Thursday, August 27, 2015

Virginia TV Killings

Shooting of two former colleagues on live TV by an ex-reporter yesterday.  While the event is spectacular, the Bloodbath Formula here will be likely be weak because of the low number of casualties.

The Bloodbath Formula on the chart of the event:
1.  Pallas semisextile Pluto; Pallas ruler Jupiter widely/indirectly sesquiquadrate Pluto.
2.  Venus in Twelfth House; Venus ruler Sun opposite Neptune.
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto.
4.  Moon conjunct Pluto.
5.  Sun widely/indirectly sesquiquadrate Pluto.

The Sun-Jupiter conjunction at the Ascendant reflects the very public nature of the event.

America has always had guns, but apparently has not always had semi-regular mass-shootings.  What's different now is the popularity of physician-prescribed psychiatric drugs, and a total unwillingness by both government and mainstream press to address the underlying problem. I have not yet seen reports that this particular killer was on such medication, but the vast majority of these killers are. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Bitcoin Update

In the past couple weeks, we've had a "two-tier" drop of a little over 10% in the price of Bitcoin.  If you were to examine the transits for the drop events, you might notice that the first drop coincided with the next-to-last conjunction of Pluto with the Bitcoin Sun.  The drop was surprisingly small given what we normally expect from Pluto.  This week's drop coincided closely with a semisquare from transiting Saturn to the Bitcoin Sun

The thing I'm concerned about next is the last Pluto conjunction to the Bitcoin Sun, on November 10.  Events on or near this day may give us a clue as to the future of Bitcoin. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dr. Dre

This is a blog about the astrology of libertarianism and related topics.  Libertarianism is at heart not about being "socially liberal and fiscally conservative" as some say, but about physical non-aggression.  This is why I go over the charts of violent events and violent persons and point out the astrological complexes that accompany violence.  Understanding the astrological correspondences surrounding aggression and non-aggression both expands the reach of astrology and sheds light on the ethics which underlie political philosophies. 

The topic of this post is:  what, in the chart of hip-hop legend and near-billionaire entrepreneur Dr. Dre, explains his brutal physical assaults on women?  I say it's the Bloodbath Formula, which appears nearly without fail in the charts of extremely violent persons.   

1.  Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto.
2.  Venus square Neptune.
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto.
4.  Pluto in the Fourth House.
5.  Pluto quindecile Sun.

It might not be a stretch to say that the women in his life are lucky to be alive.

The Jupiter-Venus-Neptune T-square probably has something to do with his compelling and innovative music production.

Dr. Dre:  great music producer, crappy human being.
And:  "feminists" who use Apple products and fail to address the insanely misogynistic qualities of hip-hop culture?  Hypocrites.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Misconceptions Left and Right

I've opined before that Neptune rules the political Left and that the political Right is basically a coalition of anti-Left forces which don't share a single coherent ideology.  This divide, I believe, is a product of the Neptunian Age of Pisces.  In this age, Neptune and his otherworldly energies infuse nearly all human endeavor and thought.  Our sociopolitical divisions are no exception.  If this theory is correct, the Left represents the reigning zeitgeist.  In the context of the Age, (and as is reflected in their slogans and keywords), the Left does as they believe represent "forward" thinking and "progress"...  but as defined by Neptune.  The Leftist agenda, accordingly, is wonderful for spreading the spirit and energies of Neptune:  it has mixed results for humanity on a practical level. 

The central Leftist misconception is the underlying belief that physical matter obeys metaphysical rules.  Leftists believe (not always openly, but certainly expressed through policy) that physical wealth can be generated by demanding/wishing for wealth (minimum wage, economic controls), destroying wealth (Keynesianism), and/or giving it away freely (welfare statism).  They believe that by dissolving (Neptune) all cultural norms and institutions humanity can arrive at a transcendent future condition.  The holy pilgrims never arrive at the promised land because they've dissolved (so to speak) the boat they're using to get there.  And, of course, "there" is either never fully defined or is a moving target.  This is exactly the way one might approach the attainment of spiritual enlightenment or realization, but isn't the way to run a society living in a physical world. 

In contrast, the most common Right-wing misconception is that metaphysical consciousness (God, et al) is bound by the the drives and norms of human society in the physical world.  On the Right, "God" wants us to hate homosexuals, revere the political system of our enslavement, and deny full human rights to women and minorities.  "God" wants us to elevate human clannishness to the point of seeing our nation as "the greatest" and seeing others as worthy of being bombed to death.  These are man's inclinations.  God, by definition, is concerned with things of a far less prosaic nature. 

Overdo Neptune and you wreck society.  Under-do Neptune and you starve your own spirit.  It is possible, I think, to avoid both pitfalls. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chinese Yuan Drop

The horrible institution of central banking gives the central bank incredible destructive power.  While in this Keynesian age it is generally believed that this power can be used to aid an economy, the marginalized Austrian School of economics proved through unassailable logic long ago that the use of this power eventually results in ruin.  The Chinese nation has moved in the direction of this ruin this week.

Transits and progressions against the current national chart for China give us some insight.

Transiting Pluto sesquiquadrate China Pallas and square Pallas ruler Mercury:  ethics tested, compromised, or obviated.  On this blog we've seen this type of transit accompany basically every significant instance of wrongdoing we've looked at.  And we've looked at many.

Transitng Saturn at China MC:  authority, restriction, public malaise, etc.

Progressed Venus conjunct progressed Jupiter in the Twelfth House:  money inflating and value disappearing.

Transiting Neptune at Second House cusp:  this is the transit that (arguably) launched Japan's "lost decade".  Which, more than a decade later, has not ended.  One hopes for the sake of the Chinese people that China does not follow suit.

Central banking:  enriching the powerful, empowering the insane, and killing the poor for centuries. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Emails Found

"Top Secret" emails have been found from a private account used by Hillary Clinton during her reign as US Secretary of State.  This strongly suggests that Clinton has gone much further in breaking the law than "merely" using a personal email account for State business. 

We've seen in the past that when transiting Jupiter forms an aspect with natal Pallas, a native's ethics can become a public matter.  This is not a bad thing if we've been behaving ourselves (though discordant aspects may present us with ethical challenges as well).  It's particularly gratifying when the transit happens to a mainstream (also known as "evil") politician because it can mean some of their evil going public. 

So you may note on the transit chart below that transiting Jupiter is square Clinton's Jupiter and opposite her Pallas

It would not surprise me to see Hillary weasel her way out of this.  Transiting Jupiter will be at her MC soon.  And, frankly, history tells us that American "democracy" smiles upon wrongdoing and criminality. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blacks, Babies, Lions, and Death

Very briefly, some headlines in the news these days, with short astrological correspondences. 

1.  An American hunts and kills "Cecil the Lion" in Africa, prompting public outrage.
        Jupiter (publicity) in Leo (get it?) sesquiquadrate Pluto (death).  

2.  "Black Lives Matter" interrupts the Netroots Nation conference and later uses the Cecil uproar to point out that America cares more about a dead lion than about blacks killed by American police.
        Mars in Cancer (race/family) conjunct Mercury (messaging) opposite Pluto (death) in mid-July.
        Mars in Cancer quindecile Pluto in early August.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo, both sesquiquadrate Pluto. Mercury has metaphorically carried the message from Mars to Jupiter.  

3.  Conservative uproar regarding videos revealing the (alleged) sale of aborted fetuses and parts thereof by Planned Parenthood.
        Mars in Cancer (family/motherhood) opposite and then quindecile Pluto (death/taboos/money). 

Pallas is in Sagittarius now, and her ruler Jupiter has been sesquiquadrate Pluto.  Compromised ethics (Pallas/Pluto) made public (Jupiter/Sagittarius). 

Have you noticed how racial issues and abortion debate tend to come (not always, but often) into the public media at around the same time?  In my experience, both are connected to Cancer/Moon/Fourth-House themes.  There is also an ugly non-astrological connection in that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger actually made it her life's mission, not to help women but to eliminate Black people.

In the interest of full disclosure, my position on abortion is that the uncomfortable debate should continue to make us all feel uneasy with both the full "pro-life" and "pro-choice" positions.  I fall into neither camp. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Donald Trump

Real Estate mogul and reality-TV star Donald Trump is once again making waves as a Republican(?) Party candidate for the US Presidency.  In the early days of the race, he has catapulted himself to the top of the (dung)heap by addressing issues such as immigration which conservatives care about but their "leaders" fail to address. 

Is he a true conservative hero?  Is he working as an agent from the Left to disrupt the Right?  Is he only in it to boost his already outsized ego?  The Trump chart is a potent example of the importance of declination when using astrology (or at least my own methods therein) to shed light on the true sociopolitical leanings of a native.  For this chart gives us one answer when we ignore declination, and another answer when we use it. 

LibertarianPallas parallel Sun and opposite Mercury.
AuthoritarianPallas quincunx Pluto and ruled by Saturn which is square Jupiter and quincunx South Node.
Ron Paul's assertion that Trump is authoritarian is fully justified by the chart.  

CollectivistNeptune in the Second House quintile Venus; Venus quincunx South Node.
CapitalistVenus parallel North Node.
This one's hard to call, which by default gives us a capitalist, albeit an unreliable one.

LiberalSouth Node in the Fourth House conjunct Moon and trine Fourth House ruler Mars
Conservative:  Jupiter (ruler of Moon) trine North Node.
Mixed signatures for culture lean to the Left.

Authoritarian + weakly capitalist + culturally liberal --> vaguely economically conservative authoritarian.  If we ignore declination on this chart (as I have in the past) we get a full-on Left-wing authoritarian. 

Trump doesn't have a Bloodbath Formula, and Right-wing authoritarians overall tend to kill fewer persons than their counterparts on the Left.  So this in my book puts him in the same category I put Bernie Sanders:  better than the pack but nowhere near as good as one of the Pauls might be.

Nice that there's someone raising questions that the Establishment would rather brush under the rug, but overall my reaction is "meh". 

PS: March 2016 -- Trump is now the only anti-war candidate (Sanders is losing and is a warmonger), and the only one with half a chance in hell of actually helping the economy.  So while I stop short of actually supporting him, he is now the only candidate I would actually consider supporting.