Monday, April 25, 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is, unacknowledged by the mainstream media, probably the most "Hitler-like" of the world's current heads of state.  Aggressive, autocratic, and openly adherent to a "master-race" ideology, this US "ally" makes Syria's Assad look like Mother Theresa and provides much ammunition for defenders of Russia's Vladimir Putin.  Erdogan also makes for an interesting astrological case study because his chart pattern differs from what seems to be the normal pattern for extreme racists.

ApollonianPallas in Leo trine North NodeMercury, ruler of Pallas, is quindecile Pallas and conjunct Sun.
DionysianPallas conjunct Pluto and ruled by Sun which is quindecile Pluto.
The Dionysian/authoritarian side is a bit stronger here (the Pallas-Pluto conjunction should immediately give one pause), but the Apollonian vectors are moderately strong.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Erdogan into the "Statist" (authoritarian) category, the most potentially dangerous one.

Capitalist:  nothing.
CollectivistVenus and Sun in Pisces in the Second House.
Criminal types virtually always have the "collectivist" indicator on top of a "Dionysian" Pallas. 

Conservative:  nothing?
LiberalMoon semisquare Neptune and sesquiquadrate South Node in Cancer.
We appear to have a strongly culturally "liberal" chart, which is surprising because strong racism or ethnocentrism virtually always is accompanied by North Node influence over the Moon and/or Fourth House (the cultural "conservative" indicators).  What we do have, however, is the Moon ruled by and opposite Jupiter, suggesting an impulse to spread or magnify one's culture/ethnicity.  We also have a strong resemblance to chart of Islam, which also has the Moon conjunct Mars, opposite Jupiter, and in aspect to Neptune.  Erdogan's prejudices are not of the typical sort but instead seem to reflect a deep emotional resonance with Islam. 

We have to look for the Bloodbath Formula.  Erdogan is a known supporter of the homicidal cult known as ISIS.  Mainstream Western media refuses to report this. 
1.  Pallas quindecile Pluto.
2.  Venus and Sun in Pisces in the Second House.
3.  Venus ruled by Neptune which is sextile Pluto.
4.  Moon squine Pluto.
5.  Sun quindecile Pluto.

Statist + collectivist + cultural liberal + Bloodbath -> far left authoritarian.  Had he been born in the West, he'd most likely be a Maoist and/or "Social Justice Warrior".  For the SJW phenomenon is first and foremost about intolerance and the suppression of dissent.  As are Islamic fundamentalists such as Erdogan.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Terror: Kabul

From HuffPo/Reuters:  "A Taliban suicide bomb and gun assault on a government security building during Tuesday morning rush hour in central Kabul killed at least 28 people and wounded more than 320, in the most deadly single attack in the Afghan capital since 2011."

exact time unknown -- "morning rush hour"

Bloodbath Formula
1.  Pallas novile PlutoPluto square Uranus and parallel/semisextile Saturn (rulers of Pallas). 
2.  Venus ruled by Mars which is square Neptune.
3.  Venus square Pluto
4.  Pluto trine Mercury, ruler of Moon
5.  Sun ruled by Mars which is parallel Pluto.
This expression of the formula is relatively weak -- no concurrent reports of major violence elsewhere.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

America First Committee

Wiped from politically-acceptable history, the mostly but not entirely Right-wing America First Committee was by some accounts the center of the largest anti-war movement in the history of our civilization.  FDR's entry into World War II was not forced by the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan but driven from years before that by a powerful coalition of pro-war interests.  Starting in 1940, the America First Committee fought this coalition in order to keep America at peace amid the rising clamor for battle.  They would lose, and after the war be all but erased from public memory.

time unknown / location uncertain

ApollonianPallas parallel Sun and ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Sun.
DionysianPallas sesquiquadrate Jupiter.
The Dionysian/authoritarian side is not nonexistent, but the Apollonian factors are very strong.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this chart probably lands in the "Libertarian" quadrant, but with a "Statist" lean.  This is consistent with the central goal, peace, but also helps explain unfortunate racist leanings in some corners of the membership (along with the Moon/North-Node aspect). 

Capitalist:  nothing time-independent. 
CollectivistVenus sextile Neptune.
We don't know if there were capitalist vectors in this chart, but it's known that the Committee had members from both the Left and Right economically

ConservativeMoon (probably) conjunct North Node.
Liberal:  no time-independent factors.
Assuming the Moon is conjunct the North Node, this helps explain the Right-wing lean of the overall organization, its name, and the racist leanings of some of its membership. 

Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo:   Battle for a practical end through communication.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus:  An organization binding together and giving practical direction to numerous ideologies.

Pallas conjunct Neptune and trine Uranus:  envisioning a new world.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Colorado Primary Stolen

There will be no Republican presidential primary election in Colorado.  In a move design to weaken Donald Trump and bolster Ted Cruz, Republican party leadership has chosen to deny Colorado voters their say in the primary.  Colorado's electoral votes will all go to Cruz.

Regardless of what one may think of Trump or Cruz, this is clearly an unethical action given that America is supposed to elect its leaders by popular vote.  When such actions occur, Pallas on the chart of the perpetrator(s) and the local regime will be undergoing a transit which undermines her power.  These transits are, as always, any aspect from Pluto, any discordant aspect from Jupiter, and any aspect from the South Node which is stronger than the concurrent aspect from the North Node.

I didn't find an exact time (or date) for the announcement, but the relevant players are slow-moving enough that an exact time doesn't matter.  Transiting South Node is quincunx Colorado's Pallas, exacerbated by transiting Chiron conjunct the transiting South Node.  Not shown, transiting South Node and Chiron square Trump's opposition between the Sun and North Node and the Moon and South Node.  Also, the US Sibley chart is currently in a Pallas return, suggesting that ethics in one way or another are currently highlighted. 

Yes, Republicans.  Your "leadership" is not your friend.  Quite the reverse.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Four Horsemen

America is in trouble. Her population, bitterly divided by a growing gulf of increasingly mad ideologies, hovers on the brink of mass violence. Her economy, looted by robber-baron bankers and bailout-happy politicians, threatens to implode. And her leadership is hell-bent on provoking Russia and triggering World War III. The race for America's throne in 2016, unlike previous recent elections, actually offers candidates that significantly differ from one another (most recent elections have given us a choice between fascist warmongers speaking different rhetoric but offering the same excrement sandwich of death and economic ruin).

Hillary: probably the worst-case scenario. The most bloodthirsty and unprincipled of the main contenders for the throne, responsible with Barack Obama for the current rise of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and now Europe. High risk of destroying the world.

Bernie: a man with no proven ability to understand economics (or even arithmetic) wants to drastically overhaul the US economy. What would possibly go wrong? Bonus: he's not genuinely anti-war (he votes with the warmongers most of the time despite posing as a peacenik). High risk of destroying the US economy and moderate risk of destroying the world.

Cruz: while not completely without a libertarian impulse, he has proven to be quite a nasty fellow. In all likelihood, he is an agent for the neoconservatives who ruled from 2000-2008 and still appear to wield a strong influence. High risk of inciting liberal unrest and moderate-to-high risk of destroying the world.

Trump: brash, divisive, egotistical, at least a little unscrupulous, and not exactly a libertarian. However, he shows the least chance of the major candidates of destroying the US economy. And, as the only candidate with an authentic anti-war credential and the only one indicating a desire to get along with Vladimir Putin, he should be the least offensive candidate to genuine lovers of peace. High risk of violent liberal unrest and moderate to low risk of destroying the world.

The various third parties and independent actors will probably offer a few candidates who are far superior in ideology and integrity than this frightening slate — but none of these fine candidates stand a chance of making a dent. Of the major candidates, from the point of view of minimizing the destruction of the US war machine and allowing the working class to survive, there is only one acceptable option. Even as divisive and hated as this candidate is — and even though the election of this person all but guarantees massive domestic civil unrest—the first priority of the conscientious voter must be to stand against war. Especially if that war is likely to be nuclear.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturn, Pluto, and Polarization

Richard Tarnas, in his groundbreaking Cosmos and Psyche, associates Saturn-Pluto aspects with extreme social polarization and the rise of Right-wing movements.  Tarnas, a political liberal, sees such movements as essentially "evil" -- representing separation, intolerance, the breakdown of progress, and terror.  These, for him, are man's darkest hours. 

My view is different.  While certainly these periods are tense and imbued with a sense of Manichean good-versus-evil polarity, it is worth noting that only one of the major wars of the West in the past two centuries coincides with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction (1914).  The other Saturn-Pluto conjunctions occur after, before, and also far from major wars.  This suggests that there may be no direct relationship between Saturn-Pluto and that greatest of all evils, war.  In contrast, cycles of Neptune consistently coincide with major wars.

The last Saturn-Pluto conjunction we had, in the early 1980's, was an extremely tense period during which liberals lamented the rise of the Right, and Cold War rhetoric grew frighteningly aggressive.  But while Reagan would talk tough, he was more hesitant to deploy the military than any US President since, and he showed a strong preference, offstage, for diplomacy over force.  Contrast this to the soothing presence of Barack Obama, an unrepentant warmonger who has plunged the Middle East and now Europe into turmoil.  I'll take a tough-talking peacenik every time.

Mundane astrologers are looking ahead to the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020, fearing an oncoming period of tense conservatism.  What they are missing is this:  it has already started.  For while in the the longitudinal zodiac we don't have a conjunction for another four years... in declination the parallel between Saturn and Pluto has already started.  This parallel aspect, similar in nature to a longitudinal conjunction, lasts for five years.  That's basically five years, starting now, of possible Right-wing domination of the Zeitgeist. 

There are no guarantees, of course, but conservative backlash against the "progress" of the past seven years may well sweep the Right back into power this year in America.  And with the encroaching Sun-Pallas progressed conjunction on the US chart, this new Right-wing resurgence (should it happen) may take on a distinctly libertarian tinge.

Not the most "fun" configuration, but things could be worse.