Pluto, and trine South Node
Libertarian:  Pallas square Sun; authoritarian factor Pluto is conjunct South Node.
This is more or less a "whistle-blower" chart.  Pluto's affect on Pallas accounts for someone willing to join the military (decidedly against the non-aggression principle ruled by Pallas);  the South Node gradually decreases this factor creating a pull towards non-aggression.  But here the South Node also acts on Pallas directly in what is probably a weaker fashion, resulting in a somewhat muddier ethical picture.

Leftist:  Venus ruled by Mars which is conjunct Neptune.
Capitalist:  Venus conjunct North Node and ruled by Mars which is trine North Node.
Why should we care about Bergdahl's economic indicators?  Because along with Pallas, they either enable or disable the willingness to violate the rights of others.  Here, too, we get a pattern which suggests someone who is likely to develop ethically over time, towards a respect for property ownership (including, crucially, human bodies which are "owned" by the persons wearing them). 

Conservative:  North Node conjunct Venus, ruler of the Moon.
Liberal:  Moon is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars which is conjunct Neptune and by Pluto which is conjunct the South Node.  The Moon herself is also possibly conjunct the South Node.
The "liberalizing" factors overwhelm the conservative:  hence Bergdahl's reported movement away from culture/allegiances/religion of his birth.

Pluto possibly conjunct Moon: betrayal of and/or by one's tribe/family/nation? 

Neptune conjunct Mars and square Sun:  actions and identity in a fog, mysterious, difficult to determine.

Sun quincunx Pluto:  an uneasy relationship with power. 

Jupiter square Saturn:  idealism at odds with structure/discipline. 

In June 2009 when Bergdahl disappeared, transiting Pluto was opposite his natal Pallas and quindecile his progressed Pallas.  This is consistent with an ethical crisis in which life puts one's ethics to the test.  For some, the test is quite extreme and may involve life-or-death decisions.  

If more of our military were to follow the dictates of their conscience and simply walk away, perhaps our overlords would think a little harder before sending them to kill and die in foreign lands for influence and oil. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage: the European Right Wing's new star.  Possibly as brash as Ted Cruz, savvy as Rand Paul, and as plain-spoken as Walter Jones, the MEP and leader of the UK Independence Party has just delivered a stunning electoral upset to England.  It is a public rebuke of the growing web of the European Union:  a large segment of the British public apparently wants to be left alone by the EU both politically and economically, and to reduce the influx of immigrants. 

Libertarian:  Pallas trine Sun, trine Mars (ruler of Sun), and opposite Venus, ruler of Mercury.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter, ruler of Pallas. 
Authoritarian:  Pallas relatively widely square Pluto
This is a strong, mostly libertarian signature. 

Capitalist:  Venus parallel North Node
There are zero indicators of left-wing economics.  Farage's chart is 100% free-market capitalist. 

Conservative:  North Node in Cancer.  This is not the strongest possible indicator, but it's the only one here I can see.  Farage defaults to cultural-conservative positions, probably partially mitigated by the strong Pallas.  This probably explains his conservative but not particularly passionate stance on immigration. 

Pluto and Uranus Rising:  perfect for someone whose raison d'etre seems to be the fomenting of change and disruption. 

Mercury conjunct Jupiter, trine Uranus, and sextile Saturn:  pubic, populist speech regarding breaking away in the context of government. 

Mars widely conjunct Sun in Aries:  a really fiery guy. 

Pallas on the IC:  a born fighter. 

Rand Paul isn't too bad, but it might be fun to see a guy like this in the US stir things up.  

Documentary:  Nigel Farage, Who Are You? 

Monday, June 2, 2014


Strike, all bloggers and media who love peace and freedom, while the tyrant is weak.

The internet is mightier than the predator drone and the NSA.  Or so we hope.  In any event, those who seek to control us should always be criticized, ridiculed, and circumvented regardless of party affiliation. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walter Jones

In the early days of the Bush/Cheney/Obama wars over a decade ago, congressman Walter Jones earned himself notoriety and derision as the instigator of the "Freedom Fries" incident.  In a ridiculous protest against France's unwillingness to assist the US war machine in the Middle East, he publicly declared that the "fries" served in the congressional cafeteria should no longer be "French".  Jones has served in Congress since that time, continually earning re-election, albeit with little or no coverage from the press. 

There is a reason the press has not been covering the popular and outspoken Mr. Jones.  It is because almost immediately after "Freedom Fries", Jones realized that the wars were fraudulent in nature and did not serve America.  He has ever since been a consistent "no" vote on war, putting most of his fellow congressmen, including most Democrats, to shame.  He has also been something of an authentic "Tea Party" conservative and Ron Paul ally, voting more clearly along limited-government lines than most of his colleagues. 

Libertarian:  Pallas square Saturn and Uranus, rulers of Sun and Mercury.
Authoritarian:  Pallas quincunx Pluto and widely conjunct South Node
Overall, this is one of those unusual cases (like Harry Reid) might look like a toss-up.  Perhaps if we had a time of birth, the situation would be clearer.  Then again, Pallas connecting to both Sun and Mercury is both unusual and a very strong libertarian pull.

Capitalist:  Venus quindecile North Node.

Conservative:  Moon extremely likely ruled by Venus which is quindecile North Node

I'm no conservative myself, but can't help but respect the man, both for admitting when he's wrong, and for consistently voting his true convictions.  Some links about Jones' victory over the Republican machine's attempt to oust him in the recent election, and his upraised middle finger at them thereafter:
Rush Limbaugh weighs in.