Saturday, November 29, 2014


The recent storm of Bill Cosby rape allegations has inspired a new research project of mine into a dark corner of astrology:  the horoscopes of rapists. 

In the same way that the Bloodbath Formula always seems to appear in the charts of multiple-murderers (including serial killers, spree killers, and warmongering politicians) and multiple-murder events, there appears to be a different set of chart patterns that consistently appears in the charts of rapists (excluding perpetrators of incest) who leave their victims alive (rapists who kill their prey fall under the Bloodbath Formula).  There is overlap between the "Rapist Formula" and the Bloodbath Formula, but also strong divergence.  This suggests that the malaise afflicting killer-rapists is somewhat different from that of non-killer rapists. 

The Rapist Formula thus far in my research seems to be:

1.  Pallas or ruler compromised by aspect to Pluto, discordant aspect from Jupiter, and/or influence of the South Node.  Pallas is the non-aggression principle or "stop sign" which keeps us from initiating force against others.  This feature appears in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes and in the charts of persons or entities with any anti-libertarian tendencies.  After studying many hundreds of charts, I have never seen the chart of a violent criminal with a perfect "libertarian" Pallas placement. 

2.  Venus-Neptune complex:  Venus (or Second House or rulers thereof) configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  Venus and the Second House reflect, among other things, the distinction between "mine" and "yours" and property rights in general.  When these factors are made unclear by Neptune and/or the South Node, and Pallas is also compromised, the chart native tends to have a less distinct view of property boundaries (including the bodies of others) it is acceptable to cross.  This feature also tends to appear in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes.

3.  Mars-Moon complex:   Mars in aspect to Moon (or equivalent).  Suggesting aggression involving women. 

4.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter complex:  all three "fire planets" connected by at least two "triangle legs" (can include declination).  This is somewhat intuitive:  it suggests an over-abundance of aggressive, traditionally-male energy.  Mars in Aries, Scorpio, or Sagittarius also seems common but not ubiquitous.

5.  Jupiter-Neptune complex:  Jupiter configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  This one is new to me.  It suggests a desire to "explore" that which is "foreign" or "hidden" and lends new meaning to the slang term "strange". 

Points 1 and 2 suggest weak ethics and boundaries.  Points 4 and 5 suggest an abundance of exuberant aggressiveness and a desire, perhaps, to direct it where one generally should not.  These last two points open an uncomfortable possibility:  that Jupiter partially rules the act of rape. 

My nascent collection of rapist charts lives here below my collection of murderer charts on my Criminal Astrology page.  The page may eventually include other types of crimes such as non-lethal assault, fraud, and robbery. 

Astrology has much to offer to psychology and behavioral science.  By dismissing it as superstition, we deny ourselves a powerful tool for self-understanding. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Riot II

The grand jury deliberating Michael Brown's death decided yesterday not to press charges against police officer Darren Wilson.  While, given the evidence that has been released to the public, this is a reasonable conclusion, hell immediately broke loose in Ferguson. 

The obvious transits (to most astrologers):

Transiting Mars and transiting Jupiter forming challenging aspects with Ferguson's Mars:  action riled-up and exacerbated. 

Transiting Jupiter probably conjunct Ferguson's Moon in Leo:  racial identity of the population, blown up.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Ferguson's Pluto:  destructive energies unleashed.

The non-obvious transit: 

Transiting Pluto sextile Ferguson's Pallas:  the temporary removal or weakening of ethical barriers against violence. 

Similar transits apply to the USA chart, reflecting nationwide protests and riots. 

Black men are murdered fairly regularly by police overstepping their authority.  In those cases, which are clearly unwarranted killings, the mainstream press is silent.  Instead, they choose to incite race-war by hyping up cases like this one and the Trayvon Martin case in which there is clearly a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the shooter.  This is not just irresponsible:  it's destructively criminal.  It's also driving Americans in droves to the likes of Infowars, RT, and Drudge.  I am one of these. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Afghan Suicide Bombing

exact location may be incorrect

A suicide bombing at a volleyball game in Afghanistan has killed about 50 today.  Here's the Bloodbath Formula in the event chart: 

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Pluto undecile Venus, indirectly quincunx her ruler Jupiter, and septile Mercury (ruler of Second House).
4.  Pluto novile Sun (ruler of Fourth House) and indirectly quincunx Moon's ruler Jupiter. 
5.  Pluto novile Sun

Yes, it's a bit weak... which is probably why Drudge hasn't reported other violence this morning. 

We are still in the waning Pallas-Pluto sextile:  violence and oppression are to be expected as long as Pallas remains in the area of Pluto's effect. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Two reportedly Palestinian cousins started a killing spree in a Jerusalem synagogue during worship this morning.  They killed three Americans and one Briton before being slain by police.  This is a convenient excuse for the bloodthirsty Israeli government to start up the war machine again:  I have no doubt that the likes of Alex Jones will be noting this and looking for evidence of a false flag attack.  It would not surprise me if he found it.  We are still in the waning Pallas-Pluto sextile:  violence and oppression are to be expected as long as the orb holds. 

time unknown: reported as "morning"

As usual for this type of event, we have a Bloodbath Formula, in this instance triggered by the Moon and Venus simultaneously moving to complete the formula:

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto which is conjunct Pallas co-ruler Mars.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Venus novile Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto

I believe that the Mercury-Pallas conjunction is reducing the violence we would normally see under this configuration. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bill Cosby, Rapist?

Women have been accusing family-friendly comedian Bill Cosby of rape for decades now, but recently the spate of allegation has been front page news.  Here's a transit chart for Cosby for two days ago, when the stories were attaining escape velocity: 

Transiting Pluto is conjunct Cosby's MC:  the destruction of one's public image.

Transiting Neptune is square his Venus, ruling his Second and Seventh Houses:  the dissolving one one's resources and relationships.

Transiting Jupiter is square his Eighth-House Scorpio Mars:  the publishing of one's sexual activities.  Alleged, in this case.

Jupiter is also quincunx his Pallas:  the publishing of one's ethics. 

Transiting South Node conjunct his Descendant:  relationships dissolving, again. 

All of this nastiness has inspired me to look for a "Rapist Formula" on the charts of rapists who don't kill, in the same vein as my Bloodbath Formula for multiple murderers.  Obviously, it'll take me a while to process enough charts to be sure, but I've checked a half-dozen already and clear patterns are already emerging. 

1.  Compromised Pallas, representing a willingness to violate the rights of others.
2.  Venus + Neptune (or some variant thereof): difficulty distinguishing "mine" from "yours".
3.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle.  All three, connected by at least two "legs". 

The Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is a new one for me, but it makes sense for the charts of non-lethal rapists.  Jupiter hypes up the aggression and sexual energy of Mars, and the addition of the Sun indicates a personal identification with this.  The triangle does not appear in the charts I've checked for killer-rapists:  apparently this is an entirely different pathology.

Yes, Bill Cosby has all of these chart features.  His Pallas is opposite Pluto, his Venus conjunct his South Node, and the Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is fairly obvious.  This is not proof of guilt, but it's certainly disturbing. 

11/29/2014:  I am slowly building a collection of rapist charts here where I've got my multiple-murderers.  My updated astrological "Rapist Formula" is here

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Late Capitalism"?

My friend the conservative blogger Promethean Antagonist, with whom I share not all but certainly many political views, recently broke his silence to comment on the the Neo-Marxist term "late capitalism".  I had to look up the term because I'd never heard it before.  I find it interesting that Left-wing lingo often requires special education or indoctrination to understand, after which the Leftist faithful then look down their nose at those barbarians not in the know.  These terms include "social contract", "privilege", and "social justice" as well as "late capitalism".  They require belief in their underlying doctrines (remember, religious Neptune rules the Left) as a condition of their intended use. 

The complex shades of meaning that these terms encapsulate often contain falsehoods or unproven assumptions.  Nobody actually signs a "social contract" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau certainly proved that he did not feel himself bound to any sort of social responsibility).  "Privilege" is a term of attack these days, very often levied at persons who have done no wrong.  "Social justice" generally means using the guns of the State to unjustly steal from one group to give to another.  Finally, "late capitalism" implies the Marxist eschatology in which capitalism folds and gives way to socialism and finally communism.  But as Mr. Antagonist notes, it's actually the reverse:  socialism and communism inevitably fail and capitalism arises in its place. 

Capitalism, of course, is merely the extension of the natural urge of many life forms to claim resources needed for their survival and to respect the similar claims of other members of the same species.  Dogs, bears, and birds claim territory and/or build homes -- and defend these against others of their own species.  Rodents claim stockpiles of food.  Plants claim root space.  Marx, who himself took great pride in the upper-bourgeois trappings paid for by Friedrich Engels' factory, would have us believe that this behavior isn't natural. 

Astrologically, there are indicators for capitalism (Venus/Second-House without Neptune or South Node, often with North Node; and/or strong Pallas).  This automatically implies that the metaphysical root of capitalism is as old as, and will last as long as, our solar system.  For the neo-Marxists to realize their dream of moving humanity beyond capitalism, they would have to prevent enough human births of astrologically "capitalist" babies to insure a solid Neptunian majority.  After this, human civilization would perish.  As Ludwig von Mises proved through logical deduction and as history demonstrates, the degree of capitalism in a society is directly proportional to its ability to persist and thrive. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pallas Sextile Pluto

One can tell what sort of astrological aspects Pallas is forming in the sky simply by reading the news.  This morning two of the breaking news stories involved a suicide bombing in Nigeria and a possible new initiative from the American Emperor to bring the internet under government control.  While these acts seem unrelated, both are types of aggression.  When aggression runs free in the world, we can be fairly sure that Pallas is weakened by transit, usually because she is forming an aspect with Pluto

In this case we have a sextile between Pallas and Pluto, exacerbated by Pluto's conjunction with Mars because Mars is a co-ruler of Pallas in Scorpio.  When the sign ruler of Pallas receives aspects that would weaken Pallas, Pallas experiences some weakening effect. 

This chart is for the time of the DC news story.  No time has yet been reported for the Nigeria bombing, but even without the time we have a Bloodbath Formula:

1.  Pallas sextile Pluto and co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto.
2.  Venus quincunx South Node.
3.  Moon opposite Pluto.
4.  Venus co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto; Venus conjunct Sun which is under Pluto's influence.
5.  Sun septile Pluto and co-ruled by Mars which is conjunct Pluto. 

I believe that the proximity of Mercury and the Sun to Pallas is helping to mitigate the damage. But we may see yet more damage before Pallas is clear of Pluto. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

California Proposition 47 Passes

California voters just decided to drop the War on Drugs.  Proposition 47, which releases drug-war prisoners and downgrades drug possession to a misdemeanor, passed in this week's election.  This is a significant reduction in state aggression for California.  In my experience, reduction of aggression always corresponds astrologically with the strengthening of Pallas (by the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node) by transit and/or progression.  This blog reports on many similar events and corresponding transits.

Here's California's chart with transits and progressions for around the time the polls closed.

The transiting North Node is quincunx California's progressed Pallas.  Transiting Mercury is trine California's natal Pallas.  The Sun is trine California's progressed Pallas.

This interesting development also makes sense given the California election day transits. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yesterday's Election

By the end of yesterday's US election, liberals were tearing out their hair and conservatives were doing the happy dance at the GOP victory.  In my mind, the Republicans as a whole are every bit as much welfare-warfare statists as the Democrats, but certainly the current round of "throwing the bums out" and replacing them with fresh bums is a reflection on American dissatisfaction with the past two years of rulership.

Accordingly against the Sibley chart:
  • Transiting Jupiter is trine the US Chiron (pain made public).  
  • Transiting Chiron is conjunct the progressed US Sun and Pallas (an attempt to adjust/heal both the nation and the state of its ethics).  
  • Transiting Saturn trine US Mercury: the US voice made solid. 
  • Transiting Uranus tightly square US Sun:  a significant shakeup. 
  • Transiting Neptune trine US Venus, ruling the Tenth House:  the dissolving of structure. 
  • Transiting Pluto continues its long opposition to the US Sun, suggestive of continuing shifts in power. 

 Sweet, sweet gridlock, come quickly!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Japan Devalues Currency

In contrast to the recent Federal Reserve announcements that US Dollar interest rates would not be falling, the government of Japan has announced a new round of "stimulus".  Japan will devalue its currency through inflation to prop up its markets.  This news has helped cause a rally in worldwide stock markets.

It has been my assertion for years that Keynesian "spending = wealth" economics are purely a Neptunian phenomenon and a symptom of the Age of Pisces.  I see the thought processes driving this ideology as religion and not science or logic.  I believe, accordingly, that government actions driven by the Keynesian religion will inevitably fail. 

Note transiting Jupiter conjunct Japan's Pluto in the Eighth House:  powerful debt expansion.

Transiting Mercury and North Node are at Japan's MC conjunct Japan's Neptune:  an announcement (Mercury) of the beginnings (North Node) of a great dissolving (Neptune).

Similarly, the transiting South Node is conjunct Japan's Venus at the IC:  the deprecation (South Node) of value (Venus) at home (IC). 

Transiting Pluto has been opposite Japan's Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius which is intercepted in Japan's Second House:  the destruction (Pluto) of wealth (Second House). 

Finally, transiting Venus is conjunct Japan's Mars:  the combination of action (Mars) and value (Venus).  This by itself might even be a very short-lived positive financial indicator, but transiting Venus is no match for Neptune, Pluto, and the South Node

The Neptunian faithful who run our governments continue to worship their watery god by sacrificing the physical well-being of their people to him.  Astrology reveals the true dynamics of what is happening.

Good luck to the long-suffering people of Japan.  Perhaps when Neptune finally leaves Japan's Second House in the next year they may see more stable times. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hungary Suspends Internet Tax

The Hungarian government was going to institute a tax on internet traffic.  In response to gigantic public demonstrations against the proposed tax, the government has backed down.  In my experience, the repeal of restrictive laws always corresponds with a strengthening of Pallas by transit.  Pallas (ruling the libertarian non-aggression principle) is stronger when she and/or her sign ruler(s) are connected to the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node

So here we have the chart for post-Soviet Hungary and the transits for the day of the announcement.  Transiting Sun is conjunct transiting Pallas and both are conjunct Hungary's Sun.  Transiting Mercury and North Node are conjunct Hungary's Mars, ruler of Hungary's Pallas.  Transiting Pallas is quincunx Hungary's Pallas as well.