Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tentative Iran Nuclear Accord

The neoconservatives are screaming, but the world is probably actually safer under a deal that removes potential excuses for the West to attack Iran.  While Iran is an iron-fisted regime within its own borders, holds significant military power, and wields influence in the wars raging just beyond its borders, it is has also proven itself very reluctant to physically attack other nations.  It provides, as odd as some of us may find it, a beacon of stability in a region torn by US-funded wars. 

Astrologically, Pallas rules intelligence and logic (I provide about a hundred charts in evidence in my NCGR talk).  Logic is, in a manner of speaking, decision-making through reason and not force.  This is why Pallas rules peace and libertarianism.  Part of the massive body of evidence for this latter assertion on this blog and associated web pages is the fact that whenever peace agreements are signed, Pallas is always reinforced by transit and/or progression by the Sun, Mercury, the North Node, and/or Pallas herself. 

To illustrate, we have charts for Iran, the USA, and Barack Obama for today. 

Transiting Pallas septile Iran Pallas, sextile progressed Pallas, and square solar arc Pallas.

Transiting Pallas sextile USA Pallas;  transiting Mercury quincunx solar arc Pallas; transiting Sun novile USA Pallas and quindecile solar arc Pallas.

Transiting Pallas square Obama Pallas and quintile progressed Pallas; transiting Mercury conjunct Obama Pallas

Mercury (and with it the Sun) is trine Pallas today, and the world is a better place for it. 

Credit where credit is due:  whereas Obama has been extremely belligerent and destructive for most of his reign, and continues to quietly attack American freedoms, he has recently also been at the helm for constructive movements towards peace including this treaty, the thwarted Syria invasion (though this was more of Putin's doing than Obama's), and the normalization of relations with Cuba

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Germanwings 4U9525 Crash Chart

This is an addendum to the previous post, illustrating the Bloodbath Formula on the chart for the actual event.  The Sun-Pluto aspect is weak, which may be why we didn't have other public multiple-murders on the same day (to my knowledge). 

1.  Pallas ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto and trine South Node.
2.  Neptune sextile Venus.
3.  Venus trine Pluto.
4.  Moon sesquiquadrate Pluto.
5.  Sun (widely) semisquare Pluto.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Andreas Lubitz / 4U9525 Crash

If you are familiar with my work, you already know what I'm going to say about Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who commandeered Germanwings Flight 4U9525 this week and deliberately crashed it, killing all aboard.  You already know I'm going to point out the presence of the Bloodbath Formula on Lubitz's chart, and that the transits for his crime will show transiting Pluto in aspect to his natal and/or progressed Pallas. 

Bloodbath Formula on Lubitz's natal chart:
1.  Pallas septile Pluto; Pallas ruler Saturn novile Pluto.
2.  Pisces rules the Second House.
3.  Venus quintile Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by and widely conjunct Pluto.
5.  Sun semisquare Pluto

I tend to notice Moon-Saturn-Pluto connections in charts of those with issues like depression or bipolar disorder.  Lubitz has Pluto ruling and widely conjunct Moon, Pluto novile Saturn, and Moon parallel Saturn

Here is the Pluto-to-Pallas connection that always seems to appear on the killer's chart during mass-murder events (in this case transiting Pluto conjunct progressed Pallas).  

These days, spree-killers tend to be on SSRI's or other government-approved mind-altering medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.  So it should not surprise us should we learn that Lubitz's psychiatrist had prescribed such drugs to his unfortunate patient. 

Pallas is the astrological opposite of evil... as we continually learn from the evil events that occur when Pallas is compromised by transit, usually from Pluto.  Of course, if we were to take the next logical step and declare Pallas to be the astrological ruler of "good", we might then be forced to conclude that libertarians (the astrological children of Pallas, as confirmed by my research) would represent that which in the political world is most "good".  God forbid. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pallas in Synasty 2 / Queer Astrology 2015

See previous post for context.

I suspect that the benefits of this relationship aspect would not be limited to that of a heterosexual woman's chart aspecting a partner's Pallas, but in all cases wherein a partner's chart activates the other's Pallas. 

Astrology for LGBTQ/et-al could stand to do some catching up with that for the hetero/cis-normative majority.  Ian Waisler's Queer Astrology Conferences have been a significant and welcome step in that direction. 

I attended this year's conference this past weekend (actually I served on staff this year) and viewed it in a similar light as I did last time.  This time, as last, there were many truly wonderful presenters.  But, to steal some of the hard-Left terminology which pervaded the proceedings, the gathering was significantly dominated by a spirit of "Marxist-normative colonization" seeking to to present anti-capitalism and neo-Marxist models of thought as being representative of all present.  Gay men, given their relative affluence to other demographic groups would appear to be statistically more "capitalist" than their heterosexual counterparts.  For this reason and others, the conflation of the entire LGBTQ cause and Marxism is inherently deceptive. 

The neo-Marxist division of all persons into either "oppressor" or "oppressed" may be arguably true, but is eventually disempowering and destructive to those who adopt it as a permanent world-view.  "Oppressed" minority groups who achieve parity in their host communities generally ignore the oppressor/victim narrative and succeed by working harder than their "privileged" counterparts -- often to disproportional success. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pallas in Synastry

This took me years to figure out, when it should have been plainly obvious.

This page cites large-scale studies of the astrology of successful heterosexual marriages.  Among the many data points to come of of the research, a consistent activation of the husband's Pallas by planets and angles on the wife's chart appears.

Pallas rules practical intelligence, problem-solving, logic, skill, and ethics.  The question I asked myself was:  "why would a man seek a partner who activates his Pallas?".  This was based on an unconscious (and arguably sexist) assumption.

The real question I should have asked is:  "why would a woman seek a partner whose Pallas is activated by her chart?".  The answer, I now believe, is:  because Pallas rules the (libertarian) non-aggression principle (the majority of posts on this blog present evidence for this).  The last time I checked, spousal physical abuse was still rampant, and men were still generally physically stronger than women.  If the wife's chart activates the husband's non-aggression switch, abuse of the wife by the husband would seem much less likely. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Shootings in Mesa AZ and Tunis

Two massacre events today.  One in Mesa AZ, the other in Tunis, Tunisia.  This prompts me to look for a moderately strong expression of the Bloodbath Formula.  I can't find an incident time for the more severe Tunis event, so we'll look at the Mesa chart. 

1.  Pallas ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto and trine South Node.
2.  Venus in 12th House: 2nd House ruler Mercury conjunct Neptune.
3.  Venus "squine" and mundane-square Pluto
4.  Moon semisquare Pluto and ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto
5.  Sun quintile Pluto

As a "bonus" on this bloody day, Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election yesterday in Israel

Bitcoin Drop Today

The price of Bitcoin has dropped around 7% ($20) today.  This is a very sudden movement, as opposed to a gradual decline, so if we were to look for an astrological trigger I'd look for something that moves very fast like an inner planet.

The best culprit I can find is Mercury, now at 8 Pisces.  Mercury is now conjunct transiting Neptune at 8 Pisces, and both are conjunct Bitcoin's secondary progressed Venus at approximately 7 Pisces. If this supposition is correct, the price will recover very quickly:  in the next 24 hours. 

I've mentioned in one or more previous posts that transiting Neptune conjunct Bitcoin's progressed Venus is a relatively long-term (maybe another year or so) factor likely to suppress the price. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tom Cotton

Freshman Republican US Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has set off a firestorm this week.  He has written a letter to the the Iranian government and convinced 46 of his fellow senators to sign it.  The letter reminds Iranian leadership that Barack Obama's unilateral attempts to negotiate with them do not carry quite the power that the US executive would like them to believe.

This has many liberals screaming in rage, and some conservatives fist-bumping.  Lew Rockwell is not impressed.  I'm with Rockwell and the liberals in that any attempt to slap down a peace agreement is inherently a bad thing -- and Iran has proven through its history that despite autocratic rule it is probably the least aggressive nation in the Middle East.  But I also understand the need to curb executive overreach when it happens.  If Cotton had pulled this Rand Paul - type stunt on an issue that Rand Paul might have pulled it on (drones, etc.), I'd be applauding.

Regardless of our views on him, the neoconservative-backed Cotton has put himself on the map, and the associated astrology is interesting.  Also, now that freshman senators with no qualifications other than charisma and big-money backing can ascend to the American throne, it may be a good idea to watch any critters on the Hill matching that description.

In this case, the lack of a birth time makes it hard to see why Cotton is a regime Right-winger instead of a regime Left-winger.  I suspect a time of birth would make it more clear.

LibertarianPallas square Sun and parallel Mercury
AuthoritarianPallas parallel/septile Pluto.
The factors are very strong in both directions, suggesting one who might initiate or accept great evil in the name of doing a great good.  One might argue that the Iran letter was such a case, weighing the good of curbing executive power versus the evil of blocking a peace treaty.

CollectivistVenus trine Neptune.
Capitalist:  unknown.  

LiberalMoon in Aries (ruled by Mars which is trine Neptune) or in Pisces (ruled by Neptune).
Conservative:  unknown. 


Venus-Mars/Saturn/Neptune Grand Trine:  suggesting, perhaps, someone with an easy knack for working his dreams into solid reality. 

Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto aspect triangle:  public authority and power?

Uranus opposite Mercury, square Saturn, quincunx Jupiter:  a public disruptor of authority through speech?   

Potential Bloodbath Formula, depending on birth time.  It does not bode well that Cotton's first truly public act was to disrupt a peace negotiation. 

Here's his astrological weather on the day of the publishing of the letter:

Mars return, conjunct Uranus and square Pluto:  vigor and action combined with powerful disruption.

Transiting Uranus-Pluto square, square/opposite solar arc Jupiter:  exploding unto the public sphere. 

Transiting Saturn square progressed Pallas:  adding difficulty to the peace process.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct progressed Saturn (midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto):  the expansion of personal power.  Jupiter is retrograde and will return:  Cotton ain't done with us yet.

Transiting Mercury opposite Cotton Pallas, trine Cotton North Node, and sextile transiting Pallas:  speaking in a way that involves ethics and reflects his personal destiny. 

Progressed Mercury and Jupiter conjunct:  words exploding into the public sphere.

Solar arc Uranus conjunct Cotton Neptune:  mystique erupts. 

If this is the worst of the last hit of the Uranus-Pluto square (triggered by Mars), we might consider ourselves lucky. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Troubles for Hillary?

ISSA: Clinton could face criminal charges...
'Huge gaps' in email record...
WASH POST MONDAY: Will Hillary's experience be liability?
FT: Clinton fatigue...


These are a few of the Hillary Clinton headlines Sunday afternoon on Drudge.   I had been ignoring the developing story on her (apparently illegal) use of a personal email account while serving as Secretary of State.  I had guessed that the presidential frontrunner would be able to brush it off and "under the rug".  The story, however, is growing wings and refusing to die. 

Hardcore libertarians consider anti-libertarian and criminal tendencies to be one and the same.  Accordingly, I have, through voluminous research published on my site and on this blog, demonstrated that many if not all of the astrological markers for anti-libertarians and for criminals are in fact the same.  So while many in the general public may be gasping in surprise at the discovery of (possible) misdeeds by the potential Commander-in-Chief, neither I nor my libertarian kin are the least bit surprised. 

On to the astrology:  Clinton's natal chart (time in question) with transits, progressions, and solar arcs for today. 

Transiting Pluto on Third House cusp quincunx Clinton Mars and Pluto, rulers of Sun:  a violent shakeup affecting Clinton's public power base (Mars/Pluto in the Ninth) and identity (Sun).

Transiting Neptune conjunct Clinton IC:  one's "base" melting away?

Transiting Neptune conjunct progressed Pallas:  the image of one's ethics coming into question?

Transiting Uranus quincunx Clinton Venus:  resources disrupted.

Transiting Saturn square Clinton MC:  difficulty with one's public standing.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Clinton Mars/Pluto in the Ninth House:  covert action affecting the public sphere, made public.

Transiting North Node conjunct Clinton Neptune in the 11th:  the triggering of a (future?) public disillusionment?

Solar arc Moon ingress into Gemini in the Seventh:  more focus on communications now.

Solar arc Uranus about to conjoin Clinton MC:  a very strong shakeup in her public standing in the next year?

Solar arc Neptune entering Clinton Second House:  resources dissolving?

Progressed Sun square Clinton Neptune in the 11th:  image problems? 

This post at regime-Leftist astro-blog Starlight News goes into depth about the progressed Sun, which I admit I missed. 

The commentators at love to pour salt on the wound when one of our overlords shoots him/herself in the foot.  But I will admit I will pity Mrs. Clinton for putting up with Bill all these decades for nothing if her ambitions to become the US Emperor come to naught. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu

The antics of Benjamin Netanyahu, F├╝hrer of Israel, would be hilarious if they weren't so often deadly.  When he isn't lying about his extremely posh lifestyle, he's exhorting Jews to move to Israel every time a bad thing happens to (or near) Jewish persons anywhere in the world.  This is all while practically begging the Islamic world to attack his purportedly save-haven country, by expanding Israel's borders into previously-agreed-upon Palestinian territory every chance he gets.  The safest place for Jewish persons is probably anywhere but Israel as long as this keeps up.

The astrologer may be temped to inquire:  WTF is up with this guy? 

Holy Hypocrisy, Batman!

LibertarianPallas conjunct Mercury -- surprisingly, a very strong vector. 
AuthoritarianPallas/Mercury conjunct South Node, ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto.
One strong libertarian factor, overruled by two strong authoritarian factors.  This kind of configuration often does more damage than a purely authoritarian chart:  persons with wholly authoritarian charts often sink their own ship before piloting it to the heights of power. 

Capitalist:  Venus trine North Node; Jupiter (ruling Venus and Second House) square the Nodes.
Collectivist:  Neptune sextile Venus and square Jupiter.
A mixed signature, which most likely puts our chart on the economic Right.

Conservative:  Moon parallel IC and ruled by Venus which is trine North Node
Liberal:  Moon conjunct Neptune and South Node; Neptune rules IC
A mixed signature, which on the cultural spectrum tends to move a chart Left.

Authoritarian + Capitalist(ish) + Liberal(ish)  -->  "Right-wing" Authoritarian. 
"Left-wing" charts with few exceptions usually contain zero "Right-wing" factors.  In the astro-political classification system I use, the "Right" is a loose conglomeration somewhat resembling Ronald Reagan's "three-legged stool" model.

Bloodbath Formula (mass-murderer indications)
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node, ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto.
2.  Neptune sextile Venus and square Jupiter (ruler of Venus and Second House).
3.  Venus trine Pluto.
4.  Moon sextile Pluto and ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto.
5.  Sun quintile Pluto and ruled by Venus which is trine Pluto.

Other features:

Mercury conjunct Neptune and South Node:  combine this with the compromised Pallas, and we get a fellow who is infinitely more likely to lie than tell the truth.

Neptune conjunct South Node, semisextile Saturn, and ruled by Venus which is square Saturn:  Neptune-SNode-Saturn configurations tend to show up in the charts of atheists. 

In a recent visit I took to Budapest, Hungary, my local guide pointed out a new construction development:  a city-within-the-city peopled by recent Jewish refugees from Israel.  Evidence, no doubt, of that much-ballyhooed Jewish intelligence.  Good for them.  Better, though, if they kick out the leadership in Israel and replace it with those of sounder mind.