Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pluto and the Bitcoin Price 2013-2015

This post is speculation.  You play at your own risk, and I offer no advice.

Here are two graphs.  The first is a graph from of Bitcoin prices since March/April of 2013.  The second is a graph of the geocentric longitudinal movements of Pluto during this time frame and just beyond.  This period has been marked by two things which I believe are connected:  massive Bitcoin price movements and Pluto activity in longitudinal proximity to the astrological Bitcoin Sun. 


I have marked the same events on both graphs:

1.  Pluto retrograde station "almost" exactly at Bitcoin Sun:  price spike and sudden crash, ending in a plateau higher than before.
2.  Pluto direct station heading back towards Bitcoin Sun.  The price plateau ends in a massive spike which collapses before the next Pluto event.
3.  Pluto retrograde station, forming two exact hits with the Bitcoin Sun.  The price bottoms out here, creeping up gradually when Pluto moves away from the Bitcoin Sun.
4.  Pluto direct station heading back towards Bitcoin Sun. A briefly stable price, which then heads downward.
5.  Pluto direct, conjunct and then passing the Bitcoin Sun.  Apparently the "bottom" of the recent slide.

a.  Pluto conjunct the Bitcoin Sun (or stationing in close proximity) will crash the price.
b.  ...but before the crash, there can be a significant run-up.   Almost as if Pluto is setting up a larger fall than would be possible without the run-up. 

The last two Pluto-Bitcoin-Sun events have yet to occur:
6.  Pluto retrograde station heading back for the Bitcoin Sun.  This could be when the universe decides whether to drive the price up or down. 
7.  Pluto direct station involving two direct hits to the Bitcoin Sun.  My guess is that this region could be another low point in the price, lasting for months.

Some time between events 6 and 7, I suspect there will be a very significant drop.  I suspect that the "bottom" will be in the vicinity of 7.  7 is a long event stretching across most of the second half of 2015.  It will probably be a great test of faith for Bitcoin believers.  The trick for short-term traders might be to figure out when, between Q2 and Q3 of this year, to take profits.

After event 7 is finally over, we might start seeing long-term stability, assuming Bitcoin survives.

Not-obviously-astrological factors will also play into how Bitcoin does.  This week's minor price spike (corresponding with the news of a new Coinbase-run exchange) in the US does not easily line up with a clear astrological event (though the tertiary progressions are very interesting).  Perhaps more importantly, the move by the Swiss central bank to de-couple from the Euro may signal the beginning of a major worldwide financial event.  Mike Maloney points out that the de-pegging of the Thai Baht from the US dollar and its subsequent crash in 1997 had worldwide implications.  He also points out that the Swiss currency is a much larger factor than Thailand was then.  Were similar events to occur soon, we might see non-government currencies such as precious metals and Bitcoin become much more interesting for the storage and transmission of value. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Clint Eastwood / American Sniper

Clint Eastwood has been Hollywood's most high-profile self-professed "libertarian" for decades.  He has been openly political, has generally opposed "big government", and even made anti-war statements during his improvised speech at the 2012 Republican convention.  In this context, it is a shock that he has just released "American Sniper", the most state-propagandist, anti-libertarian film in recent public memory.  Chris Kyle himself, in the autobiography upon which the film is ostensibly based, admitted being both proudly racist and gleefully homicidal, in stark contrast to the noble defender in Eastwood's film.  To anyone with a conscience and some awareness of the truth, this is stunning. 

Astrology explains both Eastwood's lifelong mostly-libertarian views and his recent apparent slide into statism.

First, the natal chart:

LibertarianPallas conjunct Sun and Mercury.  This is extremely strong.
AuthoritarianPallas quincunx South Node and semisquare Pluto.  These are moderately strong.
This is pretty much what we'd expect to see on Eastwood's natal chart:  strong libertarian factors diluted by weaker authoritarian factors.  This comes out in his almost-libertarian politics and in the characters he portrays in film (essentially driven by ethics but with major quirks or lapses). 

Now the transits and progressions for Eastwood for the end of March 2014 when filming began

The "smoking gun" is Eastwood's progressed Pallas just past an exact conjunction with his progressed Pluto:  he is coming out of what is likely to have been the least-libertarian phase in his life.  Readers of this blog know that Pluto weakens the ethical awareness of Pallas through any contact by transit or progression. 

Also of note:  transiting Pallas conjunct his progressed Moon at the MC.  This suggests highly prominent military/martial energies:  exactly appropriate for the start of filming for a war movie.

I mention some of the relevant aspects of Pallas as it relates to Eastwood's chart in my talk on Pallas.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Switzerland Drops Currency Peg

Not two months after threatening to stabilize its currency with a (failed) public referendum on the gold standard, the central bank of Switzerland announced last week that it will no longer attempt to "peg" the Swiss Franc to the Euro.  This immediately resulted in an immediate 40% leap in the price of the Franc and threatened the bankruptcy of one or more highly leveraged currency trading markets.  The decision seems most likely in response to an announcement by the European central bank that it will attempt a massive stimulus program (i.e. currency devaluation).  It would have been devastating to the Swiss Franc were it to respect the peg and follow suit: public speculation that Switzerland would drop the peg started last month if not before.  This event may lower the ability the EU to conduct their planned currency devaluation. 

There is also now the inevitable talk of harm to Switzerland's exporters due to a rising foreign exchange rate: the peg was first implemented in part to artificially help said exporters by lowering same exchange rate.  What the mainstream (Keynesian) press generally will not mention is that Swiss consumers will be helped by the same degree by lower import prices, and by an additional amount due to lowered inflation.  Whatever one's views are on this, the event certainly does demonstrate some of the hazards of modern central banking.  When such devastating power (as can be wielded by a central bank) is concentrated into the hands of a few, those few can decide, without public input, to do devastating things. 

Astrology for Switzerland on the day of the announcement provides some insight:

Solar arc North Node and progressed Sun at Switzerland IC:  movement of energy from the public sphere to the private/domestic. 

Progressed Chiron in the First House trine natal/progressed Pluto in the Sixth House, solar arc Chiron conjunct natal/progressed Pluto:  active adjustment/healing regarding power/banking in aid of the workforce. 

Pluto, Uranus, the Nodes, Venus, and Mercury all in aspect to Swiss Ninth House Jupiter, ruler of the Second House:  a massive, sudden, karmically-charged public action regarding money and power. 

Transiting Uranus and South Node conjunct progressed Moon, ruler of the Ninth House:  a shocking public development involving the general population and involving loss (to Europe, probably not so much to Switzerland).

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Pallas-Pluto Cycle

I've recently posted a new research page: The Pallas-Pluto Cycle.  It's a work-in-progress timeline of historical events occurring under Pallas-Pluto (and related) aspects.  As readers of this blog know, these aspects tend to accompany wrongdoing, oppression, and violence.  Pallas, ruling (libertarian) non-aggression, loses her efficacy under such transits.  Humanity is then temporarily free from the shackles of logic and conscience, at liberty to follow its baser instincts into places it will usually later regret.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bitcoin and Pluto (Part Three of Five)

The third exact conjunction from transiting Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun peaked yesterday.  As of now, the price is down maybe one third of the recent plateau.  Perhaps the price-slide of the past few months has been a lead-up to the current conjunction.  If so, there's a possibility of stability or even upward movement starting soon.  

The price spike of April 2013 coincided with a Pluto station conjunct (but not quite exact) the Bitcoin Sun.  The MTGox troubles and associated price crash of early 2014 correlate with the first two exact hits of Pluto to the Bitcoin Sun.  Pluto tends to bring extreme movements, positive or negative. 

We have two more this year, in August and November.  If the cryptocurrency survives the year, it may prove very difficult to kill.  I plan to buy in small amounts and cross my fingers. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cultural Clashes in France

The recent horrifying massacre at the offices of a French newspaper is a new low in a cultural battle that has plagued the Paris region for decades.  Transits and progressions against the chart for modern France at the time of the killings point out some of the dynamics which are boiling over of late.

France natal Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the Seventh House:  suggesting generosity and openness to that which is foreign.  The North Node at the Descendant additionally suggests the possibility of ceding power to those foreign to the nation. 

Transiting Pluto in the Tenth House square France Mercury ruling the Sixth House:  changes in the political structure and strife involving the general population.

Transiting Pluto trine France Pallas: ethical self-restraint removed. 

Transiting Neptune conjunct progressed MC and quincunx France Venus, ruler of the Seventh House:  "foreigners" take the spotlight and throw confusion into relations with outsiders in general.

Transiting Uranus quincunx France Uranus, ruler Eleventh House:  jarring shifts in the public sphere.

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius in the Eighth House quincunx France Mars, ruler of Ascendant:  hidden struggles involving culture trouble the face of the nation. 

Progressed Mars completes a T-square with France's Chiron and Uranus:  the slow tearing open of wounds in the public sphere. 

The great libertarian theorist Hans Hermann Hoppe points out that open immigration is inevitable in democratic societies.  Politicians cannot resist the easy path to retaining their power by promising taxpayer-funded goodies to poor immigrants who will then vote for their re-election. 

Welfare statism then incentivizes unemployment and the entitlement mentality, fueling resentment and eventually violence against the "haves" in the society who are funding their existence.  The State encourages this, because it can use the resulting tension to scare the tax-sheep into believing that the State is necessary to protect them against the horde, when in actual fact it is creating the horde.  As with most State action, the State creates the problem and then posits itself as the solution.  The problem then worsens until society collapses or the State temporarily retreats. 

The extremely interventionist foreign policy of France and other Western nations exacerbates these problems even further by inciting hate in the nations and cultures they target, and by displacing native populations many of whom then flee Westward.

Thomas Jefferson himself, toward the end of his life, saw that the American republican experiment (and by extension, modern representative democracy) was a failure.  Mainstream historians, ever the protector of the State, do not share with us the ideas that Jefferson later promoted:  that to insure peace and freedom we should organize into much smaller autonomous structures

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Magazine Massacre

Three masked gunmen stormed the office of a French satirical newspaper and murdered 12 within, apparently in "retribution" for running cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed.

The event chart:

The Bloodbath Formula herein:
1.  Pallas novile Pluto
2.  Venus semisextile Neptune and co-ruled by Saturn which is square Neptune.
3.  Venus parallel Pluto.
4.  Moon quincunx Pluto.
5.  Sun conjunct Pluto.

The Pallas-Pluto novile, as the enabler of aggression, is a relatively weak aspect.  Were this a stronger aspect like a conjunction, we would have seen much more violence this day.

Some "bonus" aspects:  Saturn square Neptune (struggle with foreigners) and Jupiter in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius (identity politics connected to public action).  Jupiter has its dark side, folks. 

My (limited) understanding of social class organization in France is that Parisian Muslims are much like Blacks in America:  incentivized to stay out of the workforce by a gigantic welfare system purporting to "help" them, and violently pissed-off at perceived slights and inequality (much of which is related to welfare-dependance and its effects).  In contrast, Muslims in America and Blacks in Paris seem relatively well-integrated into their respective mainstream cultures.  Minorities not targeted by State "help" (such as the one to which I belong) tend to find their way in to peaceful, productive society. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bitcoin 2015

Here's a quick look at three successive solar returns for Bitcoin.  Because Bitcoin's "birthday" is so close to January 1, the solar return chart is an interesting way to start guessing about how well Bitcoin will do for the calendar year.  While I always do solar returns for clients, it somehow skipped my mind to look at them for Bitcoin.  This was a mistake: the solar returns for Bitcoin have been very descriptive of their associated years.

2013:   Bitcoin goes through the roof

The fiery Sun rules the Ascendant and the Second House of value and is supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square.   Uranus, representing breakthrough, is at the Midheaven representing public prominence.  Venus quincunx the South Node and Neptune conjunct Bitcoin's Venus did little to slow it down. 

2014:  Bitcoin tanks

While the North Node is in the Second House suggesting that seeds are planted for later growth, Saturn is also there to hold it down.  Venus is quindecile the South Node, draining life out of the valuation. 

2015:  Revenge of the Bitcoin?

The Sun and Pluto are at the Second House cusp this year, and Venus is at home in that house (abeit semisquare Chiron which has tended to be an annoyance to the price).  Saturn, ruling that house, is at the Ascendant.  The North Node is in the Tenth House of achievement and Jupiter (ruling the Ascendant) is at the cusp of the Ninth House of publicity.  Venus on the return chart is conjunct Bitcoin's natal Jupiter, which seems to promise positive things.  Then again, Uranus, ruling Venus, is conjunct the South Node

We have some mixed signals.  I suspect we'll see more of the up-and-down of 2013 this year and less of the straight-and-down of 2014.  This is the last year of exact Pluto transits to Bitcoin's Sun.  If Bitcoin survives the year, it may be here to stay for a while. 

Today's price dip might be due to the current Mars-Jupiter opposition astride Bitcoin's Neptune.  If so, it looks temporary. (1/4/2015: and/or this is the Sun triggering this month's Pluto conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun in which case we'll need a couple of weeks to see how it plays out)