Saturday, August 30, 2014

Texas Abortion Law Blocked

During last year's Texas abortion battles, it was Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto that seemed to be the astrological trigger.  For yesterday's ruling, Jupiter was long out of the sign of family and motherhood.  Taking Jupiter's place in the "hot seat" in Cancer opposite Pluto is...  Juno?  What the heck does Juno do?  (It took me years and hundreds of charts to figure out something about how Pallas works.  I don't perceive that anyone's done that level of homework on the other asteroids). 

time approximate

The Nodes have an ambivalent relationship to the Moon on this one.  The North Node is conjunct the Moon... but the South Node is on the IC.  Is the ruling pro-woman or anti-woman?  According to this charts, it's both. 

Pallas, goddess of the non-initiation of force, is also ambivalent.  She's square Pluto (which weakens her) but parallel the Sun (which strengthens her).  This latter aspect coincides with the latest Israel-Palestine cease-fire, which isn't making headlines because the overlords of the news have all determined that we're tired of hearing about Israel and Palestine for now.  Maybe they're right. 

Pluto, god of death, is arguably the star of the show in his First House perch.  He's square the nodes, suggesting that his domain of death is a subject of current contention.  Pluto currently rules the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, evoking images of struggle (Saturn) over action (Mars) in the real of life-versus-death (Scorpio). 

I have no position on abortion.  Libertarians similarly are split.  My suspicion is that Pallas doesn't like laws restricting abortion (I need much more data to be sure) but I have no idea how she views abortion itself. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Switzerland on the Gold Standard?

On November 30 of this year, the citizenry of Switzlerland will vote on a new initiative to back the Swiss Franc with gold, halt all Swiss gold sales, and repatriate all Swiss gold held abroad.  This would engender long-term stability in the Swiss economy and restrict the growth of what is already a relatively unobtrusive government.  It could also exacerbate the instability inherent in the rest of the world's fiat monetary systems, including the US Dollar. 

The "natal" chart for Switzerland is interesting, but for now let's just look at transits and progressions against that chart for the upcoming election.

Transiting Uranus-Pluto square forming a "learning triangle" against Swiss Jupiter.  Jupiter in the  Ninth may reflect public policy, and Jupiter also rules the Second House of money and the Fourth House of the homeland.  Big changes appear to be afoot in these areas. 

Transiting Mars conjunct Progressed Mars square Swiss Pluto:  a big shakeup to the power structure?  Pluto also rules the Swiss Ascendant

Progressed Mercury quincunx Swiss Venus:  information/verbiage/communications regarding money. 

Transiting North Node conjunct Swiss Pallas: a significant increase in non-aggression (Pallas).  Transits and progressions that strengthen Pallas tend to coincide with the rollback or restriction of government action.  This might be consistent with the government-restrictive properties of a gold standard. 

Transiting Pallas on the Swiss Ascendant, sextile Swiss Sun, septile Swiss Mercury, and semisextile Swiss Pallas:  A significant libertarian-friendly development. 

Transiting Vesta and Venus entering Swiss Second House.  Interesting and probably good things regarding money. 

Against the US Sibley chart for this day, the Uranus-Pluto square continues its assault on the US Sun and transiting Chiron (injury/adjustment) is trine the US Sun.

Against the Bitcoin chart, transiting Jupiter is opposite Bitcoin's Neptune, ruler of Bitcoin's Venus.  Neptune is always tricky, but one could imagine that a weakening of the US dollar by a significant nation such as Switzerland might boost prices of non-dollar assets such as Bitcoin. 

I think Switzerland will vote "yes" and that there will be ramifications which will trickle out to have worldwide effects.  I think this could end up being quite a big deal. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

California Gun Wait Period Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal judge has just ruled California's 10-day waiting period for gun purchases to be unconstitutional.  Because this is an increase in civil rights (through a decrease in government) and also because it involves weapons, we look to astrological activity involving Pallas.  The article linked above does not report a time for the ruling, so the time for the transit/progression chart for California, below, is arbitrary.  

Note that California's progressed Pallas is now at the IC, a location for Pallas which in my research consistently associates with martial arts and weapons.  During the ruling, the current Mars/Saturn conjunction is trine with this progressed Pallas (Mars suggesting action and Saturn suggesting authority).  Transiting Mercury is opposite progressed Pallas -- I find that aspects or progressions involving Mercury or the Sun with Pallas pretty much always accompany news that libertarians would consider positive.

Transiting Jupiter is very close to a quindecile with California's "natal" Pallas.  It's probably reasonable to assume some kind of counterattack by the State of California in the near future. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Napa Earthquake

This is off-topic, but the earthquake which hit Northern California early this morning has a pretty interesting chart.  The time is approximate, within 10 minutes. 

Note first that Uranus (disruption, surprises) is at the top of the chart conjunct the South Node (loss, dissolution).  This conjunction is at the center of a yod between Mercury (the bringer of information) and a Saturn-Mars conjunction (action and violence with/against structure).  Uranus also aspects nearly everything else on the chart.  In this configuration the "message" Mercury brings may be one of destruction (Pluto, trine Mercury) and disruption (Uranus, quincunx Mercury). 

Note that we are just past a "New Moon" with the Sun and Moon very tightly parallel.  Astrology aside, this could well have real and measurable gravitational impact. 

Ceres in the Fourth House is interesting though inconclusive.  Ceres-Moon contacts seem to bear some correlation to kidnappings, but in the case of Napa we're looking at homes (buildings) being taken away rather than children.  Ceres was in Cancer in the Fourth House during the big 1989 quake. 

Saturn (structure/authority) on the chart for the State of California is at 19Aries49.  That's where Uranus and the South Node are for the earthquake chart. 

I don't think Pallas on the IC is relevant, but I'll be keeping my eye out for it in the future. 

I am (probably) the world's foremost expert on the practical astrology of Pallas.  Claimed expertise comes from hundreds of trial-and-error case studies, most of which I have posted online for free perusal by the public.  I haven't studied the astrology of earthquakes, so this post is mostly for "fun" and won't be the most authoritative astrological word on the topic. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson Revisited

In my earlier post about the Michael Brown killing by a police officer, I used the chart for St Louis, MO because the incorporation data for Ferguson was not available.  A kind reader has informed me that astro-columnist Matthew Currie has published the data.  Because Currie dismisses asteroids, he misses the Pallas connection I've published nearly a thousand mini-case studies about (in this blog and in my site linked above).

After doing a few hundred of these case studies on Pallas, I concluded years ago (based on the data and not on wishful thinking) that Pallas rules the "libertarian" Non-Aggression-Principle.  If Pallas is strong on your chart, you never strike first and you only do so for defensive purposes.  When certain planets (particularly Pluto) form a transiting aspect against Pallas on a natal or progressed chart, that non-aggression ethic is weakened or put to the test.  I continue to publish case studies on Pallas on this blog, and each one only strengthens the "libertarian Pallas" premise. 

Currie does a good job describing the standard astrological action in the chart for Ferguson during the Brown killing.  I'll leave that to him, and encourage my readers to peruse his article. 

Here's Currie's Ferguson chart, with the transits for the Brown killing on the outside.  Note that transiting Pluto is sextile with Ferguson's Pallas.  Transiting Pluto is also quincunx Ferguson's own Pluto which happens to be the ruler of Ferguson's Pallas.  Because Ferguson's Pallas is "natally" configured very strongly with Pluto, and because Ferguson's chart also contains the rest of the Bloodbath Formula (Pluto rules/quindeciles the Sun and Venus, the Pluto-ized Sun rules the Moon, and Neptune is conjunct the ruler of Venus), I consider some bloodshed to have been extremely likely during the current Pluto transit in Ferguson.  I'm grateful it hasn't been worse. 

As a "bonus", note that transiting Pallas is conjunct Ferguson's South Node...  with Pallas as ethics and the South Node as loss or weakness, you can see another way in which Pallas figures into the Brown killing. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

NYC/Chicago Murders

From Drudge:   15 shot in eight hours in New York City and seven killed and 29 wounded in Chicago.  Here's the chart and Bloodbath Formula for one of the NYC shootings (two fatalities).

1.  Pallas square Pluto.
2.  Venus quincunx Neptune.
3.  Venus widely quincunx and contraparallel Pluto, which is sesquiquadrate Venus' ruler the Sun.
4.  Moon widely trine Pluto and ruled by Venus which is configured with Pluto.
5.  Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Why are NYC and Chicago such epicenters for gun-related murders?  Gun bans.  By definition, the only persons owning handguns in those cities are government employees and criminals. 

Peace-loving Pallas is only at the beginning of her co-opting by deadly Pluto by aspect.  In all likelihood the coming month will bring us more bloodshed.  As is to be expected, the violence is more likely to occur in government-decreed "gun free zones". 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trouble in Ferguson MO

As often happens, police fired upon and killed an unarmed citizen last week.  Because this occurred in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, MO, the local population rose in anger resulting in protests, riots,  looting, and a brutal crackdown by the militarized local police. 

I can't locate incorporation data for Ferguson.  However, transits and progressions during the Michael Brown shooting against the chart (time unknown) for St. Louis are extremely descriptive of recent events. 

Transiting Pluto conjunct St Louis Mars (ruler of Sun/Mercury/Uranus):  Powerful activation of potentially violent energies.  

Transiting Pluto approaching quintile with St Louis Pallas:  bad judgment, authoritarianism, violence likely. 

Transiting Neptune square St Louis Neptune:  confusion/disillusionment?

Transiting Uranus conjunct St Louis Jupiter: Sudden unexpected publicity. 
Transiting Saturn conjunct St Louis Sun:  Struggle, possibly with/against authority. 

Progressed Moon conjunct progressed Mars:  conflict (Mars) involving population and/or race issues (Moon).  Because there is no time for the St Louis incorporation data, the "natal" and therefore the progressed Moon can be off by up to almost seven degrees...  however, this conjunction makes something of a case for rectifying the incorporation time for around noon. 

Transiting Mars conjunct St Louis Uranus:  setting off (Mars) popular rebellion (Uranus). 

Note that the St Louis chart has Pallas conjunct Pluto:  violence seems more likely here than in many other major cities.  Note also Jupiter trine Moon and square Mars:  exaggeration/expansion (Jupiter) of violence (Mars) involving race (Moon).

Transiting Pallas is starting to get within range of a square with Pluto.  I expect more worldwide violence in the coming weeks, peaking about a week into September and then subsiding. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bitcoin Plunge

As of this moment, Bitcoin has plunged about 10% from its recent plateau of about $600 per coin to about $550.  Much of the drop was in the past 12 hours, though the price had been sinking in the past week or so.  Aside from increased talk of a "Bitlicensing" scheme by the government of New York, there is no clear news triggering the sell-off.

To be honest, it's been harder for me to call price movements this year than last, because of new factors in 2014.  Neptune has been hovering near progressed Venus, and Saturn spent much of this year square progressed Venus:  these may have indicated/caused price depression and/or stifled price movement.  Nevertheless, the transits and progressions for today suggest a number of reasons why the price would be low.

Transiting Neptune tightly conjunct progressed Venus:  Loss (Neptune) of value (Venus).  This peaks in about two weeks.

Transiting Jupiter approaching exact conjunction with Bitcoin South Node:  Bad (South Node) news/publicity (Jupiter). This peaks in just over two weeks.

Transiting South Node approaching exact conjunction with Bitcoin MC:  Decrease (South Node) of authority/prominence (MC)?  This peaks in early December.

I make no guarantees about my astrologically-fueled guesses and do not offer advice, but personally I'm holding for now, and planning to buy in two weeks or so and in December.  In January transiting Pluto forms another conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun -- I consider this to be a temporal center for potentially extreme price activity, and sometimes the activity starts a couple of months in advance of the exact conjunction.  Whether up or down (or both) I am not certain: I think there's a chance of seeing a new all-time high, or a catastrophic price implosion. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide?

Actor/comedian Robin Williams is dead, an apparent suicide. While not a political event, this unfortunate event is yet another illustration of transits which affect Pallas on the natal chart.  Under such transits, life tests our ethics, our judgment, our sense of responsibility, and our ability to gauge the effects of our actions on the world around us.  When Pallas is strong, peace and liberty flourish:  when she is weakened by transit (often with Pluto but also Jupiter), we see bad judgment, violence, and (in the political world) authoritarianism.

This is Williams' birth chart with transits and progressions for the time of the call reporting his death:

Transiting Jupiter is strongly opposite Pallas in the chart -- this is the primary trigger in my opinion.  Also, transiting Pluto is opposite Uranus (co-ruler of natal Pallas) and squine with Saturn (co-ruler of natal Pallas and ruler of progressed Pallas).  The picture with Williams' Pallas against the current transits suggests a period in which his sense of judgment would be extremely challenged and/or impaired. 

Transiting Neptune conjunct natal North Node:   receptivity (North Node) to unseen forces and/or self-dissolution (Neptune)? This theme is underscored by the transiting North Node conjunct natal Neptune

Transiting Saturn in the First House trine natal Vesta:  Saturn in the First near the Ascendant may suggest a general feeling of struggle through life during the transit.  I don't think anybody has figured Vesta out, but the transit may suggest a weighty consideration (Saturn) of what one considers worth investing in (Vesta?). 

Transiting Pallas conjunct progressed Sun: Ethics and/or decision-making processes are forefront. 

Transiting Sun is conjunct natal Pluto:  death (Pluto) spotlighted (Sun).

Mercury return:  Mercury rules the Eighth House of death. 

Transiting Ceres square Sun and trine Moon:  the Ceres/Sun/Moon triad often appears when people are in some way taken away

Williams' natal Pallas is quite weak to begin with, and I believe this is also a contributing factor.  His Pallas is quindecile Pluto and is ruled by Uranus (which is square Jupiter) and Saturn (which is quindecile Jupiter).  A weak Pallas combined with a strong Neptune may be a possible indicator of potential substance-abuse problems.

Condolences to his family and friends. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Elizabeth Warren

Senator and Progressive avatar Elizabeth Warren has been slowly-but-surely climbing up the short list of possible Democratic candidates for the throne of Mordor (a.k.a. the Presidency of the USA).  Jude at the Left-wing astro-political blog StarsOverWashington stated early this year that Warren would be a much better president than Hillary Clinton.  I've had an email exchange or two with the friendly and gracious Jude, and we share, I think, a love of peace and at least some distrust of authority. 

I'll be blunt, however, about Elizabeth Warren.  In terms of her record and her astrology (below), those of us who love peace and liberty do not want this woman anywhere near the throne.  The record is clearly horrible.  The astrology speaks of serious bloodshed in addition to the usual authoritarian-Leftist troubles.  Here's the chart:

Libertarian:  Mercury weakly sextile Pallas.
Authoritarian:  Pallas conjunct Pluto.  Pluto here is trine the North Node, but the Node is too far from orb with Pallas to affect her.  Pallas opposite Jupiter
This is the full authoritarian trifecta (Pluto, Jupiter, Nodes).  It easily destroys the weak Mercury connection.  The Pallas/Pluto conjunction, while no guarantee of evil, often appears in the charts of the most destructive of humans.  For example:  Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Nicholas Biddle, Kim Il-Sung...  you get the idea. 

Capitalist:  Pluto, Second House co-ruler, weakly trine North Node.
Collectivist:  Neptune trine Mars (Second House co-ruler) and mundane-square VenusSouth Node square Venus, with Venus ruling the South Node. 
Overall:  very Left-wing economically.

Liberal:  Moon quincunx ASC which is conjunct and at the midpoint of both the South Node and Neptune.  Saturn, Fourth House ruler, is novile Neptune.

So far, we have a very authoritarian, very Leftist personality.  Also:  

Pluto square Moon, ruler of Venusfeminist leanings probable.

Bloodbath Formula
1.  Pallas conjunct Pluto and opposite Jupiter.  See above.
2.  Left-wing economic indicators.  See above.
3.  Pluto parallel Venus, rules Second House, and is square Moon, ruler of Venus.
4.  Pluto square Moon.
5.  Pluto parallel and semisquare Sun.
This is a very strong statement of the formula present in the charts of mass-murderers. The Lysistrata mythology is bullshit.  Put Elizabeth Warren in the White House, and she will probably kill as many or more innocents through war and economics as her recent predecessors. The remaining dregs of the US economy will likely be similarly massacred. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Russia Blocks Food Imports

In response to Western sanctions over Ukraine, Russia has been blocking Western food imports under a thin veil of "consumer protection".  The astrology is interesting.  Here's a chart for Russia with transits for the day of the news story.  It gives us a view of the long-term transits at play:

Here we have transiting Saturn (blockage, restriction) in Russia's Fourth House (nourishment, etc.) approaching a conjunction with Russia's Pluto (ruler of said Fourth House).  Transiting Saturn is also at the midpoint of Russia's Jupiter and Neptune, with Jupiter and Neptune both representing foreign elements. 

Chiron (wounding/adjustment) is hovering at the cusp of Russia's Eighth House (other people's resources). 

Alas, Putin, for all his admirable restraint, isn't perfect.  Those of us who understand the free market understand that any restrictions on voluntary trade harms all parties involved more or less equally. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Israel Ceasefire?

Israel has accepted a 72-hour truce with Hamas, to begin Tuesday at 8am.  Here's the chart for 8am:

The operative word is "peace".  Therefore, Pallas is involved, almost definitely with the Sun and/or Mercury.  Here we have the Sun tightly semisquare Pallas, and Mercury (ruler of Pallas in Virgo) conjunct the Sun.

Pallas on Israel's chart is at 25 Aries.  Transiting Pallas, currently at 27 Virgo, has been forming a quincunx with Israel's Pallas for about a week now.  This, in my opinion, is the astrological trigger for Israel's current openness towards peace.  Long may it last. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

I recently attended a half-day workshop on little-known aspects of the mythology of Saturn by Christopher Renstrom at the San Francisco NCGR.  Renstrom's lectures (I've attended a few) tend to be meticulously researched, and full of fascinating and obscure historical minutiae related to the topic.  A section of his workshop involved a short discussion of Ceres (daughter of Saturn/Cronos) and her association with, among other things, the loss of children.  In response, I mentioned this chart involving the kidnapping of German children by their government last year.  Ceres figures prominently in that chart.

A fellow attendee and astrologer asked me afterwards if a similar pattern existed in the chart for the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping.  I replied that I didn't know.

It turns out that the answer is "yes".

Ceres is, as in the German kidnap chart, conjunct the Moon.  Ceres is not also conjunct the Sun as in the German chart, but is sextile the Sun. 

Venus on the Descendant, perhaps representing a loved one, is afflicted by Uranus (interruption), Neptune (disappearance), and Pluto (death).  The Fifth House of children is packed with planets, but all of them are in Pisces, ruled by shadowy Neptune... which in turn is semisquare Pluto (again ruling death) in Cancer (death, as it were, of family).

Pallas is square the Nodes, perhaps representing ethical struggle or confusion.

As a "bonus", I looked up the most recent kidnapping/disappearance of a child for which a time was easily available here.  The chart for the 2012 disappearance of Isabel Celis:

Here, a Sun-Moon-Ceres triple conjunction, exactly as in the German chart.  Note, also, the Pallas-Pluto quintile and Venus conjunction with the South Node. 

There may be something to this idea that we can associate Ceres in astrological practice to the kidnapping of children.  This is not yet a lot of data, but so far we might theorize for kidnap events a three-part formula:

1.  Ceres with Moon and Sun.
2.  Compromised Pallas.
3.  Venus-Neptune (or South Node) connection or equivalent.