Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bill Clinton

Since possibly suffering brain damage during heart surgery, former US President Bill Clinton has mostly stayed out of the spotlight.  He has decided to allow his wife Hillary, the former First Lady and presumptive front-runner for US President, to have the spotlight to herself this election season.  Bill is not the rock star politician he was decades ago -- he is "damaged goods" now that, on top of being a corrupt mass-murderer, he now also appears to be a brutal serial rapist.  Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is now drawing attention to Bill Clinton's troublesome rape allegations, giving us an excuse to examine the former President's chart. 

On one hand, Bill Clinton's reign was a bright spot in recent American history, boasting of a frenzied economic boom and a general spirit of optimism and hope.  Behind the scenes, however, cheap liquidity from the Fed fueled the massive mal-investment of capital which would bring the coming economic crash, and the Deep State was quietly laying the groundwork for war and domestic tyranny.  The fascistic horror of the GWBush and Obama administrations would not have been possible without years of preparation by the federal government in the 1990's.  History now suggests that Bill Clinton was not the great hero that many Americans saw in him, but an extremely problematic and even villainous figure.  Which means, of course, that his chart should not yield great surprises for regular visitors to this blog.

ApollonianPallas in the Third House parallel Mercury and trine Sun, ruler of Mercury.  Pallas is ruled by Jupiter which is trine the North Node.
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node and sesquiquadrate Pluto.
Both Dionysian/authoritarian and Apollonian/libertarian vectors are strong, but the Pallas conjunction to the South Node potentially overrules the ethical vectors.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Clinton into the "Statist" (authoritarian) category, the most potentially dangerous one.

CapitalistVenus widely trine North Node.
CollectivistVenus conjunct Neptune; Second House co-ruler Mars conjunct Neptune and co-ruler Pluto widely trine South Node.
It's unusual to see a capitalist vector in a Left-wing politician, but not unheard-of.  Many liberals in the 90's took to calling Clinton "the best Republican President" perhaps in part for some economic policies that conservatives might agree with.  Mixed signatures like this usually identify as conservative, but in this case the collectivist indicators are probably quite a bit stronger than the capitalist one.  Criminal types virtually always have the "collectivist" indicator on top of a "Dionysian" Pallas. 

Conservative:  Venus (ruler of Moon) widely trine North Node..
LiberalMoon quincunx South Node and ruled by Venus which has "collectivist" aspects (above).
The "liberal" side wins, helping to explain why the Right hated him.

We have to look for the Bloodbath Formula.  Clinton murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, mostly children, through economic sanctions, launched airstrikes in Kosovo to distract the media from his sex scandal, was involved in the Waco Massacre, and is accused by conspiracy-researchers of being complicit in the OKC bombing.  Also:  "Arkancide".  The Bloodbath Formula is also generally present in the charts of rapists whose charts do not contain the Rapist Formula.
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node and sesquiquadrate Pluto..
2.  Venus conjunct Neptune; Second House co-ruler Mars conjunct Neptune and co-ruler Pluto widely trine South Node.
3.  Venus tightly sextile Pluto, which rules the Second House.
4.  Pluto sextile Venus (ruler of Moon) and conjunct Saturn (ruler of Fourth House).
5.  Sun widely conjunct Pluto which is conjunct Saturn and septile Uranus (rulers of Fifth House).

Statist + moderate collectivist + cultural liberal + Bloodbath -> left authoritarian.   Many, including myself, were too blinded by our temporary dot-com wealth to notice that the State under Clinton was gearing up for a major offensive.  Many conservatives did notice, however, and were ignored.

Sun square Moon: suggesting a contentious relationship with women.  This third-quarter square also evokes the context of his administration in recent history, as the "last hurrah" before things go dark. 

Venus-Mars-Neptune triple conjunction:  shady financial dealings, and (probably) hidden rape.

Pallas in the Third House parallel Mercury and trine Sun, ruler of Mercury:  not just a libertarian indicator, Pallas-Mercury is an indicator for general analytical intelligence.  Clinton reportedly had a very high IQ.  

Mercury-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction (sextile Venus):  I did not (Saturn) have sex (Pluto) with that woman (Venus).

Uranus conjunct North Node:  many US Presidents with high body counts have this conjunction.

Mars sesquiquadrate Moon in the Eighth:  suggesting sexual violence against women.  Mars/Moon contact is part of the Rapist Formula, but Clinton does not have the full formula. 

Mars in Libra Rising:  Clinton was infamous for flying off the handle and abusing those around him.

I voted for Clinton in my misguided Left-liberal youth.  I'm trying to atone. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Robert Downey, Jr

"No news is good news", especially in the evil world of politics where the world's most effective psychopaths ply their trade, to humanity's detriment.  In the context of this blog, a lack of compelling news also gives us opportunity to discuss matters other than national politicians and mass murderers (but I repeat myself).

"Iron Man" actor Robert Downey, Jr. has for many years shared with the world his hilarious wit and (in the past had) fueled the tabloids with his drug problems.  He also enraged the Hollywood PC police by revealing politically conservative tendencies.  Unlike George Clooney, Downey seems more low-key about his politics.  Any brouhaha about his political views is more about his having these views at all, rather than about his shoving them in anyone's faces.

Conservatives, of course, form not the more unified spectrum that populates the Left.  They are, instead, an alliance of three (or four) groups which have different priorities and different astrology.  We can use astrology to help us see what sort of "conservative" Downey is, and also shed light on non-political facets of his personality.

ApollonianPallas trine North Node and ruled by Uranus and Saturn which are square the Nodes.
DionysianPallas quincunx Pluto and ruled by Uranus which is conjunct Pluto and by Saturn which is opposite Pluto.
Downey is strong in both Apollonian and Dionysian factors, but the Apollonian factors are Node-related.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this likely puts him into the "Criminal" category early in life, but suggests a high likelihood he will gradually move toward the "Libertarian" quadrant over time.   I call this a "whistleblower" configuration, as whistleblowers very often have these Nodal configurations with Pallas.

Capitalist:  nothing.
CollectivistVenus trine South Node.
Downey is no Ayn Rand acolyte. 

Conservative:  nothing.
LiberalNeptune in the Fourth House opposite/contraparallel the Moon and Fourth House ruler Jupiter.
Hyper-liberal in the social sense.

Whistleblower + collectivist + cultural liberal  -> leftist (authoritarian) to (potential) libertarian
The older he gets, the harder it will be for him to retain a mainstream-Left world view.  He's not conservative in the least: he's a libertarian waiting to hatch out of a "liberal" shell.  There is no guarantee that he will actualize this potential, however. 

Sun/Venus - Ascendant - South Node (on Fifth House) Grand Trine:  brilliant superstar, losing himself.

Neptune in the Fourth House opposite/contraparallel the Moon and Fourth House ruler Jupiter: very likely related to his drug problems.

Sun conjunct Venus in Aries:  aggressive charm.

Pallas on the Descendant:  probably also related to charm.

Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury in Aries: those hilarious rapid-fire under-the-breath quips.

Mars (action) conjunct Uranus (technology) and Pluto (power) opposite Saturn (armor):
"Iron Man".  The Second and Eighth House emphasis here also reflects the billionaire comic-book hero.  The Taurus MC and Leo Ascendant mirror Donald Trump

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Brexit: The Movie

On June 23 (2016) a referendum will occur in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar regarding continuing membership in the European Union.  UK citizens never had the choice about joining in the first place (their self-styled superiors chose for them), but now they would appear to have the choice to leave.  Transits and such against the UK and EU horoscopes for the day of the referendum give us some insight.

Transiting Pluto square UK nodal axis:  a drastic change in destiny?
Transiting Pluto opposite UK Moon:  destruction of "family"?
Transiting Neptune and South Node quincunx UK South Node:  loss?
Transiting Uranus trine UK Saturn:  a surprise which bolsters UK authority?
Transiting Saturn quincunx UK Mars:  authority in the zeitgeist pressuring UK autonomy?
Transiting Jupiter and North Node quincunx UK North Node and Venus:  a major gain, possibly social and/or financial?
Transiting Pallas semisquare UK Pallas and sextile UK Mars (ruler of Pallas): intelligence/logic/ethics highlighted.
Transiting Mars square UK Saturn and opposite UK Ceres:  a blow to authority and a loss?

Transiting Pluto conjunct EU solar arc North Node:  a destiny shattered?
Transiting Pluto square EU Vertex:  a relationship facing death?
Transiting Neptune square EU Saturn:  dissolving of structure?
Transiting Uranus opposite EU solar arc Pluto and quincunx solar arc Jupiter:  disruption of power and purpose?
Transiting Chiron conjunct EU Pallas:  an ethical adjustment?
EU Saturn Return:  chickens coming home to roost?
Transiting Jupiter and North Node square EU Saturn:  public opinion and the call of destiny against EU authority?
Transiting Venus conjunct EU Midheaven:  finances/relationships highlighted and/or pleasant developments regarding "family"?

Save yourselves, trans-Atlantic brethren!  Free yourself from the bureaucratic tyranny of Brussels!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

George Clooney

Handsome, charismatic, quick-witted, and smug actor George Clooney has been at or near the top of the screen-star pantheon for over two decades.  But not only is he known for magnetic screen presence and often-decent performances in the movies and television, but for his Left-liberal political activism.  Think of "limousine liberals" or Hollywood Leftists, and Clooney often comes to mind first.  And while he often supports causes that are unquestionably noble and humanitarian, he also throws his influence, money, and thousand-watt smile behind extremely questionable causes, such as the presidential candidacy of Democrat warmonger Hillary Clinton.  It appears that soon Clooney will demonstrate both his roles as actor and as Left-activist in the upcoming film "Money Monster".

ApollonianPallas sextile Mercury and Sun and parallel their ruler Venus. 
DionysianPallas widely opposite Pluto and ruled by Jupiter which is quincunx Pluto and by Neptune which is square Jupiter.
This is most likely a close balance between Apollonian and Dionysian factors.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Clooney into the "Statist" (authoritarian) category.  It is very common for persons in this category to support unequivocally "good" or ethical ends but to favor unethical means (such as the use of force by the State) to achieve such ends. 

Capitalist:  nothing.
CollectivistVenus quincunx Neptune; and Sun in the Second House opposite Neptune. 
No surprises here.  Note that Clooney plays a thief in the popular and entertaining "Ocean's Eleven" movies.  In real life, he joins the liberal crusade to redistribute wealth through government force while himself enjoying a vast fortune most of us can't imagine. 

Conservative:  nothing?
LiberalMoon and her ruler Saturn widely square Neptune and widely quincunx South Node.
Again, no surprises. 

Statist + collectivist + cultural liberal  -> left (authoritarian)
This is nothing we don't already know, but here we see the astrological underpinnings of Clooney's ideological leanings.

Pallas parallel Venus, contraparallel AscendantPallas/Venus, representing the potential for "weaponized charm", is ubiquitous in female celebrities.  But men can also exploit the aspect.

Sun opposite Neptune:  common with hyper-celebrities who exude a constant glamour.

Pallas Rising:  "my ethics, in your face".  Also tends to correspond to high physical dexterity.

Mercury conjunct Sun:  "I am my opinions".

Mercury in Taurus contraparallel Jupiter in Aquarius:  speech plus money plus social ideology.

Mars in Leo in the Fifth House opposite Jupiter in Aquarius:  a need to balance the actor versus the ideologue.

Moon conjunct Saturn:  married late in life.  I don't know anything about Clooney's childhood, but the aspect suggests challenges then, probably involving one or both parents.

I will probably skip "Money Monster" but would happily see him play a criminal or an action hero again. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016


The late pop music star Prince was reportedly a fan of Alex Jones' Infowars program.  This suggests that the legendary musician had libertarian leanings and gives us an excuse to examine his rather complex horoscope.  The charts of musicians tend to have common features: we'll look at those as well as his possible ideological leanings and other interesting aspects.

Pallas trine North Node:  this is a "whistleblower" aspect, suggesting the strong possibility of becoming more consistently ethical (and therefore more libertarian) over time.  Hence, Infowars.

Venus conjunct South Node and opposite Neptune:  this is an extremely strong expression of what I call the "Venus-Neptune Complex" which generally indicates Left-wing thinking about economic matters.  In Prince's life, it appears most strongly as his crusade against what he perceived as the theft (Neptune) of his property (Venus) by the recording industry.  Venus/Neptune is widely seen as a creativity indicator.  Especially because this opposition falls across the Six/Twelfth house axis, it probably also accounts for his extreme drug abuse.

Moon ruled by and trine Neptune:  this tends to drive natives to the "liberal" side of the cultural spectrum.  This aspect also expresses itself in Prince's "fantasy home", the gigantic Paisley Park compound.  Some form of Moon-Neptune connection very often appears in musicians' charts.

Venus novile Mars and sesquiquadrate Saturn:  the Venus-Mars-Saturn triad, in my research, always appears in some form in the charts of musical instrumentalists.  Aesthetics plus action plus form.

Neptune, Jupiter, and North Node in the Twelfth:  suggesting a deeply spiritual side.  The opposition to these from his Venus in the Sixth House may reflect his reportedly great generosity towards charities.

Sesqui-yod or "Thor's Hammer" between Venus in the Sixth in Taurus, Uranus in the Ninth in Leo, against Saturn in the Second in Sagittarius.  This may reflect his long-going feud with the music industry over payment for the publishing of his creative works.

T-square with Mercury bisecting a Moon-Pluto opposition:  reflecting his singing voice which was at turns tender, playful, or ferocious. The opposition itself helps describe an extremely unstable family life in his youth and his very controlling attitude towards relationships in adulthood.

Moon in Pisces at the IC, parallel Jupiter and Chiron:  a deep, rich, complex, and problematic private life.

Anoretic Pluto in Leo conjunct Midheaven:  the (musical) personification of sex.

Yod with anoretic Pluto in Leo at Midheaven and Neptune with the North Node in the Twelfth, both against Mars in Aries in the Fifth:  aggressive self expression, infused by impulses driven by both sexual energy and spirituality.

Moon at IC trine Pallas in Cancer:  a fighter, and an extremely physical performer.

May his next life be every bit as creative, but without so much of the strife.