Saturday, May 30, 2015

Publish and Perish?

A number of years ago, an astrologer named Andrea Winchester published a three-part series of featured articles in the Mountain Astrologer print magazine.  The articles detailed and provided examples illustrating a fascinating theory she had developed linking astrology and the Enneagram into an elegant little system she dubbed "Enneastrology".  I had found links online mentioning her articles, and I ordered the physical back copies of the magazine so I could read the articles.

In my limited research into the theory, it seems to work.  If, in fact, it is a good theory (and I suspect it is), it has radical implications for both astrology and the Enneagram as well as personality-description systems in general.  But by the time I had discovered the references to it online, the physical magazines had been long out of print and the penetration of the theory into the astrological community was, from what I could tell, zero.  Luckily for us, Andrea (with whom I briefly corresponded years ago) has since posted a small web site describing the rudiments of her theory.  Were it not for this and the links from the Mountain Astrologer site, her fascinating ideas may have vanished altogether.

Similarly, I've recently run into a couple of long out-of-print books that hint at the actual function of Pallas.  While these books do not approach the volume of the research I've done and some of its more radical conclusions, they represent (in my mind) accurate thinking about Pallas which has been lost.  It is only by accident that I've come to know about them.

How much other significant astrological research is mouldering away in a basement, lost to us forever?  I've heard through the grapevine that Georgia Stathis is attempting to create a knowledge base to preserve such research.  In the meantime, the astrologer who conducts independent research may be facing a difficult choice:

1.  Publish in print, get paid for content, and risk having said content disappear forever.
2.  Publish online.  Your content may live forever, but you may forgo its income potential.

I've been leaning (mostly) to the latter option.  The content I've been posting for years now is not necessarily intended for a mass audience (the audience is small) but is for the purpose of preserving the information so that the next astrological researcher interested in related topics doesn't have to "reinvent the wheel" but can begin from a highly developed knowledge base. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Excerpted rom the Liberland web site:

Free Republic of Liberland (hereinafter “Liberland”) is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river. 

Liberland came into existence due to a border dispute between Croatia and Serbia. This area along the west bank of the Danube river is not claimed by Croatia, Serbia or any other country. It was therefore terra nullius, a no man’s land, until Vít Jedlička seized the opportunity and on 13 April 2015 formed a new state in this territory – Liberland. The boundary was defined so as not to interfere with the territory of Croatia or Serbia. Its total area of approximately 7 km² is now the third smallest sovereign state, after the Vatican and Monaco. 

The motto of Liberland is “To live and let live” because Liberland prides itself on personal and economic freedom of its people, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, which significantly limits the power of politicians so they could not interfere too much in the freedoms of the Liberland nation.

The intent here, according to an interview with its founder, is to create as "libertarian" or anarcho-capitalist a "nation" as possible.  "Galt's Gulch Europe", one might say, but without the sci-fi defense system in the Ayn Rand novel

Government police from a bordering state are attempting to block entry into the actual region, but it is apparently still accessible from the Danube River.  The enthusiasm around the project has already attracted some $40 billion in intended investment capital.  It remains to be seen whether the new nation will thrive: the astrological chart, however, reflects the stated intent of its founder very well. 

location approximate ; time unknown

LibertarianPallas trine Sun and Mercury
AuthoritarianPallas ruler Saturn novile Pluto and trine South Node
Not "perfect", but really quite strong.  

CapitalistVenus trine North Node
CollectivistVenus widely square Neptune
The apparently strong capitalist signature helps with the "libertarian" thing.  

ConservativeMoon trine North Node
LiberalNeptune square Saturn, co-ruler of Moon
We'd know much more with a time of "birth", but the mixed signature tends to lean to the "liberal".  Not a bad thing in this context.

Sun-Uranus square Pluto:  rebellion against power.

Jupiter-Mars-Moon T-square:  ideology plus land, attacked by contention/force?

Jupiter parallel Pallas:  the ideology in question is libertarianism.

Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn and semisquare Uranus:  difficulty moving resources in and out?  Perhaps in this way, the weak square from Venus to Neptune suggests that the solution is transit by water?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Britt Robertson / Tomorrowland

On this blog, we occasionally look at the charts of actors who repeatedly play roles that inhabit a particular ethical position.  This applies indirectly to "Libertarian Astrology" in that ethics underlie political ideologies, and the charts of actors tend to reflect characteristics they regularly portray.

I've seen up-and-coming young star Britt Robertson in two television shows now:  "The Secret Circle" and "Under the Dome".  In both, she plays an unwitting innocent who by circumstance finds herself in situations requiring ethical judgement calls.  In both, she decides to depart from purely ethical behavior in order to survive.  Even in the surprisingly depressing "Tomorrowland", she spends the length of the feature film seeking a shining city of hope, only to find upon arrival that it offers tyranny and (of course) an ethical conundrum. 

Pallas represents (among other things) ethics in the horoscope.  See this blog and associated site for hundreds of examples.  For Robertson, we would expect to see a mixed Pallas signature including "ethical" chart aspects (Pallas/ruler with Sun, Mercury, and/or North Node) and "unethical" chart aspects (Pallas/ruler with Pluto, South Node, and/or discordant aspect from Jupiter).

Robertson has a highly divided chart (time unknown) with regard to ethics:

Ethical/LibertarianPallas conjunct Mercury
Unethical/AuthoritarianPallas opposite Pluto
Undetermined/WildcardPallas square the Nodes, which are stationary.
Ethics are very conflicted and very much a focal point of this horoscope.  With the nodal square, the general tendency is to gain a stronger ethical consciousness with age, but this is not guaranteed. Should Robertson remain in the spotlight for a long time, it will be interesting to see if the ethical awareness of her roles shifts over time. 

Virtually all female celebrities have significant Pallas/Venus connections, perhaps suggesting "weaponized" (Pallas) charisma (Venus).  Robertson has Pallas in Taurus, sextile Venus and trine Venus ruler Neptune.

Robertson's comic-actress performance is actually the brightest thing about the recently released Disney dystopia "Tomorrowland".  Liberal mega-star George Clooney, who is not a bad actor, here fails to convince that he's anyone other than liberal mega-star George Clooney.  Perhaps this is deliberate given the film's very "progressive" message, but I prefer to see Clooney in his recurring roles as a smug con-man

"Tomorrowland" claims to be about the battle between hope and despair but undermines its own purported aims.  "Despair" is repeatedly presented in the form of Anthropogenic Global Warming, arguably a government-sanctioned hoax (or at very least a conclusion that is still under debate).  "Hope" is represented by images of pinwheel wind-farms, which have been known to kill bird populations, expend resources and provide little power in return, and actually cause warming.  The villain in the film kills hope by instilling humanity with fear of destruction not actually guaranteed to come -- but the film itself does the same thing in real life!  On top of this, the film simultaneously glorifies NASA, rockets, and space travel.  These pursuits, while inspiring, can hardly be resource-efficient and "carbon neutral".  "Tomorrowland" shoots itself repeatedly in its ideological foot. 

This "inconvenient truth" underscores a problem inherent in much fiction that carries sociopolitical messages.  The problem is that the messages are often false and based on faulty understanding and/or false premises -- and/or that audiences take exaggerated fictional elements and interpret them as truth.  Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" comes to mind

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Authoritarianism: Jupiter and Pluto

In my hundreds of cases of web-published research, I point out that "Left" versus "Right" are generally functions of the Moon, Venus, and their associated houses.  On top of this, the asteroid Pallas tends to shift chart natives slightly to the "Right" when particularly strong.  While understanding these factors is enough to place a chart of the political spectrum in the vast majority of cases, there are other significant factors which come into play.  Of these, the factor we discuss today is the difference between "Jupiterian" and "Plutonian" authoritarianism. 

To review, there are three factors which can weaken the ethical/logical faculties of Pallas and thereby open a chart native to authoritarianism and aggression:

1.  A discordant aspect from Jupiter to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s).  This includes oppositions, squares, sesquiquadrates, semisquares, and quindeciles but not quincunxes.

2.  Any aspect from Pluto to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s).

3.  An aspect from the South Node to Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s) that is stronger than the corresponding aspect from the North Node.  In my experience, this means conjunctions, trines, sesquiquadrates, and a few minor aspects but not oppositions, sextiles, and semisquares. 

The South Node is generally not a factor which has a great effect on its own for our purposes today.  It tends to combine with other factors with regard to Pallas to shape the outcome on the libertarian-to-authoritarian scale.

Authoritarianism indicated by discordant aspect from Jupiter tends to be based at least in part on a specific ideology.  The native tends to feel that it is acceptable to compromise a purely ethical position in order to advance the ideology.  This aspect is a literal metaphor for "the ends" (Jupiter) justifying "the means" (Pallas).  The ends in this case tend to be somewhat definable, and often involves defending a race, culture, or creed from perceived threats.  When the goal of a type of authoritarianism is met, the need to continue authoritarian measures is then seen as moot.  One case in point is Augusto Pinochet (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Neptune, co-ruler of Pallas in Pisces) who brought horrors onto suspected Communists but otherwise was not the worst of history's dictators.  Communist hunter Joseph McCarthy is another example (Jupiter contraparallel Mars, co-ruler of Pallas in Scorpio).  "Jupiterian" authoritarianism tends to appear but is not limited to what we currently call the Right. 

Authoritarianism indicated by influence from Pluto tends to reflect the pursuit of power for its own sake.  Power (Pluto) metaphorically subsumes ones ethics (Pallas), and power itself becomes the end sought.  These natives can often believe they are doing "good" but the net result of their actions is always more authoritarianism and not much else.  Plutonian authoritarianism is often marked by endless "progress" towards an undefined or constantly-shifting goal.  Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Nancy Pelosi, and Warren Buffett are among many famous politically-active natives born under a Pallas-Pluto conjunction.  Plutonian authoritarianism is largely but not entirely a Left-wing phenomenon.

In cases of mass-murder, it is nearly always transiting Pluto and not transiting Jupiter that is the deciding factor.  Accordingly, it is an open secret that the worst Left-wing regimes kill an order of magnitude more innocents than their counterpart on the Right.

Again, these are significant but by no means the strongest factors in placing a chart on the political spectrum.  They do, however, shed light on a few cases where the more obvious indicators don't tell the whole story. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Waco Biker Bloodbath

Rival biker gangs at a Waco TX restaurant escalated into gunfire this afternoon. 

The astrology here shows a pretty clear expression of the Bloodbath Formula, mitigated by a tight Mercury-Pallas parallel.  Without this aspect, I believe we'd be seeing other similar events as well as higher body counts.

1.  Pallas ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto.
2.  Venus trine Neptune.
3.  Venus opposite Pluto.
4.  Moon trine Pluto.
5.  Sun trine Pluto.

The astro-poetry here involves Jupiter in Leo (identity politics), Venus in Cancer (tribalism elevated in value), Moon conjunct Sun (tribalism again), and Mercury square Neptune (perhaps, confused communications).  The Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter triangle suggests identity politics plus power structures (Pluto in Capricorn) plus impulsive action (Uranus in Aries). 

Actually, this event strikes me as being not inherently different from global politics.  When we let the warring tribes get bigger than biker gangs and evolve into nations, however, the collateral damage seems to get exponentially worse. 

P.S.:  This event turns out not to have been a biker brawl gone wrong, but a police massacre!  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Astrology and God

This post is a bit "off-topic", and the idea I'm discussing here has been evoked in some way by at least one other astrologer (for instance, in the introduction to this book), but I so rarely hear it that I think it bears repeating -- even in an "out of context" setting such as this political astrology blog:

First, some observations about astrology in general:

1.  Astrological configurations tend to awaken or activate archetypes rather than predictably trigger events.  For example, Mars transiting your Sun could be any of a number of things including:  head injury, arguments, an especially active or contentious day, or an encounter with a particularly "masculine" or assertive person.  Almost as if some intelligence is picking words or symbols out of a hat (or out of the sky) and then challenging itself to create a story around them, starring you.

2.  Astrology works whether or not the native is aware of it or believes in it.  Which is why we can look at the chart for anyone, assuming the birth data are accurate, and line up the story of their life events with astrological transits and progressions.  In this way, it is bigger than we are. 

3.  Astrology works not only on people, but on animals and on "fictional" or human-created entities such as corporations and governments -- again without regard to whether the persons involved are aware of, or believe in, astrology.  There is arguably the possibility, then, that "we" are in some way equally as fictional as those entities we create.

These observations and others would seem to suggest some sort of over-arching intelligence to our existence on Earth, one that perceives and aggregates information using the same kind of archetypal/linguistic/symbolic processes that we humans do (see point 1). 

"God".  Maybe or maybe not the bearded white man in the Sistine Chapel, or the blue flute-playing child in Indian art, or whatever-the-fuck-they-worship in the eternal war zone of the Middle East... but some sort of larger-than-us, symbol-processing intelligence.  Maybe the Buddhists and New Age types are right and it actually sort of is us.

Whatever it might be, one could make the case, through astrology, that there is a larger and more powerful "brain" in the universe than us humans -- the "thinking" of which shapes our reality.  

This raises an interesting question about practitioners of meditation, who have trained themselves to stop thought.  Do they possess superior ability to shape reality through control of their own minds? 

We will resume our regularly scheduled program shortly.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Jerry Brown

If the State is the new God, then California governor Jerry Brown is perhaps one of its chief prophets.  The two-time governor, who has his own classic punk-rock song dedicated to him, is among the most mystical of the State's modern high priests.  For Brown is a Zen master among politicians:  mysterious, unfathomable, and unpredictable.  Known for refusing the taxpayer-funded perks of being California's governor during his first reign, he nevertheless presided over the giant state's first-ever budget deficits.  Later running for mayor of Oakland as an uber-Progressive, he then as mayor enacted business-friendly policies that would do a Republican proud.  And despite his fame for being an "environmentalist", his gubernatorial reigns have been marked by environmental disasters including not one but two man-made droughts

Can astrology help crack the mystery?  Dare we hope for illumination from the planets?

gaze ye in wonder!

Libertarian?Pallas co-ruler Jupiter square the Nodes.
Authoritarian Pallas co-ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto, which is trine the North Node.
The Pluto connection gives us his heavy-handed tendencies.  The Nodal square confuses the picture, suggesting the very real possibility of occasional rational behavior (possibly explaining some of his reign in Oakland).

Capitalist: Venus in Taurus?  
CollectivistNeptune in the Second House, sesquiquadrate Venus and Second House ruler Mercury; South Node in Taurus
Brown's chart seems much more Left than not in terms of economics.  The mixed Pallas signature above can mitigate this somewhat. 

ConservativeNorth Node in Fourth House, trine Moon in Cancer.
LiberalMoon in the Twelfth; Fourth House ruler Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune.
Mixed signatures in the "culture" category tend to go to the "liberal" side of the equation.  I suspect they may also correlate with environmentalism, but I haven't crunched enough data to be sure.

Semi-authoritarian + collectivist economics + mixed culture -->;  "moderate" Left-Liberal? 
The overall ideological signature does more or less match with what I know of his record.

Extreme Neptune and Twelfth-House strength:  Neptune and the Twelfth claim or connect to all the planets on this chart except Jupiter and Saturn.  This would help explain Brown's famous mystical leanings.  It might also explain his habit for making water disappear.  While recent years certainly have seen nature turn down the tap, "shortages" can only occur when the State interferes with the rising prices that should naturally occur with resource depletion.  In an unhindered market, there are no "shortages", only rising prices which are then nearly always mitigated by an influx of competing providers seeking to profit from said prices. 

Uranus conjunct Mars, ruler of Sun:  This is about as unpredictable as it gets.

Jupiter in the Seventh House in Aquarius:  Brown dated pop stars in his younger days.  Now he's married to a high-powered corporate executive.

Chiron in the Eleventh, trine Jupiter, parallel Mars and Moon:  public "wounding" perhaps relating to the large "dip" in power in the middle of his long political career?

Brown's reign over California has been too eventful for my liking, but his rule over Oakland was not the worst thing to happen to this beleaguered city.  Perhaps he can best be the "do-gooder" he aspires to be at the local level.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NSA Data Collection Ruling

A federal appeals court has ruled that the NSA's bulk phone data collection program is illegal.  This ruling apparently has more teeth than an earlier, similar ruling and reportedly forces Congress to decide to either end or replace the program. 

This is a "libertarian" event.  So we're looking for Pallas connections to herself, Mercury, the Sun, and/or the North Node in the accompanying astrology.  

time of ruling unknown

Astrological weather against the Matt Savinar NSA chart is somewhat more interesting this time than against the authorization chart I've written about in the past.  So we use Matt's chart here.

Transiting Pluto conjunct progressed Sun:  a type of death?  

Transiting Uranus trine NSA South Node:  unexpected loss.  

Transiting Chiron conjunct NSA Pallas:  injury/adjustment to NSA ethics.

Transiting Chiron conjunct solar arc Mars in Pisces:  injury/adjustment to secret activities.  

Transiting Saturn conjunct NSA Mercury:  communications, clamped down. 

Transiting Jupiter conjunct NSA South Node and solar arc Moon (ruler of the 12th House):  publicity on hidden matters.

Transiting Jupiter square NSA Sun:  publicity, from an inconvenient angle.

Transiting Pallas square progressed Pallas and quincunx solar arc Pallas:  ethics.  

Transiting Mars conjunct solar arc Pallas:  ethics, acted upon.

Transiting Mars square NSA Pluto:  the NSA's power under attack. 

Transiting Sun conjunct NSA Jupiter, co-ruler of Pallas:  publicity and ethics, again.  

Here's the same event for the US Sibley chart.

Transiting Pluto opposite US Sun and progressed Jupiter:  a drastic change in the goverment and/or public policy?

Transiting Neptune conjunct progressed Sun in the Third House:  "squirreliness" around communications.

Solar arc Uranus conjunct US South Node in Aquarius:  a change in "hidden technologies"?

Transiting Jupiter quincunx progressed Pallas:  publicity + ethics.

Transiting Pallas sextile US Pallas, weakly quintile progressed Pallas:   ethics/libertarianism strong.

Transiting Mars square US Pallas:  action on ethics.

Transiting Sun quintile progressed Pallas; transiting Mercury square progressed Pallas; transiting North Node quincunx progressed Pallas:  these are all weak, but together suggest a bit of a libertarian "win". 

Transiting Mercury conjunct US Uranus in Gemini:  news about communications/technology. 

Have we truly escaped Uncle Sam's all-seeing eye?  I suspect not.  But it's nice to give it a good poking from time to time. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Texas Muhammad Cartoon Shooting

This has been an item in the news for the past day or so.  ISIS has reportedly taken credit for the failed massacre at the "Draw Muhammad" cartoon event and promised more.  One of the suspects has been under FBI watch: this illustrates the general uselessness of the FBI and has prompted Alex Jones types, with cause, to theorize that the event itself was a government-instigated "false flag" attack.

We might look at the event chart for a weak Bloodbath Formula:

time approximate

1.  Pallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter which rules Pallas and is quincunx Pluto.
2.  Neptune weakly square Mercury, ruler of Venus.
3.  Moon ruled by Pluto.
4.  Second House ruled by Pluto.
5.  Sun trine Pluto.

The Venus-Neptune link is weak and the Pallas configuration is partially mitigated by connections to the Sun.  The Jupiter-in-Leo sesquiquadrate to Pallas suggests identity politics overcoming ethics. 

My opinion has not changed:  the US should immediately stop funding Islamic radicals (and all other foreign entities).  Some elements of the Islamic world are prepared to enforce elements of Sharia which violate ethical standards accepted by nearly all other cultures.  These elements should prepare for bloody failure, particularly in places like Texas where their would-be victims can shoot back. 

Of course, the intended bloodbath failed because persons nearby were armed and used their armaments to halt the attackers.  Silly terrorists:  smart spree-shooters know that one should always target "gun-free" zones for maximum effect.  Liberals, with their Neptunian "our god the State will save us" mentality, make better victims because they have already trained themselves to behave like victims. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Curt Cobain Suicide

I recently attended a talk on Chiron at the San Francisco NCGR by Maurice Fernandez.  He pointed out an example of Chiron's effect by examining the astrology of the death of Nirvana frontman Curt Cobain two decades ago.  My own research shows that one of the prime players in suicide events is transits to Pallas.  While this is "off-topic" and not a political event, it illustrates the power of Pallas, a focal point of this blog.

location of suicide was Seattle, not Aberdeen

Note Jupiter opposite both progressed and solar arc Pallas.  (Robin Williams' suicide occurred when Jupiter was opposite his natal Pallas).  Discordant Jupiter aspects to Pallas coincide with periods of ethical conflict or confusion. 

Solar Arc Chiron is conjunct Cobain's Pallas, suggesting injury to his ethical judgment (or an ethical judgement involving injury/disease?).

Transiting North Node conjunct Cobain Neptune:   the impulse to escape/dissolve, magnified. 

Transiting Chiron opposite Cobain's Sun and transiting Mars on Cobain's Chiron are the aspects that Fernandez singles out for this event.  

Probably contrary to Fernandez' intent, but my main takeaway from his talk was that Chiron can be lethal.  Perhaps the "healer" part of the "wounded healer" meme is not so much endemic to Chiron as a reaction to Chiron's malefic properties?  I haven't formed a solid opinion on Chiron yet, but I suspect that astrologers paint a rosier picture of the centaur than may be warranted. 

Curt Cobain:  great pop musician.  Shitty role model.