Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Burka


This is a weird one, in that it brings up the age-old question of whether two wrongs can make a right.  On one hand, it's easy to argue that banning an article of clothing (particularly one that may be mandated by a religion) is a violation of citizen's rights.  On the other hand, it can be convincingly argued that the affected religion is one that can not co-exist with the values of its host society.  The ostensible rationale for a burka ban would be to stop the spread of an ideology that forcefully violates the freedom of others... through the enforcement of a freedom-violating ideological mandate.

The astrology against Switzerland's national chart for the day of the vote is as fascinating and unsettling as the fact of the vote itself. 

Transiting Jupiter/Sun conjunct Switzerland Venus in Libra:  femininity made public.

Transiting Pallas trine Switzerland Pallas and quincunx Switzerland Sun and North Node, progressed Pallas square Switzerland Mercury: very significant libertarian vectors at play. 

Transiting Pluto square Switzerland Pallas:  one authoritarian vector.  This is significant, but it's also worth noting that the libertarian factors are much more numerous and stronger.  Is the universe telling us that this action will fundamentally result in more freedom/peace/non-aggression than the reverse?  If so, do two "wrongs" indeed make a "right"?

Transiting Neptune and progressed Sun conjunct Switzerland Moon in Pisces in the Fourth:  highlight on the intersection between spirituality, culture, femininity, and perhaps race. 

Transiting Chiron conjunct Switzerland Saturn in the Fourth:  injury plus authority plus culture. 

Switzerland Uranus return in the Fifth House:  an impending shift in the nation's identity expression? 

Switzerland will (along with Hungary and others) be a place to observe and compare with the rest of Europe as Islam grows in influence on the once-Christian continent. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Terror: Burlington WA

Five fatally shot in a shopping mall North of Seattle.

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Venus ruler Mars quintile Neptune.
3.  Venus ruled by Pluto.
4.  Moon opposite Pluto.
5.  Sun "squine" Pluto.

Transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn is trine Pallas on the Burlington WA incorporation chart at 17 Taurus.  This is not an accident.  Transiting Pluto will almost definitely be in aspect to the natal and/or progressed Pallas on the killer's chart.

Yes, the Bloodbath Formula and the Pluto-to-Pallas transits for the location and perpetrator of mass-murder events appear to apply in virtually all cases of such events in which precise data for the event is available.  (Addendum 9/28/16 :  reader "David" has kindly informed me that birth data for the alleged perpetrator is here http://q13fox.com/2016/09/24/cascade-mall-shooting-person-of-interest-in-custody/ and that his Pallas is indeed receiving a transiting Pluto aspect)

There are three things that America can do to reduce the incidence of mass violence:
1.  Allow potential victims to be legally armed and shoot back at attackers.
2.  Allow the victims of mass violence to sue drug companies for damage inflicted by persons on violence-inducing psychiatric medication.
3.  Communities and law-enforcement should adopt a zero-tolerance policy for persons openly calling for murder.  The imam in Florida who called for the murder of gays prior to the Orlando massacre, and numerous persons associated with Black Lives Matter should be persona non grata in all American communities.  The organizations with which these persons are affiliated should be similarly unwelcome unless they explicitly denounce their violent radical elements. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Violence in Charlotte NC

When a previously peaceful person or location becomes an epicenter of violence, it's a good bet that transiting Pluto is aspecting the natal or progressed Pallas of the astrological chart of that person or location.  Examples abound.  The current unrest in Charlotte NC, triggered by a police shooting, is apparently no exception. 

While I can't locate "birth data" for the (ancient by American standards) city of Charlotte, Wikipedia's history of North Carolina lists the date of the "creation" of North Carolina as December 7 1710.  The "natal" Pallas for this date is at 16 Sagittarius, and the current progressed Pallas is at 17 Capricorn, currently conjoined by transiting Pluto at 14 Capricorn.  Other factors certainly tie into the current wave of unrest, such as transiting Mars currently trine NC's Mars in Leo and conjunct NC's progressed Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

Pluto is nowhere near finished with North Carolina's progressed Pallas, so it should not surprise us to see more trouble in that state over the next year or so. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NYC/NJ Terror Attacks

Stefan Molyneux's take on the past weekend's bombings on the East Coast of the US

Thankfully, there were no fatalities from the bombings, so we're not looking for the Bloodbath Formula.  Instead, transits for Saturday against the US Sibley Chart provide some relevant astro-poetry.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra conjunct US MC:  ideology held by "others" is forefront.

Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct US Ascendant:  struggle involving ideology.  This forms a mundane square against the US chart with transiting Jupiter, suggesting ideological struggle yet again.

Transiting Pluto opposite US Sun and square US Saturn:  explosive force against the country and its structures.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius square US Neptune:  ideologically driven action affecting the nation's image and its illusions?  Transiting Chiron and Uranus also aspect the US Neptune, suggesting perhaps the disillusionment process occurring now as the "establishment" view of geopolitics collapses.  The US Seventh House Mars is also hit by these same transiting planets from different angles, hinting that US foreign policy is involved. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tim Kaine

Source for birth data:  http://www.patrickwatsonastrologer.com/2016/07/01/tim-kaines-birth-time-discovered/

Now that there is reasonable doubt, owing to now-public health problems, that Hillary Clinton will (politically) survive to the election, it's fair to wonder if the previously-unknown Tim Kaine will replace her on the ticket.  So... who is this would-be successor to Barack Obama on the American throne?

ApollonianPallas sextile MercuryPallas ruler Venus square the Nodes.
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node and opposite Jupiter and ruled by Venus which is quincunx Pluto and square Jupiter. 
Dionysos wins this one handily.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Kaine between the "Statist" and "Criminal" quadrants, leaning to the "Criminal".

CapitalistVenus square the Nodes.
CollectivistVenus square Neptune and South Node in Second House (more obvious in other house systems). 
Mixed signature here, leaning Leftward economically.  Perhaps even a lot -- hard to tell with the Nodes.

ConservativeNorth Node quincunx Moon
LiberalNeptune quincunx Moon.
Normally these mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side.  

Bloodbath Formula for this chart:
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node and opposite Jupiter and ruled by Venus which is quincunx Pluto and square Jupiter. 
2.  Venus square Neptune and South Node in Second House.
3.  Venus quincunx Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun opposite Pluto.

authoritarian + collectivist economics + cultural liberalism + bloodbath formula 
        --> hard left-authoritarian

This is not a surprise, being that Hillary would have had to approve him.  It also explains his (probable) Marxist roots

I am not Donald Trump's biggest fan, but the alternatives don't look very good.  A Trump presidency is looking more tolerable by the day. 

Monday, September 12, 2016


Eleven days ago, a solar eclipse occurred at nine degrees 21 minutes of Virgo.  This is four degrees from Hillary Clinton's (presumed) MC and solar arc Uranus (suggesting neurological issues?).  It is also two degrees from Clinton's progressed Mars in Virgo (suggesting mobility/health issues?).  Since then, visible health issues have cut short her public appearances twice (here's yesterday's collapse). 

Drudge is in full attack mode, with no less than a dozen links to articles citing Clinton health problems.  The DNC is reportedly holding an emergency meeting to set up contingencies in the case that the Democratic nominee withdraws from the race.  One prominent libertarian is now jokingly endorsing Clinton on the grounds that she is more likely than Trump to die in the first few months of office and thereby throw the entire federal government into disarray. 

If the birth time we have for her is correct, Clinton has the South Node very tightly conjunct her Ascendant.  In my experience, this aspect in itself is a significant health warning -- persons with this aspect who try to "conquer the world" rather than humbly work with others tend to run into landmines on their way to godhood.  More specifically, this aspect (or South Node conjunct Mars), in my experience, has some correlation with instances of Parkinson's disease.  Here's one example.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly

Conservative champion Phyllis Schlafly has died.  Today we take a look at the factors in her horoscope that help shed light on who she was.

ApollonianPallas opposite MercuryPallas co-ruler Neptune conjunct Sun and North Node.
DionysianPallas trine Pluto and square Jupiter; Pallas co-ruler Jupiter quincunx Pluto.
On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this puts Schlafly between the "Libertarian" and "Statist" quadrants, but with a probable gradual shift towards the "Libertarian" quadrant.

CapitalistVenus novile North Node.
Collectivist:  nothing
Schlafly was an ardent anti-communist. 

ConservativeNorth Node in the Fourth House conjunct IC, Fourth House ruler Sun, and Moon ruler Neptune.
LiberalNeptune in the Fourth House, ruling Moon in Pisces.
Normally these mixed culture signatures lean to the "liberal" side, but the North Node connections to the Fourth House and IC are quite overwhelming. 

increasingly libertarian + capitalist economics + strong conservatism --> super-conservative

Some other configurations in the chart:

Pallas conjunct Moon, opposite Mercury:  a "warrior of words" like Ayn Rand.

Pallas conjunct Uranus:  a "world-builder". 

Pluto conjunct Venus and trine Moon:  generally found in feminist charts, the Pluto involvement with both major feminine archetypes may reflect Schlafly's involvement with the American debate over gender roles.  That the Moon, Venus, and Pluto are all in aspect to Jupiter in the Seventh House may reflect her support of traditional roles in marriage.

Mercury in Virgo strongly opposite Uranus in Pisces:  a practical voice against the idealistic rebellion of the feminist movement. 

Here is a recently unearthed interview of Schlafly by Stefan Molyneux. Her last article, written on the day she died, compares Donald Trump's recent visit to Mexico to the diplomacy of Ronald Reagan. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Obama Joins Putin Against ISIS


This is contra to the character of Barack Obama.  His natal Pallas (representing intelligence, logic, and ethics) is completely non-functional.  He does things that are "good" from a logical/libertarian perspective only when under the direct influence of an "Apollonian" Pallas-related transit.  During these times the planets temporarily "upgrade" him into a reasonable person capable of rational and strategic thought and action.  Examples are the normalization of relations with Cuba, the halting of the impending US invasion of Syria, and the 2015 nuclear treaty with Iran

Obama is behaving in an (uncharacteristically) constructive manner.  Therefore we can be sure to find Pallas-related astrological weather for him right now. 

event time unknown

Obama's Second House Pallas is being "triple-teamed" by a transiting conjunction from Chiron and flanking semisextiles from transiting Pallas and Uranus (with Obama's Pallas at the midpoint).  Transiting Mercury is opposite Obama's Pallas and last week's solar eclipse would have been quindecile Obama's Pallas

Related charts:  USA, Russia, Putin, Syria, ISIS Caliphate.