Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Unrest in Baltimore (Part Two)

The rioting discussed in the last post has actually been nationwide, leading us to look for factors against the USA chart as well as Baltimore, at the start of the violence.

Transiting Saturn, ruler of transiting Pallas, septile transiting Pluto;  transiting Pluto novile US Pallas and sextile progressed Pallas:  national ethical crisis.

Transiting Pluto opposite progressed Jupiter in Cancer:  Plutonic destruction and racial ideology (Jupiter in Cancer). 

Transiting Uranus conjunct progressed Chiron in Aries in the Fourth House:  unrest (Uranus/Aries) regarding racial (Fourth House) wounds (Chiron).

Transiting Saturn quincunx US Venus in Cancer:  where in previous posts this has related to immigration policy, here it can also reflect strained (Saturn) race (Cancer) relations (Venus).

Transiting Vesta conjunct progressed Pallas:  I don't know what Vesta does, but certainly this suggests that ethics (Pallas) are highlighted.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Unrest in Baltimore

A now familiar tale:  police kill a black man, and the public erupts into protests and riots.

Fringe (libertarian/conservative) media sometimes point out that police actually kill more whites than blacks, and that police are only punished in one out of every 1000 cases of such killings.  These data would suggest that the problem is not racism but police.  It is also not a new problem, but one that is endemic to many regions infested by police. 

Nevertheless, liberal media mogul and former Nazi collaborator George Soros has been funding "social justice" campaigns to inflame the public and ensure that the spotlight remains on race and not on the problems of legal monopolies on the use of violence.  If you're not in the ultra-rich, politically-protected one-percent-of-the-"one percent", Soros is not your friend.  He appears to be using his wealth to get the lower classes to destroy themselves and each other.

Astrologically, I find that when race is a public issue, we'll find the Moon, the sign of Cancer, and/or the Fourth House to be highlighted.  So here's the chart for the approximate start of yesterday's riot in Baltimore.

Transiting Moon and Jupiter conjunct Baltimore South Node and Sun:  awareness of race and history expanded.

Transiting Moon and Jupiter trine Baltimore Pallas:  the Moon trine suggests mobilization for combat and the Jupiter trine suggests that ethics are a part of the public discussion. 

Transiting North Node conjunct Baltimore Pluto:  the stirrings of revolution? 

Transiting Pluto at Baltimore IC opposite Baltimore Mars in Cancer, quincunx Baltimore Sun and South Node:  if this doesn't say "race riot", nothing does.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bitcoin Drop

We have today what looks like a repeat of this recent event:  a price drop in Bitcoin from just under $240 to just under $220.  This drop has been relatively faster, suggesting a faster-moving astrological trigger.  My guess is that it's Mars, which at 18Tau43  has just passed an exact square to Bitcoin's Chiron at 18Aqu21. For Bitcoin, anything involving Chiron typically involves a price drop. 

If that's right, and there's no other lurking problem (I don't see one), then we're probably at or very near the bottom of the current dip. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Adolf Hitler

I recently watched Dennis Wise's "The Greatest Story Never Told", a six-hour documentary on Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.  This is a video that tells the story from a perspective that is not unsympathetic to Hitler and his movement, and describes a great many historical events in support of Hitler which are verifiable yet stricken from "politically correct" history.  I won't go so far as to suggest Hitler was a hero, assuming the majority of the reports from the film are true.  As a libertarian, I categorically deny the initiation of force for political ends, and refuse to condone persons or entities that initiate force.  However, the character of Hitler becomes much more understandable when not viewed through the standard "Hitler = Satan" lens. 

Even when I assumed all of the standard "Demon Hitler" stories to be true, it was clear to me that the Allies were worse.  Stalin alone murdered an order of magnitude more innocents than did the Reich, even assuming the larger death estimates from the Holocaust.  It is now not disputable that the Allies were the first to target civilian cities for complete destruction, and the only powers to use nuclear weapons.  It is also now known that the Axis repeatedly attempted peace treaties with Britain which Churchill repeatedly scorned to the detriment of Britain.  If there were "good guys" and "bad guys" in World War 2, then the "bad guys" won.  In this context, it's a bit easier to be open to Hitler as not entirely evil, but rather a case of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions. 

The documentary is not as objective as it likes to claim, but nevertheless provides pieces of the Hitler puzzle which change the overall picture in startling and important ways.  He was not entirely a power-mad conqueror in this context, but a man who sought to re-elevate the German peoples from their decline since WW1 and stem what he saw as an existential threat from Communism and its (in his mind) Jewish instigators.  Of course, the world would still have been better without him (and all who insist that the solution to human problems is force). 

On to Hitler's astrological chart:

LibertarianPallas sextile Sun and semisquare Venus, ruler of the Sun. The Sun is trine the Moon, ruler of Pallas
AuthoritarianPallas opposite Jupiter, quindecile South Node, ruled by Moon (which is quincunx Pluto and conjunct/parallel South Node).
This is a mixed signature, with the authoritarian side probably stronger to begin with and with a likelihood of gradually overtaking the libertarian aspects over time.  Nevertheless, the "libertarian" aspects may account for his repeated peace overtures to the West, his (compared to Stalin) relatively humane treatment of captured territories (by some reports, anyway), and his leadership of the most racially-integrated military force of the time (the Waffen SS, boasting of very significant numbers of volunteers from Islamic nations). 

Capitalist: Pluto (co-ruler of 2nd House), novile and parallel North Node.
CollectivistVenus is trine South Node; Mars co-rules his 2nd House and is trine South Node; Pluto (co-ruler of 2nd House) is conjunct Neptune.
As we would expect from a Socialist, the "collectivist" indicators are quite a bit stronger than the "capitalist" ones. 

Conservative: North Node, elevated, in CancerFourth House co-ruled by Uranus which is square the Nodes.  
LiberalMoon conjunct and parallel South Node.  Saturn, ruler of the Moon and co-ruler of the Fourth House, is quincunx the South Node and quintile Neptune.
Many "mixed signatures" for culture lean to the Left.  Hitler was actually both "liberal" and "conservative":  he elevated nationality and race as would a "conservative", but created structures which weakened the traditional family in favor of the State, as would a "liberal". 

In the charts of mass-murderers, I generally find the Bloodbath Formula.  Mass-murderers basically always carry the formula in their charts, but the vast majority of persons born under the configuration won't actually fulfill its horrible potential.  Here it is on Hitler's chart:
1.  Pallas opposite Jupiter, quindecile South Node, ruled by Moon (which is quincunx Pluto and conjunct/parallel South Node).
2.   Venus is trine South Node; Mars co-rules his 2nd House and is trine South Node; Pluto (co-ruler of 2nd House) is conjunct Neptune.
3.  Venus (ruling the Sun) at the midpoint of Sun and Pluto.  
4.  Pluto quincunx Moon.
5.  Venus (ruling the Sun) at the midpoint of Sun and Pluto.  

Of course, the film's assertion that National Socialism was an "economic miracle" is idiotic.  The "miracle" almost certainly came from breaking the economy-killing Versailles Treaty.  The Socialism part of Nazism would have eventually resulted in economic depression, massive shortages of goods, and significant inflation -- all socialist systems eventually do.  These inevitable failures would have re-opened the door to the forces Hitler dedicated his career to getting rid of.  Communism was not going to die until it proved its own falsehood by collapsing on its own.

Regarding Judaism in the film:  communism and the counter-cultural trends Hitler hated so much were not strictly a Jewish phenomenon (Neptune isn't specifically Jewish) but the film does not acknowledge this.  The film also presents arguments for "holocaust-denial".  I do not support this view but am yet not aware of a full refutation of it.

Hitler might have gotten further and lived longer had he stopped with the breaking of the Versailles Treaty and the consensual annexation of Austria.  If indeed there was persecution of Germans in Poland, he should have taken the route Putin is taking now: sending aid and directly protecting only regions which formally break away.  The moment he took to the use of force, he gave the Allies an excuse to attack, and sealed the fate of his movement. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

time unknown

This is a chart for the TSA, the US Transportation Security Administration.  Also known as "Totalitarian Sexual Assault", the blue-shirted menace has been groping the privates of hapless tax-slaves at airports for over a decade.  This bit of "love from the Gov" has enraged and even harmed countless travelers, at the cost of many millions of dollars.  It has not credibly done Americans any measurable good (the shoe-bomber incident was a government PR stunt).

Some recent Drudge headlines regarding this most molestatious of agencies:

Groping Scandal is Business as Usual...
Abuse of passengers daily occurrence...
Naked-body scanners useless...

Agents Shielded From Prosecution...

Most of these go to the same article, but they tell a story that those of us who have been paying attention have known for years now.

Astrology gives us some insight into the gonad-grabbing government goon squad.

LibertarianPallas novile Mercury and ruled by Jupiter (trine Mercury and sesquiquadrate Sun).
AuthoritarianPallas conjunct South Node, quindecile and ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto.  The chart here is not without an ethical foundation, but ethics here are obliterated by the full astrological trifecta (South Node, Jupiter, Pluto) of ethics-killing evil.

While we do have a Venus quindecile to the North Node, we also have a wide Venus-Neptune square, the latter suggesting a willingess to "dissolve" social property boundaries.  In combination with the compromised Pallas, this is a precursor to criminality.  No guarantee of such, of course, but definitely the suggestion that the chart native is subject to the temptation of taking things not theirs.

Sun ruled by Mars; Jupiter sesquiquadrate Sun; Mars quincunx Jupiter.
We'd know more if we had a time of the signing of the Act that created our monster, but even without it, we can certainly see the Sun-Mars-Jupiter configuration, suggesting abundant "fire" or enthusiasm, that appears in the charts of rapists who do not murder their victims.  Without a time of "birth" for the TSA, we can't determine if the rest of the "Rapist Formula" exists in the chart. 

There's also some potent astro-poetry here, with Venus in Scorpio representing precious parts of ourselves we'd rather remain private, squared by an aggressive Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius, representing the intrusion of technology and "the public" into our nether regions.  Mars here gains power from gentle aspects from both Pluto and Saturn, representing power and authority.

The yod from Mars in Aquarius (institutional aggression?) and Pluto in Sagittarius (eager/zealous power?) against Jupiter in Cancer ("the people" and their ideals?) is telling.  The yod becomes a kite with the inclusion of the Moon in Capricorn opposite Jupiter, perhaps representing an emotional need for security versus populist ideals? 

And of course, there's Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius:  Richard Tarnas associates Saturn/Pluto with conservative authoritarianism.  I think there's something to that observation, but lament that authoritarianism doesn't go away when the conservatives do. 

Why the recent spate of publicity around the TSA unethical dealings?  The TSA is currently undergoing a Pallas return.  During which, among other effects, a chart native's ethics get the spotlight.  Transiting Pallas is often a friend to the good and an enemy to those behaving badly. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bitcoin Price: Chiron Strikes Again

Bitcoin's price dropped in the past week from the last plateau of about $240, to bottom out yesterday at around $218 and then begin to recover.  If there's an astrological trigger, it would be a slow moving planet reaching the perfection of a transit against the Bitcoin chart on or near yesterday. 

Looks like our friend Chiron, conjoining Bitcoin's natal/progressed Uranus, may be to blame.  Uranus rules Bitcoin's "natal" Chiron, and Chiron's energies in general do not seem to be friendly to Bitcoin's valuation as earlier posts will attest. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

La Femme Nikita / Peta Wilson

On Netflix, I've recently been watching a late-1990's spy-action TV show by Joel Surnow called La Femme Nikita.  Loosely based on the Luc Besson film by the same title, the show features the usual mix of elements we expect from the genre: a ridiculously good-looking cast, dangerous situations, plenty of action, and (what was then) high technology.

A couple of factors separate the show from the rest of its ilk.  One is the bold, surreal visual aesthetic, imparting the sense that the entire series takes place in a music video and that the cast is always ready to bust out into choreographed dance moves.  The other is that every single episode seems to center around not just an enemy to overcome but also an ethical dilemma to agonize over.  Nikita's government employer is all-too-willing to kill innocents to keep its secrets, and Nikita struggles, often unsuccessfully, to reduce the body count.  Ethical unease is the crux of the show. 

As we've seen in the charts of Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen), Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry, etc.) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Henry VIII, Dracula), the charts of actors tend to contain the seeds of their most memorable character portrayals.  So we might expect to see a conflicted but strong Pallas in the chart of "Nikita" star Peta Wilson, reflecting the ethical battles her character must constantly fight both within and without.

That's exactly what we see here in the chart.  Pallas quincunx Pluto and widely square Jupiter, ruled by Saturn which is opposite Jupiter:  these are extremely strong anti-Pallas aspects and indicate the potential for evil.  But Pallas is tightly conjunct the North Node (the one factor which, with Pallas, can overcome all opposition).  This is indicative, as in the charts of whistle-blowers, of a struggle between the aggressive and the defensive uses of power.  One in which the deck is stacked towards the defensive and towards non-aggression.  

Of course, Wilson, whose looks scream "fashion model", also has Pallas "squine" Venus (which is ruled by Pluto, also in aspect to Pallas).  In my research, this type of configuration is consistent with extreme sexual magnetism. 

The 2010 reboot series Nikita starring Maggie Q appears to be a more typical feel-good action-oriented spy series with clear-cut heroes and villains, like Alias.  Where Peta Wilson's Nikita wrestled (often without resolution) between conscience and survival, Maggie Q's Nikita is downright cocky about her ethical decisions, and the writers seem to expect the audience to agree with her.  This later series appears to be based not so much on the original movie(s) but on the Surnow/Wilson TV show, minus much of the ethical angst.  It boasts moments of startling cleverness and exciting fight choreography but in my view does not match the subtlety and sophistication of the earlier show. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Obamnesty Halt Sustained

In February a federal judge blocked an immigration amnesty program by Barack Obama (see this post).  The same judge, last night (exact time unknown), ruled that the blockage remains in effect

The astrology against the US chart is similar to last time, with similar interpretations.

Transiting Pallas sextile US Pallas and semisquare progressed Pallas, transiting Sun septile US Pallas:  consistent with the curtailment of authority.  Maybe because the desire of states and localities to restrict immigration trumps the federal motion to open it on Pallas' "libertarian" scale, or because Obama's motion contains unknown authoritarian measures? 

Transiting Sun in the US Fourth House septile US Moon:  US home and culture very temporarily reinforced. 

Transiting Saturn in the Twelfth House quincunx US Jupiter and Venus in the Seventh:  generous gifts to "others" blocked or slowed.  We get one more pass of this in the last quarter of this year. 

exact time unknown

California Drought (Part Two)

Here is Part One, in which we examine the astrology of the semi-secret 2007 ruling by the California government to deliberately reduce the water supply.  This ruling has been brushed under the table by nearly all news media.

Last Wednesday, governor Jerry Brown issued the state's first-ever mandatory water restrictions.   As with most government rationing measures, certain favored groups are exempted.  My current understanding is that nut farmers, the Nestle Corporation, fracking companies, and some environmental lobbies are so favored -- these groups will be allowed to expend water without the restrictions that the State will impose on presumed-inferior (non-State-favored) peoples. This is sketchy enough:  on top of these inconvenient facts, folks like Alex Jones have been discussing evidence that state-sanctioned weather-modification technologies also play a significant part of the story.  In any event, state-controlled apportionment rather than free-market pricing will encourage water wastage by state-anointed elites and remove the incentive by entrepreneurs and other jurisdictions to sell water to California. 

Here's a quick look at the astrology against the California chart for the day of the ruling.

Transiting Pluto conjunct, transiting Uranus square progressed Venus in the Second House:  a drastic shock to resources.

Transiting Pluto novile California Pallas and sextile progressed Pallas:  ethical crisis, in which ethics often lose.

Transiting Chiron conjunct California IC:  injury involving the land. 

Transiting Saturn conjunct California Ascendant and Chiron:  authority and austerity exacerbating injury, in one's face.

Transiting Pallas on California Second House cusp, trine California Pluto:  the ethics of resource management, dictated by power?

Transiting Neptune return in Pisces:  water issues, long-term.  But going away?

Solar arc Moon conjunct California Saturn, exact within one year:  at least another year of severe drought?  

Solar arc Jupiter two years from California IC in Pisces:  will we see abundance in water then?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Garissa University Attack

time unknown -- listed as "pre-dawn"

It's Bloodbath Formula time.

1.  Pallas ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto and trine South Node.
2.  Neptune quintile Venus.
3.  Venus trine Pluto.
4.  Moon trine Pluto.
5.  Sun square Pluto.

Similar to the Germanwings Crash chart.  Not surprising given the proximity of the events. 

I imagine it might be possible to plug this formula into a piece of software which would then compare instances of the formula to municipalities undergoing a Pluto-to-Pallas transit to pinpoint where and when we might expect a horrible event like this.  It still would not be as good, however, as fostering a worldwide "gun culture" in which the concealed carry of firearms is normal.  It's harder to kill people who can shoot back.