Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kabul Suicide Bombing

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas square Pluto.
2.  Neptune novile Venus.
3.  Pluto square Venus.
4.  Moon quincunx Pluto.
5.  Sun contraparallel Pluto.

We also have the Moon-Pallas-Jupiter aspect configuration that I associate with planned explosions:  Moon trine Pallas, Pallas opposite Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Moon

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadan Killings

The above link reports three separate mass-killing incidents coinciding with the start of Ramadan.  Precise times for the events do not appear to be published, but we can guess what the charts will look like with a fair degree of confidence.  

Bloodbath Formula for these events:
1.  Pallas square Pluto.
2.  Venus decile Neptune: Venus ruler Mars square Neptune.
3.  Pluto square Venus.
4.  Moon probably sesquiquadrate or quincunx Pluto.
5.  Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Islamic Terror: Manchester

Bloodbath Formula for this event:
1.  Pallas square Pluto.
2.  Venus ruler Mars square Neptune.
3.  Pluto in the Second House.
4.  Moon square Pluto.
5.  Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Also, the Moon (embodiment) is conjunct Pallas (intelligence/weaponization) and both are opposite Jupiter (expansion, explosion).  This aspect pattern struck me enough that I went back and re-studied the chart of two dozen more bombing events.  All the events I checked also had some kind of Moon-Pallas-Jupiter connection.   So we'll be looking for it in future bombing events by adherents of The Religion of Peace

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chris Cornell Suicide

When a person makes a life-altering ethical decision such as committing homicide or blowing the whistle on government corruption, the astrological culprit is almost always a Pluto-to-Pallas transit representing pressure or crisis (Pluto) of one's decision-making faculties (Pallas).  Sometimes, particularly in the case of suicides, the trigger is a discordant aspect from Jupiter to natal or progressed Pallas.  In this sad case, we have both. 

exact time unknown

Transiting Pluto is sextile Cornell's Pallas and transiting Jupiter is semisquare his progressed Pallas.  Transiting Mars, Moon, and Pallas all form aspects to Cornell's Pallas as well, suggesting that his decision-making faculties were under severe astrological stress. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pallas Opposite Jupiter

Transiting Pallas has been opposite Jupiter in the sky as of late, the opposition having peaked in the past week.  Pallas represents intelligence, ethics, and logic (this blog and associated web site provides quite a bit of evidence for this assertion).  Jupiter is generally accepted as the ruler of the areas of philosophy, mass communications, belief systems, and the like.  When these two planets form a discordant aspect such as an opposition, we often get skillful use of Jupiterian facilities (media, law, etc.)... which are based on or which reveal ethical wrongdoing.  These aspects often resonate with the saying "the end justifies the means". 

During this period, three events have transpired on the national stage which may fit the transit.  First, the ransomware attacks which have afflicted computers around the world through a Microsoft XP flaw.  Here, Jupiter in Libra may represent an enemy (Libra) in the public communication system (Jupiter) acting against the ability to process information (Pallas).  Second, the release of new reports that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich provided massive amounts of information to Wikileaks, making him the probable cause of the DNC leaks last year (as opposed to Russian hackers).  Third, the current joint effort by the Democrats and the mainstream corporate media to accuse President Trump of improper collusion with Russia.   Some say the third event is a coverup for the second, as a full investigation into the Seth Rich murder may prove disadvantageous to the DNC. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Frogs and Conservatism

Frogs have been appearing with regularity in the past year as symbols, in mostly humorous contexts, of Donald Trump, the surging "alt-right", and of conservative push-back against the Left-wing gains of recent years.  Pepe the Frog, an apparent avatar of the Egyptian frog-deity Kek, is a regular meme in conservative/Trumpist internet circles.  Kek is sometimes also pronounced "cuck", a word which has reached common usage as an insult by conservatives. Venezuelans, crushed by Communist economic idiocy, are even using "Pepe the Frog" images as a Bitcoin-linked currency.  Psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whose speaking voice is often compared to "Kermit the Frog" from "Sesame Street", is now a YouTube star for speaking out against Left-wing political correctness., a Twitter-style social network which prides itself on not censoring political opinions, is now a Right-wing "Mecca" -- Gab uses a frog icon as its logo.  What's going on here?

Rex Bills' "The Rulership Book" lists the Moon and the sign of Cancer as being associated with frogs.  From this blog and associated web site, we can see a clear connection between Moon/Cancer and cultural conservatism. The frog, then, is a fitting symbol on the metaphysical level for a conservative resurgence.

Jordan Peterson as frog-avatar.
The metaphysics of Pepe.
The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is, I believe, the currently highest-grossing actress in Hollywood.  With her recent appearance in "Ghost in the Shell", she continues a line of "innocent girl is transformed into a superhuman killing machine" roles.  These include the "Black Widow" character in the Marvel Comics movies and "Lucy".  A variant of this same theme is her role in "Her" in which she plays a warm and personable AI program who transforms into something less accessible.  Here's an attempt to use astrology to explain this recurring pattern as well as other facets of this extremely popular actress. 

South Node conjunct Sun and Moon in the Twelfth opposite North Node conjunct Algol in the Sixth:  this can literally be identity (Sun) and humanity/emotion (Moon) hidden (Twelfth House) in the past (South Node), becoming a practical (Sixth House) agent of destruction (Caput Algol, a fixed star at 25 Taurus).  The Sun conjunct the South Node in the Twelfth helps explain why so many of her character roles are "fantastic" or superhuman. 

Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio:  her characters also tend to come from very difficult family/childhood backgrounds.

Pallas widely conjunct IC and in the Fourth whole-sign House:  a "fighter's" placement as explained here.  This helps explain all the "butt-kicker" roles.

Venus out-of-bounds by declination, conjunct Jupiter and the midpoint of Sun and Pallas:  beauty that is exaggerated (Jupiter), atypical, outside the norm (out of bounds).  Venus-Pallas aspects are ubiquitous in female celebrities -- this is an unusual case in that it's a midpoint picture rather than the typical trine or conjunction.

Sun square Pallas:  all Sun-Pallas aspects increase the chances of a "crusader personality" or a persona centered around an ethic, cause, or skill.  The square may reflect an uneasy relationship with ethics (as seen in many of her roles).

Mars square Pluto:  a bringer of transformation and/or destruction; also one whose own active principle is subject to extreme change.

Pallas trine Pluto:  sexual magnetism as well as the possibility of being tempted away from ethical behavior by the "dark side".  This, combined with Neptune in the Second House and the Moon conjunct the South Node in the Twelfth explains why in real life, the actress is an unabashed authoritarian Leftist (like most of Hollywood). 

We sometimes look at the charts of celebrities here, for the sake of variety and to demonstrate some non-political interpretations of the asteroid Pallas.