Saturday, December 31, 2016

White House Hissy Fit

Earlier this week, Barack Obama's US government enacted two unusual foreign policy moves, abstaining from a UN resolution about Israeli settlements and the extremely provocative move of expelling Russian personnel from the country (in response to "Russian hacking" for which no credible evidence has come to light).  Luckily for world peace, the measured Vladimir Putin has brushed off Obama's tantrum and once again made the lame-duck-in-chief look like a petulant, idiot child.

There have been an awful lot of planets in the 20-degrees-of-a-sign range this week (Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus).  This means that Mars on the charts of the US and Barack Obama (and to a lesser degree Vladimir Putin) is being triggered heavily by transit.   Themes we might expect from the planets involved are action (Mars), public/foreign policy (Jupiter), authority (Saturn), injury (Chiron), and surprise (Uranus).

All of this is very standard modern Western astrology.  On top of this, however, we've seen in numerous other blog posts that potentially catastrophic decisions are generally accompanied by a Pluto-to-Pallas transit on the chart of the "decider".  And while the US chart does show such a transit (same one as here), Barack Obama's does not.  Who, then, is behind our "White House Hissy Fit" if not the presumed "leader of the free world"?  I posit that it may be a man who is undergoing such a Pluto-to-Pallas transit at this moment, one whom many educated observers opine is the real "power behind the throne" for the Democrats: George Soros.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bitcoin Price Spike

This is an image of today's Uranus direct station, opposite Jupiter, against the horoscope of Bitcoin.  I suspect this event, due to its proximity to Bitcoin's MC/IC axis, may be the epicenter of the recent dramatic price rise of the digital currency. 

I experienced an increase in my own fortunes a number of years ago under a Jupiter-Uranus aspect, and the good luck continued for some time after the aspect had peaked.  So I hope goes Bitcoin. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Stefan Molyneux

The fast talking, emotionally riveting, and oddly hilarious Stefan Molyneux has been a favorite (mostly) libertarian talk-show personality of mine for years now.  It is generally the case that the more libertarian a speaker is, the more "flat" he/she is as a speaker.  Consider the near monotone of Lew Rockwell or the inexpressive intonation of Ron Paul.  Tom Woods' vocal delivery is not quite as wooden, but note that he never loses his temper in many hundreds of hours of speech and debate (and also did not begin as a libertarian).  Once we get to the more dynamic and emotional speakers, we notice pockets of non-libertarian ideology or bursts of non-logical behavior; I put Stefan Molyneux in this category along with Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, and others.

The degree of one's libertarianism (and coincidentally one's ability and tendency to disengage one's emotions from one's mental processes) is indicated in the natal horoscope, as are one's likely sociopolitical views in general.  You may peruse this blog and associated web site for thousands of examples.  So while the anti-mystical Molyneux may not believe in the validity of astrology, his horoscope nevertheless describes his personality in a way that no other personality-typing system can.

ApollonianPallas opposite Mercury, quindecile Sun, and ruled by Mars which is septile Sun and square the Nodes
DionysianPallas quincunx Pluto, squine Jupiter, and quincunx South Node.  
Apollo is slightly stronger than Dionysos on this one.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Molyneux between the "Libertarian" and "Statist" quadrants, but because the Nodes are involved the "wildcard" factor is high. 

CapitalistVenus trine the North Node.
CollectivistVenus sextile Neptune; Second House ruler Neptune conjunct South Node.
Mixed signature here, probably leaning Rightward economically.

ConservativeNorth Node conjunct IC.
Liberal:  Venus rules IC and is sextile Neptune.
Normally these mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side, but the North Node on the IC is an extremely strong indicator for cultural conservatism (think Pat Buchanan and Vladimir Putin). 

libertarian-ish + capitalist economics + cultural conservatism --> principle-driven conservative
Yes, he calls himself a libertarian and proclaims himself an anarcho-capitalist, and has given many wonderful discourses on the topic.  But he also wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump and lambastes Islam where many of his fellow an-caps fall short or silent. (This blogger finds himself falling into a very similar category)

Some other chart features:

Sun opposite Chiron/Saturn:  struggle/injury resulting from absent parent?

Venus conjunct Pluto in the Seventh House:  Venus rules (young) women and the throat, and Pluto rules psychotherapy and cancer.  Molyneux is married to a psychotherapist and recently recovered from throat cancer.  You can't make this stuff up. Uranus is also conjunct these points, suggesting an element of unorthodoxy.  In this case Molyneux is a stay-at-home father whose wife works outside the home. 

Jupiter at 29 Cancer in the Sixth House:  He talks a lot about race and race-oriented public policy.

Grand Trine with Neptune in the Ninth, Saturn in the Second, and Jupiter in the Sixth:  Molynuex combines popular illusions, economic policy, and racial issues in his work. 

Neptune conjunct South Node and trine Saturn:  born to be atheist/anti-mystical (I've done some research on the charts of atheists and found patterns).

Moon in the Twelfth:  alienation/separation from his "family of origin".

Unaspected Mercury (ignoring minor aspects, asteroids, etc.):  strikingly pronounced communication faculty, extremely difficult relationship with a sibling. 

Stefan Molyneux talks about turning 50 (he discloses his full birth data at the start). 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Berlin Truck Attack

At least three "terror attacks" in separate places within roughly the same time frame:

Here's the chart for the Berlin attack, which was the most widely reported:

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas novile Pluto and ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus at midpoint of Neptune and Pluto.
3.  Venus at midpoint of Neptune and Pluto.
4.  Moon trine Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto.  

Midpoints:  ignore them at your peril. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Today's Terror

Multiple terror attacks this weekend, including a soccer game bombing in Istanbul, a church bombing in Cairo, a car bombing in Mogadishu, and a suicide bombing in Yemen.  We'll look at the Cairo bombing because the time of the event has been reported, but it's pretty much the same formula for all the events. 

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas novile Pluto and ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus undecile South Node, decile Neptune, and ruled by Uranus which is novile Neptune.
3.  Venus ruled by Saturn which is square Pluto.
4.  Moon trine Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto.  

The trigger here is the combination of the Moon aspecting Pluto, and the minor aspects from Venus to the South Node and Neptune.  Those minor aspects add up. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Austria Election

On the same day as the Italy referendum, Austria's election appears to have gone to the Left.  My explanation for this is that by solar arc, Austria's Pallas is very far on the "Dionysian" side at this time.  Austria's solar arc Pallas is opposite Austria's Pluto, tipping the nation's scales towards authoritarianism. Transiting Pallas conjunct solar arc Pallas would normally signify a "libertarian" event, but here under the influence of Pluto she merely underscores the current "authoritarian" ethic.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oakland Rave Fire

This post is off-topic from the normal astro-politics.  The Oakland party fire which has made national news is in my "backyard", so to speak.  One of the DJ's, missing and presumed dead, worked in my department in my music-industry job.  Here are some transits and progressions against the horoscope for the city of Oakland at the start of the fire.

Transiting Mars (fire), transiting Saturn (structure), transiting Jupiter (community?), progressed Saturn and Vesta (fire again?) all in aspect to Oakland Jupiter.

Transiting North Node conjunct Oakland progressed Venus -- karma meets value?  A renewal of what is precious?  Or is this a bizarre cosmic joke?  (Oakland is one of America's most Left-wing cities, and North-Node/Venus is an indicator of conservatism)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Turkey vs Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared war on Syria, potentially triggering NATO to ally with Turkey.  If the US honors its agreements with NATO, this means war against Syrian ally Russia.  The coronation of Trump, who is open to working with Putin, cannot come soon enough if our civilization is to avoid nuclear war and survive. 

The Pluto-to-Pallas transit is the indicator of "ethical crisis".  It is the transit under which life-altering ethical decisions (including the decision to initiate violence) are made.  Here it is on Erdogan's chart.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Italexit "Quitaly" Vote

Doug Casey says this will be a big deal.  On December 4, 2016, an Italian referendum will occur, and voters in Italy will decide the fate of the sitting prime minister, Matteo Renzi.  Should "NO" be the result, it will be the first step in Italy leaving the EU, dropping the euro as a currency, and possibly regaining economic and political independence.  So, while American media have not mentioned this much as yet, a moment's thought suggests that Doug Casey might be right about its importance.

Transiting Jupiter return, trine Italy Uranus and Sun: renewed vigor and energized rebellion.  The Jupiter return is square Italy's Pallas, however, giving us one "authoritarian" vector.  The Pluto square to the Italy Jupiter return position does suggest some kind of massive disruption, one in which populist will (Jupiter in Libra) opposes entrenched power (Pluto in Capricorn). 

Transiting Sun semisextile Italy Pallas and quintile transiting Pallas; transiting Mercury conjunct Italy Pallas and progressed Pallas; transiting Pallas novile Italy Pallas:   lots of "libertarian" vectors.  It looks, in fact, very similar astrologically to the US election of Donald Trump

The polls suggest that executive power-grabbing referendum will fail, potentially triggering "Italeave".  The astrology appears to confirm this, but only time will tell us for certain. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel Castro

Stefan Molyneux gives us his (great, as usual) summation of the life of Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro here.  As with other public historical figures, the horoscope of the man reflects not the PR but the man himself.  Here we parse the horoscope. 

ApollonianPallas ruled by Mercury which is widely parallel/conjunct Sun.
DionysianPallas trine South Node, quindecile Jupiter, septile Pluto and ruled by Mercury which is contraparallel Jupiter.  
Apollo is weak and Dionysos is strong.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Castro in the "Criminal" quadrant, with a mild "Statist" lean.

CapitalistVenus widely conjunct North NodeVenus and Second House ruled by Moon which is square the Nodes
CollectivistVenus semisextile Neptune, Ascendant ruler Mercury at their midpoint.
Mixed signatures, particularly in men, tend to veer Rightward.  More on this later.

ConservativeNorth Node in Cancer
LiberalMoon square the Nodes (?) and semisquare Neptune
Normally, mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side -- but squares to the nodal axis are a big wildcard.  Castro's regime was notably racist and (very) anti-gay, which we can account for by the North Node in Cancer plus the "Dionysian" Pallas signature.  Strong Moon plus weak Pallas generally signals racism, and perhaps homophobia as well.  If you are gay and love Castro and Che, you are a fucking idiot. 
Bloodbath Formula for this chart:
1.  Pallas trine South Node, quindecile Jupiter, septile Pluto and ruled by Mercury which is contraparallel Jupiter.  
2.  Venus semisextile Neptune, Ascendant ruler Mercury at their midpoint.
3.  Venus conjunct Pluto and ruled by Moon which is square Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Scorpio intercepted in Fifth House

The Verdict: 
criminal ethics + capitalist economics + cultural conservatism + bloodbath formula 
        --> homicidal racist criminal opportunist

This not the chart of a Left-wing true-believer.  It is one of a murderous gangster motivated not by ideology but by greed.  In fact, as revealed by Molyneux (in the linked video) and others, it was brother Raul Castro who was in fact the Soviet agent, not Fidel.  Raul's chart sports a Venus quincunx to the South Node, suggesting that he was the true Communist in the family. 

Pluto conjunct North Node:  power plus destiny.

Uranus in the Tenth in Pisces trine Venus in the Second:  personal enrichment through a revolution that is not what it seems.

Mercury in Leo in the Second square Mars and Chiron in Taurus in the Eleventh:  heroic language about wealth at odds with injurious public economic policy.

T-square with Sun in Leo in Third, Saturn in Scorpio in Fifth, and Jupiter in Aquarius in Ninth:  a sandwich with heroic, lofty, egalitarian rhetoric on the outside, concealing power and megalomania.

Moon in Libra in the Fourth square Pluto:  Castro imprisoned/murdered not only his opposition, but their wives as well.  If there is justice in the afterlife, this murdering racist homophobic criminal is sucking black cocks in Hell for eternity

Saturday, November 26, 2016

US Media War

An image with annotations (click to view) outlining some of astrology behind the current MSM war against "fake" alt-news.

Not marked on the image but easy to find is transiting Chiron in Pisces square US Mars in Gemini, another reflection that the nation's communicative processes (Mars in Gemini) are undergoing challenges involving deception (Chiron in Pisces). 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving / Black Friday Violence

Many news reports of fires and violent events yesterday; many headlines of Black Friday deaths this morning.  Earlier this week on Gab, another astrologer and I were warning this could happen.  "EyeAm" (the other astrologer) uses different reasoning than I do.  Here's mine: 

Bloodbath Formula for these events:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  see below 
3.  Venus conjunct Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun semisquare Pluto and ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto.  

The second point, the Venus-Neptune connection, is fulfilled at any moment in the past day or so that Neptune and the South Node land in the Second House, or any angle triggers the midpoint of Neptune and Venus.  The other points of the Formula have been so strong that the weakness of the Venus-Neptune connection is compensated for. 

The epicenter of this storm of violence, in my opinion, is the Venus-Pluto conjunction which peaked a few hours ago and is now waning. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Anti-Police Shootings

I spotted multiple headlines yesterday and today involving the murders of police officers, like this one.  The transiting Sun has been squaring the Sibley Moon/Pallas conjunction, in the same way that Saturn did during the rash of police-involved violence in late 2014.

History rhymes, to paraphrase a famous quote.  The rhyme-scheme is astrology. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Libertarian Astrology on GAB

Gab is Twitter minus the censorship.  This is making Gab, practically overnight, the micro-blogging site to which netizens (largely alt-right/libertarian) who want to broadcast freely online are flocking.

I have a Facebook account to which I don't post, so as not to alienate my Leftist friends and compatriots.  But now that there's a popular network that isn't yet controlled by corporate-Leftists, perhaps I may attempt this "social networking" thing.  Sign up for Gab and look me up.  :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

India Currency Reset

As yet unreported in most media, India is now in turmoil after a "currency reset" declared by the government

Note that in the transits/progressions for India last Saturday when the story was published (time of actual enactment unknown and mostly irrelevant): 
  • Progressed Pluto one minute of arc from India IC.
  • Progressed Pluto 24 minutes of arc from India Venus.
  • Transiting Pluto quincunx India IC/Venus.
  • Transiting Saturn trine India IC/Venus.
  • Transiting South Node conjunct India Pallas.  
The Pallas aspect corresponds to "Dionysian" or "authoritarian" behavior on the part of the government.  Venus of course is money and the IC is the homeland here, afflicted by Pluto and Saturn.

Precious metals or Bitcoin, people.  All government-controlled fiat currencies eventually crash.  All of them. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Jupiter Plus Pluto Equals Protests...

...specifically, massive Soros-funded Left-wing protests which generally devolve into violence.  I'm serious.  Look at any major rash of protests-plus-violence in the past two years (including the current anti-Trump riots) and you'll see a Jupiter-Pluto aspect in the sky in most cases.

Or look here:

What's interesting to me is that before these events, the Jupiter-Pluto pattern doesn't seem to be present.  Soros himself was born under a ten-degree Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (we'll get to his chart eventually), so perhaps he gravitates towards such configurations for his operations.  Perhaps when he saw a potential pattern emerging regarding in 2014 regarding shootings against blacks by non-blacks, he then decided to fund (and steer) the resulting backlash movement.  If so, we are seeing it in the changing astrology of mass protests in recent years.

Bagram Suicide Bombing

"Four people were killed and 17 others were injured in a deadly Taliban suicide bomb attack inside Bagram Airfield, the large U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

You know the drill.  We're looking for a weak Bloodbath Formula in the event chart.

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus quintile South Node and Neptune.
3.  Venus ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Pluto.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Victorious

Bev Harris, the liberal Democrat who is the world's foremost expert on election fraud and founder of Black Box Voting, has attested that the Hillary Clinton camp employed massive fraud in an attempt to steal the 2016 presidential election.  It is only possible, she says, to defeat such measures if the margin of victory for the non-cheating party is very large.  In other words, in the real world (and not the one shown us by the Soros-affiliated pro-Clinton mainstream media), Trump actually won Tuesday's election by a popular landslide.

The vast-majority of astrologers who write or talk about politics live on the political Left.  Of these, virtually all have prognosticated that Clinton would win the presidency by a crushingly large margin.  And of course, these astrologers were all disastrously wrong.  Either their methods were deficient, and/or some form of confirmation bias caused them to fail.  William Stickevers, a notable dissenter from this pack, correctly predicted both Tuesday's result and, before that, Trump's initial nomination.  He uses a combination of computer-assisted statistics-based astrological models, and a team of horary astrologers, to predict election outcomes.  He boasts of an 87% success rate in such matters.

Clearly, the transits against the candidates' charts for election day were not enough to show a winner.  We do not have a certain birth time for Clinton, and her transits for that day involving Venus and Jupiter seemed to hint at victory.  On top of these, Saturn conjunct her progressed Jupiter could be interpreted as the assumption of great authority.  Trump's transits were, at least on the surface, less compelling:  a quincunx from Venus to his natal Venus and another quincunx from the transiting Moon in the vicinity of 2:40am (ish) when Clinton called him to concede. 

I've refrained from trying to predict the outcome of the election, but have instead merely pointed out tidbits which suggested that Trump was a serious contender.  Among these:
Of these, the latter is nothing to sneeze at.  China had one of these (albeit more powerful than the one we're in) in the 70's.  They (partially) got rid of Communism then, and have been quasi-capitalist since.

Finally, looking at transits in the sky and against the US chart at around the time Trump's victory was made official, we see massive "libertarian" indicators of the sort we tend to see when peace treaties are signed and repressive laws are abolished.  These are:  transiting Sun and Mercury square transiting Pallas and trine US progressed Pallas, and transiting Pallas conjunct US progressed Mercury and US Pallas.  While Trump is no libertarian, he is, to the astute observer, significantly more libertarian than his mass-murdering rival.  These indicators suggest (to me, at least) that despite my many misgivings with Trump, his victory was a victory on the side of ethics and justice and the general good.

Taking astrology out of the equation, I have deep concerns about a Trump presidency.  The astrology suggests I may be pleasantly surprised. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Podesta "Spirit Cooking" Scandal

This rather disgusting revelation about our Democratic overlords is actually (on an astrological level) the same Pluto-Jupiter-Pallas configuration from the beginning of Podesta's troubles last month, being re-triggered by the transiting Sun/Mercury which has moved forward while the other pieces of the configuration have remained more or less in place. 

Did Clinton just lose the left-wing Christian vote? 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Clinton vs FBI (Again)

This rather welcome "black swan" event is actually from the same Jupiter-to-Pallas transit against Hillary's chart as the Podesta email revelations, described in the last post.  The Jupiter-Pallas configuration has been re-activated by a transiting conjunction from the Moon. 

I will enjoy watching the mass-murdering freak try to weasel her way out of this one.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton vs Wikileaks

As discussed in yesterday's post, when someone's ethics suddenly come into a new light in the public eye, the astrological culprit tends to involve Jupiter and Pallas.  Yesterday we looked at John Podesta's transits on the day of the Wikileaks publishing of his emails.  Today, we see that Hillary Clinton's transits on the same day reveal a similar pattern, with transiting Jupiter forming aspects with both her progressed and solar arc Pallas.

Clinton birth time uncertain -- leak time unknown (to me)

Persons with wrongdoings they'd rather not come to light should view the Jupiter-to-Pallas transit with some trepidation. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Podesta vs Wikileaks

The leaking of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's emails on Wikileaks has the potential to destroy Clinton's chances at the American throne, should enough Americans learn of their content.  In my experience, where questionable ethics become public knowledge, Pallas and Jupiter are involved.  Usually this comes in the form of transiting Jupiter forming an aspect with the native's Pallas, but here we have transiting Pluto and Sun triggering a progressed Pallas-Jupiter aspect.

times unknown

As the Baby Boomers now controlling world politics might say:  "Burn, baby, burn". 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bitcoin Spike

The BTC price jumped a bit today.  Transiting Jupiter at 9 Libra is forming a trine with the Bitcoin North Node at 9 Aquarius. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Two Ceasefires

Linked from Kyle's Phyles, two ceasefires in the news this morning, one in Yemen and the other in Syria.  Such events, in my research, are always associated with what I call "Apollonian" Pallas-related transits.  Accordingly, we just had an exact transiting trine in the sky between Mercury (18 Libra) and Pallas (18 Aquarius) in the past day. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

World War Three?

In early September, the normally belligerent US government was making uncharacteristic moves to work with Russia in Syria.  A week later, the US military "accidentally" violated the resulting cease-fire and then was soon back to its old tricks.  US politicians have been openly calling for acts of war against Russia, and blaming Putin for "hacks" with little evidence (for all we know, the "hacks" may have been internal leaks).  Russia has been running massive civilian evacuation drills.  The US mainstream media has been helping to beat the war drums while remaining silent on the risk that our overlords will destroy us all. 

Readers of this blog know that the astrological precursor for recklessly evil behavior and ethical crises is the Pluto-to-Pallas transit.  Last month's Pluto station hit the US (Sibley) and Russia horoscopes pretty hard.  I would argue that the current madness is fallout from this event and the further we get from the day of the station the more likely we will evade the nuclear war that US Democrats are furiously trying to initiate.  And yes, based on the evidence, I really do believe our politicians really are insane enough to do it. 

Onto the Pluto station charts: 

Transiting stationary Pluto novile US Pallas, sextile progressed Pallas, square Saturn (ruler of Pallas)

Transiting stationary Pluto novile Russia Pallas, semi-sextile progressed Pallas, trine Jupiter (ruler of Pallas). 

I still believe that Barack Obama is a psychopath, but I'm grateful it's him and his somewhat even keel at the nuclear button rather than the reportedly temper-tantrum-prone Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kabul Shrine Massacre

From Reuters via Kyle's Phyles"At least 14 people were killed on Tuesday when a gunman in a police uniform opened fire on worshippers gathered at a shrine in the Afghan capital of Kabul for a Shi'ite holy day, officials said."

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus trine South Node and ruled by Mars which is sextile Neptune.
3.  Venus ruled by Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
5.  Sun square Pluto.

A weaker astrological configuration and lower body count from the bombing in Yemen this past weekend.  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Yemen Funeral Bombing

Go to this URL under "10/9/16" for reports on a bombing by the US-backed Saudis on a funeral, killing hundreds.  There are major world news events which even Drudge and Infowars won't report.  For these events, there's Kyle's Fyles, which from what I can tell combs international news feeds on a daily basis and links to reports that most media won't. 

event time unknown -- time based on Twitter postings

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus trine South Node.
3.  Venus sextile and ruled by Pluto.
4.  Moon conjunct Pluto.
5.  Sun square Pluto.

Monday, October 3, 2016

US Surrenders Internet

The US government has relinquished control of the domain-parsing "switchboard" of the Internet.  Control will pass to an international body which will likely include countries with no history of respect for freedom of speech.  This has been generally ignored in the media despite the possibility that it may eventually mean the end of free speech on the Internet.  Transits for this event against the charts for the US and for the Internet (data from James Kelleher) are interesting in this regard.

Transiting South Node conjunct US progressed Sun and Pallas in Third House:  a loss of life force and intelligence in the realm of communications.

Transiting retrograde Pallas conjunct progressed Mercury and solar arc Mars in Aquarius in the Third House:   intelligence/ethics plus communication plus action plus technology...

Transiting Neptune quincunx US Neptune in Virgo in the Ninth:  dissolving a mechanism for publishing and visual media?

Transiting Pluto square US Saturn in Libra the Tenth:  the destruction of socially-oriented structure/authority. 

Transiting Pluto square Internet Venus in Libra in the Third: destruction/change of communication-related value. 

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Internet Uranus in Libra:  big social/technological disruption.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Burka

This is a weird one, in that it brings up the age-old question of whether two wrongs can make a right.  On one hand, it's easy to argue that banning an article of clothing (particularly one that may be mandated by a religion) is a violation of citizen's rights.  On the other hand, it can be convincingly argued that the affected religion is one that can not co-exist with the values of its host society.  The ostensible rationale for a burka ban would be to stop the spread of an ideology that forcefully violates the freedom of others... through the enforcement of a freedom-violating ideological mandate.

The astrology against Switzerland's national chart for the day of the vote is as fascinating and unsettling as the fact of the vote itself. 

Transiting Jupiter/Sun conjunct Switzerland Venus in Libra:  femininity made public.

Transiting Pallas trine Switzerland Pallas and quincunx Switzerland Sun and North Node, progressed Pallas square Switzerland Mercury: very significant libertarian vectors at play. 

Transiting Pluto square Switzerland Pallas:  one authoritarian vector.  This is significant, but it's also worth noting that the libertarian factors are much more numerous and stronger.  Is the universe telling us that this action will fundamentally result in more freedom/peace/non-aggression than the reverse?  If so, do two "wrongs" indeed make a "right"?

Transiting Neptune and progressed Sun conjunct Switzerland Moon in Pisces in the Fourth:  highlight on the intersection between spirituality, culture, femininity, and perhaps race. 

Transiting Chiron conjunct Switzerland Saturn in the Fourth:  injury plus authority plus culture. 

Switzerland Uranus return in the Fifth House:  an impending shift in the nation's identity expression? 

Switzerland will (along with Hungary and others) be a place to observe and compare with the rest of Europe as Islam grows in influence on the once-Christian continent. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Terror: Burlington WA

Five fatally shot in a shopping mall North of Seattle.

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus ruler Mars quintile Neptune.
3.  Venus ruled by Pluto.
4.  Moon opposite Pluto.
5.  Sun "squine" Pluto.

Transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn is trine Pallas on the Burlington WA incorporation chart at 17 Taurus.  This is not an accident.  Transiting Pluto will almost definitely be in aspect to the natal and/or progressed Pallas on the killer's chart.

Yes, the Bloodbath Formula and the Pluto-to-Pallas transits for the location and perpetrator of mass-murder events appear to apply in virtually all cases of such events in which precise data for the event is available.  (Addendum 9/28/16 :  reader "David" has kindly informed me that birth data for the alleged perpetrator is here and that his Pallas is indeed receiving a transiting Pluto aspect)

There are three things that America can do to reduce the incidence of mass violence:
1.  Allow potential victims to be legally armed and shoot back at attackers.
2.  Allow the victims of mass violence to sue drug companies for damage inflicted by persons on violence-inducing psychiatric medication.
3.  Communities and law-enforcement should adopt a zero-tolerance policy for persons openly calling for murder.  The imam in Florida who called for the murder of gays prior to the Orlando massacre, and numerous persons associated with Black Lives Matter should be persona non grata in all American communities.  The organizations with which these persons are affiliated should be similarly unwelcome unless they explicitly denounce their violent radical elements. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Violence in Charlotte NC

When a previously peaceful person or location becomes an epicenter of violence, it's a good bet that transiting Pluto is aspecting the natal or progressed Pallas of the astrological chart of that person or location.  Examples abound.  The current unrest in Charlotte NC, triggered by a police shooting, is apparently no exception. 

While I can't locate "birth data" for the (ancient by American standards) city of Charlotte, Wikipedia's history of North Carolina lists the date of the "creation" of North Carolina as December 7 1710.  The "natal" Pallas for this date is at 16 Sagittarius, and the current progressed Pallas is at 17 Capricorn, currently conjoined by transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn.  Other factors certainly tie into the current wave of unrest, such as transiting Mars currently trine NC's Mars in Leo and conjunct NC's progressed Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

Pluto is nowhere near finished with North Carolina's progressed Pallas, so it should not surprise us to see more trouble in that state over the next year or so. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NYC/NJ Terror Attacks

Stefan Molyneux's take on the past weekend's bombings on the East Coast of the US

Thankfully, there were no fatalities from the bombings, so we're not looking for the Bloodbath Formula.  Instead, transits for Saturday against the US Sibley Chart provide some relevant astro-poetry.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra conjunct US MC:  ideology held by "others" is forefront.

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct US Ascendant:  struggle involving ideology.  This forms a mundane square against the US chart with transiting Jupiter, suggesting ideological struggle yet again.

Transiting Pluto opposite US Sun and square US Saturn:  explosive force against the country and its structures.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius square US Neptune:  ideologically driven action affecting the nation's image and its illusions?  Transiting Chiron and Uranus also aspect the US Neptune, suggesting perhaps the disillusionment process occurring now as the "establishment" view of geopolitics collapses.  The US Seventh House Mars is also hit by these same transiting planets from different angles, hinting that US foreign policy is involved. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tim Kaine

Source for birth data:

Now that there is reasonable doubt, owing to now-public health problems, that Hillary Clinton will (politically) survive to the election, it's fair to wonder if the previously-unknown Tim Kaine will replace her on the ticket.  So... who is this would-be successor to Barack Obama on the American throne?

ApollonianPallas sextile MercuryPallas ruler Venus square the Nodes.
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node and opposite Jupiter and ruled by Venus which is quincunx Pluto and square Jupiter. 
Dionysos wins this one handily.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Kaine between the "Statist" and "Criminal" quadrants, leaning to the "Criminal".

CapitalistVenus square the Nodes.
CollectivistVenus square Neptune and South Node in Second House (more obvious in other house systems). 
Mixed signature here, leaning Leftward economically.  Perhaps even a lot -- hard to tell with the Nodes.

ConservativeNorth Node quincunx Moon
LiberalNeptune quincunx Moon.
Normally these mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side.  

Bloodbath Formula for this chart:
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node and opposite Jupiter and ruled by Venus which is quincunx Pluto and square Jupiter. 
2.  Venus square Neptune and South Node in Second House.
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun opposite Pluto.

authoritarian + collectivist economics + cultural liberalism + bloodbath formula 
        --> hard left-authoritarian

This is not a surprise, being that Hillary would have had to approve him.  It also explains his (probable) Marxist roots

I am not Donald Trump's biggest fan, but the alternatives don't look very good.  A Trump presidency is looking more tolerable by the day. 

Monday, September 12, 2016


Eleven days ago, a solar eclipse occurred at nine degrees 21 minutes of Virgo.  This is four degrees from Hillary Clinton's (presumed) MC and solar arc Uranus (suggesting neurological issues?).  It is also two degrees from Clinton's progressed Mars in Virgo (suggesting mobility/health issues?).  Since then, visible health issues have cut short her public appearances twice (here's yesterday's collapse). 

Drudge is in full attack mode, with no less than a dozen links to articles citing Clinton health problems.  The DNC is reportedly holding an emergency meeting to set up contingencies in the case that the Democratic nominee withdraws from the race.  One prominent libertarian is now jokingly endorsing Clinton on the grounds that she is more likely than Trump to die in the first few months of office and thereby throw the entire federal government into disarray. 

If the birth time we have for her is correct, Clinton has the South Node very tightly conjunct her Ascendant.  In my experience, this aspect in itself is a significant health warning -- persons with this aspect who try to "conquer the world" rather than humbly work with others tend to run into landmines on their way to godhood.  More specifically, this aspect (or South Node conjunct Mars), in my experience, has some correlation with instances of Parkinson's disease.  Here's one example.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly

Conservative champion Phyllis Schlafly has died.  Today we take a look at the factors in her horoscope that help shed light on who she was.

ApollonianPallas opposite MercuryPallas co-ruler Neptune conjunct Sun and North Node.
DionysianPallas trine Pluto and square Jupiter; Pallas co-ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto.
On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Schlafly between the "Libertarian" and "Statist" quadrants, but with a probable gradual shift towards the "Libertarian" quadrant.

CapitalistVenus novile North Node.
Collectivist:  nothing
Schlafly was an ardent anti-communist. 

ConservativeNorth Node in the Fourth House conjunct IC, Fourth House ruler Sun, and Moon ruler Neptune.
LiberalNeptune in the Fourth House, ruling Moon in Pisces.
Normally these mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side, but the North Node connections to the Fourth House and IC are quite overwhelming. 

increasingly libertarian + capitalist economics + strong conservatism --> super-conservative

Some other configurations in the chart:

Pallas conjunct Moon, opposite Mercury:  a "warrior of words" like Ayn Rand.

Pallas conjunct Uranus:  a "world-builder". 

Pluto conjunct Venus and trine Moon:  generally found in feminist charts, the Pluto involvement with both major feminine archetypes may reflect Schlafly's involvement with the American debate over gender roles.  That the Moon, Venus, and Pluto are all in aspect to Jupiter in the Seventh House may reflect her support of traditional roles in marriage.

Mercury in Virgo strongly opposite Uranus in Pisces:  a practical voice against the idealistic rebellion of the feminist movement. 

Here is a recently unearthed interview of Schlafly by Stefan Molyneux. Her last article, written on the day she died, compares Donald Trump's recent visit to Mexico to the diplomacy of Ronald Reagan. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Obama Joins Putin Against ISIS

This is contra to the character of Barack Obama.  His natal Pallas (representing intelligence, logic, and ethics) is completely non-functional.  He does things that are "good" from a logical/libertarian perspective only when under the direct influence of an "Apollonian" Pallas-related transit.  During these times the planets temporarily "upgrade" him into a reasonable person capable of rational and strategic thought and action.  Examples are the normalization of relations with Cuba, the halting of the impending US invasion of Syria, and the 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran

Obama is behaving in an (uncharacteristically) constructive manner.  Therefore we can be sure to find Pallas-related astrological weather for him right now. 

event time unknown

Obama's Second House Pallas is being "triple-teamed" by a transiting conjunction from Chiron and flanking semisextiles from transiting Pallas and Uranus (with Obama's Pallas at the midpoint).  Transiting Mercury is opposite Obama's Pallas and last week's solar eclipse would have been quindecile Obama's Pallas

Related charts:  USA, Russia, Putin, Syria, ISIS Caliphate.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Brazilian President Ousted

time unknown

Progressed Sun conjunct Brazil Pluto:  revolution or drastic change.

Transiting Pluto trine Brazil Sun:  a helpful albeit powerful shift.

Transiting Pluto quincunx Brazil South Node and Venus:  power (Pluto) triggering the removal (South Node) of a woman (Venus).

Transiting Saturn quincunx Brazil Saturn (Ascendant at midpoint):  a clash of authorities shaking up the nation.  

Progressed North Node conjunct Brazil Pallas:  ethics and karma together.

Transiting Pallas conjunct Brazil Ceres:  ethics triggering a removal?  I don't think anyone actually understands Ceres, but she seems to be prominent in event charts in which persons go missing in some way. 

Is Hillary (who has been a primary architect of American foreign policy for years now) next? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weiner Emerges Yet Again

Anthony Weiner, husband to Hillary partner Huma Abedin, has once again been caught sending pictures of his penis.  This appears to be the end of their marriage.  It is convenient for the Clinton campaign, which can once again capitalize on sympathy from the public to obscure Huma's connections with radical Islamic organizations. 

Transiting Jupiter at 27 Virgo is sextile Weiner's Pallas at 27 Scorpio -- Jupiter transits against Pallas are generally present when violations of ethics become public.

Transiting Pluto is opposite Weiner's progressed Moon at 16 Cancer -- death of female relationship and family.

Transiting Chiron is opposite Weiner's progressed Venus -- injury to relationship.

Now all they need to do is find some way to blame Weiner on Trump

Monday, August 29, 2016

Terror: Yemen

From Reuters via Huffington Post:  "A suicide bomber killed at least 54 people when he drove a car bomb into a militia compound in Aden on Monday, the health ministry said, in one of the deadliest attacks claimed by Islamic State in the southern Yemeni port city."

exact time unknown: "breakfast"

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas novile Pluto.
2.  Venus in the Twelfth House.
3.  Venus squine Pluto.
4.  Pluto in the Fourth House.
5.  Sun ruled by Mercury which is squine Pluto.

Yemen's Pallas (1990 chart) is at 2 Gemini 15.  Transiting Pluto is currently sesquiquadrate this position.   Pluto generally aspects the Pallas of both the location and the perpetrators of mass-murder events. 

The current Bloodbath configuration is very weak.  About a week from now, a stronger one will appear. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Election Bits

In this article, Jack Kerwick writes that Trump "in as little as 14 or so months, has ripped the System asunder."  Astrologers such as myself have been wondering what the main effect of the 2014-2015 Pluto opposition to the US Sun has been (or will be).  Perhaps Trump and his shredding of the stories America spins about its own political system are that effect. 

Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, a long-time commentator on the minutiae of US foreign policy, writes that "A vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war.".  A Hillary win and subsequent nuclear holocaust might also account for the Pluto transit against the US Sun, albeit belatedly.

Mundane astrology guru William Stickevers applies his considerable powers to predict a Trump landslide here.  Which, if Paul Craig Roberts and his ilk are correct, may well save us from annihilation. Or, at least, a whole lot of taxes. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Two 2016 Election Predictions

In the August 9, 2016 edition of the "E-News Commentary" published for members of the NCGR, astrologer Bob Marks explains that the chart for Dixville Notch, NH, on midnight the morning of a US national election, is the chart for the election as a whole.  This small town opens its single polling location before any other in the country and therefore begins the election.  Marks writes that this election chart has indicated, without fail, the winner of the presidency since Dixville Notch began its early-polling tradition in 1960.  Marks reports that when the Ascendant or Midheaven of this election chart is afflicted by one or more outer planets, the currently reigning party will lose the election.  Because, he writes, this upcoming election's chart is devoid of such afflictions, the Democratic Party and its nominee Hillary Clinton will win.   I have examined many of these Dixville Notch election charts and will attest that there does seem to be a pattern. 

Mr. Marks may well be right if his method holds...  perhaps.   However, once we introduce a few minor aspects and loosen our criteria the story potentially changes.  In this coming election chart:

Mars (technically not an outer planet but prominent in many of these election charts) is quincunx the AscendantSaturn is "squine" (105 degrees) the Ascendant and widely conjunct Venus, ruler of the MidheavenUranus is quadrinovile the AscendantNeptune is widely opposite the AscendantPluto is sesquiquadrate the Ascendant.  Tight minor aspects and wide orbs for major ones... but quite a few of them. 

On top of this pile-up of apparently weak factors, we have Jupiter in the Second House (hinting at an economic recovery more likely under massive tax cuts), Uranus parallel the North Node (hyping up the possibility of unexpected change), and Pallas square both Mercury and the Sun and ruled by the North-Node-aspected Uranus (suggesting a strong libertarian vector).  Add these to the factors we discussed last week, and we have something less than a slam-dunk for our physically ailing would-be first woman president using the Dixville Notch election chart.

Traditional astrologer Nina Gryphon also predicts the election will go for Hillary Clinton, but in her post she mentions a striking caveat in the chart for prediction.  The post is worth reading and the caveat involves the ruler of the Fourth House conjunct the Midheaven on the 2016 Aries Ingress chart.  While Gryphon does predict a Democratic Party win, she ends her article with the words: "Outcome: TBD!". 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Progressed US Chart and 2016 Election

In the March 22 2016 edition of the "E-News Commentary" published for members of the NCGR, astrologer Joseph Addeo points out an interesting correlation between the progressed chart for USA (Sibley), and the coronation of Bill Clinton in 1993 and the current (2016) presidential election.  He points out that in 1993, the US progressed Mercury stationed retrograde, and that it is currently progressing direct in 2016.  This, he says, suggests that a similar astrological energy to that in 1993 is in the air... and thus, another Clinton win is likely.

Without making a prediction myself, I'd like to point out an alternate interpretation of the same phenomena.  For in the Sibley chart, Mercury rules the Seventh House of relating to "others".  In the charts of nations, this generally means other nations.  In the past 23 years of the progressed Mercury retrograde, it can be argued that US foreign policy has been going "backwards" starting with Bill Clinton's treaty-breaking with Russia, escalating to the senseless Bush-Obama wars and interventions (egged on by Senator and later Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).  All of this has moved us perilously close to a third world war.

In this context, the direct station of progressed US Mercury might suggest that US foreign policy might soon again move in the opposite of its current "backward" direction; that is to say: forward.  This might mean the leader at the helm of the nation will not be one of the architects of the current "retrograde" foreign policy (Clinton), but someone with an altogether different outlook on US foreign policy.  And with the long-term indicators of American libertarianism rising, there is an additional astrological reason to hope for an American pivot towards non-interventionism.  The key word here being "hope".  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Terror: Pakistan

"morning" -- exact time unknown

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas semisquare Pluto.
2.  Venus ruler Mercury opposite Neptune.
3.  Venus ruler Mercury trine Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun quincunx Pluto.

The Pallas-Pluto aspect is with us for over a week, but the Sun-Pluto aspect is only good for a few more days.  There is an astrological opening for another attack when the Moon forms a quintile with Pluto concurrent with these other aspects, tomorrow.  There's no easy way to determine where it will be.