Friday, March 31, 2017

Assad Can Stay

The Trump administration has just quietly but more-or-less-officially dropped the Obama policy of regime change in Syria.  Movement towards peace is always, in my experience, accompanied by "Apollonian" Pallas aspects, involving the Sun, Mercury, and/or the North Node. 

The USA Sibley chart for the day of Tillerson's comments has transiting Mercury sextile US Pallas and semisquare progressed Pallas, transiting Sun semisquare US Pallas, and transiting Pallas "undecile" US Pallas with progressed Sun/Pallas conjunct the midpoint. 

President Trump's chart for the same day has transiting Mercury trine his progressed Pallas, transiting Sun square his natal Pallas, and transiting Pallas septile his Sun and quincunx his progressed Sun

This is what significant "peace events" look like astrologically -- a jumble of aspects involving Pallas/Sun/Mercury for the parties ending their aggression.  The chart for Syria has some nice Jupiter/Venus transits against it, of the type that any decent Western astrologer should easily be able to parse.  These all bode well. 

April 15 2017 Protests

By reader request, here's a look at transits for this coming April 15, when Black Lives Matter has protest events planned.  These events in the past have nearly always devolved into property destruction and violence.  Billionaire financier George Soros, seen by insiders as the puppeteer of the US Democratic Party, has been a major funder of Black Lives Matter.

Will we see massive deadly violence?  Let's look for a Bloodbath Formula:

1.  Is Pallas weakened by "Dionysian" aspects?  Yes, but they're very weak:  Pallas is decile the South Node, and Pallas ruler Mars is widely trine Pluto.  These are quite weak, and somewhat mitigated by the semisquare from Mercury to Pallas.

2.  Is Venus liquefied by Neptune and/or the South NodeYesVenus is is Pisces, ruled by Neptune which is also very widely conjunct Venus.

3.  Is there a Venus-Pluto contact?  Yes, weakly.  Venus co-ruler Jupiter is square Pluto.

4.  Is there a Moon-Pluto contact?  Yes.  There will be a sextile that evening.

5.  Is there a Sun-Pluto contact?  Yes, but very weak.  The Sun is ruled by Mars which is widely trine Pluto.

I am not completely ruling out a fatality or two, but I think chances are good that the day will pass without murder related to the protests.

Will we see significant property damage?  I haven't researched this as much as I have mass-murder events, and don't have a formula for it.  So we'll look at aspects for that day and guess:

Sun conjunct Uranus:  rebelliousness.

Mars conjunct Ceres and Algol, quincunx Saturn:  destructive action against structure, possibly involving theft or things going missing?  Then again, the Pallas aspects are not terribly destructive.

My guess is that we'll see some misbehavior, but perhaps not on the "front page news" level.  So I hope. 

Jupiter square Pluto:  associated generally with social movements/protests and very specifically with such events when they are funded by George Soros, who has these two planets conjunct in his horoscope. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

RyanCare Fail

The transits for last Friday (when Obamacare replacement "RyanCare" failed, time of failure unknown) against Paul Ryan's chart are interesting. 

Transiting Sun conjunct Ryan Mars/Chiron: contention and injury.

Transiting Mars square Ryan Sun/Venus: more contention/conflict.

Transiting Ceres trine Ryan Mercury:  language taken away. 

Transiting Saturn square Ryan Pluto:  power, restricted. 

Transits that day against Trump's chart are also dramatic:

Transiting Mars square Trump Pluto:  a challenge to his power.

Transiting Uranus square Trump Saturn:  disruption of structure/authority.

Cernovitch explains why the RyanCare failure last week was actually a Trump victory.  Pat Buchanan somewhat agrees.  So perhaps this was less damaging to Trump than to his de facto enemy Ryan. 

Transiting Mercury conjunct Obamacare Venus:  good news.

Transiting Jupiter opposite Obamacare Venus:  possibly very good news.

The Republicans chose the wrong week to try to push this bill.   Or did they?  RyanCare is said to be not much different from Obamacare -- which suggests that it, too, would have been financially unviable.  If there's going to be an non-viable health care system, better it be under the banner of the other guy? 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bitcoin Update

A couple of notes on the price of Bitcoin

The now-recovering drop of the last few days (distinct from this one) appears to be connected with transiting Mars squaring the ASC/DSC and lunar nodes of the Bitcoin nativity. 

Depending on which house system we use, the transiting North Node will be leaving the vicinity of the Second House cusp in the next few weeks.  Simultaneously, the South Node will be conjoining Bitcoin's Venus.  Also happening next month:  transiting Pluto stationing within two degrees of Bitcoin's progressed Sun.  One might expect volatility next month. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

London Terror Attack

As horrific as the London terror attack yesterday was, the body count was mercifully small.  Accordingly, the astrological Bloodbath Formula for the start of the event is quite weak.

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas ruled by Jupiter which is square Pluto.
2.  Venus ruler Mars sextile Neptune.
3.  Venus widely septile Pluto.
4.  Moon conjunct Pluto.
5.  Sun widely septile Pluto.  

The shocking tenor of this event is no so much in the weak Bloodbath Formula as it is in the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square, retriggered by the Moon and Mercury.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bitcoin Price Dip

The price of Bitcoin dropped around ten percent in the past week, recovering a bit in the past couple of days.  Transiting Saturn has been conjunct the Bitcoin "Vertex" at 27 Sagittarius, peaking a few days ago.  This transit returns in early May and late November of this year, so perhaps we can expect similar price activity at those times. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Netherlands Vote

Yesterday, the anti-immigration candidate Geert Wilders lost the election in the Netherlands.  While Wilders' message of reducing violence by cutting Islamic immigration was a "libertarian" end, the "means" was authoritarian in nature.  So despite the fact that most libertarians lean Right, yesterday's strongly libertarian astrological signature did not necessarily point to a Right-wing win. 

Transiting Sun/Pallas/Chiron trine Netherlands South Node in Cancer and (probably) square Netherlands Moon:  an ethical adjustment (Sun/Pallas/Chiron) contributing to the loss of homeland (South Node in Cancer) and in conflict with native interests (Moon).  This Sun/Pallas/Chiron conjunction also opposes the US Sibley Neptune in the Ninth, suggesting ethical struggle versus laws regarding foreigners and corresponding to yesterday's court decision against the Trump travel ban in the US. 

Transiting Sun/Pallas/Chiron square transiting Saturn in Sagittarius:  ethical adjustment versus restriction of travel. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vault 7 Year Zero

This is the US Sibley chart with transits and progressions for this Tuesday, the release date of CIA documents by Wikileaks dubbed "Vault 7, Year Zero".  These documents reveal massive spying activity against the American people by the US government, far in excess of the past revelations of such activity by Edward Snowden

Progressed Moon conjunct US Ascendant:  something previously hidden (in the Twelfth House) comes to light. 

Transiting Uranus in Aries (triggered by opposition from Jupiter) quincunx US Neptune in Virgo in the Ninth:  unexpected technologically related action against covert media spying. 

Transiting Pallas opposite US Neptune in Virgo in the Ninth:  covert media spying, opposed by ethics. 

Transiting Sun and Mercury quincunx progressed Mars in Libra in the Tenth:  communication regarding government action in the social sphere. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Astrology and Comparative Religion

The proposition we are musing over here today:  the possibility that all major religions are inherently astrological, in ways not heretofore considered. I am no expert in comparative religion, so this post is more on the lines of the musings of a dilettante rather than a fully-fledged theory presented by a lifelong scholar.  That said, it's conceivable that some of the ideas presented here may form the basis of a compelling theory in the future, to be put forth by persons more knowledgeable than my (current) self.

Given what we can now say about the function and importance of the astrological Pallas (fleshed out in this blog and accompanying web site), it may now be possible to group major world religions into three broad astrological categories.  These are:  Polytheistic, Lunar, and Palladian.

Polytheistic Religions

There are probably countless polytheistic (multi-deity) religions, but there is a discernible pattern among the main three with which I am familiar (Greek/Roman, Norse, Hinduism).  You probably know already:  nearly all the deities in these systems directly correlate with astrological planetary archetypes.  For the most part, astrological planets are the gods in these systems.  These religions, then, are explicitly astrological in nature without further explanation.

Lunar Religions

In astrology, the Moon rules home and family, but also race, tribe, and culture.  In Lunar religions, there is a single deity whose primary function is to protect, guide, and facilitate the continued existence/spread/dominance of a specific tribe and its beliefs and culture.  While these religions may have ethical codes such as in the Palladian religions, these are generally secondary to the well-being of the tribe which the religion defines.  Primary examples here are Judaism and Islam (some say "Allah" is actually "al Illah", an actual Moon god.   If we expand our definition of religion to include any set of beliefs reliant on faith (and not evidence and reason), we might also include socio-political philosophies such as nationalism and ethno-nationalism in the Lunar religion category.  The astrological Moon, in my experience, also rules these ideologies.

Palladian Religions

In astrology, there are three main planetary energies which govern this category of religion.  The Sun represents (among many other things) achievement, self-expression, radiance, goodness, generosity, and Divinity itself.  Pluto represents (among other things) an opposite pole:  death, destruction, uncontrolled passion, and evil.  In Western philosophy, these poles have been described as the Apollonian-Dionysian dichotomy.  There is a planet in the horoscope which, in contact with the Sun, represents "good" and when in contact with Pluto, represents "evil".  This planet is (of course) Pallas, representing the mind, or intelligence.  Pallas therefore represents mankind, as the species on our planet most defined by the quality of intelligence.

Palladian religions, then, are religions which see absolutes of "good" and "evil" and which
seek to supply a consistent ethical structure to its adherents.  For believers of these faiths, there are codes of conduct which apply in their behavior towards other humans, regardless of whether those other humans share their faith.  Examples are (from what I can tell), Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Deism, Manicheism, and Satanism.  The former five of these require believers to behave ethically towards all fellow humans; the last is a full rejection of all ethics.

The Palladian religions appear to be a new development in human history, dating back to (perhaps) the Uranus-Neptune-Pluto triple conjunction of many centuries ago.  Richard Tarnas in Cosmos and Psyche (if I remember correctly) describes this event as a major turning point in the history of humankind.  One of the changes in the human race at this time, then, seems to have been a re-centering of humankind's sense of identification, to that of identifying with intelligence or intellect.

With the exception of Satanism and its variants, the Palladian religions (actually, mostly Christianity) seem to be the bedrock upon which our current civilization rests.  Christianity (and its brethren) with its emphasis on peaceful co-existence, has been proven to be the most stable religious foundation on which to build a sustainable society thus far.  It would probably be a grave mistake for humanity to jettison Christ unless a more compelling alternative came along, or unless we undergo another massive shift in consciousness like the one that occurred 25 centuries ago.  I think it is possible, from a purely secular socio-political perspective, to argue that Christ did in fact save the world --  not from Hell after death but from the hell of living among our fellow humans without a consistent and viable ethical code. 

I don't yet have a theory on "spiritual enlightenment" in the Eastern sense, though I have noticed a complex set of common planetary signatures present in the charts of man persons reported to have attained it.  Pallas and two other asteroids seem to be part of this set of signatures. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Speech 2/28/2017

In his first joint address to the US Congress, President Trump gave a speech which many commentators are calling one of the greatest such speeches in recent US history.  It was direct, clear, powerful, and appeared sincere.  Seemingly as a result, Ben Carson's stalled confirmation as HUD director appears to be back on track and the normally vocal Democrats have fallen almost completely silent.  This speech may turn out to be a "turning of the tide" moment in Trump's reign. 

Sun conjunct Neptune in the Fifth House:  dreams (or deception) shine forth. 

Mercury conjunct South Node in the Fifth House opposite North Node in Virgo in the Eleventh:  not a lot of the usual boasting -- just a lot of talk about working to improve and repair society. 

T-square with Jupiter rising opposite Mars and Uranus on the Descendant, square Pluto at the IC:  optimism and hope on its face, delivering aggressive disruption (Mars/Uranus) and destruction (Pluto) to political enemies (Descendant and IC). 

Moon conjunct Venus:  a harbinger of prosperity to the people? 

Cancer on the MC:  family/tribe/nation above all else.