Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump Fires Acting AG


Trump has fired the acting Attorney General for defying him on his recent executive order regarding travel visas from countries deemed "states of concern" by the Obama administration.  One is curious whether she would have defied Obama when he gave a nearly identical order in 2011...

Against Trump's chart, transiting Pluto (death/change) is square his Jupiter (law), and the Pluto transit is triggered by Mercury and the Moon

Monday, January 30, 2017

One In, Two Out

morning, time unknown

When "libertarian" events occur, such as peace treaties or the repeal of restrictive laws, the event chart will feature aspects between Pallas (or sign rulers) and the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node.  In my experience of examining such events, this rule is without exception. Today's Trump executive order requires the repeal of two federal regulations for every new regulation.  The event chart features minor aspects from both the Sun and Mercury to Pallas (click image above).

There is also a Sun-Venus-Jupiter aspect triad (Sun semisquare Venus, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Jupiter squine Sun) which some mundane astrologers link to "peace" events. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Immigration Order


President Trump has suspended visa applications from seven nations ("states of concern") specified by former President Barack Obama (Obama himself gave a similar visa-suspension order regarding Iraq to little fanfare).   Stefan Molyneux clarifies the situation here.  Onto the astrology:

First, the chart for the approximate time of the signing of the executive order itself.

North Node in Virgo on the IC:  practical means for bolstering the homeland.  North-Node on the IC is the classic "cultural conservative" signature and appears on the natal horoscopes of Pat Buchanan and Vladimir Putin.

T-square with Uranus in Aries (active disruption) opposite Jupiter in Libra (foreigners, "others"), bisected by Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn (the voice of power/authority).

Saturn on the Descendant in Sagittarius:  restriction of "others".

ApollonianPallas semisextile Sun and ruled by Jupiter which is square Mercury.
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node.  
An unclear signature on the libertarian-to-authoritarian spectrum.  The restriction of movement is an authoritarian action, but doing so to plausibly reduce the risk of domestic violence and save lives is arguably rational.

Against the Sibley chart:

Jupiter (populism), Saturn (restriction/authority), and Chiron (adjustment) all in aspect to US Mercury (ruler of Seventh House of "others").

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius on Ascendant:  spotlight on foreign (Sagittarius) peoples (Moon).

Solar arc Saturn on Descendant:  restriction (Saturn) of others (Descendant).

My own reaction is one of uneasy (as I feel towards all restrictive government action) approval (because the action can reasonably be argued to reduce US domestic terror risk). 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Inauguration

The horoscope for the inauguration of a new regime is not only the chart for a grand public ceremony, but also the chart for the regime itself.  Accordingly, we examine today the horoscope for the inauguration of "God Emperor" Donald Trump

ApollonianPallas sextile Mercury, decile Sun, and ruled by Jupiter (which is square Sun and semisquare Mercury) and Neptune (which is novile Sun and sextile Mercury).
DionysianPallas conjunct South Node. 
Apollo may be about as strong as Dionysos here.  On "The Axis of Good and Evil" this probably puts the event in the "Statist" quadrant.  The Pallas conjunction to the South Node is a puzzling wildcard, however.  On the surface, it suggests increasing authoritarianism, but (in a case recalling that of Leopold II) these two points are actually moving away from each other by secondary progression.  This latter interpretation would tie in with the libertarian trend in the progressed US chart, and possibly with the conservative trend in the transits for the next few years. 

Capitalist:  none here, though the "Apollonian" vectors above are also capitalist vectors.
CollectivistVenus conjunct Neptune; Second House ruler Mercury trine South Node.
This is a strong Leftist signature economically -- it is countered at least in part by the Pallas vectors.  Also, Neptune here is conjunct the South Node, possibly representing the reduction of collectivist factors? 

ConservativeCancer on IC.
LiberalMoon trine/contraparallel South Node and trine Neptune.
A liberal signature here. 

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas conjunct South Node.
2.  Venus conjunct Neptune.
3.  Venus sextile Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Saturn which is parallel and by Uranus which is square Pluto.  

undetermined ethics + collectivist economics + cultural liberalism + bloodbath formula
        --> we don't know quite what to make of this

On top of all this uncertainty, the chart sports the recent Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, suggesting major public disruption.  

There's also the question of whether the inauguration chart actually represents the regime at all.  After all, the election chart is strongly libertarian, and unlike recent US Presidents Trump has in many ways been "acting as President" since immediately after being elected. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Melbourne Mall Rampage


Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas septile Pluto and conjunct South Node.
2.  Venus conjunct Neptune.
3.  Venus sextile Pluto.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.  

There's another Bloodbath Formula on during the inauguration of Trump tomorrow.  It's not incredibly strong, but law enforcement is probably going to be busy. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bitcoin Price Spike

Today's nearly five percent jump in the price of Bitcoin may come courtesy of Jupiter, which is forming a trine with Bitcoin's Neptune (ruler of Bitcoin's Venus).  Jupiter stations retrograde soon, and will return to the same spot in late February.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting


Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas semisquare Pluto.
2.  Venus conjunct South Node.
3.  Venus semisquare Pluto.
4.  Moon mundane-square Pluto.
5.  Sun conjunct Pluto.  

The Moon-Pluto mundane-square is the weak link here, and this weakness is why we don't see multiple concurrent violent events as we do when the aspects are stronger.  As we will tomorrow when the Moon reaches a trine with Pluto and the other aspects remain in place.  I hope I'm wrong, but I think tomorrow could be bloody. 

Against the chart of suspected shooter Esteban Santiago, transiting Pluto is sesquiquadrate the natal Sun (ruler of Pallas) and squine (105 degree) to the solar arc Pallas.  We normally get a clear Pluto to Pallas transit on the charts of shooters -- this somewhat fits the bill but isn't the usual slam-dunk. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Istanbul Nightclub Shooting


An (Islamic) terror attack in Istanbul, Turkey.

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas semisquare Pluto and ruled by Saturn which is parallel Pluto.
2.  Second House ruled by Mars which is conjunct South Node.
3.  Venus novile Pluto.
4.  Moon ruled by Uranus which is square Pluto.
5.  Sun conjunct Pluto.  

This is a weak expression of the formula -- not a lot of concurrent violence elsewhere.  The chart of Turkey is under a lingering Pluto-to-Pallas transit which has been fostering bad behavior in recent years there. 

I plan to analyze an alternate chart for Islam to the one I've been using.  The one I've been using does not quite account for the body count we've been seeing from the "Religion of Peace".