Thursday, July 30, 2015

Confederate States of America

The politically-correct view of the Confederate States of America is one of a nation of backwards, evil good-ole'-boys solely dedicated to the preservation of racism and slavery.  This view, espoused in State-approved history books and in Hollywood, presents the war won by Abraham Lincoln to be wholly just and entirely motivated by the pure intention to end slavery in America.  This view tells us "North Good, South Bad" and that the horrific number of casualties both soldier and civilian sustained in the war is completely justified by the result.

The "revisionist" view, held by many libertarians and other marginalized groups, is generally that the Confederacy was justified in breaking from the Union due to extremely exploitative treatment by the rulers in the North.  This view holds that slavery was not the primary impetus for the secession or the war.  The secession in this view was actually an attempt to break away from a type of economic/tax "slavery" imposed on the South from the North.  Holders of this view generally acknowledge slavery as an evil which must be ended, but that it should end through peaceful means.  They hold that the massive numbers killed in the war are not morally justifiable and that slavery could have ended without the war and without subjugating the Confederacy.

Those familiar with my work and this blog know that there is are astrological signatures for willingness to do/support evil and its opposite (unwillingness to do/support evil).  These signatures are extremely consisent:  virtually all mass-killers have one signature and virtually all ethically-consistent human-rights supporters have the other (though having the signature does not mean one will fully enact its noble or horrific potential).  Here I define "evil" as "the initiation of aggression", its opposite being "the non-initiation of aggression" or "libertarianism".

Most astrological readings of political charts are "astro-poetry".  The astrologer finds features on the chart which agree with their personal political interpretation of the subject matter of the chart.  The result is often full of insight but there is often no consistent or repeatable methodology behind the interpretation.  My work regarding the astrology of political ideologies is, in my opinion, the opposite.  It is repeatable, is supported by a massive body of publicly-posted evidence, and strongly suggests that political views and ethical ideologies are in fact astrological in origin.

The politically-correct view of the Confederacy ("wholly evil") should then appear strongly in the astrological chart, using my methods, if it is correct.  Let us see.

LibertarianPallas parallel Sun, Mercury, and MC; Pallas sextile Mercury; Pallas square the Nodes at the "North Bending".
AuthoritarianPallas square the Nodes.
Pallas square the Nodes suggests struggles with ethics (which usually resolve towards ethical clarity). The rest of the configuration is extremely libertarian (anti-aggressive).  I can't recall seeing a stronger libertarian chart for a nation at this time.

CapitalistVenus tightly conjunct North Node.
Collectivist Second-House ruler Mercury quincunx South Node.
The signature is, overall, very capitalist.

Conservative:  Sun, ruling Fourth House, at MC?
LiberalSouth Node in Cancer.
Culturally liberal, from what I can tell.

Libertarian, capitalist and culturally liberal

We can't know what things would have looked like had the Confederacy survived.  From the chart of its founding, contrary to the politically-correct view, we might have eventually seen a peaceful capitalist superpower with a human-rights record to rival any.  Perhaps it would have ended slavery the way every other Western country has:  through market forces and political pressure.  No nation is perfect and without skeletons in the closet, but this chart suggests a nation that could have grown into an "American Switzerland": prosperous and peaceful. 

This is not the chart of an evil empire of oppression.  It's the chart of what America is supposed to be... economically and politically free, peaceful, and tolerant.

See this for Jude Cowell's diametrically opposing view of the same chart.   

Note:  during the Charleston Church Shooting which would trigger an American backlash against the Confederate flag, transiting Sun and Mars were trine the Confederacy's Chiron and transiting Jupiter was opposite the Confederate Mercury.  Suggesting injury and conflicting messages.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lafayette Theater Shooting

Theater shooting in Lafayette, LA.  It was, of course a "gun-free zone". 

The Bloodbath Formula in the shooting chart:
1.  Pallas contraparallel Pluto.
2.  Neptune in the Second House.
3.  Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto.
4.  Venus (IC ruler) sesquiquadrate PlutoMoon "squine" Pluto.
5.  Sun quindecile Pluto.

These horrible prescription-drug-fueled shootings can happen in a moment's notice, and "gun-free zones" are no protection.  Save lives:  be armed and shoot back.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

European Union

While the European Union has only entered public awareness in the last couple of decades, it is actually much older.  Formed in secret by Europe's political elite overlords over half a century ago, it quietly grew in strength until its unveiling at a point in its growth when it was probably "too big to kill" by its victims (the people of Europe).  It reveals the lie to the modern concept of the modern "social democracy" because the means of its formation was anything but "democratic" in the literal sense -- "demos" meaning "people" and "kratos" meaning "power".

What does the astrological chart of a political takeover by stealth look like?  Perhaps like this:

Libertarian: Pallas widely conjunct Sun and Mercury, trine North Node, co-ruled by Neptune which is quincunx Sun.
AuthoritarianPallas opposite Jupiter, quincunx Pluto, and co-ruled by Jupiter which is trine South Node.
A complex pattern, mostly authoritarian.

CapitalistNorth Node in the Second House.
CollectivistNeptune on Second House cusp, quincunx VenusSouth Node in Taurus
Strong factors both ways, but stronger on the collectivist/socialist end.

LiberalMoon square Neptune.
ConservativeMoon quintile North Node.

Mostly authoritarian + mostly collectivist + mostly liberal --> "gentle" Left-Authoritarian.

Kite:  Venus/Sun against Neptune/Jupiter/Pluto:  Financial dissolution (Venus at the anoretic degree of Pisces) by hidden powers (Neptune in Scorpio), ideologies regarding stewardship (Jupiter in Virgo) and egotistical plutocrats (Pluto in Leo)??

Moon/Neptune/Uranus T-square:  dissolution and disruption of culture/race/homeland?

Saturn in Sagittarius in Third House:  communication issues? 

The transiting South Node moved over the EU Sun early this month, reflecting the fact that cracks are appearing in the EU edifice around Greece.  This is the first such transit during the EU's "public" phase.  While the entity has survived two other such transits, they where at a time during which the creature was protected by its veil of secrecy.  From here on out, it must endure much more scrutiny. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chattanooga Military Shootings

Four US Marines were killed in gun attacks on Chattanooga military facilities today.  US military bases are, idiotically, "gun-free zones".  And gun-free zones are targets for murderous psychopaths because it's always, always, always easier to kill unarmed victims. 

Here's the astrology for the start of this horrific event:

The Bloodbath Formula here:
1.  Pallas ruled by Jupiter, indirectly sesquiquadrate Pluto via Venus.  Also, Pallas at the IC may be an indicator of willingness to enter into violence. 
2.  Venus in the Twelfth House.
3.  Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto.
4.  Moon quindecile Pluto.
5.  Sun opposite Pluto via Mercury/Mars. 

This is relatively weak in a number of points, hence the relatively low body count and lack of concurrent mass-killing events. 

Prevent mass-murder.  Arm everyone

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal

It would appear that American god-emperor Barack Obama has drifted during his bloody reign from being nearly 100% evil to being around, say, 50% evil.  This is a good thing, and has allowed such positive events as the normalization of relations with Cuba, the stalling of the US invasion of Syria, and now the signing of an historic nuclear treaty with Iran.  Of course, with the neoconservative bloc still strong in Washington, the victory may be temporary... nevertheless, every moment of peace humanity earns itself is a moment of additional life for the thousands of hapless humans who would otherwise become more lifeless casualties of the State.

Peace/liberty events basically will always carry the signature of Pallas with her astrological "friends": the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node.  This signature will appear in the transitory configuration in the heavens as well as in astrological transits etc. for the involved parties.  This formula is not easy to spot (hence its non-discovery for two centuries since the discovery of Pallas) but is as consistent as anything I've seen in the discipline of astrology. 

I don't have a time for the signing of the treaty, but it's likely to have been around midnight this morning (European time) based on the news stories I've found.  Here goes:

precise time unknown

The approximate chart for the treaty itself has Pallas contraparallel and quincunx Mercury, with Mercury semisquare Pallas' ruler Jupiter.

Iran:  Transiting Pallas trine Iran Sun, solar arc Pallas conjunct Iran Mercury, transiting Sun quincunx Iran Pallas, progressed Sun square Iran Pallas.

USA:  transiting Pallas quincunx US Sun, transiting Pallas square progressed Pallas, transiting Sun square solar arc Pallas, transiting Mercury trine progressed Pallas

Barack Obama:  transiting Pallas square progressed Pallas and quincunx solar arc Pallas, transiting Sun trine BO Pallas, solar arc Mercury opposite BO Pallas, progressed Pallas quincunx BO Sun.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Bitcoin Rise and Correction

The final pass of transiting Pluto over the Bitcoin Sun is basically upon us (the first exact hit of this series is next month).  This tends to wake Bitcoin's price movement from its slumber and bring the wild price fluctuations we've come to know.  The price has risen sharply over the past month by about 25% to over 300USD; in the past day it has dropped a bit down to around 280USD.

I think it's transiting Mars opposite transiting Pluto and the Bitcoin Sun that's helping to trigger the activity.  The recent quincunx to Sun/Pluto from the transiting Moon may account for the drop.  If that's correct, we may see some more upward movement pretty soon...  but eventually these Pluto events bring steep crashes the timing of which I can't predict with accuracy.  Here's the chart for transits against the Bitcoin chart at the peak of the Moon aspect to transiting Pluto.

The "real world" news driving this activity might be the Greek tumult and the UK's proposed encryption ban.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

They Can't Help It

The gist of the political astrology research posted here is that political ideologies are astrological complexes.  Strongly held sociopolitical beliefs are basically always in the charts of those who hold them.  If you feel in your heart of hearts that any one ideology is the indisputable truth, that ideology is in your birth chart.  If, at some point, you change your ideology then both the potential for change and the final ideology are also in the birth chart.  The game is rigged.  People with unshakeable sentiments about politics, economics, and culture were born with them

The screaming Maoist revolutionaries at protest rallies?  They can't help it.  
The arrogant "capitalism or death" Ayn Rand devotees?  They can't help it.
The "social justice" warriors who love every race and culture but their own?  They can't help it.  

If we apply logic to this observation, we see that "re-education" and forced political indoctrination are doomed to fail. We can't truly change in the ideological spectrum unless that change itself is a part of the astrological "karma" we were born with.  And we certainly can't change others.  The only options for dealing with those different than us:  1. learn to co-exist, 2. live separately with members of our own group, or 3. forcibly kill or isolate the "others".  The third option is untenable, though this has not stopped humans from trying.  Co-existence, either all together or in voluntarily separate groups, is the only sane option. 

There is only one ideological framework that can accommodate us all:  anarcho-capitalism.  Under an anarcho-capitalist umbrella, consenting persons can create private collectives of any size and any stripe: fully Communist, Democratic-Socialist, racial-separatist, nudist, Randian... the sky and the practical merits of the ideologies themselves are the limit.  Under any kind of State apparatus, however, voluntary communities that pose a viable alternative to the State itself are generally crushed with violent force by that State. 

In this way, libertarianism, of which anarcho-capitalism is a subset, is the most humane and compassionate of all political systems.  It is the only overarching framework under which peace is possible.